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Nintendo Download: Soccer, Pirates and Galaxies (US)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

One new game for every downloadable service.

Last week's update wasn't exactly that hot. Unfortunately, the same can probably be said again this week.

DSiWare's gone down from two games a week to one this time. At least it's a decent one! Real Soccer 2009 is pretty much a port of the DS game with the same name, which is really quite an achievement for a DSiWare game. You'd think that in the move to DSiWare they would have to sacrifice some features, but you'd be wrong! If you read our Real Football 2009 review you can see that it's still a very good game.

Preceded by Family Table Tennis and Family Glide Hockey, Family Pirate Party is the third game in the "Family" series and today's only new WiiWare game. This particular game seems to be a bit like Mario Party, with a board, dice, and a bunch of minigames. The Family series doesn't exactly have a good track record so far though - Maybe this will rectify that? Naturally, we'll review it within the next few days.

On Virtual Console you can get Galaxy Force II, which is similar to games such as Space Harrier - You fly through 3D-esque environments shooting down all the enemies that come your way. What's really disappointing is that this is the Mega Drive version - Nintendo even hypes it up as "an arcade classic," yet still chooses to release an inferior home console port instead of the actual arcade game! If you read our Galaxy Force II review you'll see that it's not really worth getting excited over.

299 games on VC now - Could next week finally bring North Americans Majora's Mask?

More from Nintendo's press release:


May 11, 2009

Nintendo DSiWare™ takes its first trip into the sports category this week with the cool, camera-enabled Real Soccer 2009. For more of a board-game feel, dive into Family Pirate Party on WiiWare™ and see who can collect the most gold. Finally, the out-of-this-world arcade shooter Galaxy Force™ II hits the Virtual Console™.

Nintendo DSiWare

Real Soccer 2009 (Gameloft, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 800 Nintendo DSi Points™): It’s time to live the soccer season to the max with Real Soccer 2009 on Nintendo DSi™. It will offer you a never-before-seen soccer experience with revolutionary yet easily accessible touch-screen controls. Take a photo of anything with the Nintendo DSi Camera and turn the image into your own custom ball or team flag, or even make yourself into your favorite player. With 198 teams using real player names, realistic opponent behaviors thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, and superior 3-D graphics, you’ll feel just like a professional soccer player. Go ahead, take your best shot!


Family Pirate Party (Aksys Games, 1-4 players, Rated E 10+ for Everyone 10 and Older – Mild Cartoon Violence and Suggestive Themes, 500 Wii Points™): Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy make their return as pirates sailing the seas and skies. Roll the dice and sail through the islands to gather the treasures each island holds. The person with the most gold at the end wins. Family Pirate Party shines with its appealing cel-shaded graphics and endearing music. Challenge up to three other players (friends, the CPU or both) for some four-player board-game fun. Do you have it in you to defeat your opponents and become the king of Family Pirate Party!?

Virtual Console

Galaxy Force II (Sega Genesis, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone – Fantasy Violence, 800 Wii Points): Galaxy Force II is an arcade shooter with a 3-D view from behind your spaceship. Fly through five different planets, taking on enemies in environments that range from a peaceful garden to lands made of fire or ice. Navigate treacherous landscapes by flying low over the planet’s surface and blowing up enemy robots, ships and turrets, then flying through a tunnel to destroy the alien stronghold on each planet. It is your duty as part of the Galaxy Force to defend against the alien invasion and maintain peace in the solar system.


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User Comments (170)



Wiiloveit said:

If you like football, sorry, Soccer, you can't NOT get Real Soccer considering the value you're getting. Also: next week is the big week! The non-existent for me. What with me being British.



calculon said:

Ouch. Mind you at least there's something decent on DSIWare for a change. Bad luck on the WiiWare/VC front though guys.



Mr_Saturn said:

I'm sitting here, waiting to give my money to Nintendo, but its like they don't want it.



Metroid133 said:

Galaxy Force II looks fun, but whatever to the rest. I might get the soccer game for DSi, but there would be nothing else I'd want to get on the DSi. Hmm...Wii Points or new season of DBZ?



Jeroen1 said:

I'll laugh my ... off when they release Bayou Billy or something equally poo-y as the 300th vc game next week.



Starwolf_UK said:

Wait, Family Pirate Party is E10+. How did that happen and what are these "suggestive themes"?

I'll laugh my ... off when they release Bayou Billy or something equally poo-y as the 300th vc game next week.
It would be an epic tragedy as it would mean America had been waiting month for Majora's Mask for no reason which is even worse than the "celebrate the 300th game" reason.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Sweet! Finally a GOOD DSi title. I'm really happy for you guys (that have a DSi, I mean).

Galaxy Force? I wonder how others will respond to it. And I may decide to get Family Pirate Party, we'll see.... I DID say I'd give the game the benefit of the doubt because it seemed to be a bit stronger than the other titles. I'm wondering what the DLC is also.

@Starwolf_UK: I reported on it's E10+ rating a while back. If you want I can get the post for you.
edit: Found it:

  • Oh and it's E10+ for MCV and Suggestive Themes. The latter of which stems from Mommy's costume for sure, but from what I read, there's more to it. This is taken from ESRB's summary: "During the course of the game, a female character's breasts jiggle whenever she jumps in the air. One still image depicts a young woman, with exaggerated breast size, wearing an outfit that exposes deep cleavage." That's what ESRB says.


WiiGuy said:

still no moving note pad >_>
well, considering the 300th game might be a good one, Nintendo might make the whole nintendo download great...



Steve_Brule said:

BOOOO. Oh well. I was worried Majora's Mask would be released while my Wii was out getting repaired.



Syrek said:

What a surprise, another monday and no good Virtual Console games to download. One more week until we finally get some good VC games to download. I really thought something popular or at least nostolgic or perhaps something great would be avaliable for download this week but I guess Nintendo is reserving something special for its 300th download next week, at least I hope. You never know with Nintendo. I just hope I won't be disappointed by this 300th download, I mean we as gamers deserve something special for all the crap games that have come out in the past month or so, at least for me.
I mean not all the games that have been released later are crap but they certaintly aren't titles worth my Wii points. At the moment I could care less about Dsiware mainly because it still hasn't proved itself yet but then again its only been out for over a month.
Anyways my concluding thoughts amongst this rambling is why did I wake up for this? Nintendo had better make up for the lack in quality VC downloads with this 300th download. So what are your predictions for next weeks VC download?



Knux said:

Wow,why am I not surprised? Nintendo of America apparently loves crapware. Isn't this like the fourth or fifth time they have released some kind of crapware in a row?

Hopefully,we will get Majora's Mask next week. If they don't,I will be very pissed. I have been buying Wii Points every week,but this week I'm not buying any Wii Points. Real Football 2009 looks like it would be a pretty good DSiWare game. Too bad I'm unable to connect my DSi to the internet yet. Everything else looks passable.
I think I'll just go play Ocarina of Time soon.



