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Wed 15th Apr 2009

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Hazuki commented on No More Heroes 2 Gets A Control Shake-Up:

i understand alota people prefer using Classic/Gamecube over wiimote/nunchuck, but i'm gonna have to stick with Wiimote. I couldn't imagine charging the sword/listening to phone calls/wrestling moves/finishing off enemies with out it.



Hazuki commented on Contra is Reborn in Europe Tomorrow:

lucky fellas! i hope this hits US soon enough. wouldnt be surprised if it happened monday. This is the kinda game that warrants a channel on the system itself for me, and not just SD card



Hazuki commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Only Multiplayer At ...:

i'm glad there is no wifi.

in a game where you can play cooperativly, or sabotage your teammates, i would hate it if it was wifi. Every 2 seconds would be someone throwing you into a goomba. The fact that a total of 12 people even have wiispeak, kills any chance of online cooperation anyway.

Im actually psyched about local multiplayer, i have plenty of people to play this with.



Hazuki commented on Retail Success Eludes GTA: Chinatown Wars:

I completly agree with KDR_11k.

"Right game? It's a 2D GTA! GTA didn't become big until it went 3D."

GTA was complete trash in 2D, no one cared about it, the game series only got possible once it hit GTA3.
For some reason, all the reviewers out there, absolutly love the GTA series, the most overrated series ever i think. Look at all the 10s GTA4 got for example. It was alright...but not perfect by any means.
This game sold where it should have.