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Ubisoft: "Nobody Proved Wii Does FPS Controls Better"

Posted by James Newton

Many have tried...

If there's one genre that's really exploded in popularity on consoles over the last five years, it's the first-person shooter, the Call of Duty series in particular experiencing phenomenal growth. While these titles thrive on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, they don't always take advantage of the Wii's qualities, particularly when it comes to controls.

Ubisoft executive Tony Key recently spoke to Gamasutra about Kinect's current core line-up, likening it to past efforts at providing engaging shooters on Wii:

Nobody figured out on the Wii how to actually improve the shooter experience via the Wiimote. That's not to say that that couldn't have happened, but nobody figured it out. Nobody figured out how to make any Call of Duty or Ghost Recon or anything better on the Wii because of the motion control.

Key raises an interesting question: how can motion controls make a first-person shooter better? Will we see motion controls phased out of FPS games on Wii U, or will developers take the Metroid Prime Trilogy template and apply it to future titles?


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Ecto-1 said:

I respectfully disagree. The Wii's motion controls persuaded me to purchase games like Call of Duty for my Wii rather than my 360, even though there were numerous downsides. It is all about preference. Some prefer the more traditional dual analog setups. Some, like myself, prefer the Wii's pointer controls. Now I can't go back; dual analog just isn't comfortable for me in these types of games.

Anyway, getting back on topic, I think the correct statement here would be that Ubisoft couldn't figure out how to make shooters better on Wii. Other developers did, in my opinion at least.



Burny said:

"How can motion controls make a first-person shooter better?"

Motion controls can't. Pointer controls can. And have on the Wii.



Splat said:

I actually prefer COD on Wii because of the controls. Also I know it's not a FPS but the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 is my favorite for the same reason.



BenAV said:

I've played quite a bit of Goldeneye with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, as well as the Metroid Prime Trilogy and I actually really like the controls.
I much prefer it to any FPS I've played with dual analog sticks.

...But then again, I'm not the biggest FPS fan in the world.



6ch6ris6 said:

i really liked the controlls in fps games on the wii.

guess that dude has never played a fps on the wii



irken004 said:

CoD Modern Warfare was pretty fun with motion controls in my opinion. When I first started playing, it was kinda iffy due to having to customize the sensitivities to my preference, but overall it was unique and engaging.



Shiryu said:

It has already been pointed out, but I have no problem with Treyarch's "Call of Duty" offerings, especially Black Ops.
Also "Metroid Prime 3" while not a FPS per say was spot on perfection.



capitalism said:

Uhmm.... I disagree big time. Maybe you didn't Ubisoft, but Call of Duty on the Wii proved that motion controls are more precise, faster, and more realistic. I actually prefer them to regular analog sticks. Now I know a thousand fanboys who have never given the control scheme the time of day will say otherwise but anybody who has took the time to get used to them will tell you that its the superior way to play. Its the reason I got so many of my friends to get Wii's.



Splat said:

@Wildfire - How could I forget Red Steel 2? I love that game. I hated the first one but RS2 is great. I still feel when it comes to motion plus no game has done it better than RS2.



AVahne said:

Went back to dual analog after playing on Wii...dual analog is HORRIBLE
I'm used to it again, but its still nowhere near as good as Wii's pointer controls



Ichabod said:

Motion control is the only reason why I buy FPS. I hate the dual-sticks. Too clunky for my taste. Every CoD on the Wii has been fantastic all because of the motion control (despite being left out of many features each game). Even when I got my PS3, I had to get the move because I won't touch a FPS without my motion controls.

I think motion controls on FPS will stick around. Even Xbox will eventually get into it (once they design a controller to work with the Kinect). While I appreciate those that prefer the dual-sticks over the motion control, I've found that 9/10 people that hate it is because they find it too hard. (That's why you play once through the single player. Try, you'll find out that you're good at it once you're done. )



Meta-Rift said:

A lot of people don't like dual analog for aiming (myself included), but there are just as many people who have a hard time switching away from what they've always used. I know what that's like. If the Wii didn't have GameCube ports, I would suck at Brawl.