J_K said:

NOA is really starting to piss me off. This is their own marketing department picking and choosing the absolute worst way to go about releases. We know well that NCL calls the shots in general what can and can not come out in all regions, but it's up to the region to release things at their own whims and NOA is awful at it. DSiware has nearly been relegated to carved up DS full sized game bits even with this decent 3D soccer title. On WiiWare we get typically one a week and it's some pretty poor crap, and on the VC on the Wii it's like one a week mostly too and it's some pretty sorry stuff when better has been greenlit and even released overseas in the EU/UK region.

I'm getting pretty fed up with this crap, but at least the disc based games are on an up swing in quality and releases finally.



longtimegamer said:

I really hope this family game is actually good. Would be nice if we had more choices. Has Japan ever gotten as few vc and Wiiware games as we do?



jhuhn said:

Looks like Nintendo of America has overlooked their one-year anniversary with WiiWare and thought we'd get two instead of one WiiWare games this week.

Some thought that this week that DSiWare would also add the Art Style: D-CODE game as well.

Let's hope next week the VC game #300 is the Zelda: Majora's Mask game.



The_Fox said:

Sigh...another weak week. The DSi game looks O.K, although I feel its appeal might not be as strong in N.A as the rest of the world though. You know, these weeks would be easier to take if they slipped something special in there once a month or so.



thewiirocks said:

You guys do know that there's a way for Nintendo to NOT celebrate the 300th VC title next week, right?

/puts cynical hat on

Nothing says that Nintendo has to release a VC download at all.



WarioFan63 said:

I noticed that Family Pirate Party on the NIntendo Channel has the BLUE WiFi logo on it. I believe in Japan it had the Pay to Play Logo on it. The DLC has become free or a simple mistake?



Rapadash6 said:

All these piss poor WiiWare games are just running together, as I was certain we had already recieved this lame pirate game. As for VC, Nintendo didn't disappoint! By that I mean that we all expected crap, and that's exactly what we got. Bravo, Nintendo, bravo!

Even though next week will be release 300, I've lowered my expectations over the past six shovel fest weeks, so I don't expect Nintendo to actually give us anything worth downloading, as usual.



longtimegamer said:

@The Fox - Be nice if they put out more than one game for both vc and wiiware for a change. Maybe if we're GOOD we'll "Europe/US" get some scraps after Japan's finished with their "Meal/s".



Twilight_Crow said:

Well nothing for me, also it's the 4th LAAAAME week in a row, and counting, , actually I hope not; still, I don't have high expectations for next week, even with the 300 VC week celebration (specially since my most expected VC releases are Fantasy Zone 2 and some C64 games), I really hope that you all get your very much anticipated N64 title thou. Couldn't care less about wiiware, I somehow knew they would release another X party game this week. And now to the good news, Dsiware got a soccer game, I don't like soccer games, so, for another week, I'm OK with not having a $350 Dsi.



Pastry said:

It would be amazing if Nintendo is just building up the good games and next week... There will be MFC, Moving Memo, Cave Story, and Majora's Mask!

There is like a 0.0001 chance of that though, knowing Nintendo.



blackknight77 said:

Nintendo puts no effort into the weekly download. I guess Galaxy Force II is the winner of the week, but Nintendo needs to re-think their download strategy. It's terrible



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Thanks longtimegamer. I just decided half an hour ago that I will risk the points. I had 800 Points left and I was planning on getting something last wekk but instead I said "I'll wait to see what comes out on Monday" so I'm deciding to hold off on what I had my eye on and trying Family Pirate Party instead. I'm especially interested in the DLC to see if it's free and, if not, if it's actually worth it... We'll see. I'm glad you trust my opinion though. 500 Points seems very reasonable to me.

@pie4prez: Yeah, releasing Moving Memo Pad next week would make up for a lot.

@Twilight Crow: In a row? That's based solely on personal opinion. Because select games from the past 4 weeks could've drawn the eyes of some amidst the decent/not-so-good updates, myself included. Nebulus, for example, was a highlight.



Twilight_Crow said:

Yes, is based on personal opinion (someone even said it has been 5 or 6 weeks ), but, just compare our update to EU's and, well, I'd really prefer some of those games their getting, Nebulus was fine (I play the free flash version and is a nice little game), and I actually DL Cocoto PJ, which I really enjoyed, but in the overall, you must admit NOA could do a little bit better.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Oh yeah, I'm not denying that they could be doing better. But on that note, I am happy that EU is finally getting good releases. Great to see even if it means we're not getting the good updates, it evens out in the end since EU has had to put up with a LOT.



Pawtrick said:

Nintendo needs to turn on the tap, this drip drip bullsh*t feels like a bad stretch of Naruto fillers.



joeshabadoo said:

wow. I know Nintendo has a bunch of quality submitted and rated for Wiiware (Cave Story, Icarian, Sworda and Soldiers, Eduardo, Bubble Bobble PLus, Contra etc.). I know they get this weak games that technically work and might appeal to a select few, but could they space em out, tapper them a bit? The target on Wiiware does not even really include the casual crowd yet, not before a promotional increase. We'll probably get Crystal Defenders R2 next week and still be without one of the ones I mentioned above >_>



StarDust4Ever said:

We got Mario Lost Levels for 150 and I correctly predicted Mario RPG for #250 labour day 2008 - so naturally, I am guessing another mario title (SMK, Smash Brothers anyone?), although Majoras Mask is another highly-demanded game as well, so if they release that I will not be upset by any means.



Starwolf_UK said:

Thanks for the heads-up about Family Pirate Party, KnucklesSonic8. Do the ESRB usually do those little write-ups?



Ricardo91 said:

At least DSiWare has an actual game for once that doesn't have "Art Style" in the title...



Twilight_Crow said:

You're right, I'm glad for EU too, just a bit envious (I want my Bubble Bobble ), but honestly why can't both regions get similar nice updates?, anyway hoping for the best next week



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Starwolf_UK: No problem! Happy to help. And yes, they've started it since early this year, IIRC. These summaries are much more accurate and they show why a game is rated a certain way so that's great to see. Some games have more detailed summaries than others.



RevolverLink said:

I should've known beforehand that DSiWare was going to further slowdown the releases for VC and WiiWare. Don't know why it didn't occur to me, it was so obvious.



WarioFan63 said:

DSiWare isn't doing anything to the VC and WiiWare releases. They were like this before DSiWare came out. WiIWare isn't even doing anything to the VC releases. They were slowing down before WiiWare came out. It's not a matter of taking up slots, Nintendo just doesn't have as much in the queue as they did in 2007.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@WarioFan63: Yeah, thanks for that. Knew it was either early-2009 or very late-2008.

"Nintendo just doesn't have as much in the queue as they did in 2007." - Quoted for emphasis. Should speak volumes when you consider DSiWare releases. Not many developers are ready quite yet, for starters.

I'll be back alter with thoughts on FPP.

WF, on the Wii Shop, it shows Pay to Play logo as it should be. I'm downloading it now.



WarioFan63 said:

Oh you know these numbers I have tacked on the end are just a formality or something like that! You can just leave them off when you wanna refer to me. Or use my typical nickname "WF". I always feel kinda weird seeing it all written out in a conversation.



