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United Kingdom

Sun 24th Jun 2012

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hover3d commented on 3DS eShop Set for Maintenance in Europe, Right...:

well it could easily be for somethng new as it wouldn't take so long just to ad a new app but probably for a. new format/s b. more card download games c. more space for eshop e. it's just a complete redesign



hover3d commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Cost £39.99 to D...:

£40 is a £25 and £15 eshop voucher and i paid £26.39 at sainsburys for the boxed copy and i can even sell my boxed copy unlike the download pros: play everywhere, cant lose the game card plus 250 extra stars cons: price, cant sell it, would need a new sd card, takes ages to download



hover3d commented on Animal Crossing:

why don't nintendo life update it as there ia an unofficial name called animal crossing jump out would post site with