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Sun 12th Dec 2010

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AminalCrosser commented on Reggie: Steel Diver Makes Up for Lack of Zelda...:

i don't see why everyone has to make such a fuss about Oot not coming soon enough, come on you've waited 12 years for a revival, i think you can wait another few months (that is if you're not a N00B who only played it from the gamecube port )



AminalCrosser commented on First Super Monkey Ball 3DS Trailer is Bananas:

Sigh #5, you've never played monkey ball, have you? =__= this game is plenty harcore. and a note to everyone talking about it having PS1 graphics, yeah but its simple and cartoony. a style they went for from banana blitz on. ya they didnt really try too hard, but i guess they didnt have too... idk, all i know is these games pwn.