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E3 2012: Nintendo Direct Live

Posted by James Newton

Watch it again inside

Can't wait to find out more about Wii U? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will bring you brand new information about the upcoming console right here tonight.

We've got the embedded video below so you can watch it here, plus we'll be doing live text updates throughout the show too so you won't miss a thing.

Remember: this is for new information about the Wii U console only. We will not see any Wii U games tonight — they're coming Tuesday.

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That's us done for the night, everybody. We had a whole lot of fun and hope you did too. See you on Tuesday for the real deal!



Iwata is gone now. We want your thoughts! What did you make of it?


Iwata will tweet from @NintendoAmerica using the hashtag #IwataSays


Nintendo has plenty of news about Nintendo 3DS during other upcoming opportunities - not much to hear at E3 then?


Iwata: "We have a busy week ahead" - no way!


"Even with nobody else in the room, you won't feel alone"


Wii U's concept is "together, better"

Even when you're playing by yourself, the Miiverse will connect you with other players around the world and your family


"More smiles, more laughs and more empathy" possible through Wii U GamePad


Browser will let you close a curtain on the TV so your browsing is personal, then you push to the TV and the curtains open with a fanfare! Oh Nintendo, only you.


Wii U will let you share your GamePad browsing with the TV. If you want to.

Keep it clean.


Miiverse is designed for Wii U, 3DS and future Nintendo devices



Miiverse will "eventually be possible" away from the Wii U - via mobile, web

Wants to offer it immediately at launch but later Miiverse will be available from 3DS, PC or web-enabled device.


Wii U's Miiverse means even single player games will feel connected online


The Mario screenshot mentions a flying squirrel. New suit perhaps?


"The Wii U GamePad is a social window"

Connecting players across time and space



So in Mario, if you keep dying then messages from your friends might pop up to give hints and tips. Eat your heart out, Demon's Souls!


Holy moses, that was a little bit exciting.


Mario has a world map!


Wow that was fast.


Mario footage!!


Miiverse works with ALL Wii U games


You can also post gameplay screenshots and share created game content online


"You can add emoticons and facial expressions to help communicate your emotions"


Messaging between users at last!

You can use hand-written notes and doodles too. Like PictoChat but online.



Iwata will now talk about Miiverse and its online functions.


Power on the Wii U and you'll see the Miiverse Plaza

But it can be activated during games too - multitasking like on 3DS.


Iwata is talking about the "Miiverse"

It's a Mii Universe. We want to live there.


Have Nintendo finally understood online?


It's a new way of discovering games too - popular games will appear on your Wii U GamePad as players discuss them.


Not just your friends, but other players online

They'll talk about what they're playing, how far they've got and general social network stuff.



Looks like users will gather around games and talk about what they're playing


Iwata is now talking about Mii characters - it's the Wii U menu



Only y'know, black


Black Wii U console shown too, looks the same as last year



Also you can do video calls with people who aren't on your friends list by the looks of things



So if you need help in a game you can post a message online and other players can help out


Showing online connectivity - can post SOS online


Black Wii U controller shown!


We're nervous...


Iwata is now talking about online connectivity. He's going to show us something...


Iwata: "Wii U does what we did before, only better"


Check out the brand new Wii U Pro Controller!



Wow, new look Wii U Pro controller - looks like the 360 pad


Wii U will support all previous Wii controllers - that's Wii Remote too



Iwata is talking about using the GamePad screen when you're "deeply immersed in a game for many hours"



What do you make of these new features - NFC sensor, proper sticks, infra red remote capability?




GamePad can be a fully independent infra red TV remote


The white block below the D-Pad is the NFC function


The Wii U GamePad also has a slightly redesigned back


Circle Pad more appropriate for portable devices, so now we have proper analogue sticks. Rejoice. They also click in!


The Wii U final controller has proper thumb sticks!


The name is a reference to the original NES controller name - a unilateral name.


What do you think to the name Wii U GamePad?


The Wii U controller is now called the Wii U GamePad


Iwata is talking about the living room and people being "alone together" - new technologies like phones, tablets, laptops etc. stopping people from actually talking to each other.


This presentation will focus on Wii U's concept

Lots of games to see on Tuesday, though.