The Wii U controller has dual analog and motion control. Problem solved.



skywake said:

Red Steel 2? Great? .... Good definitely, decent controls and fun but it was buggy, repetitive and from memory fairly short so I wouldn't call it great. I wouldn't even say it's the best use of Motion Plus I've seen either and the only Motion Plus games I own are Red Steel 2 and Wii Sports Resort!

On topic! pointer controls are awesome for FPS so I, like most here, strongly disagree. Gyro aiming, which is what Motion Plus can do, isn't too bad either. Infact it was so good in OoT 3D that I used it exclusively. Clearly this Tony Key bloke is either doing it wrong or is simply trying to spin something for the audience (Kinect owners) he's talking to.



thaantman said:

I was never a big FPS fan, but when I first played metriod prime 3 (i consider it a fps i'm in 1st person and i'm shooting @ stuff) i fell in love with the control scheme, it felt so fluid. And from there I started to get into the genre a bit with games like the conduit, red steel 2, and golden eye And i would have friends that so stuck on xbox when they try to play with the motion controls, they act like their to lazy to hold the remote right and complain all the time, if they owned the wii and actually took time to get use to the controls, rather then try to just jump in thinking the controls are gonna b instantly perfect, the realize that motion kills duel analog.



Savino said:

Dear Ubisoft:

Before Wii I only played FPS on my PC. Because pointer controls and motion controls I get back to Console FPS and bought a lot of them, including yours!
So, I am sorry but..."A Cat is pushing a watermelon out of the lake. Your argument is invalid!"



Spoony_Tech said:

I disagree to an extent! Goldeneye Wii did a good job but did have its flaws! The motion controls were actually pretty good but it had other flaws!



warioswoods said:

Ubisoft execs really shouldn't try to weigh in on anything related to game design. Just sayin'.



cyrus_zuo said:

Disagree as well.
...but it may be comparative. Wii does FPS better than analogue, which REQUIRES lock-on or tons of play time to not be awful.

Of note, in Sin & Punishment on the Wii Treasure had to go back and rebalanced it b/c they'd been playing with the Classic controller and those who played with a WiiMote simply had a MUCH easier time playing. Treasure talked about how surprised they were about it in the Iwata interview on

I'd also point to Metroid Prime 3, where I finally felt in control and could shoot a door from across the room instead of having to get right next to it.

Certainly some could things could be improved, but pointing for shooting is world's better than analogue stick.



accc said:

Things like this are proof that Ubisoft is a worthless developer. The difference in accuracy between pointer controls and joystick controls is MASSIVE.



Samholy said:

no way it can right now. i tried both, and the ps3 controller really does a splendid job. a little more time is needed to get used to, but everything goes naturally after a while. dont base opinions on first experience only.

but the BEST way remains the pc controls with mouse and keyboard.
mouse acts mostly like a pointer control, but much more fluid and precise. The keyboard provides you with tons of customisation for your need, style and comfortability. plus you can have have shortcuts placed the way you want them, and this way you can have a scheme that will be optimised and give you total control.

i really dont see how he wiimote will be able to outclass so much customisation and precision. its impossible right now with this technology. Right now, it mainly acts like the arcade shooters. point and shoot... The only positive point i give it is the fact its easier for youngers or newcomers in the gaming world.

unless they can provide a call of duty with scaled plastic guns similar to airsoft guns with a very precise aiming, i doubt it will ever be the thing for shooters.
and tell me why buying nintendo consoles when youre a shooter fanatic ? nintendo wont give you realistic graphic results of even HD immersive experience.
nintendo is all about their fun factor and characters... leave shooters to the other companies please.



Splat said:

I hate mouse and keyboard... I know alot of people love it and to each his own but I can't stand it. The mouse is fine but I hate the keyboard for gaming.



