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Reggie: Steel Diver Makes Up for Lack of Zelda at Launch

Posted by James Newton

Submarine game is "awfully compelling", says honcho

While we don't yet have a rock-solid launch line-up for 3DS in either North America or Europe, we do know that Nintendo's two top guys, Mario and Link, won't be making their appearances on the console before E3 in June. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says the titles will be released "when they're ready" whilst talking up aquatic adventure Steel Diver and the company's other launch titles, PilotWings Resort and Nintendogs + Cats.

Between 'Nintendogs + Cats' and 'Pilotwings,' those two franchises, either on the original DS or on other legacy systems like the NES or Super NES, have sold tens of millions of copies. Those two franchises have a lot of strength all by themselves. 'Steel Diver' is a brand new experience, and from a compelling standpoint, we think it's awfully compelling.

As compelling as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Reggie? Surely not. We had chance to go hands-on with Steel Diver last week and we'll bring you our First Impressions soon.


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Linkstrikesback said:

No reggie, it isn't. No amount of marketing will ever be able to get past the fact you're trying to launch a console with no mario/zelda(/metroid/pokemon, maybe)



JakobG said:

I don't know if it's a smart move to use the first entry of a new franchise as a launch title for the 3DS, but Nintendo REALLY seems to be proud of it.



TwilightV said:

Meh. The world won't end because of this, no matter how much people think it will.



dizzy_boy said:

no mario or zelda on day one, that's probably not the best move for nintendo. but then there is always the 3DS virtual console, they could be on there in thier gameboy forms



RantingThespian said:

I do like it that they aren't rushing Zelda or a Mario game (those are 2 you don't want to screw up on). Also, I am not planning on getting a 3DS til (at the earliest) fall of 2011.

However, he did screw one thing up: "Between 'Nintendogs + Cats' and 'Pilotwings,' those two franchises, either on the original DS or on other legacy systems like the NES or Super NES, have sold tens of millions of copies." Um, neither Nintendogs nor Pilotwings were on the NES.



Rob_mc_1 said:

I hear Kid Icarus: Uprising and Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D won't arrive until after the launch window.



Corbs said:

He said Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, and Ocarina of Time won't launch until at least after E3. Oh well, more games to play at E3 I guess.



skywake said:

Pilotwings looks good, Steel Diver will probably be good and Nintendogs will sell a bundle for sure. None of that would matter to me though if Ocarina, Paper Mario or Mario Kart were launch titles. I'd totally ignore even Pilotwings (which I'm thinking of getting) and just pick up the game/s that I really want to play on the 3DS.

As it stands.... I think the only titles I'll be playing on my 3DS at launch are Pokemon Black/White and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. I might buy Pilotwings if I'm bored of them and my wallet has forgiven me before something else interesting comes up. If the 3DS didn't sell itself and I didn't know what was just around the corner then this would be a pretty average launch.



Burning_Spear said:

Eight days ago, I was steadfast in making the 3DS a launch-day purchase. After looking at the titles, I'm rethinking that. I have no interest in Nintendogs, and Pilot Wings and Steel Diver aren't compelling enough to make me go out and pre-order the console. Sorry, Reggie. ... No Mario or Metroid likely means no buy for me.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Everyone complains that Nintendo doesn't make enough new franchises and then when they launch a system with a new franchise everyone complains that their 2 most common franchises ever aren't launching the system. You'll never be happy.



DrCruse said:

If I was to buy a 3DS on launch, this would be my first title. However, if Zelda or Mario was on the 3DS at launch, I would not buy them.



moosa said:

Steel Diver is a tough sell... I think I can see the appeal in it, and you probably have to see it in person to really understand, but Nintendo really hasn't given us anything to get any average gamer interested in this game. It still looks a bit more like a "toy" than a full game experience that I'd pay $40 for, so it might be more interesting if it were offered at a budget price like $20 (although it would be unlike Nintendo to do so). I will say I'm interested in how the game turns out, and I'll be looking forward to the reviews, but I'm sorry to say that I wouldn't be so interested in this one game if one of the other games I want were within the launch window...



