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Take on Doc Louis in a Club Nintendo Exclusive Punch-Out!! Game

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

North American platinum Club Nintendo members get an exclusive download.

Live in North America? Registered a bunch of Nintendo games and/or systems before June 30th? Then you should've gotten an email a few weeks ago saying that you achieved platinum (Or gold) membership status. Nintendo of America has now revealed what rewards this will get you.

If you've only achieved gold status prepare for disappointment - All you'll be getting is a calendar for 2010, with each month being dedicated to one game. Japan gets these every year, so it was to be expected, really!

If you've achieved platinum status though, you can pick one of two rewards. You can either go for another prize Japan has also gotten, an official real-life Mario hat, or you can opt to receive a code to download something awesome from the Wii Shop - An exclusive special WiiWare version of Punch-Out!! which lets you fight Little Mac's mentor, Doc Louis.

Entitled Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!, we assume this will be just like the retail game, just with one fight (That's what the description makes it sound like, anyway!). Nintendo also specifically states you do NOT need to own the retail game to download and play this one.

If you held off on registering games and now suddenly decide that you want one of these rewards, you're out of luck - Anything you register now will count towards prizes to be given out in 2010.

Nintendo of America has also sent out an email containing the prizes and descriptions. Here's the Punch-Out!! one:


You can view all rewards here. Keep in mind that none of them will be sent out until November 1st!

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MrPinguy said:

ahhh i want the doc mini-game
i hope that is just time-exclusive to NA Platinum club nintendo and that comes to the shop channel to buy.



Cipher said:

Will be interesting to see how this is released in Europe, if it is at all.



Tails said:

MARIO HAT ORDER PLACED !!!! I can't go to sleep now so EXCITED



sirgrim said:

It's pretty awesome that the download is going to be done directly to the Wii instead of a PC. Still, mario hat.... gimme.



Terra said:

I have a feeling they might make the WiiWare Punch Out available outside of Club Nintendo at some point. Well, that's more wishful thinking really. Lucky Americans, I wish our Club Nintendo was like yours.

Just wondering but how does the system work, for platinum and gold? Is your membership based on how many stars you've registered all-together, or just the ones you haven't used? I'd of thought it would be the former option but I don't know



Terra said:

Ok, but is gold and platinum membership based on how many coins you've accumulated all-together or one's you haven't used? I'm only asking as on the European one, if they ever did something similar (Which i doubt, this is just out of curiosity), I've had 22740 stars throughout my entire membership and currently only have 350 (Wii points came and they went)



TwilightV said:

One year, after that year (ends June 30th) we keep the coins, but the status is reset for the next year.
EDIT: And the coins we've used count too.



Mayhem said:

It's based on how many you register during the year (June to June). All I can say to this is "hell yes!", now that's more like it, something exclusive. Guess I'll go register for it (as I have a US Wii and Club Nintendo account).



Mario_maniac said:

Now THAT is awesome. I'd go for the Punch-Out!! mini-game, myself, but the Mario hat sounds pretty cool. Why so stingy though, NoA? Why not give Platinum members BOTH and Gold members one?



Cheezy said:

I'm going for the hat. Even though, I probably won't be wearing it much...



Philip_J_Reed said:

This is a tough decision. The Mario hat I can keep forever...the Punch-Out game, obviously not. But how (oh how) can I miss out on sparring against the legendary Doc Louis?

If you will remember, there were a lot of rumors flying around when Punch-Out Wii came out, about Doc being a secret fighter. They proved false, but now I think they might have started from an official outlet: ie, someone who worked on the game who remembered figuring out a move set and animations for Doc.

Really cool. But I don't know what to get. Boo!



Mario_maniac said:

@18: Indeed, it will probably be recycled next year. You guys may want to think it over -- Doc Louis will probably never be available again.



TwilightV said:

His description on the site says: "Thanks for joining Club Nintendo, Mac!"




Philip_J_Reed said:

Part of my fear is that if my Wii console crashes (not totally unlikely) and I need to have it repaired or replaced, I'll lose all my downloaded games.

Usually that's fine; you can redownload them for free. But that's only because they're still hosted by the shop channel. Will this minigame still be hosted by the shop channel a year down the line?