Mach-X said:

I dont know what you guys scream about every week. I just went through the VC catalog and realized almost all the great classics are already on there! There are what, 5 more I want to see? What "multiple releases" are you whining to see? Bible Adventures and Xmen? With 30 download weeks left this year thats one GOOD game every six weeks. Aside from C64 and VCA, there isnt much left in the tank.



J_K said:

Who says they don't have as much in the pipe this year as last? If you peek at the releases outside of the NOA controlled area there's a ton of stuff across all the supported platforms being skipped here. I highly doubt there's a lack of things in the pipe with the amount of releases the EU and Japanese areas have seen that could be marketed here.



Mach-X said:

I dont care about imports, you're not likely to see many of those anyway. What I meant is there aren't many major games left. Majora, Mario Kart, Yoshi's Island, Drac X (import), what else is there? Sure, they could dump 5 VC games a week but they'd be utter junk. Do you really need Tengen Tetris? Wrath of the Black Manta?



longtimegamer said:

This download day seems to sucks for me, I guess. I'd like to at least see ONE game that I'd want each week. If we got more like someone else cough!, "Japan", Cough!, then maybe that would happen.

@Mach-X You know why "I" gripe? It's because we should be getting more in Europe and the US than we do right now. We should be able to. Japan doesn't seem to be having any shortage of games, so why should we? I'm actually offended about the fact that we're treated so unequally.

I'd like to see what their excuse would be for that.

Edit ---@Mach - X - Just because a game is not to the level of say, LOZm,Metroid, or a Mario game doesn't mean its junk. You can`t be thinking that right?



sirgrim said:

Guess I'll buy a couple titles from the library that I haven't played. Thinking Onslaught, the western shooter and maybe Cocoto Platform Jumper. Would have loved to see the Flip Champions.



vherub said:

gah, I have so many points built up. Another week lacking in quality, and quantity. You'd think they were scraping the bottom of the barrel- instead of sitting on a trove of awesome vc games.
also: still only world of goo available via amazon



wanderlustwarrior said:

I'd say "yawn" on the whole, but there is the soccer game (on a console I don't have) that this gets moved up to "meh".

I haven't bought a single download game this calender year...



WolfLink22 said:

Watch us get more crap next week and not see another AAA or great AA game until June or July.That or we will have to wait until August and September before NOA starts to understand that not every VC, WiiWare, and DSIWare games have to be crap.

If we get Super Mario Kart then the only other game that i'd expect would be SSB then nothing else after that.



J_K said:

Personally I dont' care if it's a game I personally want or not. But when you've had stuff like Smash, Majora(meh), and Mario Kart floating around among a lot of other A and even a TON of B game stuff from all the different systems in the pipe for NOA but out in the wild in the rest of the planet that's when I get pissed off and start demanding answers.

They're begging for a beatdown is what it is. You have Apple store shoveling out a lot of stuff and big numbers. Then you have Sony with Patapon 2 as a test, and then PixelJunk Monsters in the pipe and No Gravity fairly recently. And then later from PSP full UMD game downloads along with disc releases due to their upcoming system you have LittleBigPlanet download, MotorStorm download, Assassins Creed download, etc. Nintendo is going to run out of time and sorry ass silent excuses.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Mach-X: What list of major titles are YOU looking at? We're still missing not only Super Mario Kart, Majora's Mask, and Yoshi's Island, but also Super Smash Bros., Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, Earthworm Jim 2, Adventures of Lolo 3 (personal gripe), Secret of Evermore, Super Bomberman 2 (and 1, if they bother), Lufia 2 (and 1, if they bother), Star Fox, Donkey Kong 64, etc. Point made.

I, too am offended by being treated like crap while Japan gets all the good stuff (or at least reasonable quantity). It's been getting worse and worse, and it seems like more and more of a stretch to believe that Nintendo's got much of ANYBODY buying all this garbage!

I've been taking this time to catch up on prior releases I hadn't yet downloaded, but I'm running low on those that I want, too!



Syrek said:

The only reason why I'm fustrated with Nintendo with these Monday Downloads is exactly what J.K. said about having SMK, Majora and Smash floating around in either ESRB rating holdings or they have been released in different countries. I swear, North America has been getting shafted lately with these less then mediocure downloads in my opinion. I really hope NOA really pull through for us and give us a good VC download for the 300th next week. I really don't understand why Majora is taking so long to get to America, I mean it only took Super Punch Out a week after EU's release to come to Americas VC. And yes I took into account the fact that an N64 game may take longer but I think Nintendo has the capabilities to bring it to us right away. They must be bringing Majora to us for the 300th cause I really can't think of a reason why they wouldn't bring it to us. But with Nintendo of America, you never know.



Party_On_Dude said:

@ comment # 73 Syrek:



Party_On_Dude said:

In my offense on what I have to say about today's "I TOLD YOU SO" 1 VC & WiiWare CRAP:


Okay though, we've been WHINNING about these crappy Nintendo Download releases for 6 WEEKS STRAIGHT NOW; so when I say things have gotten this stupid... I seriously mean it has gotten THIS STUPID!!!

Look, all we got left, besides the little hope we have for Nintendo; is ONLY 6 MORE DAYS until May 18th & our #300 VC game... be it Zelda MM or not?!! SO THERE!!



03bgood said:

Galaxy Force II? Why not release all the LJN games while you're at it, Nintendo. I mean, good god!



Party_On_Dude said:

@ comment #78. longtimegamer:
Clearly you didn't read it carefully for me to finish!!

And I clearly didn't come here to start my 6th set of arguments!!




Real FOOTBALL (ffs) 2009 is a good game. Family Pirate Party? Oh dear and its even a 10+, lol. Is it cos mommy is wearin something daring or something?!



Knux said:

@Party on Dude
You're right,I'll wait until our 300th VC game before I make Nintendo feel my wrath! If Majora's Mask is not released next week...well you'll see.



Bendover83 said:

Here's the milestone list:
100 - Zelda II
150 - SMB: Lost Levels
200 - Harvest Moon
250 - SMRPG
300 - I'm expecting and hoping for LOZ:MM, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Kart, Mario Party, or Super Man 64....uh, maybe not the last one.
There's still good games left. MegaMan 4-7, MegaMan X-X3, Mario Party 1-3, Metal Slug 3-6, Castlevania games, Contra, Adventures of Lolo 3, Adventure Island games, Star Fox, Yoshi's Island, Earthworm Jim 2, Donkey Kong 64, Road Rash, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct & Gold, Bombermans, Fatal Fury, Sonic & Knuckles, Final Fantasy I&IV, Dragon Warrior, Return of Double Dragon, Phantasy Star, Final Fight 2-3, Zombies ate my Neighbors, Gauntlet, Karnov, Mutant League Football, Lost Vikings, PilotWings, Pro Wrestling, 7up: Spot Adventures, and so many others. Then there's arcade games. nuff said.
There's Earthbound as well for 300, but that's still a no go, I think.
March 30th was the last good week for me. IMO



longtimegamer said:

@Party on Dude - You added 2 extra paragraphs after you origionally posted it. Is that what you're talking about? There originally wasn't too much to read, so I don't see how I could have missed anything.
Anyway, you said in my offense and it kinda sounded funny since you seemed to me to be in attack mode. You were in offense, so to speak. I'm not sure if you meant to say defense instead, though I'm not sure. Was that something that went over my head?