Nintendo's E3 conference will focus on Wii U games


Iwata think we'll say to ourselves, "well, that is unique" this week at E3 - "hopefully you'll think 'unique' in a good way"!


"Creating something unique" are the words that have guided Nintendo over the years. No surprise there!


This time, Iwata is at Nintendo HQ in the 7th floor conference room.


Iwata is here!


One minute to go!

Get comfortable!


5 minutes left until Iwata talks about Wii U



Tomorrow Ubisoft will show off its Wii U games

Is Nintendo hosting this just so Ubi doesn't get to reveal anything juicy?


15 minutes to go until Nintendo Direct starts. Time to grab snacks and hit the head if you need to!


Our predictions: Mike Mason (assistant editor)

I reckon we'll get an official reveal of the re-designed controller and a shiny new console shell. I'm hoping for a sneak peek of the OS, too...


Our predictions: James Newton (editor)

I think we'll see a new-look console, a controller with proper thumbsticks on and maybe even a new colour!


We're playing some Mario Tennis Open to pass the time...

It's quite good, isn't it? Who's your favourite character?


So it's safe to say the Wii U name is staying...

How do you feel about this? Has the name grown on you since E3 2011, or would you rather have a new name?


One hour and counting! Keep up with all the announcements at Nintendo Life

Because we're nice to you.


Tonight's broadcast is 30 minutes long

What do you think Iwata will have to say about Wii U?


We won't find out about any new games today, but we will find out new Wii U information. What could it be?


Who's ready to find out more about Wii U?


Tap tap tap... is this thing on?

Who's ready for some Live Text?

Don't forget that E3 'proper' starts on Tuesday with the Nintendo Press Conference 9am Pacific / 12 midday Eastern / 5pm UK / 6pm Central European Time / Wednesday 6th June, 2am Australian Eastern Standard Time. Where to Watch:, Facebook, on MTV2 and Spike TV.

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User Comments (218)



Megumi said:

How long will this be anyways? Just curious how much U goodness we're gonna get. (...this is making me hungry for some reason. >_> )



DRL said:

I wonder if Nintendo would use this to announce a Wii U name change to avoid any confusion going into E3? That would definitely be exciting!



6ch6ris6 said:

i am so bored. no idea how to handle this one hour left.

bring it on nintendo!



Wildvine53 said:

I wonder if we'll learn any info about pricing or release date. I know they said they wouldn't be announcing that at E3, but this isn't E3. I guess we'll find out in the next hour!



Odnetnin said:

But that way I can comment on the news without stopping the stream. I'll make it up to you with my comments, guys, I promise.



misswliu81 said:

i was going to watch it on nintendo direct, but yes, i'll be tuning in on this site instead.



3DS said:

I guess I could read along in bed! I should sleep but who needs that when I can read up on all things Wii U!



shingi_70 said:

im cool with the Wii U name, Makes snese they would want to continue the Wii Brand My only problem is that it really doesnt sound like or look like a new console,



Nokstromo said:

Glad they didn`t change it. Still forces them to keep that promise, that this is the Wii for you.



misswliu81 said:

i'm not bothered about the name of the console. the name is the least of my worries and things i'm keen on. it's the games more than anything, but we will find those out later on at E3.



Wiiner1 said:

Getting so close I can almost taste it. Hopefully we get some juicy info.



FluttershyGuy said:

Without further ado, bring out the dancing turkeys!

I do hope to hear more about Nintendo Network, transferring our Wii Shop purchases from Wii to Wii U, as well as Wii U Shop (especially VC, fingers crossed for GameCube, Saturn, Dreamcast, etc. on Wii U VC).



SonyFACE said:

I feel like we're all huddled in a room in the dark, waiting for the door to open.




This is sooooo gonna rule! The earlier the Wii U news comes, the better for BOTH the fans and Nintendo. Bring on the showstopper Iwata & co.



hYdeks said:

@James I think the same, I have a feeling the Wii U will also be changed to black. Over in NA, u can't even buy a white Wii anymore



James said:

@HeroOfWaffles Should start automatically as long as you've pressed Play once of course If the live text updates saying "it's starting!" and you see no movement, you'll know to give refreshing a try



FluttershyGuy said:

That's an awesome idea for time-passing. Except I may jump around between Viridi's Theme, That Burning Town, The Reaper's Line of Sight, and Seafloor Palace (I do get goosebumps from the Aurum level music, when the Palace in the Sky music from original Kid Icarus stars playing ).

