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Fri 1st May 2009

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City_Of_Delusion commented on Wii Software Sales Outmuscle Xbox 360:

The problem is that I wouldn't be surprised if a substantial chunk of thouse sales were Nintendo first party games. Take them away from the equation and I doubt you would reach 100 million.

Nintendo can advertise, but only from when the DS was launched did they actually bother.



City_Of_Delusion commented on Netflix Might Make It To Wii Yet:

Considering the BBC iPlayer works surprisingly well with movies (I watched The Increadables on it the other week), I can't see why Netflix wouldn't work on the Wii, at least in SD. Although my connection is a little flaky (the last five minutes of said movie had buffering problems), so I probably would pass on this (plus, UK and all that).



City_Of_Delusion commented on Intel in Talks with Nintendo:

@16: See the Red Ring of Death for further evidence why going it alone is not a great idea.

At the moment, it sounds like they're still at the drawing board for this new console.

On the topic of console "refreshes", I doubt Nintendo will get away with a WiiHD of any sort, to be honest.

@17: Ditto. Graphics may be at a plateau, but Nintendo's machines haven't reached it yet.



City_Of_Delusion commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

Listing the computer mouse as something that will be phased out by the end of next year writes the whole list off as garbage. The only thing's I think is remotely likely to be extinct by next year are anologue TVs (what with the digital switchover) and fax machines. Move along, nothing to see here.



City_Of_Delusion commented on Capcom Bringing MT Framework To Wii:

Nvidia's PhysX engine was used in Sonic & The Black Knight. It doesn't mean we should expect the PC version of Mirror's Edge to be ported to the Wii.

It seems that Capcom's abandoning making Wii exclusive games. While it means less exclusives, it could mean Wii doesn't get left out from Cspcom's multiformat releases.

There's still time for a Super Street Fighter IV port, however...



City_Of_Delusion commented on Toys R Us Get In On Wii Price Drop Shenanigans:

About damn time, frankly. Lower price = bigger sales = more people playing Nintendo games = more profit for Nintendo. Apple knows that, hence why they dropped their price of the 8Gb iPod Touch last week. Buffalobob doesn't know what he's talking about, frankly.



City_Of_Delusion commented on Modern Warfare 2 Could Come To Wii:

Bright ideas in gaming #2967: release a game on one console while you release the sequel on the other consoles. Wonder why it isn't selling as well than the sequel.

I can see Activision using it as an excuse to not bother porting any more CoD games.



City_Of_Delusion commented on Wii to Retail for £200 in the UK:

Gamescom conference hall.

Sony rep: We're reducing the price of our console to £250.
Nintendo rep to Microsoft rep: What did he say? He's increasing his price to £250?
Microsoft rep to Nintendo rep: That's what I heard.
Nintendo rep: Due to the economy, we're increasing the price of our console to £200.
Microsoft rep: We're also increasing the price of our console to £160 due to the economy.




City_Of_Delusion commented on Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 on PC Tomorro...:

It won't be Friday (it's already one HELL of a line up), I doubt it's Monday (appear to look busy!), Americans always get it first (so it won't be a week on Friday, the 28th). So, I'll guess the Wii version will be released a week on Monday (Aug 31st) in NA, with an EU release the following Friday (Sep 4th).