I don't think we need this either. I like us all being friendly.



subzerobf said:

Oh joy, more Wiiware shovelware. Look the "Family" series does not sell and it sucks, Arc System Works should just give up. BTW, we need more Wiiware sports itles. I'd love to have arcade Soccer or Football.



TwilightV said:

Family Pirate Party actually looks interesting. It even has DLC that actually makes it seem worthwhile (6 extra boards split up into two packs of 3, one of which has alternate swimsuit costumes).



Syrek said:

@Bendover83 With all these great games still on the back burner, I'm sure we'll be suprised with the results of the 300th VC download. So far their streak with milestone VC content has been up to par and I appreciate that from NOA. However that does not excuse them for 6 weeks of nothing but mediocure games and content. I havn't downloaded anything since Super Punch-Out was released and that was 6 weeks ago as many of us know. I mean the only reason any of us are fustrated with the constant stream of downloads that have been occuring is that our favoirte games havn't been released yet or they weren't released on a key date and thats understadable. But NOA is playing this from a buisness standpoint. They know we want Majoras Mask, Earthbound and SSB but they're delaying us the satisfaction of having it on our Wii because they are spreading it out or at least trying to. I suppose the reason why nothing decent came in the month of April was because of the launch of the DSi but still how hard is it to emulate a game onto a system? Once the 300th VC download arrives I'm sure gamers such as us will quite down for a moment and enjoy the excellent game Nintendo has provided with us, considering they keep with the pattern that is. There will always be someone who was disappointed their game wasn't released but thats life and we must accept the fact that Nintendo has their own agenda weather it be absurd or not.

I really hope what I have said made sense, I am writing this from my DSi. All I have to say is just accept the fact that Nintendo is screwing with us and get excited for the 300th VC download.



JTC-Pingas said:

Nintendo of America needs to stop joking around and pick up the pace with the VC release rate. A minimum of 2 games per Monday would make me happy. Is that so hard Nintendo? I think not!



Mach-X said:

Ok, I had mistakenly thought Phantasy Star was already out, (I have it on my SMS tototek card so I guess I'm used to having it around XD), Comparing how many releases Japan gets is silly because when those systems were new, japan got three times as many games. And my previous comment was quickly typed in using my wiimote, so I did miss a few popular titles. Point is, as far as all the major franchises go, we got them all in the first couple years, more is out than is not.

@bendover - a lot in your list requite multiple licenses that likely won't make it. Hudson (adventure island, rondo of blood) is iffy with its VC support, Rare (dk64, KI, others) is also a problem. Squeenix doesn't want VC releases because it prefers to re-release its games for more money (FF, Dragon Warrior) so your list gets quite a bit shorter. Lost Vikings would require a Blizzard license and I don't know how they feel about VC. And who the hell really wants 7up?
@longtimegamer no I didn't mean that at all. just that looking at what is already out, we've got super mario, sonic, zelda, ninja gaiden, castlevania, and many many others.....all the major bases have already been covered. there just isn't enough star games to ever see a fantastic 10 game week or even a 5 game week.



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

Lame week. I really wanted DECODE, but now, nintendo's now only giving us one game per week! D:

Nintendo is starting to become a let down with downloads. If they don't redeem themselves next week and gives us a great game, everyone will lose, including Nintendo.



WolfLink22 said:


Nintendo is already losing out or did you not see their latest sales charts.They need SSB or SMK, or even MM for people to get back into the Wii Shop as well.



Jolted85 said:

Not interested in this weeks update, but I did get Majoras Mask in the mail today, so I'll be playing that all night tonight, hopefully for the others it'll come next week, if you still have an N64 i'd recommend hunting it down, or get the VC version when it comes out.



Bendover83 said:

@95: Have you played 7up its just as good as Vectorman. IMO.
Square-Enix announced FFI and FFIV are coming out eventually on VC at the Game Developers Conference, and why not Dragon Warrior. I would think Nintendo has more of a right to release DK64. It's probably less likely to stay in limbo like GoldenEye. Ya, I obviously forgot about KI on Rare.
Hudson is still supporting VC I believe, we received two games from them at the last week of March. That's better then what we've gotten from N64 and NeoGeo.
N64: It's been since October
NeoGeo: August!!



J_K said:

I haven't seen it said yet, but someone has to drop this down to a more evil peg of shame. Let's give you the argument they'll put up a grade A first party title for #300. Fan-f'n-tastic for you, perhaps me too.

What about 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, etc? Everyone is hinging on 300 being a milestone so they'll do something nice, but then what? Do you really think when they clear that honestly meaningless hurdle they'll nto go back to screwing the lot of you with halfass wiiware party games, dsiware carved up DS games, and some wonky other 8/16bit titles with the rare good bone to pick at every say 10 or so?

Historically they've been painting a sad and very clear picture for a lot longer than whoever said 6 weeks earlier.



Objection said:

I don't really want Majora's Mask that much so I also am wondering what happens at 300...and after. At least this week DSi owners actually got a good old complete game.



Bendover83 said:

The VC is pretty much the only thing I use my Wii for since April of last year. I may play Brawl or Mario Kart once in awhile, but then it's eventually back to the VC, DSi, or play PS3.
I'll wait and get my hopes up for the millionth time and see if something big comes out next week. There's also E3 week to hopefully look forward too.
Ya MotionPlus....zzzzzzzz.
@94: Kirby was 50 huh. I really didn't pay attention until Nintendo did the whole Zelda II is 100 thing.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

It's just that Dragon Warrior 2 wouldn't be a flashy 300th game like MM or SMK would. Not that many people know of the Dragon Warrior series.

Of course, the 300th game could end up being um...Pong.



Adamant said:

@Longtimegamer: "You know why "I" gripe? It's because we should be getting more in Europe and the US than we do right now. We should be able to. Japan doesn't seem to be having any shortage of games, so why should we? I'm actually offended about the fact that we're treated so unequally."

This has to be the dumbest comment I've read here. We're getting the exact same games as Japan, with the exception of Japan-exclusive games you knew all along we wouldn't get. Nintendo is a Japanese company, most of the companies releasing games on the are Japanese, and they're offering their game libraries for the VC. These libraries contain both games that were released in Japan only and games that were released worldwide - Japan gets all of them, we get the games that were originally released here. Makes sense, right? So, what you're proposing is that either ONLY games that were released worldwide be released on the VC, or that Japan misses out on games that were originally released there for the sole purpose of some whiny internet kid wanting the number of games to be fair.
It's a Japanese console with largely Japanese-made games, of course the Japanese library is going to be bigger. You want those games, you buy a Japanese console, then start crying once you realize most of the games you "missed out on" are text-heavy games in a language you can't understand. Idiot.



marktheshark said:

@109, Adamant
Please cool your temper. Acting all angry, blowing hot smoke out of your nose, & insulting others isn't going to do anybody any good.

