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Rumour: Blockbuster UK Lists 25 Wii U Games

Posted by James Newton

Some surprising names

We're a month away from E3 but Blockbuster reckons it's got the Wii U software line-up all figured out, listing 25 titles for pre-order.

The list, according to photos sent to GoNintendo, is:

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Assassin's Creed III
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Darksiders II
  • DiRT 3
  • Formula 1 All Stars
  • Game Party
  • Ghost Recon Online
  • Just Dance 4
  • Killer Freaks from Outer Space
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • Metro Last Light
  • Monsters Party
  • New Super Mario Bros. Mii
  • Ninja Gaiden III
  • Pikmin 3
  • Rabbids Party Land
  • Raving Rabbids
  • Rayman Legends
  • Shield Pose
  • Splinter Cell 6
  • Sports Connection
  • Tekken
  • Your Shape 2013
  • Zombie

Some of these are dead certs — many were confirmed as being in development at E3 last year — but others seem less plausible: Shield Pose is unlikely to fly as a solo retail release, and two Rabbids games is the definition of overkill.

Remember as always this is just a rumour. We'll find out how accurate it is in just four weeks.


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Weskerb said:

Not much to get excited about. I wonder what Tekken it is? And I don't like the name New Super Mario Brothers. Mii. In fact, I wish they'd drop the whole "Wii" gimmick, I think Apple has stolen the "Wii market" anyway, and Nintendo needs to move away from that name.



Aviator said:

There are only two game on that list that interest me. So as it still stands, won't buy a Wii U for a while.

@billy-beauts Tekken was announced last year at E3.



Sockymon said:

Nothing much that grabs me there. I like to be early to the party with new hardware, but I think I'll be getting a lot of use from Wii U's backwards compatibility for the first few months of its life (i.e. still playing old games rather than picking up any of this lot)



Prof_Clayton said:

Most of those names are plausible; however Super Mario Bros. "Mii" is not. I also doubt that they would have a 3ds one and then one immediately a Wii U one.



Bass_X0 said:

No, I think Nintendo would do that. Have two new versions of a game on two different consoles. And Mii is an appropriate name to be a sequel to Wii.



Weskerb said:

Why? What's the appeal of playing Mario with a Mii? It makes no sense.



misswliu81 said:

some of those sound dodgy to me. just dance and your shape 2013? i hope these 2 aren't actually released for the wii U.

as for the rest, aliens, darksiders, batrman, ninja gaiden, tekken, pikmin 3 and to an extent the mario bros game look definite certs to be on the system.

of course, the truth will come out next month in E3.

@billy-beauts i'd rather have DOA 5 instead of tekken as the wii U's fighting game launch title.



thanos316 said:

@billy.. how has apple stolen the wii market. wii gimmick?.... idk how u figured apple has stolen anything. ninty might have taken a look at apples business model and use it to their advantage by the way they implemented the wii into the console race many yrs ago. and the wii could have been greater if devs didn't bring out crap games to get a buck and didn't place wii in the kids category. but i do hope that ninty gives up the wii name and go with another name. but the wii name still holds familiarity with people and that helps them in the long run..



Weskerb said:

Maybe you're right, but "Wii" as a fad is over, soccer mums are now buying ipads. Also, a lot of Xbox and PS3 gamers, who would be in the market for a next-gen console, associate "Wii" with casual gaming. That's the main reason I'd like to see a new name.



Malic said:

@thanos316 apple is supposed to be coming out with a home console. Pretty sure taking some casual gamers away from nintendo. I think that's what he is saying



skywake said:

There aren't that many things on this list that I'd be surprised with. Aside from the cross platform "HD console" games and a slightly better selection of top-tier exclusives this looks pretty much identical to the 3DS launch. What launch would be complete without Ubisoft milking the early game drought?

@billy-beauts iPads and Wiis aren't exactly identical products... infact they're entirely different. If you had said DS/3DS and iPhone/iPod Touch then sure because why buy a gaming machine when you already carry one with you? but iPads and Wiis? Not by a long shot.



