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Tue 15th Dec 2009

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RebeccaGunn commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

Don't always get along with NL but applaud Alex for this excellent in-depth review - covers all the bases including the amiibo side of things, glad I managed to pre-order all 3 now as it sounds like it lends a few extra hours to the Single Player mode.

Really looking forward to tomorrow (as Nintendo UK store have already dispatched) - just hope the servers are ready for us



RebeccaGunn commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...: This is the only "evidence" I've seen of her apparently "outrageous" suggestions.

All she asks for is for Call to be more of a playable character, suggests that Beck could be female and posts some fanart. Now I don't entirely agree with the idea that you have to make the main character female, but I can understand asking for a female playable character. I was one of many people who wanted Call to be more than a bystander, I'ld still like her to be an alternate skin of Beck, but I understand that wasn't in the original concept. I loved MegaMan Powered up because playing as Roll was pretty awesome, even if she's pretty nerfed

But it's weird how people could suggest this or that as backers, but asking for a female protagonist and being passionate about it is apparently crossing the line?


You seem confused about what this persons job is, she isn't a designer, she's simply the community manager, she's basically the voice of the team to the community moving forward, will manage announcements, facebook, twitter ect. Plus will field backers thoughts and concerns and pass them to the team.

@Eldoon the worst thing in that list of stuff is just the "I was never an MM Player" tweet, which doesn't mean she's NEVER played MegaMan, it just means she's not crazy about the series to have played every game. I've played MegaMan 2, X and some of the Zero titles, I'm not wild about the series but I respect it and still backed Mighty No. 9

The designer tweet specifically says she's designing for other titles NOT Mighty No 9.



RebeccaGunn commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

Always nice when people automatically assume if you call for a female main character, then you are being all DOWN WITH MEN. Women still have plenty of issues, anyone assuming we don't has their head in the sand

Basically this lass suggested Beck should be female and/or Call should have more of a role other than bystander. Drew a genderbent Beck, and maybe sparred with a few people during the kickstarter via comments.

Also she's a community manager, not a designer, and shes likely drawing up robots because her new job inspires her! Community Managers have the smallest amount of influence in a project, you can suggest things, but it's ultimately up to the team if they want to add the CM's suggestions.

The saddest thing is the entitled MegaMan fans going BUT BUT SHE'S NEVER PLAYED MEGAMAN!! - Maybe that's why they hired her, because she's not coming into this with the kind of preconceptions a MegaMan fan will unrealistically have about this project. Mighty No. 9 may have it's roots firmly in MegaMan's design, but Comcept are clearly keen to not have that connection, they want Mighty No 9. to be it's own thing and rightly so.



RebeccaGunn commented on Weirdness: UK Store GAME Creates Christmas Din...:

This reminds me of 2010's Christmas Dinner Pot Noodle which was actually really yummy! That said yeah...the presentation seems far from great, trying to figure out how this thing even works as it seems to emcompass the entire day. though it sounds like you pretty much eat it out the can...

I mean an alternative way of looking at it, if the pricing MCV suggests is true, then the Tinner is also the cheapest way to have a full christmas dinner! £1.99 gets you all this, and while we might scoff. This would be amazing for families that for some reason can't afford a full proper christmas meal, or for students ect. Because it's tinned you can even donate it to food banks



RebeccaGunn commented on Hardware Review: Neo Geo X Gold & Mega Pack Vo...:

This review maybe should be updated with the news that SNK Playmore have actually disowned this system and sent out legal summons to stop Tommo producing or selling any more of this system or the game packs.

So Neo Geo X Owners are now left up the river without a paddle, no more mega packs or official releases.



RebeccaGunn commented on Don't Worry, Those Early Pikmin 3 Downloads Ar...:

Thank you for getting us a confirmation Tom! Was getting a bit worried when my premium points didn't update over the weekend. Now I know I'll get not only W101 cheap, but likely another £5 eShop voucher too!

I also won the first week of the animal crossing twitter contest and got myself £50 in eShop credit, so I can get W101, Ducktales and a few extras for a grand price of 0 pence XD It's been a pretty good week all in all - and it's only tuesday!



RebeccaGunn commented on Nintendo Download: 31st January 2013 (Europe):

NOE are usually a bit better than this, this list looks pathetic next to NOA's downloads this week. Nintendo really need to get on Nicalis case about the EU backlog, is there actual reason Cave Story and pals is such a problem to release here?

Also Nintendo's prices for retail make me laugh, really guys? Seeing as GAME of all people just cut 20-50% this week on Wii U software, I just don't see people flocking to buy Batman at this price. Unless you have Nintendo Premium and really want your first £5 asap - hopefully Nintendo will take a page out of Sony's book and start cutting prices on retail releases (though if the 3DS eshop is any indication...sigh)



RebeccaGunn commented on Review: 35 Junior Games (3DS eShop):

As an alternative there's also Nintendo's own 42 All Time Classics, which while not quite for kids, has a really decent selection of classic titles. One of the few localised titles out there that lets you play hanafuda!