I feel your pain. Especially with the high amount of SNES, TG-16, & Arcade games they're getting & us not getting much in comparison.

Having said that, I think this week is a little boring & so will be the next week.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@longtimegamer: Hey. Just got back from work an hour ago. Time to post my impressions.

Okay everyone. If you have any questions about the game, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them. Let me begin by saying that so far, it's not as bad as one would think given the series' past track record but that being said I can't accurately give it a judgment, per se, just yet because of the fact that there are 6 maps that I haven't tried (DLC) and they could be big in the sense that they could add some new features (i.e., new games) and have a stronger strategy focus.

So let me start by saying that on the Main Menu, you have the following options:
New Game - Start a new game, obviously.
Continue - Continue a saved game. And yes, just like in Mario Party, you can save your game on the current turn and pick it up later on.
View Rules - See the rules of the game.
Download - Where the DLC is located.
Configuration - This time, all they let you do is change the Language from English to French or Spanish.

Okay, so let me delve deeper into it now. First, let's get the Download function out of the way. There's only one DLC pack right now but I checked the Operations Guide on what the next one will have. Both are 300 Wii Points. Personally, I'm wondering if it's worth it and I haven't taken the plunge. The fact that I have exactly 300 Points right now after purchasing FPP is very tempting, though. I dunno... Something tells me that the maps will enhance the overall appeal and without them, I got a feeling that you may be missing out. At least, I'm hoping that's the case. The first pack (the only one up right now) adds 3 new maps so you're basically paying 100 Points for each map. (inb4 complaints about the price; SIGE says hi.) So yeah... The second pack, according to the Title Operations Guide will add 3 more maps plus new costumes (says they are "swimsuit" costumes so that would further explain the E10+ rating although I get the feeling ESRB didn't account for this...)

So, onto the menus. Right off the bat, you're able to sync remotes if need be when you start a new game and YES, you can share remotes or each player can have their own which is a nice touch. Next screen you pick your characters and guess what, you can CHANGE the characters names this time around. I have no idea if you could do this in Glide Hockey but this is a nice touch! Seeing "Retard's Turn" can be funny. Also worth noting is that you can adjust the number of turns. IIRC, the options are 15, 30 and 45 (not too sure on the last one). Underneath the choices, it tells you approximately how long it'll take including play by CPU's if you so choose to use them. On that note, I forgot to mention that the game's interchangeable as far as the number of opponents. You can play with as few as 2 (one human one CPU, or two humans) or up to 4. It's not like Mario Party where there has to be 4 people so you can toggle the game to your liking in that way.

So moving on, there are 3 maps to choose from (without the additional content obviously). Each stage is different and it's not just a matter of new backgrounds. Stage 1 is "Beginner's Island". It's a fairly small level that gets you acquainted with the game's basic premise. The mini-game event square turns up more on this stage than other levels. Stage 2 is an ice level. "Freezing something-or-other", lol. This is probably the best of the bunch because it adds a bigger strategy element when compared with the other two default maps. Also note that this is the only stage of the three to use two dice. It has a purpose and, again, harpers back to the strategy element I mentioned before. I can touch on it more later. Stage 3 is some level in the sky. It's fairly big. One or two crossroads.

So, as for the actual gameplay, needless to say the whole point is to take control of spaces on the board (islands) in an attempt to rack up the most Gold overall. There are multiple ways to obtain gold in the game. You can obtain gold by discovering new islands and making them your own, you can steal gold from other players with the Help Cards, you can play mini-games on the Event Spaces, and you collect gold/treasure when you pass the start space (think of it as the Go space like in Monopoly). Landing on the "Go space" could possibly net you even more treasure depending on (as I've determined) your placement and how close the game is to finishing.

More on spaces: In the same vein as Monopoly, once you own an island, it becomes yours and others have to pay you gold when they land on it. The Event Space has you playing mini-games to earn Gold. Some are fun.... One has you shooting cannonballs using the IR from rival pirate ships with a maximum of 5000 Gold. Another has you slashing a Giant Octopus with a sword. There's no maximum, but it has a time limit. I imagine some would dub it as a "waggle-fest" but not entirely because shaking the Remote erratically won't net you that many points. If you shake it with consistent rhythm (if you will), then you'll fare far better. Another mini-game has you fending off meteors coming towards you and this is definitely the best of them all. You need to hit it at the right time. Hit it early or late and it'll crash into you. Can be quite humorous with friends actually when you miss. I'm not sure if there's a maximum but you keep going until you lose from what I gather. The meteors gradually get faster and get harder to hit because the screen goes a bit bright/white as they get close to you to make it a bit more challenging. (Am I forgetting one?) It's possible that the downloadable maps have more mini-games and I'm honestly hoping that's the case.

The Cannon Space allows you to shoot at cannonballs at random islands owned by rivals to destroy their markers. The number of cannonballs you can shoot out depends on the number of people playing.

The Help Card space will give you one of 6 Help Cards - one of 6 characters - that will help you on your journey. These cards can be used at any time. The Hero will allow you to roll two dice (if you're on the Ice Map, then you'll roll three at once); The Monkey will allow you to steal 5,000 Gold from someone (but if you save it in your possession for a few turns, the value will increase so, again there's strategy there; The Cook will allow you to stop on any space between a 1 and 6 roll. And it's not like in Mario Party where the dice block is slowed down and you have to hit the Dice Block on the roll right before the one you really want; instead, you can choose what space you want easily.

There are some special spaces exclusive to the maps and I'm sure that's the case in the DLC as well. For instance, on the Sky map, there's a Whirlpool (for lack of a better term) that sucks you in and transports you to a random island on the other side of the map. There's also a Cherry Blossom space where, once owned, others that land on it will be put to sleep for one turn and can't collect Gold even if others land on their islands. On the Ice map, there are icebergs where, once owned, others who land on it will feel "weak" and will be forced to roll one die on their next turn.
This is part of the strategy element I mentioned earlier for this board but there's more to it.

I think that's them all. I apologize if I'm forgetting one or two.

At the end of the game, the Final Results screen will allow you three more chance to obtain Gold before the winner is announced. The No. 1 Dice award will be granted to the person with the total number of spaces moved (calculated by the total number of rolls), the No. 1 Stolen award will be granted to the person who had their Gold stolen the most (i.e., spent the most time on the islands of opponents) and the No.1 Cannon award will simply be the person who used the Cannon the most (I believe). I don't get why they didn't have a No. 1 Event/Mini-game award instead of a Cannon award but anyways...

So is the game fun? Well, it depends entirely on having the right people playing. If you get a group of people who have no sense of humor and are completely serious then you're not gonna have a good time. Obviously, just like Mario Party (and many other games on the WiiWare service), the game is best enjoyed with multiple players, although the single-player aspect isn't bad.

