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Fri 15th May 2009

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CorusFace commented on Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist (...:

@JogurtTheYogurt actually, only 0.3% of wii u owners are playing the game. but if you do the math, only 0.5% of 360 owners are playing the game as well. the game seems to have performed poorly on every platform. that's without mentioning that the wii u version had zero advertising and that a large chunk of retailers never even offered the game for the wii u...



CorusFace commented on Vigil Games: "Wii U On Par with Current-Gen Co...:

Look at what the man said. They aren't doing anything to improve how the game looks for Wii U. He never said it CAN'T do anything better, he just said they are focusing on adding features for the Wii U controller and not worrying about the technical upgrades that could be performed on the Wii U's hardware. People sure are going crazy about this quote, when the man hasn't even really told us anything!



CorusFace commented on Wii U Panorama View Demo is Awesome:

Someone on another site had mentioned a new Mario Kart: Double Dash, where the person in the back could turn around with the controller and aim their item at other cars behind them or look back to see incoming shells or something. Don't know how you would switch spots with the person in front, but it kinda seemed like a good start....



CorusFace commented on Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Ga...:

Unless the resolution is already on the disc, each game would have to be patched in order to up-res to 720p or higher. That's equals time and money. And upscaling isn't really even that big of a deal. Plus, if Nintendo just let all their old games play in HD out the gate, why would people buy Wii U games? They would drag out the sales of games we've already played and beaten for years now, Wii U software sales would suffer, and new games would be slower or less frequent to release. I don't want Nintendo spending time and effort on the Wii anymore. I want them to put everything toward the 3DS and especially the Wii U, and I want that thing to come roaring out the gate. New games, new experiences, all in beautiful 1080p. I don't want a reason to play my Wii games once the Wii U comes out.... unless I'm feeling nostalgic.



CorusFace commented on Rumour: GBA Ambassador Games Delayed to 2012:

yeah, nintendo is horrible, and sony hasn't done anything wrong at all?
overpriced system, extremely expensive proprietary memory cards, lackluster launch titles, ridiculous 3g setup, limited backwards compatibility that isn't even all available come launch.... need i go on?



CorusFace commented on Nintendo UK Calls Circle Pad Expansion "Slider...:

i don't understand the huge fuss. should a second analog pad have been originally incorporated into the 3ds's design? absolutely. but to not buy the add-on "out of principle" is foolish and self-damning. why limit your enjoyment of something? why deny yourself full range of gameplay options? nintendo got the point. everyone complained about there being no second pad, so they are doing something about it. the size is the only real issue. don't complain about their current solution! it is probably the best thing they could have done. and all for $10.



CorusFace commented on UK 3DS Price War Heats Up as Tesco Drops Conso...:

i love my 3ds and i want it to do well, so i don't care what people wind up paying as long as they keep on buying them. these stores are selling it at a price they've selected, so they are taking the loss, not nintendo. nintendo shouldn't be blamed for stores selling the consoles early or for those of us who got a double dish with the price cut AND the ambassador-ship.



CorusFace commented on Walmart Already Selling 3DS for $169.99, But B...:

it's true, ign confirmed it with reggie this morning. anyone selling the system at a cheaper price before august 12th is selling it at their own expense, not nintendo's. i bought mine yesterday for a sweet $169 at my wal-mart, no hiccups or issues at all. and now i am ambassador status as well! which i do feel kinda bad about, but it's coming out of wal-mart's pocket! so i don't feel toooo bad.