I don't want to lose it for some dumb reason, and then have no reward at all. Boo. Maybe I'll email Nintendo and ask them. And maybe they'll reply to me with a straight answer. Also, maybe I'll meet a golden leprechaun waiting outside my house to grant me three wishes and the superpower of my choice.



sirgrim said:

I've made some inquiries about getting a custom built UV protected case for the hat and having the glass engraved with the Nintendo logo. Let me know if you want to know which company and prices I find. Probably be 50-100$USD.



warioswoods said:

Argh, I can't choose either--I'm going through a thought process parallel to that outlined by Mr. Brutus.

Hm.. if only I could see a video of this downloadable game... or some more shots of the hat. Has this hat been released elsewhere before?

(By the way, the Gold members only get a Calendar? I feel sorry for anyone who just missed Platinum this year.)



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Well, I can look at this two ways:

I can get a Mario Hat, which is cool, but not as awesome or comfortable as my Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess baseball cap.

Or, I can can get Doc Louis. I'm not a huge Punch-Out fan, but this is exclusive.

I'll probably get Doc cause I'll never really touch the hat. I just wish Doc came as a disk so that I could sell him off eBay



KDR_11k said:

"not available anywhere else"

Yeah, Europeans are already used to being left out...



WiiGuy said:

I got the mario was a hard choice sence PO was/is exclusive.



sirgrim said:

Thanks warioswoods. That thing is beautiful. I like how he says unopened then goes on to show pics of it opened.



Cheezy said:

Wow I should've thought somethings over...

1. Yeah maybe the hat will be recycled for next year or something
2. The hat can probably be bought off of eBay Alot of the Japanese sellers have the stuff brand new

I should've thought ahead, but I still haven't played the retail Punch-Out yet. At least the hat rocks too, and it's technically free



bngrybt said:

warioswoods: that's a nice hat, but the auction settles it. i can't buy the doc louis fight as an auction later on, so i'll be getting that.



XCWarrior said:

So getting the download. Platinum status deserves a free game, and we got it.

The Mario hat sounds cool and all, but when can I honestly where it? Exactly, bring the game on! Match of the century!



ReZon said:

I wish we could tell if this was more than just a Punch Out "demo." If it's a short fight or two, it's not really worth it...

Right now I'll likely get the hat.



Kenny said:

Sweet! i can both becase i friend gave 800 coins so i made anther accout



greyelephant said:

Uggh! This is tough. I want to box Doc Louis, but once I finish beating him, I'm done. Now with the Mario cap, I could see me enjoying that for years to come.

Doc Louis could appear on a later version of Punch-Out!!! and I would have felt that I wasted my opportunity to purchase a Mario cap. Wish they had a Luigi cap as well.



jayz_a said:

ordered the game... the hat was tempting but I am sure I won't be using that ... I'm a gamer so I want games



Raptor78 said:

Soooooo, if this is going to be a limited version of the wii punch out video game and they are able to fit it into a wiiware download why cant they produce more mini versions of retail games and push them through wiiware.
This would at least give us the chance to "demo" some of the great games from Nintendo, I mean if they can fit this within the wiiware requirements surely they could have done it for lets say... Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I mean 1 stage, no online and two common characters.
Even if we had to pay a "minimal" fee to play these im sure people would. 200 points like DSiware for a small chunk of game.
Mabey Metroid Prime 3 would have sold sooo much better had we all had a chance to play at least one level of the game for a small price.
What does everyone else think?



warioswoods said:

Leaning hat-ward at present. If I don't get it, and I run into a kinky girl who likes to dress up as Rosalina or Peach, I'll be kicking myself.

'till I wake up, that is.

But anyhow, tangible wins over electronic where awards are concerned. I need a physical reminder of how much money I wasted on Nintendo products this year.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm impressed. Just logged in and found out and I was like: "WOW. That was unexpected!"

I'm torn as to what I wanna get though but I'm leaning more towards the hat...



Link79 said:

They should have made Doc one of the boxers in the Wii game to begin with. I didn't know they'd let us fight him in a Wii ware version later. Guess I'm screwed unless they decide to let paying customers have it as well at some point.



TheBaconator said:

I'm going with the punch out add on. I'll use it more and I won't have to wait until November to get it.



Wiiloveit said:





Stuffgamer1 said:

@Wiiloveit: Not me, I just ordered the game.

@Chicken Brutus: The download should be in your Club Nintendo download history, so I would think that Nintendo could find a way to link your Club Nintendo account to a replacement Wii if necessary. I wouldn't let that worry keep me from getting an exclusive game, anyway.

Like Bahamut ZERO, I wear my Twilight Princess cap and wouldn't actually wind up wearing the Mario hat (wearing that thing would get you SO much ridicule most places anyway). Exclusive game=WIN!

