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Steel Diver is a new action-packed submarine combat game from Nintendo that immerses players in the 3D action with unique game controls and lush 3D environments.

The player can choose from three different submarines, each with touch-screen control panels that players will have to master to guide them through treacherous undersea caverns while engaging enemy submarines, dodging depth charges and battling massive sea creatures. Steel Diver also takes advantage of the built-in gyroscope of the Nintendo 3DS system. The combination of 3D game play and one-of-a-kind controls makes for an immersive combination that must be experienced to be believed.


Use touch-screen controls to guide submarines through lush, undersea 3D environments.

Branching paths, split-second decisions and attacks from enemy ships make for a thrilling undersea adventure.

Multiple ways to play
Missions: Players manipulate control panels on the touch screen to control the sub’s speed, depth and pitch, and to fire torpedoes as they make their way toward the end of each level. If the sub takes damage and starts taking on water, players can use the stylus on the touch screen to stop the leak. There is also a time attack mode that challenges the player to get through levels as quickly as possible.

Periscope Strike: The gyroscope for the Nintendo 3DS system allows players to control the periscope view by rotating their bodies. Players use the touch screen to fire a well-placed torpedo and take enemies out.

Steel Commander: In this two-player strategy mode, a local wireless connection pits player against player. The game is a top-down, turn-based “chess-like” game that puts players in command of a fleet of ships and a sub. Once players locate a ship, they enter Periscope Mode and blast it out of the water.

Immersive undersea graphics
The 3D in Steel Diver makes players feel like they are peering into an aquarium, with the action unfolding right before their eyes.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Sub-lime idea, sub-par content

For those who aren't aware, Steel Diver began life as a demo for Nintendo DS and almost became a full game before being moved over to the 3DS. Combining simulation aspects of submarine driving with arcade-style action elements, the game is one of the more...

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Retrogamer88 said:

you dont see alot of submarine gamse these days or any good looking for that matter but this one looks promising



Colors said:

If you can have a first-person view through the submarines scope or whatever, it will be tight.



Kirk said:

I think this game could be good but I really wish they'd make everything at least somewhat proportionally accurate rather than the subs looking like toys in a bath tub or something.



StarDust4Ever said:

I'll take my submarine and use it to sink your battleship any day ;)

I believe I will be getting Steel Driver on launch day instead of Pilotwings, as there seems to be more depth (pun intended) involved in this game.



Colors said:

I'm waiting for a review but i'm hoping this gets at least a 8/10. I really want it.



DinoandAllen said:

This is an oddball.

This game contains
*Main Missions
In this mode, you take control of a submarine "Point A to Point B" style. It's enjoyable. It suffers due to the lack of levels, only 7.

Periscope Mode
Use your 3ds like a submarine scope to sink some ships and submarines.
Not much to it.


You play a game similar to battleship. It's 3DS download play.


*Decals-They give a special power
*3 Submarines, this adds replay value.
*Special 3D-Some the best I've seen.

Gameplay 17/20
Its diverse and split into 3 game modes.

Controls 15/20
It's weird at first, but original and interesting.

Music 14/20
It's calm, but boring.

Length 13/20
The main mode is very short (Only 7 levels!) but each mission can range from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. The game is around 10 hours long at most.

Lasting appeal 16/20
The game has collectables, multiple modes, a hard difficulty, and 3 diverse subs.

Total 75/100 7.5/10
Not a bad launch, but don't get at full price. I found my copy on amazon at $8.



Kolzig said:

Weird that Nintendo has not released this one in the eShop at all and it's 2,5 years since the release already.

Oh well, next spring we will get the f2p Steel Diver.

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