Weskerb said:

Let's not not get technical about this. I'm just talking about "Wii" (a lot of people know "Wii" and don't even realise it's made by Nintendo). In 2008 Wii was cool with the masses, it was a buzz word. Everyone was saying it; from celebrities, to the royals, to politicians, it got mentioned in films "Just playing some Wii", it was brought out during the Oscars ceremony.... and so on. Do you see any of those things happening now? No. It's time to scrap that stupid name.

So i'm not saying that Wii and Ipad are directly comparable. I'm just saying that those people who were saying "Wii" are now saying "ipad". I hope you understand my point now.



FlaccidSnake said:

Off topic here but i totally agree with billy, Nintendo need to change the name of wii u. Get away from the wii name completely, Over the last year I've seen hundreds of posts from people saying the name is awful. Nintendo also keep going on about getting the hardcore gamers back {like the nes and snes days}, we all know thats not gonna happen if everyone associates the new console with the wii. Nintendo also need to ban publishers from making countless party games aimed at under 5's.



Kyloctopus said:

@Shotgunryugan Actually I wouldn't be too surprised if Just Dance, and Your Shape is in. Ubisoft said they have quite a launch window.
I'm just surprised Shield Pose is on this list.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

■Rabbids Party Land
■Raving Rabbids
■Rayman Legends
■Shield Pose
■Splinter Cell 6
■Sports Connection
■Your Shape 2013

For some reason this list reminds me of old pirate carts for the NES with "9999 games in 1" where a few titles are given non sense names. "Zombie" is bound to be a development title, but it´s just so generic



Burning_Spear said:

I don't think this list is based on anything other than conjecture and the few release titles that have already been confirmed. It's probably just an advance list so they have something in their electronic system.



misswliu81 said:

@Kyloctopus but i expected assassins creed, ghost recon and rayman announced for the wii U by ubisoft. just dance for me needs to stay on the wii .



ajcismo said:

With how poorly Blockbuster has been doing in the States, I wouldn't take any of this as fact. Maybe they're in a better situation in the UK, but to me they're just trying to drum up buzz & web hits.



Lunapplebloom said:

I won't believe any of it, until Nintendo tells us what is what at E3. The list seems a bit rushed in my opinion, with nothing really to go on. But, I could be wrong.



Malic said:

I've owned every major nintendo console from nes till now the wii by far my least favorite it seems every new console its worse than the previous. I hope that's not the case this time. If it is Im done.



James said:

This list must be wrong: I only count three games with the word "party" in the title. Why aren't publishers trying harder to get on board with this lucrative and booming market? Crazy.




9 games on their I'm interested in. No problem with names I just want quality games with reasonable innovation. Exciting IMO. Thid skepticism reminds me of the pre-Wii and pre-DS era



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I think it's odd Shield Pose is on there however... it didn't seem like a game that would be full retail. There are a few others that almost(we'll have to find out) a guess. "Zombie?" Wow that's really informative.



hYdeks said:

With a strong launch line up like that I'll definitely be wanting a Wii U launch day.

@3Dangerous3Dash YES NSMBM!!! There not going to say no to having this game released just cause you people think it's been a short time since the last one I would like to see online and Wii U to 3DS. Just cause it's another 2D Mario doesn't mean it's not different. So far, the look and feel of the games feel the same BUT the levels and such are so far really unique and different. Plus it would be cool if this was just a pack-in game for the system....I can wishful think alil ¬¬



thanos316 said:

From the start "wii" as a name sucked but ninty said they was trying to go some place different with that name choice. Wii u is a crappy name also and i hope it changes at e3. But i am sure people knows the wii was made by nintendo. But sometimes when you have a name that appeals to millions why let it go thats all i was saying. Thats why sequels are made to get every buck from a name people know well. But back on topic, the game list is okay and speculative and i am sure they will be big surprises right before and at e3..



thanos316 said:

I also have to say the n64 launch lineup wasnt great, neither the ps3 lineup. This launch lineup being posted by blockbuster if it was a100% real it would be fine given a mario title thrown in there. An i will go on the record to say the 3ds launch lineup was good variety..



hYdeks said:

@Malic not even CLOSE to joking, ohh and I believe ur wrong, I've loved Nintendo since the NES days I think Nintendo has gotten better YES they rely alot of Mario but guess what people, it's there MASKOT lol. That's like saying SEGA should stop making Sonic games, or Capcom should stop Mega Man games (which they have AND IS PISSING PPL OFF!!) So lets face it, ur not a mario fan and ur barely a nintendo fan, fine, but there not gonna stop making these games just cause ur sick of Mario games. I'm a HUGE mario fan and I want every mario game coming to me that they wanna throw at me.