What can I suggest for improvements so far? Well, it would've been nice to obtain Gold if you roll Doubles. There should be more mini-games (unless, like I said, the DLC will rectify that). There's only 3 (unless I'm forgetting one) but if you see them as opportunities to get Gold when you're trailing behind or to increase your lead, then you won't mind some of them. The Octopus one is the worst one and the Meteor one is quite fun, 'specially with Friends.

I'll stop talking for now. I went on more than I thought I would but probably because I get the feeling I may be one of the few who actually gave this a shot. So far, I'm pleased. As I predicted, definitely better than FTT - I do not like FTT at all; was a gift I regret accepting. Anyway, you get what you pay for but there's definitely more substance than FTT if you ask me (see: not as shallow).

If there are any questions, be sure to let me know.
I'm currently debating if I should take the plunge on the DLC or not (the first pack, anyway; the second isn't up yet).
And it would be nice if the reviewer for this game do that because otherwise, the review probably won't be accurate.



longtimegamer said:

@Adamant -
For the record, I'm not just talking about VC. I'm talking about VC and Wiiware. Also we have plenty of games from over here that we can be getting.
I don't get you people that attack others for no reason. Does it make you feel better about yourself? You don't have to be an insulting a**. It's not a dumb comment, you're just being a jerk for some reason, so bite me.



longtimegamer said:

@Mark the Shark - Thanks for saying something to Adamant. People don't need to be that way.

I'm glad you can sympathise with how I feel about the game situation.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

See above for my big impressions. O_o
I didn't realize how much I typed but honestly, I really wanted to let people know what they were getting into. I'd hate for people to be surprised and blame me or something.

Oh and FTR, once again, IGN fails to disappoint with yet another poor, rushed review.
Be advised that there are a few inaccuracies in IGN's review. (Quel surprise?)



Adamant said:

"Also we have plenty of games from over here that we can be getting."

Oh? What may these games be?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Adamant, there ARE quite a few games that we're still waiting on. I can give you a glimpse if you like but I wouldn't filter out the good ones from the potential duds simply for sake of emphasizing that there is stuff comin' that are... "queued" if you will.

edit (in response to below comment): Ah, okay.

@longtimegamer: I wow'ed myself! I was a bit wordy... I really did intend to be thorough because I'm sure many are skeptical about it. I'm glad you appreciated it. Means a lot. I am, officially, planning a review, though but it certainly won't be that kind of length.

@101: Bendover: 7Up...? You mean Cool Spot?! I've been dying to see that appear on the VC. Must-buy.



Adamant said:

Games that were never released in Japan, I mean.
longtimegamer is whining about how Japan is getting games we're not, and says we should be getting games they aren't, when the library of such games that can potentially be released isn't very large, outside of C64 games.



Kenji510 said:

Like i said another weak ass week and that DECODE game never came out and that date was wrong as well... oh well, not really fan of soccer games at all and not to interested on the other games either... well, next week is Punch Out for the Wii and im waiting on that game too, cant wait to play that game.



longtimegamer said:

@AdamAnt- I guess you're confused. What I'm talking about is the AMOUNT of games they get each week. We don't have to have the same games. It's the fact that Japan seems to constantly get more than one Wiiware or Vc game a week, while everyone else has to make do with 1 vc and 1 wiiware a week. Heck, I think Europe has even had time where they may have went with no game from one of those categorys. It sucks and there are many who feel the same as I.

I'm just replying to you to hopefully clear up any misunderstanding you might have had about what I was REALLY griping about.

So. I'm going to ask you to drop this and quit trying to insult me. Lets just try to be mature and be civil with each other from here on. I'll try too. I know I probably shouldn't have responded the way that I did either. I was just pretty damn offended. I'd like to try to be better than that (though nobodys perfect). If you're happy that I was offended, oh well, but hopefully you're a better person than that deep down. Didn't have to tell you that, just wanted to let you know why.



Party_On_Dude said:

Question @longtimegamer:
Yes I feel proud about myself for saying that; I needed to get it off my freaking a**chest!!!!
And honestly @longtimegamer; I think you sounding just as b*t*hy than anyone else is BTW... just because of you attitude!!!
Yes I'm also proud I said that too; so go grow up... & don't ask me that either or flame me for it!!! I'm a very moody person!!!!



Corbs said:

Can you guys keep it nice? There's nothing wrong with debating and discussing things, but let's nix the name calling. It just escalates these arguments into gripefests.



TwilightV said:

@KnucklesSonic8: I got it. There's only one Event Space (that I have yet to hit), in the biggest map, another ice board that includes whirlpools that lead either to a cannon or a split path. There's a sky board that seems pretty short (default: 10 turns), and a board completely covered with cherry blossom islands. For 300 points, I think you get what you pay for. I'm looking forward to the next DLC release.

Side note: I lol'd at the "Add Wii Points" option in the downloads section.



Adamant said:

@longtimegamer- Japan gets more games than us because they're getting the SAME games as us, plus the Japan-exclusive games we wouldn't get anyway on top of that. There aren't enough America/Europe-exclusive games being offered to make the numbers match up (and the C64 aside, they weren't terribly numerous on the VC-supported consoles either), so of course they end up getting more games. Look at WHICH games they're actually getting, not just the number of total games they have, and you'll see we're not missing out on much at all.
Are you suggesting that games released worldwide NOT be given a release on the Japanese VC because "it's unfair that their number of games is higher than ours"? I hope you realize just how ridiculous that idea is.



longtimegamer said:

@Party on Dude - Moody? Thats no excuse for acting the way you do either. Yes, I've looked you up and you don't seem like you're very nice to others either. So I'm guessing you have a problem getting along with others. How about trying to be nice to others instead you'll get along much better and maybe feel better about yourself or as the old saying goes "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." That's good advice too.
I'm dropping this now. Have a good morning.



longtimegamer said:

@Adamant - I'm not saying that at all. I'd just like to have more days like they do, at least more than we do now. Thats all I'm saying. Like, if we had 2 Wiiwares and/or vc today that would have been nice because maybe we'd have a better chance of getting something we like. It sucks when you check the new release and find nothing that you want or the game sucks.
By the way I appreciate how you're talking to me now. Thanks. I appreciate it.



Bendover83 said:

ah....these arguements "discussions" take me back.
Remember the Cho Aniki thread anyone or SMRPG thread.
@120: Yep that's the one. It's one of those rare games I would like to see on here.
Even if #300 is "crap" I'll just rent Punch-Out Wii and take my aggression out on King Hippo.



HEMIII said:

Pfftt two fricking games. Hum Can we get some kind of response from Nintendo why? They should release all games at once on the VC that they have ready for release. Why should they hold them back? I also don't understand why one region gets one thing and the other gets different. I'm pissed I have been waiting and waiting and freaking waiting for a game that was invented in the freakin' United States. I mean the Name TEXAS Hold'em says it all and it's not even released here yet Europe has had it for two months now, well seems that way if it hasn't been that long. What gives Ninten? I would like to see some better games and variety too. Two freakin' table games in a row come on. If I wanted to play a table game I'd break out freakin' Monopoly, Sorry, or make my own damn game with dice, a pencil, and cardboard. But hey if you don't want my money I'll go spend it somewhere else like at the Apple Store.


lmfao, sorry guys just had to let that out. I'm all good now, well till next week~>



City_Of_Delusion said:

Let me put it this way:

If Nintendo doesn't release one of their own games for VC next week, you'll probably be advised to lock the entire NintendoLife comments system. Either that or a threadmageddon will happen.