I would like a redesign that looks more like a new console than the last iteration of Wii U we saw, but I also don't want a ginormous console, as I'm a bit cramped for room.



Radixxs said:

It's awesome the stream is live here too, didn't expect that. Already 15,000 + viewers!?



Marks said:

Ugh, I must do my chores before this. Hopefully I'll make it in time!



Nin-freak said:

It's going to be more like an Iwata Asks article than an actual presentation, I think...



KAI7321 said:

My predictions for the outro sequence of this Nintendo Direct:


~ Reggie Fils-Botte



Megumi said:

lol...I downloaded and edited the song for it to play in a loop. xD
I also have the Reset Bomb Forest, lol



BJQ1972 said:

Are we still sure that the start time that is quoted on the stream is a mistake, and that the broadcast is actually starting at 2300BST i.e. 2200GMT?



SonyFACE said:

It's 8:00 in Sydney, 18:00 in New York, 23:00 in London, and we are READY! TO! GO!



Geonjaha said:

Hopefully that translation acts as a metaphor for them translating many Japan only games >:3



grumblebuzzz said:

Disappointed that both this Nintendo Direct AND the E3 presentation are both exclusive to Wii U games. I want to see more Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, and Luigi's Mansion 2 dammit! Ugh. I just don't really care about this Wii U thing yet and something is telling me I might not ever.



Hokori said:

Lol I love how they make fun of the usual xboxPS3 online users and how they clamore, wahhhh wahhh wahhh



DarkLloyd said:

wow a black one too hope theres at least another colour like red




y2josh said:

I hate how nintendo likes waiting til after launch to add features that should be at launch



TheDreamingHawk said:

Yay for live text! My ipod won't show a picture, so I'm sticking to text! Miiverse sounds interesting, here's hoping it works!



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow! I can't wait EVEN MORE NOW. Damn you Nintendo, thank god I have Christmas to help me buy this thing



Nokstromo said:

Sooo... No achievements system? I am no achievement whore, but cmon, it should be there...



turtlelink said:

Miiverse is such a strange name, just like Wii U.

I also love watching the amount of viewers drop after the feed is done.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

Wow, Now I really want to connect my Nintendo console to the internet, the Wii sucked for online, face it, But this, This is brilliant!!



kyuubikid213 said:

I hope we have local multiplayer... I'm going to wait on the WiiU Pro Controller... It was different with the Classic Controller option on the Wii. The in-box controller wasn't as...readily equipped to play games more traditionally.



pariah164 said:

Just finished watching it. Summed up thoughts:

  • Wii U Pro Controller? YES! YES! YES!
  • Is dat some Mario overworld map? With IN GAME chat?? That is amazing.
  • Renewed faith in Wii U gained. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY NINTENDO.
  • "Nintendo has plenty of news about Nintendo 3DS during other upcoming opportunities." Awwww nothing at E3 then? I feel a bit sad now. I need more 3DS news/releases.


Omenapoika said:

well now, I really hope it works as they say it should!
I'm worried for the japanese ideas of social functions that might not work in many places.... But we'll fin out sooner or later!
For better or for worse!



Wolfenstein83 said:

Iwata was great, although I didn't care much for that corny video with the nerdy guy, that was really cheesy.
I was hoping to see some new game footage, but the capabilities of the controller are better than I initially expected.
I am actually more excited about the system than I was before.



KLZ said:

Miiverse, wiiu pro controller, black wii u, good online characteristics. There are so many emotions inside my body right now.



GuardianKing said:

@y2josh THey don't plan on adding an iPhone app yet (understandable). As for the 3DS, it would mean a whole new system update, which takes a while to make.



Tsukun said:

That brief Mario footage was very exciting to me. The background look quite nice :3



Nintendaholic said:

when i can i watch it again i started watching 10 mins in. and did anyone notice the beautiful backround when they showed trhe small clip of super mario



Raylax said:

"We call this Miiverse. Clearly this is a word we have invented. It means to connect Mii and Universe"

Iwata, winner of the No S**t Sherlock Award for several years running.

