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Tue 12th Aug 2008

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0-Watt commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Fails to Fly in UK Charts:

I think comparatively it is doing alright. The UK gaming market has kinda tanked thanks to mobile platforms. If you aren't EA or a really high-end product from a major publisher, you are doomed.



0-Watt commented on Rumour: Famitsu Details 3DS eShop Launch Line-Up:

<alarm goes off> FAKE! Or at least unconfirmed.
Famitsu never said anything about this update. A Japanese blogger compiled information he spotted around the net, and TheMagicBox reposted it as a fact from Famitsu. In fact, a commenter from the Eurogamer article explains this as well.



0-Watt commented on Gaijin Games Acquires Robotube, Bloktonik WiiW...:

One of the hardest aspects of getting into Wii development is that you need to have an office and have at least one employee for the business. This means that titles developed by "indie" groups are pretty minimal for WiiWare. Of course, how some devs pass that hurdle, I don't know; I suspect Nintendo lets some teams through if their projects are exceptional products or something to that nature.

As Bloktonik is already available elsewhere, I have a feeling the WiiWare version would probably not sell to expectations, anyways. Now that Robotube is part of Gaijin Games, I do suspect that Nintendo projects through them will be much more possible in the future.

And yet, I feel that Gaijin Games is leaving WiiWare development. Lifeline was going to be Kinect/Move based, and their projects seem to be currently focused on the new "indie" platform: iOS. Expect some 3DS work, but WiiWare is probably done for Gaijin Games.



0-Watt commented on Brian Provinciano Addresses Retro City Rampage...:

Personally I think he needs to create a WiiWare exclusive feature to really stop the hate against it because, frankly, saying "It's the same full game," and then "extra LIVE content" says opposite things to certain people.



0-Watt commented on Frontier Preparing to Blow You Away With More ...:

The problem is that they didn't specify where we'd see it. I just hope that LostWinds 3 doesn't forget about the major plot that 1 had. 2 sort of lost its urgency that the ending of 1 seemed to portray.



0-Watt commented on Super Meat Boy Will Miss November Launch Window:

I'd say cut the game in half and sell it in episodes. 700 pts a piece. Sounds apt. I knew this would happen the moment Team Meat said "Hey, we're focusing on the XBLA version." Bad idea, if they ever wanted to fit into WiiWare's restrictions. Still, if they can get it to work somehow, that's fine. Still funny: first announced version comes last.



0-Watt commented on Lilt Line Zipping to WiiWare:

I think it will be 500-600 points, around where Bit.Trip is. The game will probably have to compete with light trax, but I certainly hope both get noticed. They are both different styles of games. This is more arcadey, whereas light trax is racing.



0-Watt commented on Review: Mega Man 10 (WiiWare):

@Ezekiel That's not how the top 20 works. From what I see, it ranks based on most recent sales while taking the past sales into account. MM9 was number one the week it debuted and stayed on the top 20 for months. This game, which comes a year and a half later, should follow a similar (I personally think shorter since sales might be more front-loaded) path.



0-Watt commented on Super Meat Boy Coming to Xbox Live Arcade:

I'm not bashing the game at all, but it looks like they did not plan this too well. The game is half-way done and at 30 meg or so. There is a very obvious reason why they chose to go from Wii-exclusive to Steam and now XBLA: the size.

This is now how you hype a game: announce it as WiiWare exclusive, then nearly six months later tout Steam, and then another half-year, announce XBLA. That pretty much hurts its position, especially for WiiWare.

I can see it now: The game comes to XBLA, does well, goes to WiiWare, does poorly because of backlash (I don't want it to, but this announcement has ticked off people I assure you), and then Team Meat moves to doing XBLA exclusive content.

This is going to turn into another example of this statement: Many developers just don't give a care for the Wii :<



0-Watt commented on Review: Chronos Twins (DSiWare):

As a purchaser of the WiiWare version, I can say it was okay to pick either version. The DS version might lead to problems paying attention to both sides of the game, whereas the WW version is easier, on one screen total. It really depends on where you want to play it, too. I don't own a DSi, so I chose the Wii version.



0-Watt commented on Astro Bugz Revenge Gameplay Trailer:

Looking at their website, Sudden Games is an IPhone developer who has graduated onto WiiWare. Their most recent game was Astro Bugz. Revenge is the WiiWare edition of this game. And yes, it looks very much like Bust-a-Move and Space Invaders. The right price or a lot of modes will make this in my interest range.



0-Watt commented on Chronos Twins DX:

@Brainhost The game is improved over the DS version, I'd say, because with a single screen for both allows for increased peripheral vision. Despite the DSs apparent benefit, the game actually becomes harder for players to look at both screens.

Anyways, game has some presentation and translation problems, but the gameplay is very solid. Recommended.



0-Watt commented on Medaverse Announce $1,000 Gravitronix Tournament:

Hmm, being someone who is going and probably going to cover PAX East for my school (and my show I'm trying to start up, or until I get help behind it), I'd be interested in interviewing Mr. Lowther about the game and maybe try a whack at it, myself.