RebeccaGunn commented on Burger King Reveals Wii U Promotional Toys:

The Mario and Luigi figures are neat and the hanging Diddy's are a cool idea + Koopa-Troopa Sharpener(?) - but then they got lazy and rehashed old toy ideas.

Also I feel BK dropped the ball big time, why is it I cannot open a BK Crown Wii U meal and find Pikmin in my box? : ( DREAMS CRUSHED



RebeccaGunn commented on Rayman Legends Won't Arrive Until Q1 2013:

Oh bums, was rather looking forward to this, understand that delays happen - but it was easilly one of the best titles in the Wii U line-up. Maybe it's to fix up single player proper or something

All the same, slightly sad news, though may be good for the Wii U to have an anticipated title release a little outside the initial launch day



RebeccaGunn commented on Game Boy Advance Games Pop Up On Nintendo Euro...:

Mario Golf and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga will be very welcome additions to the eShop. I recall Mario Pinball Land got HORRID reviews back in the day, but I guess they can't all be winners.

Still hoping we'll get an announcement for HarmoKnight in the Direct...



RebeccaGunn commented on Catch a Special Porygon in Pokémon Black and ...:

About time really, Porygon is a tough Pokemon to catch, in part because - with exception of Platinum, you had to go for the Trophy garden last gen, or play at Celadon Game Corner in Johto.

Doesn't help matters that Porygon usually is treated like the Pokemon Game Freak want to forget after the infamous sezure event. All the same, I'll hop on dream world in a bit to nab one



RebeccaGunn commented on 3DS XL Comparision Gallery:

I still dunno why they didn't at least pack in a USB charge cable, but hoping one of the UK retailers considers bundling a charger in a deal or something. But still, roll on July 28th!



RebeccaGunn commented on Review: Everdrive 64:

Cartridges can kick the bucket easilly enough, if something blows in the circuit or whatever. This particular option for back-up is sound enough to me - technology ages and some people might not want to keep using old cartridges in order to keep collections pristine

The argument here is a bit strange mind, having a cartridge storage solution is nice, but the price is WAY more than the legit route of going out and purchasing a Wii and a raft of Nintendo Points (so Pirate types in the first place would balk at the cost).
I'm sorry, but we're not here to argue for or against piracy in general — TBD



RebeccaGunn commented on Next Smash Bros. Development Starts with a Loo...:

I wonder if this is a sign that Sakurai is going to run the Dojo again in run up to the new game? I remember the days when we would wait for "Japan time" with baited breath....and then it would be something like a discussion on powerups or a teaser




RebeccaGunn commented on PETA - Relax Mario Fans, It Was All a Joke:

The only thing that dissapoints me in all this is that Nintendo didn't get their wit on like Cooking Mama did.

I like how PETA can't resist "SKINNING SUCKS, DON'T BUY FUR" to the end of this press release. How many Mario fan's wear fur?



RebeccaGunn commented on Talking Point: The Five Remaining GBA Ambassad...:

Forshame for not including Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga in the list - one of the best RPG's on the system! (and the funniest)

Also Drill Dozer and Warioware Twisted! because both were tragically denyed an EU release due to the rumble pack/accelerometer having mercury in it. But wonder if the emulator can use the 3DS's rumble and tilt controls



RebeccaGunn commented on Turns Out You Can Delete Pac-Man & Galaga Save...:

For the sakes of clarification, could you guys try this on your review copy to confirm? (Or check if this was a case of being in the manual all along, and nobody on the web bothered to read it?)

It seems weird that they would release the game, and not put instructions on how to wipe your save somewhere. Maybe Namco left a code in and was waiting to see how backlash for this move would be like...



RebeccaGunn commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

IMO I think lack of E3 trailers is SLIGHTLY sucky, but then again, the titles announced at E3 are usually for America only (with high possibility of hitting the EU + rest of the world at some point) the equivalent for Europe would be Gamescom I think?

NoE have improved a lot in recent years, I think I can take lack of 3D trailers in my stride compared with older issues, like holding out on Animal Crossing for 2 years and 6 months wait for Brawl...

Incidentally...if this phishing problem is such an issue that Nintendo has had to keep the site closed most of the week. Maybe they are being cautious with the eShop for now and dont really want to upload anything till the all clear is given? (good lord that'll make registering Zelda for the OST fun)



RebeccaGunn commented on Rumour: Famitsu Details 3DS eShop Launch Line-Up:

It's possible that the Game Boy Colour section actually means the updated Super Mario Land DX which WAS released for GBC. I'ld like to see that, but I'm sceptical that Nintendo would give us the improved version BEFORE they release the original GB version.