Either way, if Nintendo doesn't deliver, this site's going to get very messy.



HEMIII said:

I know Poker is a table game but hell it's been online for years now and the online following is pretty huge let alone offline. I know it's not for real money but it sure would be cool if it was, 10000 wii points anyone? Get your friends together and play for 100 buy in w/5 players is one NES game. Written off as a gift like them politicians do it.

Sorry just had to clear that up so no one was like "Well hell zombie dude man that's a table game too dude zombie man." and then I'd have to be like" Man you ever played a Monopoly game where they shot people for cheatin' or thinkin' they was cheatin' or someone wanted to rob your monopoly game because they heard there was goin' to be alot of that orange at that game, or lost your whole months pay on a game of Sorry?'"



J_K said:

Surprisingly in the whole argument on how some people are whiney asses because they think NOA isn't giving enough compared to the other regions I do notice a general lack of something being said. Import titles that cost 100Wii Points more. Fairly recently we got Detana Twinbee for PCEngine which stunned me, but as being konami that opens the door to Parodius and Dracula X too. Just because it wasn't ever released here doesn't mean in these games with no real language barrier they won't come, but obviously crud like the Famicom Detective series from Nintendo won't as it's all reading much like a Shadowgate title. That said though, the other issue being skirted in this language cry-fest is the European market that tends to get at least 2-3 more titles per week across the formats than we do in the NA market, and that IS a problem, because nearly all those games being put out there aren't unique like some Cricket title or Asterix.

Be a blowhard and a name calling weenie all you like, but what is being done by NOA is fairly well indefensible if you look at it from a logical or even semi-illogical comparison across the 3 gaming territorial regions. We're getting hosed. Either just look at the facts and man up to it, or keep living in delusion land, whatever floats your boat.



HEMIII said:

Why the hell did I keep saying sorry, I'm not sorry. It's because you NOA made me think of that game Sorry arrgghhh. Someone feed a NOA employee to mee.

@Marioid Interesting but nonsense comment.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Twilight: So is there more strategy involved in the new maps? Could you describe them a bit more for me? The default maps are Beginner's Island, Freezing Wind (the ice level), and the Sky level (with two Cherry Blossom trees). I just want to make sure you're not confusing the 3 default ones with the downloadable maps.

So do you mean to say that the DLC consists of one more Ice and Sky levels? What about the other one? How do they differ from the defaults? More details would be appreciated.

I wonder when they'll release the next DLC...



crossmr said:

"Bad luck on the WiiWare/VC front though guys." The VC has been an utter embarrassment for Nintendo starting since about the 3rd week when everyone realized what a joke this would be. Its just an endless stream of mediocrity and sometimes outright failure. Everything is out there already..there is no reason they shouldn't be releasing these at a rate of dozens a week..



Bass_X0 said:

Everything is out there already..there is no reason they shouldn't be releasing these at a rate of dozens a week.

Off the top of my head as to why its not like this...

  • It takes time and money to get games rated to put up on the VC; some companies probably won't want to spend a large amount of money getting their VC games rated then have to wait months before they get put up on the VC.
  • Many games are legally not possible to put up on the VC and it would take too much money to regain a license needed.
    Some companies are just not interested in supporting the VC or its not a priority to them. D4 Enterprises seems to have given up in giving us more NeoGeo games while its now very rare for us to get more TurboGrafx games.
  • Nintendo need to keep a steady supply of games in stock to release later so they don't run out of games to put up.
  • Great games need to be saved for next year and the year after just so those years has its share of great games too. If everybody had the games they wanted right now, people would lose interest in the VC as there would be nothing to look forward to.


TwilightV said:

@KnucklesSonic8: Yes. The DLC seems to hold the "Normal, Ice, Sky" theme from the three included.

Bonus Map 1: A normal board plentiful in Cherry Blossom islands.

Bonus Map 2: An ice board. The biggest of the 3, it holds the one and only event space in all 3 boards. A few whirlpools are scattered about, which will either take you to an area separated from the rest of the board, or directly to a cannon.

Bonus Map 3: A sky board. Apparently the shortest board in the game. It's spaces follow the pattern: island, helper, island, helper, with one cannon and one whirlpool space.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Bass X0: You say some companies probably don't want to spend money prepping VC games only to wait months for release, and call that a reason they aren't releasing lots of games? It's not a reason, it's a RESULT! Nintendo set up the president early in the VC that they were going to make companies wait for their games to actually be released, and that turned a lot of companies off from bothering at all! If Nintendo just released all the games that were ready when they were ready, companies would be more willing to go to the trouble to MAKE them ready!

You also have a strange idea of what makes people interested in the VC. I'm interested in downloading the games I want to download, NOT waiting week after week for them to MAYBE be released. I firmly believe that interest in the VC would INCREASE if everybody had access to the games they wanted right now.

I would rather get many games released in one week followed by some empty weeks than one crappy game a week, and I doubt I'm alone.



brooks83 said:

@141. Stuffgamer1

You do make a good point in your first paragraph about how companies not wanting to wait for their games to be released is a result of Nintendo's policies. However, I also think that having every game that's readily available at once is a bad idea, because then people would just buy up the games they have heard of and ignore the ones they haven't. I like the idea of every game getting a weekly spotlight.

But there should definately be a happy medium here. If Nintendo would go back to releasing three games a week (or heck, even two), people would be a lot happier. I know that people will complain no matter what, but when they put out new systems on the VC and barely support them, that's not a good thing. We should have had at least one new VC Arcade game by now.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@TwilightV: Thanks for that. Would you say its worth it? If you think so, then I'll take the plunge since I have exactly 300 Points and honestly, I haven't regretted getting this game at all. It seems like the strategic element has carried over as well, particularly in the 3rd bonus map. Are there crossroads as well? I hope in the 2nd pack, the maps are set in different backgrounds and that would seem to be the case otherwise, Aksys Games would've prepared it already if it were simply just a matter of using the same backgrounds but making new maps. Plus, the fact that "swimsuit costumes" will be made available could insinuate that there may be a beach-like level? I don't think they'd make swimsuit costumes for the Ice or Sky levels. XD

So the 2nd map has a Whirlpool that can take you to an isolated area? That sounds awfully like the Lucky Space in MP8.

And yeah, the "Add Wii Points" function is kinda lol-worthy. [*Clicks only to see a paragraph essentially saying "Please return to the Wii Menu to add Wii Points".] XD



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'd imagine they're still the same LTG, otherwise they would've said so in the Operations Guide. Then again, they could make one/two notable changes in the next DLC pack (it's 16 blocks compared to the current one which is like 3 I think; seems quite big don't you think?) and that's what has me intrigued with the upcoming DLC pack. The mini-games shouldn't be taken as the focal point of the game - something IGN clearly has missed - but instead an opportunity to net you more Gold than usual on the other spaces.

