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Wed 6th May 2009

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crossmr commented on Harvest Moon: My Little Shop:

this looks very similar to dozens of Korean cell phone games. There are many "tycoon" games available on cell phones that are basically this style. Mini games centered around running a store. You need to plant crop, or order things and do challenges to ensure all your stock is there and can sell for the customer. At around $2.50 as a cell phone game it seems okay, but I wouldn't pay 1200 points for it unless there is a lot more here.



crossmr commented on Nintendo Download: Mechas, Sexy Poker, Footbal...:

"I'm just glad that the whole "VC is dead" thing was wrong."

Until nintendo ups the output to 5 or 6 a week it might as well be.
This trickle ensures your favorite game you're waiting for only has snowballs chance in hell of ever seeing the light of day.



crossmr commented on Nintendo Download: Monkeys, Musketeers, Cards ...:

"Also, who knows, maybe 2 weeks without a VC title, means that they are gearing up for a big title. If you ask me, that is completely fine,"

Its not like they actually have to do much real preparation for is not like they're coding these games from scratch. They're basically taking existing roms, making sure they don't blow up on the wii and releasing them.

There is no excuse except utter disregard for the customers.

"Remember, the Wii has around two to three more years until it's followed up by a new system. They have to space things out if it's going to last." There are thousands of games for the systems, tens of thousands if you count some estimates of the C64 games catalog. If this system was the only system for the next 100 years they wouldn't run out of games at this rate.



crossmr commented on Nintendo Download: Art, Cards and Crystals Hav...:

the level of fanboism here is ridiculous. People tripping all over themselves to justify no VC games this week. As the VC lumbers into obscurity and death it just gets more and more ridiculous. Not counting the thousands of games on C64 there are still a few thousand games from the other systems, being released at a rate of 52 a year..
They must have the worst team ever working on this if they can't secure the publishing rights to 2-3 old games a week that would otherwise never make another penny again.

Just imagine the conversation:
N:Hey you know that old game you guys made like 20 years ago?
C:yeah, what about it?
N:Well we'd like to put it on our service and let you get some money.
C:what would it cost us?
n:nothing there are already unlimited copies of the rom floating around the internet
C:So basically free money?
N:Yeah, all right if we do it?
C: jeeze I dunno..

"However, I agree with Bass X0-san; we already got 2 Virtual Console games last time, so we should hold back our complaints this week. (Besides, this is only one week!)" Yeah sorry, 1 a week isn't acceptable to start with..



crossmr commented on Nintendo Download: Cores, Bubbles, Chariots, S...:

@120 Pressured? How hard can it be? For the systems they have listed there are probably tens of thousands of games available. They've released a little over 300. It cannot take that long to secure rights and get them rated. Unless you've got some monkey doing the entire job all by himself and its only by luck of his random button pushing that we got the games we have so far. That is the only way it could be explained. If they truly cared about providing VC games as a service and not an excuse to claim these games are still being sold, it shouldn't be a big deal to contact multiple companies at once, and say "You want to make some money on a 20 year old game?" and then have it rated. I would hope with a couple of months of work they could easily secure the rights for hundreds or thousands of games and submit them all to be rated.
The only thing they gain from this slow release method is to make people not care about it.



crossmr commented on Nintendo Download: Cores, Bubbles, Chariots, S...:

1 virtual console.. you know nintendo is basically begging people to use emulators. There are tons of games people are still waiting for and the only way they could be releasing VC games any slower would be if they stopped and then went to your house while you were sleeping and deleted the ones you already have.

There is no other way to explain it than pure disinterest and care for the customer.



crossmr commented on FFCC: My Life as a Dark Lord Coming to Europe ...:

I'd be more interested in this if they didn't abandon my life as a king as soon as it was out the door. They basically set it up talked about DLC, then it became the neglected cousin we don't talk about.
I was expecting DLC released over months if not years, otherwise what is the point of just like 1 or 2 DLC releases around release time, then nothing else, ever.



crossmr commented on Nintendo Download: Soccer, Pirates and Galaxie...:

"Bad luck on the WiiWare/VC front though guys." The VC has been an utter embarrassment for Nintendo starting since about the 3rd week when everyone realized what a joke this would be. Its just an endless stream of mediocrity and sometimes outright failure. Everything is out there already..there is no reason they shouldn't be releasing these at a rate of dozens a week..



crossmr commented on Nintendo Download: Clocks, Calculators, Pengui...:

God this is terrible. What is with this 1 VC garbage they have going on? They have so many systems now at the current rate, it would take over 100 years to release to release everything on all the systems or even longer.
It honestly cannot be taking them this long to prepare these games..
with roms being so prolific on the web they're not doing themselves any favors by dragging this out for so long.