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E3 2012: Every Wii U Game Announced So Far

Posted by James Newton

They're all here

Nintendo promised a "massive lineup" of Wii U first and third-party games, and sent over a list of titles in the works for the system.

Reggie Fils-Aime said there are seven more first-party titles in development — hopefully we'll hear more about them soon.





Also coming to Wii U:

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Warner Bros.)
Project Cars (Slightly Mad Studios)
Skylanders Giants (Activision)


CastleStorm (Zen Studios)

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pastasauce said:

I have a feeling Nintendo still hasn't announced those 3 titles they were teasing on their facebook page, unless I'm missing something. I am looking forward too that.



NintyMan said:

My List:
1. New Super Mario Bros. U
2. Game & Wario
3. Pikmin 3
4. Rayman Legends
5. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
6. Scribblenauts Unlimited
That's not even counting any of those seven unidentified first-party games. My poor wallet.



GreenDream said:

All told, the most expansive launch of any Nintendo console.
Pikmin 3, Game & Wario, and Project P-100 look interesting, but I hope they won't be rushed just to meet the launch window.



ShadJV said:

I thought New Super Mario Bros. U would be a launch title... oh well. I'll still get it at launch, simply for Pikmin 3, I've been waiting forever for that game. And there will be plenty to put on my Christmas list: New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, Game & Wario (though perhaps I'll get it at launch), ZombiU (maybe), Rayman Legends, and Scribblenauts Unlimited, to name a few.

Now give me a launch date and price. I know Nintendo said they'd do that sometime after E3 but... I still wouldn't mind them changing their minds.



ShadJV said:

Oh, and forget it in the list, Project P-100 could have potential but I'd like to see more, I'm on the fence there.



fishman100 said:

Expecting a Zelda game for the Wii U sometime soon! Good to see a New Super Mario bros game.



WaveBoy said:

My List
1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii U
2. Pikmin 3
3. Nintendo Land
4. Game & Wario

The above are definit day one buys...

5. Rayman Legends
6. ZombiU - (Maybe.......)

I'm more worried about saving up to get a 55" PLASMA.
I've got the Wii U covered most definitly with a few games plus an HDMI cable hehe.



NintyMan said:

Forgot about Nintendo Land, hopefully that will turn out well. I wonder if those seven games will be revealed during E3 or afterward.



Dante52uk said:

Quite a few games I am after:

Tekken Tag Tournament.
New Super Mario Bros. U
Ninja Gaiden 3
Nintendo Land
Pikmin 3
Game and Wario
Sonic All Star Racing
Rayman Legends
Batman Arkham City (Must be the only person alive to have still not played this game)

My poor wallet, better start trying to get more hours in at work. But seriously I think this is a good launch line up. I remember the N64 and the fact it was only released with 4 games!!! And only 2 were good.



Azikira said:

Aliens, assassins creed, mario AND mass effect? sells body to science I NEEDS MONEY



Xilef said:

It's not too bad actually. I just fell like i need one more big 1st party game. Metroid or something.

Anyway, E3 is not over, and there is more oppertunitis to reveal more games (like TGS) so i think the Wii U will have a nice amount of games in its early life.



FonistofCruxis said:

The games that interest me are:
New super Mario bros. U
Pikmin 3
Rayman legends
Game & Wario
Nintendo land (maybe)
Project P-100 (maybe)
Runner 2 (maybe)
Still not sure about getting it this year though.



kdognumba1 said:

Rayman, Scribblenauts and Pikmin look really awesome. ZombieU, Darksiders 2, Project P-100, and New Super Mario Bros U have me interested but I'd like to see more.



SMW said:

Finally a source confirming SEGA Racing for Wii U! I can finally celebrate.



ueI said:

Do we know which of these will be out launch DAY? Because that's all I care about.



rjejr said:

So, a "launch' window and a "holiday" window? From Nintendo themselves?
So does that mean the WiiU has to be out quite a bit before the holidays to separate those 2 time periods?
Why not just give us the launch date already?!?!!



bezerker99 said:

I was concerned I would have to start saving money for a Wii U. Thankfully the games are so meh that I've no desire to get one at launch. Or ever.



misswliu81 said:

it is rather poor for the wii U as i'd expected more, or indeed better. but i do prefer this line-up over the 3DS's launch line up.



ATDI said:

Holiday season looks alright but this looks like another bad launch for Nintendo. I guess I'll be getting this when the price drops nearly 100 bucks just a few months later. Too bad I won't be a Wii U ambassador.