What I want to know (not that it REALLY matters) is if I can get the calendar as well. I remember hearing before that Japanese Club Nintendo Platinum members got BOTH prizes. Anybody know about this?



Kidpit said:

All right I'm going for the game. That'll keep me entertained till I buy the Retail Punch-Out.



Egg_miester said:

i'll go with the hat i wish it was warios hat. the punch out maybe fun but if its just one fight i can't see myself playing it a lot. at least the hat can be added to my video game stuff collection



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Jealous European Gamers: Hey, guys, I sympathize for you...don't wanna make it sound like I don't with my joke in my last post. This really does kinda stink, because you can't even import it like I had to do with Tingle's Balloon Fight DS.

On the other hand, you guys have non-crappy prizes to spend your Stars on, while my Coins just pile up (over a thousand now, and I already spend 800 on hanafura cards)! It's a weird series of trade-offs, huh?



ejamer said:

"Leaning hat-ward at present. If I don't get it, and I run into a kinky girl who likes to dress up as Rosalina or Peach, I'll be kicking myself.

'till I wake up, that is."

best comment in the thread.



legochesser said:

Here in Europe we get:
1) VERY late releases of the most fun games
2) Our prizes are much less fun in our catalogue (But some are still very nice )
3) We do not have any extra oresent like in America when you've registered much stuff.

We have to migrate to America !

(PS. I want that Mario Cap, or if possible; an Luigi Cap )



Rapadash6 said:

I just thought of something. Couldn't they offer Super Mario All-Stars as a Club Nintendo exclusive, sinse digital rewards are possible? Obviously putting it up to compete against the originals, which are still topping the charts every week, wouldn't make sense but it would be a good way to offer it to those who are diehard enough to want both versions. Just a thought.



poggydude said:

@ Raptor 78

I feel your idea would be even better if you were reimbursed for the demo after you bought the game...this is totally a pipe deam though.



theblackdragon said:

@Rapadash6: I believe that exact solution came up in the forums the last time someone was discussing Super Mario All-Stars for the VC.

anyway, i think i'm gonna go for the download. I've got enough clutter around here anyway, and if i really want it there's always eBay down the line.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'm sure they'd have a record of the fact that I was entitled to it, but if the game isn't going to be HOSTED anywhere in a year's time (and I don't see why it would be, since it's not for sale and is a one-time only deal), we won't be ABLE to redownload it.

The normal VC/WiiWare stuff is different because it's making money every day; they might as well let us redownload it without hassle. It's already there. But this would be a special gesture on their part to keep hosting this downloadable mini-game that isn't bringing in any revenue and whose window of qualification has long-since closed. I think there's a danger that if anything happened to your digital copy, or your Wii, there wouldn't be anywhere to download it from again.

But anyway, I've been convinced to get the Doc Louis game by a "higher power," so to speak.



Knux said:

The hat looks useless,the Punch-out WiiWare game looks awesome!



MrDanger88 said:

So for getting gold I only get a stupid calendar? Gee, thanks Nintendo. You might as well just give me $8 so I can buy my yearly Maxim calendar.



Noire said:

Holy $@#$ on a @$^# sandwich. And a side order or !&@#! Fighting Doc Louis?! The Mario hat is cool, but fighting Doc Louis?! I can finally get my bike back!



Rocky said:

I chose the download. I will be buying the hat on eBay in the future and figured I would have a better chance of finding the hat on eBay than finding the download code on eBay (the code is probably a one-time use only code). I will also be buying that calendar on eBay, so any Gold members that don't want the calendar, be sure to order it anyway so you can put it up on eBay and sell it! With the price you'll get on eBay you'll be able to buy at least two of those Maxim calendars.



Pupil_of_Life said:

I went for the hat; I can just wait till I find someone posting a YouTube video of them fighting Doc to see what it is like.



a game? a hat? a calendar? I want them all! D:

oh right..only US and Canada v_v



bboy2970 said:

Yay! No tough decisions for me, i'm getting both of them since i have a second account also at platinum status. The calendar has a certain allure to it though..........(runs off to ebay)



warioswoods said:


Brutus is back to his old self! ...and I was just getting used to the miffed Mega Man.



Ferret75 said:

Guys, the hat you could easily just get off of eBay.

The game is a one-time thing.



Hardy83 said:

Yeah. Though many of the Mario hats on ebay don't seem to look just as good as this hat, it's pretty close.