I just hope this update comes in a few weeks, I want access to the DSiware! D:



RebeccaGunn commented on Reggie: Steel Diver Makes Up for Lack of Zelda...:

Zelda I can understand, its a remake of OoT so clearly upgrading the games graphics and such. I think that one needs time otherwise Zelda fans will be disappointed by a potential rush job

I do hope Pilotwings comes sooner rather than later, it sounds like a fun title. Though I'll happilly take Nintendogs for now



RebeccaGunn commented on Price Slashing Helps Sonic Colours Jump to UK ...:

Absolutely adore Sonic Colours Wii, I brought full price. But getting £15 from Argos for messing up the preorder bonus so I got it for virtually £16 anyhoo.

Still working on getting the red rings for now, I want me some (Spoiler removed) action!



RebeccaGunn commented on Ant and Dec's Jungle Romp Kick Starts Donkey K...:

Nice tie in there ; ) Sort of hoped Nintendo would capitalize a bit on that as it seems a little too good an opportunity to miss!

At least Donkey Kong doesn't need to deal with eating crocodile willies or whining Z-list celebs...



RebeccaGunn commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (WiiWare):

Good review James : )

I've been loving the iPod version which by all accounts is the inferior version according to fans that saw the original Xbox leak. So quite eagerly anticipating the console version too (yes I am double dipping lol)

Considering this is only the first episode, I'm quite excited to see what future episodes bring



RebeccaGunn commented on E3 2010: Kingdom Hearts 3DS:

Colour me curious, I love KH so it's nice to see the series getting more of a showing on Nintendo systems. CoD and 358/2 Days are both very nice but a proper 3D KH would be just the ticket!



RebeccaGunn commented on First Sonic Colours Details Emerge:

In all fairness Black Knight was kind of bound to the on-rails format that the "storybook series" was apparently based on. Maybe the team can do better now its back to usual Sonic (plus aliens)

Also didn't Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 4 break the Sonic Cycle? They didn't bother waiting to tell everyone about Werehog and Chip was quite a bearable addition in comparison. Sonic 4 has no new friends and has been looking mostly fine bar the delay



RebeccaGunn commented on Sonic & Knuckles Coming to EU Virtual Console ...:

@PJ if the Japanese title locks on then so too should the EU version I would imagine. Sega know they cant release this title without it anymore after the stink kicked up with Ultimate Mega Drive/Genesis Collection on PS3 and Xbox 360 lacking the option.

@Dragoon Sega are not normally ones to leave their bigger releases hanging too long, cant imagine S&K is too far off now its been localized (it could also be that the american branch hasn't announced in advance yet)



RebeccaGunn commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Coming to Wii:

I'm so happy I can report on this title again after it almost looked like it was going to be on HD consoles only!

Maybe I'm a fool but I have high hopes as the devs seem to have their hearts in the right place this time. No gimmicks, no new friends to distract from the main game (though I do morn lack of Tails).



RebeccaGunn commented on Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year:

It should be pointed out that usually Analysts for the most part are GUESSING on DS2, Nintendo hasn't announced anything and the motion control thing was a mis-interpreted comment. So all this should be taken with a good pinch of salt.

I remember when DS was Project Nitro and there were mock-ups all over the place, though then we had some official indication. In any case I think it'll be a while before DS2 arrives regardless if its a continuation of the DS brand or not.



RebeccaGunn commented on Review: Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland...:

I keep meaning to pick up this game, even when it was cheap I kinda missed it out but I've heard its got a really funny script and such. Surprised generally that NoA never released this title (though in turn we didnt get Chibi-Robo DS...)



RebeccaGunn commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

MadWorld and House of the Dead got tons of press and I know people who praised the RE4 wii release as the best way to play the game. The Conduit had a lot of press too but the fact that it came across as a "70%" kinda game switched people off apparently

The problem is a lot of gamers that like mature titles likely brought PS3 and Xbox 360 who cater more towards that market and the hardcore mature gaming types scoff at "waggle" and the Wii's graphical power. Shame really as I'm sure the Wiimote can provide a better arcade experience, but apparently the on-rails arcade experience doesn't sell?



RebeccaGunn commented on In-Flight Electronic Blues: TSA Bans Electroni...:

@Sylverstone They wont take your DSi unless they feel theres genuine reason to.

@Token_Girl News outlets are one thing but in the fallout from all this things are gonna be a bit hokey-cokey in terms of rules for a bit. I imagine the general rule and advice from TSA is to only restrict items near landing but airlines can add whatever rule they please if they feel they need to take steps. We had a bomb and liquid scare a few years back and airlines banned electronics for something like 3 months. You could take them in check-in luggage if you wanted but not use them in-flight

Note I did say "some" flights, it's not official but I believe the news should be out there in case anyone is due to fly soon so there is chance to prepare rather than find their airline has just put this ban in place. As the last thing people want when at an airport is extra fuss