I know a guy who bought a Wii to buy Super Mario Bros (NES) cause since it came out, he loved the game AND HASN'T BEEN ABLE TO BEAT IT!! So like I said, your opinion...but I have a feeling Nintendo likes making money.

EDIT: When the game comes out, just ignore it and not buy it...I guess



Aviator said:

@Hydeks Thanks for defining what a Nintendo fan is.

/me throws everything nintendo in the trash because he dislikes mario



thanos316 said:

@ hydeks.. u make a great point. I also believe that ninty is changing cause i was watching soccer yesterday and they was a spot talking about the 3ds and that it could stream soccer highlights now. So ninty is finally advertising more and that will make a difference.



Gold_Ranger said:

Some of these, like Zombie and Shield Pose are from the eShop. They are not Retail Box copies.



Bass_X0 said:

@Mickeymac The generic names are most likely place-holder / work-in-progress names as has been said earlier. Doesn't mean they're not real games.



Malic said:

@hydeks Im a big Mario fan too also a big fan of nintendo just not of late. Im a gamer first and the wii wasn't where it was at this generation. I like many others was let down by nintendo. I hope they get it right this time



hYdeks said:

wow, this forum is on this website is getting as as IGN's...way to go haters for ruining another thing claps very slowly ¬¬ see...that's how u show sarcasim...

@Malic very fair, and lots of people would agree with u



Malic said:

@hydeks Im not hating on nintendo at all i just wish they'd get their act together i want them to succeed i just don't want another wii



CanisWolfred said:

^^I wouldn't have known you were sarcastic either, bub. Trying saying something not true.

Also, if you read the fine print, you would've known Aviator was sarcastic...



hYdeks said:

@Malic yup, it's a kinda a double sided blade this one. On one hand some people want a more hardcore Nintendo, on the other alot loved the casual Nintendo

honestly, nintendo alienated there original more hardcore fans with the Wii, so I definitely think ur right, but I don't want Nintendo to go fully back to hardcore either. At this point in there life, it would be nice to have a good mix of hardcore and casual games. Going from playing Batman Arkham City to playing Wii U Sports (or whatever u want to imaginatively call it) is what would make the Wii U a great system.

FYI, I personally like the Wii U branding, but if they renamed it I'ld still be down for it, I really don't care for the systems name and look anymore



Malic said:

@hydeks you're exactly right they need to have a mix of both and not forget the hardcore gamer this time around we were there from the beginning



Popyman said:

AC3 and Darksiders 2 are more than enough for me. Question is can I put off getting them on the PS3 until the Wii-U comes out? =P



hYdeks said:

@Malic yup completely, now I'm gonna stop this conversation before it becomes more so like a stupid IGN forum discussion with ranting and raving lol



LittleIrves said:

@hydeks @Malic As much as I love my fav NES/SNES/N64 games, I'd probably say the Wii has been my favorite system of Nintendo's too. It definitely re-ignited my interest in the industry after a decline of excitement during the Gamecube era. They shook things up, gave us something different. I own more Wii games than any other system I've had before. (Much of this has to do with my being older with more disposable income. But still...) Anyway, I'm with both of you that hopes for a nice balance btwn mature/modern games and classic/magical Nintendo games. Come on, E3. Arrive already.



Xilef said:

Highly doubt this is a accurate list. Heck, i'm not sure all of these are real (Zombie, really?).