V8_Ninja said:

'Steel Diver' is a brand new experience, and from a compelling standpoint, we think it's awfully compelling.

I don't know why, but that line made me laugh for some reason.




Does he mean Kid Icarus and Paper Mario won't be coming before E3 as well as Ocarina and MK?! ("Mario and Link")....




B#gger! BUT in a way its good because you can spread out your games budget spending....also allows me to get (perhaps) another "2nd tier" wii radar game like Mario Sports Mix as well as Lego Star Wars 3 3DS



Hardy83 said:

See people. This is why I don't listen to Reggie anymore. His job is to make Nintendo look like God, but almost everything he says just makes him sounds like a loony.

Not saying that Steel Diver isn't a good game, it probably is, just the words coming out of his mouth is poo. lol




Yeah Steel Diver may be good...but there is no need t compare it to Ocarina 3DS and MK 3DS as it kind of ridicules the game (Steel Diver, I mean)....



Stargazer said:

Hey, that RABBIDS game looks pretty sweet. It may be my Mario fix for a while. And yes, Steel Diver would make much more sense launching at $20 (especially if it's as boring as some people say).



Golgo said:

It looks nothing short of 'awful'. Not sure how 3D could redemm it tbh. But I haven't played it, so...could be a Zelda beater after all?!



moosa said:

You guys are confusing this article's headline and Reggie's actual words...



LittleIrves said:

Yeah, I agree with #21 moosa and #10 SuperMarioFan96. The headline's a tad misleading, in that Reggie never directly compares Steel Diver with those other major franchises. And even if it's not your cuppa tea, at least SD is something "new" (okay, it's from the 2004 DS demo, but still) and not another spin-off/rehash/sequel. I'm all about new experiences, so I'm not too bummed that Ocarina is pushed back. Still want one on Day 1, even if it's only to take a picture with my Mii sitting in my hand.



Link79 said:

Honestly Steel Diver does look like it might be quite good. Also this isn't the first time a Nintendo system was released with no Mario or Zelda at launch.
Remember Gamecube's Launch? We got Luigi's Mansion but technically that isn't a Mario game. Mario sunshine wasn't released until nearly a year later and Zelda the wind waker came in 2003.



LordJumpMad said:

Nod and Smile, and then walk away.......

I'm not going to fight with Reggie on why, we're not getting Zelda.
because My Body is not Ready......



warioswoods said:

Pilotwings Resort is the launch title I've been wanting all along, so I ain't too disappointed.



DarkLloyd said:

are you kidding me well zelda OOT better not come after E3 because Skyward sword is to be launching around november or sometime this year plus there better be good titles around for the 3DS like they showed early before E3 (done ranting)

i guess i cant complain too much at least resident evil mercanaries should be launching next to the 3DS i hope



Hey_Listen- said:

Dude that's really because that was pretty much one of the best titles that should be on there and now I have to wait five years?! Dumb

Plus what's the point of steel diver anyway? It doesn't even look that fun. It looks like it should be from the eshop or 3dsware or whatever you call it



Zeldaterasu said:

What's the point of comparing the two titles? They couldn't be any more dissimilar! I have to agree I don't want them to rush out a title before it's ready, but the lack of a flagship franchise at launch is just another reason to wait before getting my 3DS.



Kid_A said:

Meh. Pilotwings is my most anticipated launch title, so I'll probably skip SteelDiver all together. There's also, in my mind at least, something distinctly different between a huge action adventure game and a game where you control a little submarine.



Kevin said:

Its definately gonna be weird having it launch without a Mario or Zelda game but I think I'll be going with Pilotwings.



zionich said:

The way I see it, show us a 3DS Metroid (at least at e3), preferably not so linear, and all might be forgiven. Tell us it will be out before the end of there year, and all will be forgiven.



motang said:

The game does look cool, but there is no such a thing as replacement in video games, I have come to realize that.



Vizardvalor said:

Calm down ppl... There will be third party games coming out like Super Street Figher IV 3d edition at lanuch. Plus if you want Mario and Zelda so bad then just buy Zelda:Link to past and Super Mario Land at the Nintendo eShop, problem solved.