0-Watt commented on Nintendo Download: Fights, Shooters, Sparkles,...:

Now now. The Escape game is apparently pretty good, and only 5 dollars. And note that Carnival King is a lightgun shooter that was made for arcades way before all the causal crap happened. They aren't super hardcore, but they don't suck.



0-Watt commented on Nintendo Download: Fights, Shooters, Sparkles,...:

Well, it seems my prediction was partially wrong. Carnival King was mentioned by Nintendo Week about three weeks ago (alongside Tales of Monkey Island, which funnily enough came out last week). Following that, Bit.Trip VOID should be next week alongside Excitebike, and the week after that will have Castlevania Rebirth. Won't happen, though.



0-Watt commented on Gaijin Games Announces BIT.TRIP VOID:

Interesting. This game has a very different feel from the previous two. Not that I mind. It definitely helps that the game is not trying to be the same game over and over. I'm just curious what game this was inspired by.



0-Watt commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (5th Aug):

@eripmav I purchased your game, so I did what I could. I think it suffered from "sent to die" syndrome, though, coming out the same week as Tales of Monkey Island. I mean, noone reviewed the game except here! I know, I've looked. I'd say get some contacts with European gaming sites, as you're closer to them, in order to spur some sort of hype. Unfortunately, I think it might be too late for Three Musketeers, but if you are developing another game, make sure to let them know it from the moment it is announced until it is out.



0-Watt commented on Rage of the Gladiator Coming to WiiWare:

@Hardy83 The two things you've gotten from this are indeed true. That's why some games end up cheaper in the US, as NOA chooses to sell a bit more by selling cheaper. Developers may get some input, but Ninty gets the last word.

Question: There are many mythological beings in the beings in this game, but I am wondering what criteria you had used to select what you did. Guess that's not a question <.<



0-Watt commented on Rage of the Gladiator Coming to WiiWare:

Interested. I liked Helix (though it was definitely flawed in a few spots), so I am intrigued in seeing what the second title from you guys is in terms of quality. And to think, a few weeks from now, Helix would have been a year old. Was going to question if a sequel was coming or whatnot



0-Watt commented on Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! - First Screenshots:

Erf, I am so annoyed that I didn't get to platinum status. At least with the previous Platinum games, they were available in actual carts.

I'm willing to put a price on a download ticket, if someone is willing to sell theirs ^^:



0-Watt commented on Incoming Trailer and Screenshots:

I'd say the game is very basic, but it at least tries something different in design. Beyond the aesthetics, there could be some game of interest there. Of course, it depends how smoothly it works. I'll wait for a review.



0-Watt commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (8th July):

Lots of movement happening now, with three releases a week and some well-received ones in the mix. Shame Bit.Trip didn't appear yet, but I figure it w ill come in the next week.

As for Eduardo, it peaked at 8 during the week and tumbled as more releases hit. I think it may have passed Nintendo's threshold, but I think bad reviews killed any indie and interest-driven momentum it started. Hopefully the team learns and makes a cooler game next time around. A polished game with Eduardo's style would be sweet!



0-Watt commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th June):

Unfortunately, unless more big games come out in the coming weeks to come, I think the big three or four that were dethroned in early June will just reclaim the top positions. Sword & Soldiers was at 2 only a couple days ago, so I fear that it sold to hardcore gamers very fast and is now being pushed down just as fast. Meanwhile, Adventure Island has been on the list a while, considering. It seems only massive games can stay on the Top 20 for longer than two months, now.

Anyways, my One Year Later will be posted tomorrow.



0-Watt commented on Review: The Munchables (Wii):

Erm, how many worlds are there in this game? I liked Klonoa, but it was definitely on the short side. I want a game that'll last me.



0-Watt commented on Nintendo Download: Flip Champs, Final Fantasy ...:

Cheaper than I thought it was going to be, to be honest. Cheaper to begin, and cheaper for each episode. However, I was right about what they were going to do with the DLC style. Hehe. If you all are complaining about this, then why don't you complain about other episodic games like Strong Bad or what not? This game was an episodic game on cell phones, and it'll be episodic here. Episodic games don't have perfect completion at each episode; you have to buy them all for the full game. Using that logic, Strong Bad is 50 dollars; did you all not buy any episode because of that? In essence, this game is cheaper than it could have been, trust me. It'll last longer than SI:GE, that's for sure.



0-Watt commented on Klonoa 3? Depends On Wiimake's Sales:

Just FYI: The 1000 number everyone is stating is NOT from a week's sales. Apparently these were from some stores that broke the street date by about a week. While I do feel that Klonoa will not sell >50k in a month, I do think a slow burn is what will make it successful. Enough for a Klonoa 2 port, I'm sure.



0-Watt commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (20th May):

Heh, I know why there's been so little movement of the Top 20. Look at the recent US releases. None have been really good since Bonsai Barber, based on some reviews I've seen. Others have been meh or poor.