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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Kenji510 commented on iPhone Success Angry Birds to Peck DS:

I played this on my big bro's iphone and once i did i couldnt stop playing and it was so addicting like crazy... i played it for like 1 hour and i was stuck on this game too hahaha... cant wait when it hits to the DS or DSiWare!



Kenji510 commented on X-Scape:

Looks cool and reminds me of that game Battlezone from Atari and Starfox Command.



Kenji510 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th April 2010 (North Amer...:

Nice week for me and time to grab me a couple of games like G&W DKjr, Flagman, Bang Attack, Megaman 4 and MyPostcards.

Man, i wish they brought out more wiiware games like the artstyle games they coming up soon and cant wait for those.



Kenji510 commented on Touch Solitaire:

I download it and its great and loving it too, 2 bucks! u cant beat that and it only takes like 5 blocks space from your memory too.



Kenji510 commented on 2-in-1 Solitaire:

Well it looks like we got the final date for this game... its coming out next yr on Jan 11th 2010.. cant wait.



Kenji510 commented on Nintendo Download: Karts, Blobs, Bits, Shops, ...:

Time for me to download all the Electroplanktons, Bit Trip Void, Super Mario Kart, Harvest Moon Little Shop and MyNoteBook!!

This is one of the bestest updates ever seen and nintendo gonna get alot of money from me hahaha... this is how i like it when we see a update like this everyweek on mondays.



Kenji510 commented on Nintendo Download: Bikes, Frogs, Dragons, Bomb...:

Now this is a really good update that i like... time for me to download the Electroplankton games, Bomberman Blitz and Excitebike for the wiiware and play those games too! wooooooo!
Your getting some money from me Nintendo!



Kenji510 commented on Nintendo Download: 27-28 October 2009 (Japan):

Wow japan got some really good games and u know they always will no matter what it is and what they get all the time.... man, i wish i was born japanese and live in japan and would play all these cool games as well... man why cant we all be born as japanese and live in japan ya know?



Kenji510 commented on Nintendo Download: LostWinds, Happy Holidays, ...:

Well looks like u EU guys got a really good update today and u finally got Dragon Quest Wars and also the new LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias too as well.. even Final Fight 2 is a good game to have and play.. enjoy your games!!



Kenji510 commented on Nintendo Download: Fantasies, Wars and Words (US):

Bad update today!!... its not lookin good for me at all and none of these games are not interested in me either... o well, i guess to play some more of my PSPGo as well.

I hope next week will be a good update and make up of what is here today.



Kenji510 commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

We should at least get some new Wii Channels that we dont have like what japan gots ya know.

Also like your friends list to see whos online and offline just like PS3 and XB360.



Kenji510 commented on Nintendo Download: Art, Beasts, Cars, Paddles ...:

Well its a good update for today so ill be grabbing Arkanoid Plus and DQW for sure i want to try out!!

I already have the Alter Beast arcade version in the Sega Genesis Collection for the ps3, so not gonna bother to buy that.



Kenji510 commented on Pop Plus: Solo:

Wooooooooo! Cant wait to download and play this game now!

TIme to buy some DSi points now for this!



Kenji510 commented on Pop+ Solo Release Dates Announced:

Nice!! Ill be getting both of those for sure and other games as well.

"My buy games list"
Pop+Solo (DSiWare)
Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii)
Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP)



Kenji510 commented on Flipnote Studio Available This Friday:

Well mostly, if EU is getting this on friday, we should be getting on the following monday the 17th of aug as well... so remember nintendo, if u reading this right now, u better give this app to us too in the NA!!.. im serious and not playin around either... if it doesnt happen, u gonna make NA really mad, pissed off, disappointed and very disturbed too, so remember that.