(Wii Virtual Console / Mega Drive)

Galaxy Force II (Wii Virtual Console / Mega Drive)

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You are strapped into a spaceship to take on five dangerous planets, with environments ranging from a pleasant green field, to a lava lake and a field of ice.

You will have to fly freely before cutting through tunnels and canyons, and finally destroying an alien base. Your energy starts at 1200 and decreases as shots hit you, or you make contact with a wall or blockage. You have infinite cannon fire and guided missiles to help you along. You can get regular energy recharges and power upgrades, by shooting and then collecting their carrier pods.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Galaxy Force II is another classic Sega arcade shooter that hasn't aged very well.

Galaxy Force II debuted as a Sega arcade release, using the same type of sprite scaling seen in Sega's other arcade title Space Harrier, and basically mimicked 3-D scrolling without the use of actual polygon graphics. While Sega's Saturn console would...

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User Comments (12)



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah, it does look pretty cool, reminds me of Aces of the Galaxy. I might get it once it's released.



MegaMX4 said:

Never played this one. Looks kinda Starfox/Afterburner-ish, which is a good thing.



Outrunner said:

So can anyone please tell me if this pal version of the game will display on HDTV? I find a few MD titles don't display on mine... I don't want to download it until I'm sure. Anyone?



Kit said:

Starfox rocks! I got that already so prolly won't worry too much about GFII

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