I liked the stuff on show. Typically Nintendo: twee and dorky, yet utterly adorable and precisely the reason why I keep buying their consoles. Wii U's already secured a puyrchase from me, but regardless of that, rock on E3~



TheDreamingHawk said:

Wow! The wii U looks better than I thought... Now I want to learn more about it at E3.

And... No 3DS at E3? Uh-oh, now I'm getting worried...



Xilef said:

This was awesome! Did you al cath that short fotage of the new Mario game? Also, i can bet money on that the icons they showed on the menu are hints about new games!



Hokori said:

IMMA put my ganondorf toy in all the games I get
Also mii verse 3DS awesome



PeterW77 said:

Now that was good, still leaves me with more questions than answers. Looks as though only one Wii U Game Pad per console or do people think that this is something that they will go in to more detail as E3 continues?



CerealKiller062 said:

It has surpassed my expectations so far... Now I have to wait untill tuesday to really judge and see if it is what I want.



shinesprite said:

The whole idea of the Miiverse is pretty great, but I hope Nintendo doesn't use it to spam us with games we don't own/have little interest in. It would be nice if they adopt the idea of "stepping out into the unknown" (eg. outer space) for such titles.



Deviant_Mugen said:

That was awesome. It gets me even more pumped for Tuesday. The only thing I disliked was the Pro controller looking like the 360's controller. Not that I don't like the controller, but I would've preferred something a bit more unique. It's a minor gripe, though...

A Samus icon among the other game icons? Hint hint? Please let it be true! More Metroid, please, Nintendo!

Also, Iwata's English was damn good...



D33G said:

I can already see the time wasted going through non-friend-video- feeds of naked men, and the inapropriate "doodles" for games, hopefully Nintendo can block/take down/suspend online acounts.



Goggy said:

Did anyone notice the Metroid and Donkey Kong icon on the home screen. I think they could be two big announcements on Tuesday



warioswoods said:

I love the way Nintendo calmly and philosophically talks through their design decisions. I've never seen another tech related company with even half their Zen level.



Mandoble said:

Iwata will be really surprised when he discover the existence of Skype, even more if he discovers it running on Vita



Chris720 said:

Amazing.. the Wii U does everything, it's literally what they said last year, it's the "swiss army knife of controllers", how correct they are.

I think this blows the competition out of the water, it does everything... and more.



Squiggle55 said:

well... I liked seeing a black gamepad and the nice classic controller pro. The social connectivity looked okay. I'd like more info on the friends list (do we know if we are going to have an actual online account or a system friend code yet?) and hopefully something about achievements. Was really hoping to hear that 2 gamepads would work at once. And it's a real bummer that he suggested they won't really talk much about 3DS.



KLZ said:

The pro controller looks like an xbox controller because nintendo wants to bring "hardcore" gamers from other consoles to wii u.




DANG!! I think they stole the show already by doing this. A hell of a lot of improvements that I noticed that wasn't even thinkable on Wii. The biggest feature I noticed was that it looks like the Wii U can act like sort of a forums / comments section. That and the addition of this Miiverse. It makes it look like a big hub based online server where people can interact with each ohter whenever they want. Awesome to me with that. I can't wait to see what happens at E3 when their press conference surfaces.



Haxonberik said:

Miiverse on Wii U, 3DS, Smartphones and future Nintedo consoles? Wii U Pro Controller and black Wii U? Interesting-looking 2D Mario? Icons on Metroid and Yoshi? Analogue sticks and TV controller? Unespecified Action figure? I can´t wait for more on Tuesday! (and I hope they announce 2 tablets are permitted per console or more)



Henmii said:

Hmm, not much new relevant stuff to me.

It seems the analogue sticks are clickable now (as was rumored) and that the Wii u Gamepad (as it is called) has a little scanning spot. So you probably don't have to place your items (figurines and stuff) on the touchscreen. The slogan seems to be: Together Wii u. And they showed a black Wii u controller!

What's most worrying is that Nintendo probably won't cover 3DS games at their conference AT ALL! In other words: The Wii u games must convince me a big deal, otherwise the conference is a failure. After all, I should get excited for a machine I won't buy this year anyway!

So I hope there is still some great 3DS games at E3. I would love to see a new 3DS Zelda, for example!!