Sir_Deadly said:

@rjejr I was thinking the same thing, and isnt holiday season consider black friday and after. This launch will give me a couple title to start off with. 2 or 3 games i think are good start to building your Wii U library. I think some people like to buy like 5 at the same time. Pikmin 3, P100, and Nintendo Land would be the ones i get at launch. But i thought the creators of darksiders 2 said it was going to be a launch title or have they changed their minds? I was going to get that at launch also.



g1i1ch said:

What are you guys talking about, this is one of the best launches for nintendo ever! And wasn't Metro Last Light confirmed a year ago?



ATDI said:

@g1i1ch Dude, what are you talking about? Only 4 games on this list are confirmed for launch.

Which gives me hope that the launch could turn out to be a lot better. Oh, Nintendo, you hold back so much.



shonenjump86 said:

Not bad, but some some of these 3rd party titles I can get or already own on the other consoles.



ShadJV said:

Wait, Rayman Legends is still TBA? Dang, maybe I won't get that for Christmas... and really, there are gonna be quite a lot of games out by the end of this year, that's quite impressive.



Tomatoboxer said:

Dear Nintendo,
That's a nice holiday line-up you've got there. I'd just like to remind you of something:
When a developer wants their game on your system, you can say no. You can say no to Data Design, you can say no to Acme Arsenal, and you can certainly say no D3. It's crowding shelf space, and you can afford to not approve everything. Pampered Petz: Spa Resort, for instance? Probably good idea to drop it.



Pokefanmum82 said:

God there is just no making some people happy. Nintendo themselves said that this isn't all the games. PLUS this also means that the WiiU is going to be out before the holidays. That's enough to make me happy and I think this is an awesome line up of first party and third party games that everyone should be excited about instead of complaining. So what if only 4 launch titles have been announced so far, that doesn't mean that there isn't more to come.



Emaan said:

Everything looks great, but there simply isn't a game that I MUST get. Not even a new Mario game this time. Where's my Star Fox? Metroid? F-Zero?



hendie001 said:

i guess there is some good games there but i think we are going to see the same start the 3ds had slow at the start but once the big time nintendo games hit the system it will take off. i hope : /



JimLad said:

That list is nothing but re-releases and predictable sequels.
Even Pikmin just looks like the same old game with a HD finish.

I really expected more after the year-long Wii drought. This might be the first Nintendo console in a while I don't buy day one.



ThatOtherGuy said:

Definitly excited for Game and Wario (any game with Wario HAS to be boss!) and NSMBWU of course will be awesome! But I'm am greatly dissapointed that so far no Mario Kart Wii U has been announced. We know this will most likeley be a game since on every Nintendo system theres been it's own Mario Kart, but I want MKWU as one of my first Wii U games, so I hope they announce that soon!



ATDI said:

1. Calm down and behave respectfully.
2. I'm 21.
3. Not with this line-up
4. Seriously, stop acting like that



NImH said:

No act. Genuine disappointment and irritation.
Not allowed? Or is it more of a diplomatic tone you were looking for? In that case, "Sorry."



Fuzzy said:

There are some games I'll have on other platforms, but it definitely looks like a good line up on the whole.



SKTTR said:

Pikmin, Mario and Nintendo Land. Then probably some good 3rd party like Assassin, ZombiU, Aliens, Batman, Mass Effect, and all the cheap eShop games.
Wario, LEGO and P-100 not sure.



Ren said:

oh boy, I haven't been here for days and this is what was shown? I'm worried and underwhelmed. I think I may be done with Nintendo for a while. They enter the HD world this late and that's it?
Cartoony stuff is great, but some of this stuff just looks lazy and outdated already, hardly 'next gen', barely current. The 3rd party stuff looks great, but why buy another console when I can get it on something else now and cheaper? A little screen for inventory is not a revolution, it's been done somewhere... Dreamcast? oh boy.
I've been a fanboy for a long time, and I'm sad to be getting over it soon. Maybe they'll prove me wrong once I can play it.



Sir_Deadly said:

@Ren umm dream cast had a vmu, not a screen that can display inventory. DOnt worry though, I feel they have alot more to show at there up coming conferences or w/e they have.



Supremeist said:

Some great games in the line-up. A new Super Mario Bros. game! Also Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect 3, Scribblenauts, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, Marvel games, and Nintendo Land? (Seems interesting enough, my guess is a compilation game with a bunch of small games on it?) Sort of like The Orange Box.

Oh and hopefully the eShop titles turn out decent. Wii U is gonna be a pretty cool system, I hope I can afford it when it launches.



XCWarrior said:

There is nothing that screams, "You have to buy a Wii U to try this out."
Wii was the first system I got at launch. I usually have one within the first year. I have a feeling it's going to be that way with Wii U.