Tasuki said:

While I can say I am not a big FPS fan I do perfer the wiimore and nunchuk style over dual analog. I had to pick up Resident Evil 4 on the Wii for that reason alone and I love it with the wiimote controls. I also liked playing GoldenEye with the Wiimote setup rather than using the CCpro but than again I guess its just a case of to each their own.

@Splat: I use to be the same way years ago before I really got into PC gaming now using the keyboard is not such a problem for me. If you played alot of PC game that utilize the keyboard you would get use to it pretty quickly.



thanos316 said:

some games are easier to play with the wii motion controls. i remember the 1st time i played madden on the wii, i was blown away by how easy the in game controls were. and some games don't need motion, thats why when i see people flailing their hands like crazy, im like all u have to do is a lil flick and u get a response. but some developers go crazy implementing motion controls when they have a choice of 3 control schemes with the wii. and ubisoft didn't do motion controls much justice in their games either so they should take a look at themselves 1st.



sketchturner said:

After playing FPS on Wii, I could never go back to dual analog sticks. Ubisoft is crazy if they don't recognize what an improvement pointer controls are for FPS. IMO, the people who don't like FPS on Wii have just not done a good job tweaking the controls to suit them.



Minny said:

As an avid player of Goldeneye, I would disagree completely. Using the Wii-mote and nunchuck is analogous to my first experience with Nintendo in 1986, Duck Hunt. I could never play a FPS without motion controls, pressing 10 buttons in dual-analogue chaos. Goldeneye's controls are so intuitive, anyone can pick it up and eliminate some one.



Ren said:

yeah, it's not true at all. silly stuff. It's the FPS die hards that complain about it only because they've gotten so used to analog sticks and such. It's really not intuitive, though, no matter what spin you try to put on it.
Pointing something is what you are doing with a gun, not flying a helicopter. If you're used to that, great, but after a few minutes with a pointer it's really hard to go back.
Customization is a different issue. Console gaming is not about that level of customization. If you want the 'simulated' shooting a gun thing, the wii pointer really is best. can anyone really carry 7 guns and a backpack full of mines, meals and medical supplies, anyway? No. they're video games; if you want to run along for a real feel, Wii shooters 'feel' best, even without all the other options. Just depends on how particular you are. Metroid and new Goldeneye were so great to me for that reason. simple but feel like shooting should.



koops330 said:

I played Conduit 2 with the wiimotion plus nunchuck and I thought it work out pretty well and its a FPS



Ryno said:

"Nobody figured out how to make any Call of Duty or Ghost Recon or anything better on the Wii because of the motion control."


Like Tasuki said Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition was a blast! Also, Metroid Prime Trilogy is the best First Person anything game(s) out there!



The_Fox said:

I've never played a single FPS with the Wiimote that feels like it offers anything other than a gimmick.



brandonbwii said:

Ghost Recon? There was never a real fps of Ghost Recon that I'm aware of except that rail-shooter, unless there's some PS3 game I don't know about.



darklinkinfinite said:

One of my favorite shooter experiences this gen, from a purely control point of view was Medal of Honor Heroes 2. I personally loved how most weqpons had theirnown motion controls like manually cocking the shotgun, turning a virtual dial to set you scope's zoom, putting the remote on your shoulder for the rocket launcher, turning cranks to aim artillery, etc. I really wish more shooters on the Wii had taken up similar control schemes or at least had it as an alternative. In addition, I really liked Red Steel's ability to toss or roll grenades.

The Wii Remote is full of so much potential its a shame so much of it went unexplored. As its still a standard contoller for the Wii U there is a small chance that the next gen will be better to the controller.



AVahne said:

@ The_Fox
I've never played a single FPS with dual analog that feels like it offers anything other than poor accuracy and speed, even with the right control sensitivity.



Kirk said:

Ubisoft is so wrong.

Anyone who's actually played this game knows just how good it feels to use the pointer to aim and turn, and because there's not to many other actions it's possible to comfortably map everything on Wiimote and Nunchuck.

I would play with fps pointer control implemented this well over any dual analogue controls by a millions miles.