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I that's the day 1 list of games that seems pretty decent actually. Nintendo generally deals with release windows now so I doubt they'd only have 2 games in their launch window. I also have to agree on the shield pose game not having enough content unless they decide to go Rhythm Heaven on it or package it with the system itself..



thanos316 said:

yea i do agree that we do need a mix of games.. cause right now on the wii im playing more sports and rpg games. such as pes, xenoblades and after i finish xenoblades i might move onto playing the last story or maybe super mario galaxy.. yes yes i know yall are laughing now but i know im not the only one who hasn't really played the mario galaxy games as yet, or maybe i am.. lol.. oh well



MeloMan said:

I could nitpick that lineup, but I see more than enough of what I need to play combined with what I'll still be playing from Wii, so I'll be all set... I can't say the same for everyone else... If that line-up is even confirmed to begin with. If that is the line-up though, let's just hope there's no typical software drought like always with system launches... it's gotten really old...



irken004 said:

If the Wii launch was any indication, expect plenty of shovelware for the first year or so.



Kyloctopus said:

@misswliu81 I don't see why Just Dance can't go on Wii u.
Also it seems the rumour is true according to Joystiq. Meaning Ubisoft is going to cash in this winter.



hYdeks said:

@Mickeymac yay good point, least the ranting and stuff on other sites are relevant to the topic. IGN though is just bad, you pop on the 360 boards and the editors at IGN have a great topic, than the first comment is something like "I like soup" or something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING!! That bugs the hell right out of me lol



CanisWolfred said:

@hydeks Again, I've been to boards like that that aren't IGN. It's frustrating. Sometimes even here you can ask a simple question, and you'll get crap back. Much rarer than any other site, though (there's a reason I'm still here, after all).



hYdeks said:

@thanos316 not really it's all cool, I literally just bought Super Mario Galaxy last week The game is old, yes, and there has been a sequel (which I also gotta look into) but mehh, I was doing other things I guess lol



hYdeks said:

@Mickeymac ohh ya? well I've only really been on here, IGN and CheatCC forum so I don't know alot of the other gaming sites. IGN really annoys me though, not cause of the staff, they can't help it alot, but the people who ruin it for everyone else



thanos316 said:

well ign is a site with multiple consoles on it not like this one thats just dedicated to ninty and they just like nitpicking at nintendo consoles for some reason over there. its really bad at ign and other sites too. but if thats what they like then thats cool. anyone remember a game name blastcorps for the n64. heres hoping they bring that one back.



grumblebuzzz said:

Monsters Party!?? Is that a sequel or reimagining of the original NES game Monster Party?? I'd die! I loved that game!



CanisWolfred said:

@hydeks IGN is an extreme case at least, I lurked there for over a year and left disgusted, but I've been to 20 different forums now, and seen similar antics on nearly every one of them. Makes me hate people sometimes...



Sean_Aaron said:

@motang: That would be a collection of downloadable Marvel-themed video pinballs that appeared in - PSN I think? Anyway, that and curiosity about what Nintendo is going to do with this new interface are what's selling me this console. Marvel video pins and Pikmin 3 are my games off this list.



Neram said:

That's a pretty easy list to come up with given what information we all already know. Sounds a bit iffy to me, Shield Pose? I don't think so, not as a standalone game.



Ras said:

I read a story the other day that Rockstar's financial reports listed a WiiU version of GTAV, though that probably won't make the launch window. It's cool that it'll probably make the system, though. I'd rebuy Red Dead Redemption if it had slight graphical tweaks (ie, being able to look at Armadillo through the telescope and see textures instead of flat shading) and an elimination of the unfortunate slowdown. Or, maybe they're working on the next iteration for all systems.



Ren said:

Interesting. I hope that's a launch list. That could be cool, I guess, but there better be more than that coming soon. They got some serious catching up to do in terms of HD games.
Am I the only one dying for a GTA that's more of a sequel to Chinatown wars? I loved that game, and it's style more than any of the others. The 3dish top down was amazing and the mini games would suit that new tablet perfectly. I hope they've got something like that going on soon.



hYdeks said:

@Mickeymac completely agree with u

but yay, can't wait till E3. This list is definitely a great idea though of what we know we'll see there already.



ReleaseTheBears said:

I would be completely fine with this list, for the wrong reasons.
I won't be setting aside the money to get a Wii U in the first year, partly because I'm gonna get a 3DS soon and I want to finish off my Wii and DS libraries, and I want to wait out the early period where the hardware flaws/RRoD make themselves known quickly. I'd be cool with that list because I could safely ignore the Wii U without feeling like I was missing something.