Unless Star Fox is announced as a launch title. Just saying Nintendo...



luminalace said:

To be honest the list is quite bare outside the Nintendo published stuff! Where is Activision, Konami, Capcom, THQ & Square Enix who are all doing lots of cool stuff on the 3DS?



WolfRamHeart said:

This is not a good way to launch a new console Nintendo. You better step up your game. There is nothing here that makes me want to pick up a Wii U. I know that you can do better than this.



JJtheTexan said:

Generally in agreement with most others. Nothing overwhelming. No "killer app" here though Nintendo Land could be the next Wii Sports. I would be very surprised if any other headliners emerge...



WaxxyOne said:

I would pick up this console for Pikmin 3 and NSMBU alone. Do none of you remember how the 3DS launched with basically no games? This is plenty for now, and as the console gains steam more games will come.



chiptoon said:

There's 15 games I'm interested in there, some because I've not yet played them on ps3. I was waiting for game of the year for Batman, so it'll be a toss up for me depending on what dlc is included on the Nintendo version. All in all that's a lot of games for the first year, at least for me.



Assassinated said:

I think everyone is reading this wrong. Several games confirmed to be launch titles are labeled Holiday. So Holiday will mostly be launch day. Launch window, I think includes stuff that misses the Holiday window, but are still close enough to launch that they are considered launch window. A bunch of people think that the above says there's only 4 launch day titles, but launch window does not mean launch day. I think almost everything labeled Holiday will be coming out on launch day, making this an amazing launch.



Yadoking said:

Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, and Runner2 please come sit down with me so we can just roll around on the floor together and talk about puppies.



FiveDigitLP said:

I agree with what your saying. I've been mulling this over in my head and that seems most logical. Espcially when you take into consideration Nintendo's definition of "launch window" during the 3DS's launch. If you'll recall, they said they weren't just going to have launch games, but instead a "launch window" that extended from March up until E3 of that year. If this is the same kind of thing, then the launch window could be til February or March of next year, in my humble opinion.



BenAV said:

People complain too much.
I was a little disappointed that there were no huge surprises at their press conference, but this list is still pretty impressive if you ask me.
Out of the games labelled Release Window or Holiday, there's at least like 15 that I'm interested in and a few that a definite day one buys (especially Pikmin 3).
I'm pretty sure we'll hear about a lot more games between now and the Wii U launch too, as they've said that they have several more unannounced first party Wii U titles and there are so many third party publishers missing from that list that must have at least some games that will make it to the system.

This seems like it's just part of the list of what's going to come early in the Wii U's life, and there's already more than I could possibly afford.
If this isn't enough for everyone else, then you must all be rich or something. D:
A big improvement over the 3DS launch.



Masterman280 said:

My list

1. New Super Mario Bros. U
2. Pikmin 3
3. Assassins Creed 3
4. Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition
5. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge
6. Aliens Colonial Marines
7. Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed
8. Mass Effect 3
9. TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 (working title)
10. Lego City: Undercover
11. Darksiders 2



Joshume said:

I'm looking forward to..............


2.)Scribblenauts Unlimited

3.)Arkham City:Armored Edition

4.)Rayman Legends(Ha!Yeah right!I don't care about that game.)



Moshugan said:

Nintendo just decided that they will only talk about games that are coming this year (with the exception of Aliens:CM)! The same goes for 3DS. Don't ya worry, there be great games in 2013.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I think people need to realize, somebody else on another comment board said, that the games announced for holiday are probably the games coming out at launch (holiday 2012 for WiiU) and the other four are coming out during the launch Window which is 4 months long so we will probably see Pikmin 3 next year.



Sir_Deadly said:

Actually, now that i look and actually count the ones i am interested i count like 12 or 13 games not counting the maybes. So for me this is a great list.

My picks: batman, AClll, rayman, zombieU, p-100, MarioU, Nintendo land, Lego City, Pikmin 3, Aliens CM, ME3 (havent played the others but if i comes with a collection, ill give it a try), Dark Siders 2 , Rabbids Land (the trailers look funny!). And a couple of maybe like 2 or 3.



WesFX said:

So at the moment, 16 games planned for the launch window that I'm very interested in. Doesn't sound bad at all.



NMH-TRI said:

@Gamesake Sir, you are correct. Sega + Nintendo = Win. Additionally, E3 2012 sucked. Lets stop walking on eggshells around the big N. I love you mario, but your 2012 E3 presentation SUCKED! You can do better. Do you want to Continue? 10...9...8...



NMH-TRI said:

Zombie U is my first day purchase. First day purchase when there is a black Wii U available.

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