Token_Girl said:

Supermariofan96 is right. Don't complain about Nintendo milking it's franchises AND when they release a new IP. I'm actually interested to see what Steel Diver's all about.

This is actually a pretty good strategy to spread out sales, and have continuous 3DS marketing. Shortages aren't as beneficial to have for non-holiday releases, and if they think they'll get them anyways, this will at least minimize the angry people. This way, you pretty much only have those who buy every Nintendo system right at launch. Then more people later buying for Zelda, then even more people coming in cuz they saw an ad for Mario Kart and everyone loves Mario Kart, etc.

If you're not interested in the launch titles, just wait. Will all of you have beaten ALL the DS/DSiWare titles you want yet (if you've preordered already, just play your backlog supplimented with new eshop/VC games)?



RebeccaGunn said:

Zelda I can understand, its a remake of OoT so clearly upgrading the games graphics and such. I think that one needs time otherwise Zelda fans will be disappointed by a potential rush job

I do hope Pilotwings comes sooner rather than later, it sounds like a fun title. Though I'll happilly take Nintendogs for now



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Maybe this will make people finally try something that is non first party. There is more out there than games made by Nintendo



Knux said:

As long as Steel Diver and Pilotwings Resort are launch day titles, I'm content. Still, I'm kind of dissapointed it will be after E3 before Ocarina of Time 3DS is released. But I guess that's good in a way because I don't want a rushed remake.



kurtasbestos said:

SuperMarioFan96 -> Seriously. But people who consider themselves gamers and/or people who post things on the internet are never satisfied with anything. If I end up buying a 3DS on launch, there will be plenty of options to keep me entertained until the games that won't be available at launch are released (and until I'll be able to afford them).



Varoennauraa said:

Reggie has stopped taking names and kicking asses and started to make himself and Nintendo to look like an ass.

This might be nice little game though.



J-Forest-Esq said:

Well, I'll be getting Street Fighter and Pilotwings. I was really hoping for Paper Mario but if it's better because of the delay then so be it. On the bright side it means it will give my money stash time to recover. Not that I would have had any spare cash at all but...



CowLaunch said:

Exactly, Gamecube was one of Nintendo's weaker consoles commercially.

I'm not too bothered, won't be getting a 3DS at launch priced $250 anyhow.



MrMagpie said:

If you ask me, it looks like third parties will be taking the spotlight for a while, which is good - personally I'm very excited by a lot of capcom's input. Maybe that's 'cos I'm in no big rush to replay OoT, having thoroughly beaten it seven or eight times though. Personally, the absence of paper mario will be what makes me sad...



TKOWL said:

Nothing really is interesting me at Lauch Date anyways, so I'll probably skip on Steel Diver.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

I played Steel Diver while I was in Amsterdam last week and it was tons of fun, easily the first 3DS Hidden Gem.

Some advise, play it while sitting on a swirly chair. XD



Raylax said:

Whoever reviews this, if it turns out to be rubbish, the tagline has to be:

Compellingly awful



Z_Bone said:

Having a completely new game as a launch title is a great idea actually. That way, more people will give it a chance since there isn't as much competition. It worked for Luigi's Mansion.



HeroOfTime007 said:

I like franchises better. Why do people ask for new IPs? If Kirby Epic Yarn as not Kirby I wouldnt like it. Call me a tool but its true for me and many people.



WolfRamHeart said:

@53: The big difference there is that Luigi's Mansion had Luigi while Steel Diver has... well, a submarine.



DarkKirby said:

Steel Diver doesn't make up for no Zelda and Kid Icarus. At all. Although what the lack of big name Nintendo games does do, is encourage the sales of 3rd party games. Admit it, if Zelda and Kid Icarus were launch titles, you wouldn't take a 2nd look at the 3rd party competition, and getting 3rd party support for the 3DS has been one if Nintendo's biggest concerns. What would happen if the figures cam out and nobody purchased the 3rd party stuff because they were overshadowed by the big Nintendo games? 3rd party developers would shy away from supporting the 3DS. Rather, you have Zelda, Kid Icarus, and Paper Mario on the "near" horizon and encourage people to buy the 3DS, then have people purchase 3rd party games to encourage developers to support it and look at making 3DS games as a real means of profit rather then a side job for a portable system.