WaveGhoul said:

Metroid Prime 3....Which controls were absolutely mind blowing says HI. what a stupid STUPID thing to say by Ubisoft. I'll never go back to dual analog ever again.



Samholy said:

this is funny really.
wiimote and nunchuk is so gimmicky, yeah its fun.
but its nowhere near a real online experience in blackops or battlefield with a ps3 controller.
yeah its fun for the single player audience, but it will never convince me for online gaming. it just cant compete with the precision you can have with controllers or mouse/keyboard.



TheGreenSpiny said:

What a moron... Doesn't he realize he's knocking his own game? Red Steel 2 was one of the most fantastic gaming experiences I've ever had. The developers deserved more credit for that game as they practically invented their own genre.

@Samholy: Mouse and keyboard may be the most accurate, but certainly not the best. The precision of the mouse if offset by the crapped awkwardness of using a keyboard. Customization is not that big of a deal with a control pad because you don't have to stop and look at the buttons. Most Wii FPS offer a wide degree of customization anyway. The Conduit 1 & 2 allow you customize everything from the button layout the sensitivities of both the pointer and the gyro as well as the HUD. The increased accuracy of the Wii remote makes it a far better choice than the Dual Shock, which hasn't really improved much since the PS1 days. And not all of us are looking for an online experience. I prefer all of my games single player and that goes for shooters. Online play is noobs who don't realize what a real game is.

@The_Fox: How is vastly improved accuracy a gimmick?

And people: please look up the meaning of that word before you use it in a sentence.



Samholy said:

the darkness... this is nonsense
online play is for...noobs ?
wow this is like taking all the seriousness and credits you had so far and throwing them in a garbage can.
im sorry, your points just dont make sense anymore. online play is mainly the new way for the last few years. playing against bots versus playing against a human is totally different, much less predictable. you call that noob ?
i dont get it.
i play the single player mode in every game, but but the real deal comes when the multiplayer starts. there are single player shooters, like bio shock as an example. but here ubi is talking about war sims like ghost recon or call of duty.
and dont even try to say the mouse control is destroyed by the keyboard.
its the keyboard that makes the difference. this is like comparing a toy with a professional tool.
just learn to use a keyboard properly.
i love the wii. but it remains the family toy. and a shooter is not a family friendly game.
there are single player games, there are multiplayer games. and what has been mentionned in the article are games you mainly play online. call of duty takes all its sense when you try it with people online. yeah its fun alone, but you can really see its been developped for online gaming.



Link-Hero said:

After I played Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii for the first time and got used to the controls, I decided that I will never play FPS's with a gamepad ever again.

Since as long as I can remember, I always had trouble with any game with a first person perspective on consoles (even games that don't focus on it entirely like in some of the Zelda games). It always felt slow, cumbersome, and imprecise. One of the only FPS games I ever liked in the past was Metroid Prime 1 & 2 on the Gamecube only because of the lock-on mechanics made the game so much easier to shoot targets and enemies.

With the Wii-Mote pointer controls, lock-on is still available in Metroid Prime 3, but I found myself almost never having to use it because how fast and precise the controls were. It completely changed my view of the console FPS genre.

Most people who say otherwise never tried any FPS games on the Wii for longer than a few minutes or more, are doing it wrong (like holding up your arms infront of you instead of setting them on your lap), hate change, or never even played one.



Scissors said:

But Ubisoft you yourself had the biggest breakthrough in FPS motion controls, Red Steel 2 is one of my favorite shooters of all time, and alot of that had to do with the game's amazing controls



SteveW said:

That's crazy! I find it hard to go back to a joystick after playing first person games on the Wii, the controls are so much better on Wii



Ecto-1 said:

You do realize that the last two CoD's have had online play right. Also, in all honesty, there isn't that much difference between the Wii and 360/PS3 versions of Black Ops. Other than the graphical differences and a handful of annoying killstreaks, the only omission that irks me is DLC. I have played both, and I honestly liked it better on Wii soley for the pointer controls, which felt far more comfortable and accurate, to me. Also, some, including myself, find the keyboard and mouse setup to be cumbersome and awkward, just as you don't like the Wii's setup for shooters. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions; please, just respect that not everyone will agree with your opinions. Peace.



retrox said:

Ubisoft executives: Out of touch with gamers as usual. I have no idea what this guy's smoking, but it's bad, m'kay?



