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Fri 15th Aug 2008

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jayz_a commented on Review: Bejeweled Twist (DSiWare):

This sentence does not look right

"Bomb gems only tick down during moves where you make no match whereas Doom gems tick down every move"

i think you got them mixed up, Bomb gems tick down every move and when it reaches 0 you play a mini game, while doom gems tick down only on no match moves



jayz_a commented on Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!:

it has different levels but the boss fight after each world are reused from the ds version. One big difference also is you can't stop or have direct control of the minis once you activated them. You can only influence their movement by manipulating the objects in the stage



jayz_a commented on Braid Is Too Big For WiiWare:

Off course it wont fit in wii ware, it is a game coded for both SD and HD. if developers of Braid are just not lazy to just optimize the code to remove the codes for HD, then I see no reason why they can't port it.