Lotice-Paladin said:

My bets are on Nintendo releasing an awesome new IP after E3 (shortly after revealing it at E3). I think it'll happen simply because Miyamoto stated "It's time for a new character".

I can see why the 3DS Launch 1st Party titles are few and far between....which is a good thing as we can see what the 3rd parties offer in the meantime.



Punny said:

Ah, well. That means Nintendo has big plans in store for Mario and Zelda. Besides, Steel Diver might be a surprise hit!




I think this article, from a compelling point of view, was actually quite compelling and compelled me to write a thoughtful, compelling response to it.



Tar said:

I was thinking of getting a 3ds, but the psp2 and psp phones need to be confirmed, before I make any desicion



ecco6t9 said:

So people complain that "Nintendo doesn't do enough new characters or franchises." Then when they do people still complain because Zelda isn't launching a system.



LuWiiGi said:

@ecco6t9 Exactly. For christ's sake, people, we get a new Mario or Zelda game every five minutes, wouldn't you rather have a new IP for a change? Steel Diver will be brilliant, just play that and be grateful!



Odnetnin said:

If SSIV and Pilotwings turn out perfectly, maybe I'll consider launch, but could no there's no rush to buy one of these puppies.



astarisborn94 said:

No offense Reggie, but Steel Driver looks like stuff you wipe off your butt. At least it's a new IP, so I'm not going to totally rule it out yet.

(Then again, people probably said the same thing with Wii Sports and look how well it did, so I'll wait for the reviews before solidifying that statement.)



Link977 said:

Id rather have Mario and Link games come out when they're ready and not just rushed



NintendoMaster said:

You know the games are ready by now, Nintendo is just waiting for the right time to release.... which should be launch! They are only taunting us with this after E3 launch business. I would bet that Reggie has Ocarina of Time 3D in his 3DS right now!



artofmana said:

I'm wondering if this isn't a way for Nintendo to combat a few criticisms. One is that they milk their key franchises, two is that they don't give third-party developers enough support and three is that they can only sell hardware because of their key franchises.

The 3DS has the current support and hype to allow for an experiment and it seems like they could be taking a chance, letting third-parties steal some spotlight and allowing their key franchises to sit one out. Perhaps this will give them a measure of how well they do on hardware alone.

You know, this could even be more of a way of regaining interest in Pilotwings as well.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I think it seems like a cool game, but I know it's not the sort of thing most people run out and buy like Pokemon or something.
Most system launches are usually not that great anyways, but Nintendo may have a few tricks up their sleeves.
I am sure there will be a 3DS that comes with Zelda packed in with the system at some point or other.



Nintendo_723 said:

I don't know man, after watching a couple videos of the Steel Divers demo, I'm kinda not feeling that game just yet. Hopefully good reviews will come out, then I'll probably pick it up later



Capt_N said:

I'm watching SD to see what comes of it. If the 3DS hurts my eyes, I'm not going to get it, anyway.



Expa0 said:

Meh Zelda is the most overrated game series ever. I'm waiting for Blazblue, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Mario Kart and Tales of Abyss, though steel diver looks somewhat compelling..



AminalCrosser said:

i don't see why everyone has to make such a fuss about Oot not coming soon enough, come on you've waited 12 years for a revival, i think you can wait another few months (that is if you're not a N00B who only played it from the gamecube port )



JebbyDeringer said:

Why not release New Super Mario Bros 3D? Not only will they be releasing a mario game with the console they also won't have to break a sweat doing it.



PSICOffee said:

I'm glad there is a new 1st party IP so i'm excited for this. It reminds me of Solar Striker, Mole Mania, Radar Mission, and other 1st party gameboy nintendo games that have been forgotten. Hopefully ports/remakes of those will come someday.

I hope Steel Diver is more compelling than awfully

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