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

pointer controls are loads better than duel analog any day of the week. I tried both on goldeneye and there is no comparison



Ian_Daemon said:

Metroid Prime Trilogy: Awesome controls.
GoldenEye Wii: Awesome controls.
Conduit/Conduit 2: Good controls.
Call of Duty 3: Fun, OK controls.



Xkhaoz said:

Wiimote aiming is second only to mouse and keyboards for FPS controls. I hate using a standard controller.



Kid_A said:

I'm not sure if I disagree...honestly, I don't think that the PS3 and 360 have proven that their controls are better than the Wii controls. Certainly those consoles have better shooters over all, but I wouldn't say I prefer duel-analogue to pointer. They both have merits and drawbacks.



Aqueous said:

Metroid Prime 3 has excellent fps controls, they made it hard to start playing the other prime trilogy on the gamecube when I got them because it's so precise and easy to use where as the game cubegames felt restricting



IronMan28 said:

The conduit was good, but the thing is it's because developers are lazy (or we could look at the Metroid Prime Trilogy as a point of reference, those are great games).



TromboneGamer said:

I'm so used to motion controls now that my dual analog skills have suffered severely. I fall at the hands of those that stuck with classics even with wiimote in hand. I do like motion controls better even though it doesn't really "deepen" the experience much.



TKOWL said:

The sad thing is that we're still listening to what Ubisoft says.



phoenix1818 said:

Metroid Prime 3 (and Trilogy) had excellent Wii controls, but the Prime games aren't really FPSs. The controls worked so well because of the free-aiming lock-on and the slower pace compared to action games like CoD, where the slight infra-red lag is a problem.

While in my opinion, nothing beats a mouse and keyboard for first person, the slower exploration of the Prime games allowed the controls to work flawlessly on Wii, bringing the player closer to the game.



DrDaisy said:

It's those stupid HDTVs that lag on pointing games!
Also, they should try the ... uh, what is it called? Gyro thing? A shooting game on the Wii should rely on more than just the pointing mechanism. Also, Sony and Samsung should be banned from making digital televisions forever. Forever!!



komicturtle said:

Conduit, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, MP3 (Trilogy) and Goldeneye Wii are my favorite shooters of all time this generation. Not because of their storyline (Goldeneye and the Metroid Prime trilogy had the best of the shooters I own), but because of the controls. I'll stand by pointer controls are better than dual analogue because of precision for shooters and it really gets me engaged more. Just between the 3 consoles.



chiptoon said:

I basically refuse to play FPS on any system but Wii, because it is sooo much more fun. Ubi needs to think again.



erv said:

Black ops on ps3: Knife, knife, dead. Try Again.

Black ops on wii: enemy dogs inbound.

I've played those versions extensively and really, nothing was ever as quick as the wiimote setup. I use insane sensitivity settings and have quick aim.

Same goes for Red Steel 2 by the way, brilliant game that is. Shooting was quick, the view was great and the style was awesome. But that gameplay? Brilliant.



Warioware said:

I don't like FPS games on anything other than the Wii, just find them too claustrophobic in the way that it's often annoying trying to figure out where shots are coming from using analogue sticks. Wiimote frees it up and massively improves the games for me.



Tate24 said:

I believe that wiimote controls are far more precise then standard control.

i try play black ops with pro controller and found it foreign to me couldnt even kill anyone as found control no were near as precise as wiimote.

But using the wiimote pointing were i wanted to works like a dream.

Its a shame game development teams didnt put more effort in to create truly excellent shooter for the wii.

Though black ops is good on wii it was over shadowed by it 360 & PS3 versions which had far more content and DLC to.

which sadly we never seen light of......