Think Aksys Games will issue a PR or a blog post of some kind letting us know when the other DLC is up? I'll check for DLC whenever I play the game and I'll be sure to come and indicate if the DLC is up. I'd imagine it would appear next week, Monday perhaps if not this week?



longtimegamer said:

@KnucklesSonic8 - I just read the IGN review. That reviewer basical cr*ped all over this game. This IS NOT Mario party. Get over it. (Talking about the reviewer from IGN). He was very closed minded.
Your review was way better and more professional than his was. He must have sucked at this game, LOL!

Edit- So you ern more coins the longer you can stay in a mimigame? Oh! Is there any real story?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@longtimegamer: Thanks but like I said, mine wasn't a review per se but I am working on a real one this week.

And yeah, he completely criticized the game unfairly (what else is new with IGN, seriously?) and although the game's not the greatest WiiWare game, it certainly didn't deserve to be judged on such poor terms. Although I kept my experience with FTT in the back of my mind (for the sake of saying, for comparison sake, that FPP is stronger), I didn't allow the series' track record to affect my thoughts about the game as a whole. I was/am taking it for what it is - how it should be.

Earn more coins the longer you stay? Well, that depends. The octopus one lasts 6 seconds and so there is a maximum amount of Gold you can get, in theory. My best is 6000 exactly and that's with consecutive slashes done properly (not shaking everywhere). The cannon one has a max of 5000 if you hit all the cannonballs. As for the meteor one, it depends on how long you can survive but it's not that easy. The timing window is kinda strict but that's a good thing (once again, IGN made a poor complaint and they probably sucked and passed it off as "unresponsive" when I can prove that's not the case) because the game progressively gets challenging. It's arguably the best one because of how funny/much fun it can be with a group of people trying to cheer you on or trying to distract you to get you to miss. I haven't made it too too far in the meteor one (I think my best was 6000? 1000 for each meteor you knock away) so I have no clue if there is a max or not. Does that answer your question?

No, there's no story. Just like in the preceding titles, the family is just competing against one another. But I really love how you can change the names. Not only can you finally add in your own name to the characters but you can add silly names to add humor to the experience as well.

I'm still debating over the DLC. I just want to hear TwilightV say that it's worth getting and I'll have at it.



longtimegamer said:

KnucklesSonic8- Yea. That answers my question thanks.

That's right. You said you were still making a review. Sorry. Still better than igns so called professional review.



WarioFan63 said:

the European market that tends to get at least 2-3 more titles per week across the formats than we do in the NA market, and that IS a problem,
Have you been paying attention lately? They've pretty much had the same kinda weeks we do now.



HEMIII said:

What no one has feed me a NOA employee yet?!? Come on people a zombies gotta eat~;9>



Stuffgamer1 said:

@HEMIII: I would, but they all live too far away from me. It might not be too much trouble to rustle up a politician or two, though. Or is that TOO corrupt for your tastes?



J_K said:

And all this time I thought it would be (NES) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

I'm surprised this argument got so easily derailed into downloadable content.



Bendover83 said:

@150: I live only about 180 miles from Redmond, WA. If #300 is crap than I wouldn't mind feeding ya most of them.



Bendover83 said:

What would be awesome is if we get alot of "crappy" games all at once.
SuperMan 64, Super Pitfall, Mario is Missing, Killer Tomatoes, and others.
I would be happy yet pissed because its more than one VC game, but p'oed because niether MM, SSB, or SMK didn't come out for 300. Those games would be outta the way as well.



Bendover83 said:

@160: That is pretty good. NOA is not that nice. Unless they do that to distract us from something evil that's going to happen.



J_K said:

Sesame Street ABC 123 of course, along with Cheetahmen II and Home Alone 1 and 2.



astarisborn94 said:

Here's my opinion of this week.

DSiWare: Real Soccer 2009. Only one game, but a solid week, because first off, I'm intrested in the game, second it's a great game. I'll be downloading this title when I get enough DSi Points.

WiiWare: Family Pirate Party. Despite getting a negitive review, there's a slim chance might get it, due to addition of DLC and KnuckleSonic8 positive review on it. Overall, medicoric.

Virtual Console: Galaxy Force 2 (Sega Genesis) THIS WEEK IS HORRIBLE! Seriously, we get an inferior port of an arcade game, when there's the Virtual Console Arcade. What's if Sega manage to add more games on the Virtual Console then Nintendo? That is evidence that Sega is running the Virtual Console. And why is this a one-game week? I cannot understand why did do this constantly and I mean for the past seven weeks? Are we ever going to get a decent week?

If they dare put out a horrible game like SUPER PITFALL, or ACTION 52, I will be furious. In fact, I'll do a rant about how badly Nintendo of America has been treating it's Virtual Console fans. I'm dead serious. The Wii is a great console, but NOA is ruining the oppertunity for us to experience Earthbound or Sonic and Knuckles on the Virtual Console. Let it be known that I will not pay $200 for Earthbound.



Mach-X said:

@141 brooks83 you make the most sense I've seen from here yet. People are going to complain no matter what, and I bet most of them don't have half the 299 releases on the VC system. I know I don't have Baseball yet XD. ok funnies aside, I agree I like the weekly spotlight myself, and I do enjoy debating on this forum, but with not one, but TWO new formats (C64 and VCA), you would think there would be some bulk of fresh releases. The lack of VCA releases astounds me. Where the hell is Donkey Kong? or Pacman? Space Invaders? geez those basics should at least have been made available right from the start. BTW, I am typing this on a keyboard instead of my wiimote for the first time. (dunno why I'd never tried just pluggin in my MS wireless keyboard before....doh)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Super Smash Bros. Fan:
If there's anything I can do to help you make a decision, lemme know. It's not a great game but it is decent and I'm still playing it (even by myself surprisingly). I've clocked in over 5 hours for sure. Maybe close to 10?



HEMIII said:

One more day America!!! Can't wait to be treated to two crap a$$ games again, crosses my fingers. I hope I don't have to go and eat the face off of another NOA employee tomorrow.

@Mach-X yeah and Paperboy, Contra, and Base Wars. Yeah I heard that keyboards work in the USB ports. You know if all USB keyboards work? I might have an old one somewhere.

Hey Mariod aren't you on the wrong side of the pond it says US at the top of the page? Go back to playing Texas Hold'em that I've been waiting for since I've hooked my Wii up online (1.5 years and still counting) and learn to say more than the typical one liner (YAWN) or I'll eat your face off silly bloke. You learn that and maybe I'll let you have some of your face, well maybe I get pretty hungry;)



J_K said:

Well you could eat Reggies face off and do the NA ownership of the Wii a favor. NCL says what you can and can't do in a region with releases, but it comes down to management at the region on what does show when after it is greenlit. Perhaps under someone less incompetent people would have less of a reason to complain because things like Smash Bros and Majora wouldn't be held onto for a good long while unlike elsewhere in the world.

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