SmashYoshi123 said:

some of these titles i don't even i don't even belive are real, plus i'll never trust blockbuster, espally if its in the uk



SmashYoshi123 said:

plus how can you play just dance with a tablet controller??? sure you can use the wiimote, but that's off topic.



DraculaX said:

The Wii U line up is not looking too good, with the exceptions of some games. But then again, this is just speculation, so I'm pretty sure it will be better than this.



k8sMum said:

@hydeks ...'than the first comment is something like "I like soup" or something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING!! That bugs the hell right out of me lol'

i like soup.



hYdeks said:

i see 10-12 games interesting on the list. nintendo keeps alot of secrets just wait till e3



hillbill26 said:

I truly doubt Nintendo would want a video game rental place, such as Blockbuster, to go ahead and put games on the market waaaaay before the console is out and before the games are released. It was a dumb move to be honest, because you never kno if a game will be scrapped or have a name change. It is a bad idea.



drumsandperc92 said:

My speculation?
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Assassin's Creed III
Batman: Arkham City
Battlefield 3
Darksiders II
DiRT 3
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Formula 1 All Stars
Ghost Recon Online
Just Dance 4
Killer Freaks from Outer Space
Marvel Super Heroes
Metro Last Light
Monsters Party
New Super Mario Bros. Mii OR SOME OTHER MARIO TITLE, not necessarily this exactly as we saw at E3 last year.
Ninja Gaiden III
Pikmin 3
Rabbids Party Land
Rayman Legends
Wii U mini game compilation pack-in (all demos from last E3)
Splinter Cell 6
Star Fox or Metroid Prime or F-Zero by Retro, one of these. Nintendo can't have Mario be the only AAA Nintendo license at launch. Then again they have Pikmin 3, but Pikmin isn't for everyone, i never really got into it. Another fan favorite would definitely help boost sales, especially bc a lot of hardcore Nintendo fans dont really want NSMBM, we'd rather have another 3d mario adventure, but if we can't have that i'm sure i'm not the only one who'd get more excited about a new SF metroid or F-Zero than NSMBM.
Wii Sports HD
Tekken (based off Tekken 6, but not a port of the exact game. Tekken 6.5 or something with Wii U exclusive features, and updates brought in from whatever Tekken is in the arcades now)
Tiger Woods PGA 2013
Your Shape 2013 (or some kind of Wii U fitness game)
Assorted shovelware.

Now this seems like a hefty list and Nintendo went on record saying they don't plan to have an oversaturated launch line up but if you look, a lot of these are simple ports from games already out or games already made for ps360. and a lot of them are also annual games or expected sequels. The biggest thing that may not happen at launch is the inclusion of a star fox/fzero/metroid as I suspect retro is making after the recent NL article. But I beleive if it is not a launch game, whatever it is, it will be more or less in the next batch of games to come out for Wii U.



shake_zula said:

I hope this is the actual launch line-up. I only want to play two of those games so I wouldn't have to choose.



SuperMinusWorld said:

I agree with billy-beauts. I'm only interested in Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3. Nintendo needs to let the whole "Mii" and "Wii" thing die, and especially not let it be the whole damn catch of the next fricking Mario platformer. And this is coming from a longtime fan who is easily excited by the prospect of a new Mario platformer: I do not want New Super Mario Mii at all. I want Super Mario Bros 4



Henmii said:

Let's see what's interesting:

Assasins creed 3: Maybe

Batman arkham city: Maybe, because it scores pretty high.

Darksiders 2: Maybe. It's Zelda-like, so it could be good.

New Super Mario bros mii: If I end up with a Wii u, I most definitely also end up with this game. But since I am not a massive "New mario bros" fan, I won't buy a Wii u mainly for this game! In other words: It doesn't sell the system for me!

Rayman legends: The first Wii u game that gets me excited! But lets face it: If I wait a long time before buying a Wii u and see the game also on the current Wii, I probably just buy the version on the current Wii. Though I guess that version won't look as nice!

Overall, not that excited about the list. But of course this is not the whole story. Who knows what they will show at E3!

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