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United Kingdom

Tue 1st Jul 2008

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RaviC commented on Mission in Snowdriftland Returns this December:

I must be the only one here who remembers this game. I checked back the year later only to see that the game hadn't come back. But now it is back, I will play it again! The addition of Indie Games DLC is great.



RaviC commented on Review: Castle of Magic (DSiWare):

I just bought it. I also tried the demo app on my friend's iPhone. The game is great on the DSi, but the iPhone versions visuals are much better. This seems the case with all of Gameloft's releases. 8/10 is just the right score.



RaviC commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

Coincidentally, I bought an XBox 360 yesterday, and today it stopped reading discs. I will have to replace it, according to MS Support, and never once have I had to replace a console before..
My Wii still works as well as it did on the day I bought it.

EDIT: I put a game into it today and it said, to play this game please insert it into an Xbox 360 console!



RaviC commented on Competitions: Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway:

Here's mine:

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RaviC commented on Retro Gamer Looks Back at the Virtual Boy:

I'd like to try some of the Virtual Boy games - particularly VB Wario Land and Mario Crash. It would be good if they could be put on VC.

Anyway, great article! I have read some issues of Retro Gamer before.



RaviC commented on Super Mario Land:

This game was excellent.. and still is! The levels are amazing and I still play it often.



RaviC commented on What Nintendo games do you want to see on the ...:

1) Nearly everything [that is possible] already mentioned above, especially DK64.

2) Mario & Wario (SNES) - since it was completely in English and looks like the Mario VS Donkey Kong DS games - would be interesting to play and it could use a Wii Remote or USB Mouse as a pointer to replace the SNES mouse.

3) How about some of the Satellaview games - Mario Excitebike anyone? These games were never available in the west, so they could be in Hanabi Festivals.



RaviC commented on Take on Doc Louis in a Club Nintendo Exclusive...:

Chicken Brutus - No the game will probably not be taken off the site, just it won't be available for others to download. (In Europe we had a Metroid Preview channel which was removed from the shop a long time ago but can still be redownloaded from the 'Titles You Have Downloaded' screen.)

Also, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels was also taken off the EU shop (and put back on again later) but I know it was still downloadable for those who bought it before.



RaviC commented on Sonic on the Master System coming to Virtual C...:

This one was obviously going to turn up. In the week that the Master System came to Virtual Console the shop channel said "The Master system was home to Alex Kidd, A special version of Sonic............" - So they must intend to put it on.