Very disappointing and lazy in my mind



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

motion controls are so much better then goin with duel analog because its much faster and accurate its time to move on from duel analog a lil bit



Ichabod said:

I just wanted to add to the dual-analog vs wii mote debate regarding CoD by adding an interesting bit of information. This regards accuracy, and should hopefully damper this argument. I've played quite a bit of both the BO Wii version and the PS3 version (and prefer the Wii version due to the motion control). There can hardly be any argument to the accuracy of the PS360 version because of one small matter.

The hit box on the PS360 is much larger than on the Wii using the Wiimote (never checked it with the CCpro). If you need proof, take a look at some videos of both and watch what is required to actually hit someone. Headshot and body shots can be dealt in the PS360 even if you hit outside the head/body area, but is not nearly so with the Wii. It takes much more accuracy to shoot someone with the Wiimote (unless you are a spray and prayer, lol) I believe this is the case because of the level of accuracy that motion control gives the player. This isn't an opinion of what is better, it's just common sense.

You use your wrist and forearm to guide the motion control, allowing many more muscles to play a part in aiming, while dual-analog only gives you your thumbs. While some people can get fairly precise, it still doesn't beet the physics of more muscles (and I don't mean bigger muscles) give you more control.



CaPPa said:

Tony Key should play some multiplayer Goldeneye and see how the dual analogue does against the Wii pointer. Someone should also tell him that the Wii remote wasn't anything to do with Ghost Recon sucking, it was that it was total shovelware.

Some people seem to confuse system capabilities with control capabilities too; as laggy online or poor collision detection would make the greatest controller seem poor. For example MOH Heroes 2 had great controls but the online could lag quite a bit to the point where it'd look like you were shooting at someone but would be missing them because they'd actually already moved. That isn't the Wii remote's fault though, it is the software's.

Wii remote aiming will finally murder dual analogue for FPS when the Wii U comes out and provides the same features as the other consoles but with the superior control option.



daznsaz said:

^when it does murder it it will be from the top of a treelined hill observation point with a sniper rifle.gently squeeze the B trigger mwahahaha...



Wolfo said:

If the aiming of motion plus are applied to FPS, we'll experience that we imagine at start.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Are you kidding me? Maybe nobody's perfected it, and I haven't tried Call of Duty; but Goldeneye Wii, the Conduit games, and even the Wiiware FPSes (Onslaught nd Water Warfare) all have controls that are much better than that dual-analog c***.

@74 Conduit 2 does support MotionPlus.



JimLad said:

Pointer controls do work well, but you have to hold the remote up all that time keeping it steady. It makes your arm tire eventually.



daznsaz said:

just have your arm resting on your leg and use your wrist to aim simples.



jerryo said:

I think he meant compared to PC and that is true! No console no matter what controls can do better than mouse and keyboard on FPS.




Henmii said:

"Nobody Proved Wii Does FPS Controls Better"

They probably where sleeping then! Everyone understands that you can't get a better shooting "feel" then when you can point straight at the thing you want to shoot. It's common sense!



WaveGhoul said:

The goof balls that say Wii Remote controls aren't accurate as the mouse & keyboard are the same goof balls who play their Wii on their Laggy HDTV sets. LOL And it's the truth.

Play it on a CRT that's lag free and they're flat out amazing.
Dual Analog completely blows and offers zero immersion, they're unintuitive, clunky and for me it's just not fun....While key board and mouse is just akward, cheap, also unimersive and in no way captures the feeling of holding a gun like in real life.

Wii pointer controls are the future baby for many of those so called genres.



WaveGhoul said:

Most people rest the Wii remote on their knee/leg....Which in no way tires out your arm. I could never hold the Wii remote up playing long sessions of Metroid Prime 3, i don't think anybody



motang said:

True nobody proved it, but I do prefer it over dual analog and mouse & keyboard.



Maggots said:

actually I loved Metroid prime Trilogy... and even with all the control customization of all the other FPS's... the metroid primes only control scheme felt the Best

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