WolfRamHeart said:

So far I am really impressed with what I have seen of the Wii U. I am already used to the name. I love the final design of the Wii U Game Pad and I absolutely love that they made the Wii U Pro Controller. Even though it looks just like a Xbox 360 controller, people can no longer complain about Nintendo not making a "regular" controller for their new system. I love that they showed off a black color scheme for the Wii U system and Game Pad. Hopefully those color options are available at launch. Finally, I am really excited about the online features. It looks like Nintendo is finally doing online right. I can't wait to see more this Tuesday. I am definitely pumped! Great job Nintendo!



MitchVogel said:

This all sounds very promising! I missed the live streaming tho. Where could I watch the presentation?



James said:

I don't often use this word, but that was epic.

So excited for Tuesday now!



Chunky_Droid said:

@y2josh, I believe the Wii U has the Miiverse at launch, it's the other devices they are working on. Obviously Wii U is the priority to get working first.



Aqueous said:

Changed plans when I saw it was here and watched here over facebook with my brother, the video came in a bit choppy from our connection but that was excellent, I'm excited for that Miiverse



Haxonberik said:

HEY LISTEN! Watch back to 22:30 on a replay, comments on the Mario game include a squirell suit power up and a baby yoshi tied by balloons!



TimboBaggins said:

Everything I wanted and more. The joysticks are clickable so you fps fanboys can stop your bitching. Obviously they thought really hard about the comfort of the controller, so that is probably why it is bigger. I'm glad they added a contour so that you aren't trying to hold a pointy rectangle in your hands. Wasn't expecting the miiverse, very cool, very different, now you can chat and play at the same time. Love it. The new mario is totally tits btw. Please announce a new Metroid and a new Donkey kong! DKCR was probably in the top 3 best games for the Wii.



Vincent294 said:

Miiverse is...I don't know what. It could overwhelm some games. Perhaps Nintendo already knows about solutions to speech bubbles all over the screen. What could go wrong most is the possible lack of moderators. I mean, if a hater or spammer goes wild on Wii U...that could be a disaster. Anyways, I hope it turns out great. Plus it would be stupid to base the system on a crappy, unreliable foundation. So I think Iwata has it under control.



Corbs said:

I'm on that Wii U like flies on sh*t in LA. Talk to you all when I get there tomorrow. Peace!



Drewroxsox said:

Will you guys be posting nintendo's e3 video? I'll still be in school when it's time for the presentation.



Knuckles said:

Whoa! Nintendo has a lot hidden up its selves if it showed this much tonight.
Also I need the 3DS update to come out during E3, so it will be torture to wait until November/December to get 3DS Version 2.0 [I am calling it that because it will make the 3DS a whole new system, just like the 2nd system update]



Sir_Deadly said:

Hmm, a zombie game? is this a game in the works??? Wii U pro looks kinda like a 360 controller but i like it!!! Cant wait for an AMAZING E3 everybody!!!



Phocks5 said:

I'm still going to wait until the Wii U has it's price drop and varity of color choices.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Knuckles 3DS 2.0? What do you mean. Do you actually mean a system update? Or an update to the current system as far as a new version of the hardware?

Anyway, pretty much not interested in the Wii U at all. Take a good chunk of my money Nintendo, just do it for 3DS games and VC please!



Capt_N said:

I'll have to see more. I'm not sure I like the concept of "always someone on/etc.". I don't want my console to literally have to be online mandatory, just to play games. Also, this slight whetting of the palette comes w/ my justified hopes, & concerns that tomorrow answers if the WU(my acronym for WiiU) will:1. need to be online to play games/always connected2. have a used game lock, &/or financial penalty for playing used titles, such as not being able to play online modes, until I pay a fee(?)3. raw hardware specs (edit: internet speed) 4. spread, & reach of any functions aside from gaming

Also, I right up front am calling the WU browser a flop, from my standpoint/opinion w/o support for various file formats, including flash. Just so any readers know I'm not trolling, that is my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Edit#2: As many, including myself, have said here, & in the past, the smart thing to do for Nintendo, would be to make their console system's network capabilities, upgradable over time. I am of the opinion the Wii currently suffers from having network tech from 2006.



hailsanta said:

cool. very cool. but...... these cool things will mean nothing if the games are lacking. mario sounds promising. hopefully it is bundled in. cmon pikmin and or starfox!

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