As for the calendar, well if you have a DSi you don't really need the AC calendar. lololololool

The game you could possibly get online later through buying codes, or doing illegal stuff (which is a pain and not worth it) The game might be the best choice.



SSBFan_12 said:

I am going to pick the mario hat, dont get me wrong the punch out!! doc louis game looks awesome but i have always wanted a mario hat!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Am I the only one who would actually feel bad about beating up poor Doc?

Yeah, I thought the Mega Man one was funnier, but I think people missed their feathered friend.



Objection said:

Hmmm.tough decision for me. Anyone know if Platinum people get both the Platinum and Gold gifts or not? (I know you have th choose between the Platinum ones.)



FJOJR said:

Mario Hat Get! Will go great with my Marlins caps. Will hope to get a nice Nationals hat.



Cashman3000 said:

I have spent thousands of dollars on hardware and games....and all I get is a free hat. Hahahahahahahahha.....



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Chicken Brutus: A higher power, huh? Let me get to review it? That would probably be a pretty good way of apologizing for sticking you with "Incoming!"

I don't know about the download hosting thing. I guess you have a point. We'll see, huh?



SSBFan_12 said:

doc louis gave us a hint for the Wiiware game when the Retail game came out, when your in the corner between rounds doc louis sometimes said "Join the fun nintendo... I mean club nintendo today mac."



Syr said:

The decision deadline isn't until August 10, so I guess I'll wait to see if any more info on the game surfaces before I make up my mind. I'm rather leaning towards the tangible at this point.. in 10 years the download will be forgotten, but the hat could still be on my shelf.



Metroid133 said:

I'm going with Syr here and waiting to see if any more info surfaces on the game...I'll regret my decision either way I think. D:



RaviC said:

Chicken Brutus - No the game will probably not be taken off the site, just it won't be available for others to download. (In Europe we had a Metroid Preview channel which was removed from the shop a long time ago but can still be redownloaded from the 'Titles You Have Downloaded' screen.)

Also, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels was also taken off the EU shop (and put back on again later) but I know it was still downloadable for those who bought it before.



WolfRamHeart said:

Crap, I get nothing! This is what I get for being lazy and not registering my games! I would have loved to have gotten the chance to fight Doc Louis! Oh well, I snoozed and lost!



motang said:

Dammit I knew I should have gotten a few more first part games...since I didn't I got gold status and all I got to show for it is a 2010 calendar!



Rocky said:

Before complaining too much about that calendar, consider this: the calendar could very well sell for high dollar on eBay. Most Nintendo maniacs are going to be platinum members and not eligible for the calendar, and yet that will be exactly the target market that will be interested in buying the calendar. Honestly, if Nintendo had given me a choice of all three items, I would have selected the calendar.



Hazuki said:

got this over the hat, live near Nintendo World Store and they sell them there anyways.



Pegasus said:

Meh. A one-character Punch-Out!! game? No, thanks. The hat has a much greater longevity. I'll go with that.



DarkLloyd said:

sweet just got the enough coins and already reach membership status

so i went with the downloadable game
and on top of that i ordered the game and watch collection



warioswoods said:

All the cool kids will wear the hat when picking up Galaxy 2 at their local gaming store... then all the not-so cool kids will beat them up.



0-Watt said:

I'm offering a trade. A calender for a code for this game! Heck, I'd be willing to rebuy it, if necessary. I'm a sucker for limited edition stuffs XD



DaVeMaN99 said:

I ordered the game.
Love punchout, and this fight better be freakin hard. Don't want to beat it in 5 minutes.
The hat looks cool, but if i got it in the mail il probably be like "awesome" and stare at it for a minute then throw it in the closet.
I don't really collect stuff like that. But its good for people who do.



mastersworddude said:

Ugh im not sure, Im liking the Mario Hat because it will come directly from Nintendo and not some foreign guy of Ebay, but the Game seems like a one time thing, i can see myself putting in my code and fighting him for five minutes and wont have the urge to play it again, so it seems like a Punch Out!! Demo.



pikmin95 said:

Well, wouldn't you want to keep the hat, wait 10-20 years, and then sell it for a decent amont of money? Another question: is the hat plush-like, just as it looks in the game, or a sturdy, baseball-type?



tripunktoj said:

Hey! Is there anyone here who would sell me his/her unused wii download number for this game? Seriously, since Club Nintendo isnt available in my country and I am a collector

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