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Our Nintendo Life Begins...

Posted by Anthony Dickens

As they always say, "it has to start somewhere", it just so happens that somewhere is right here. Lets get the ball rolling with our first ever article.

So, this is what an article looks like huh? Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of these over the next few years. That's right kids, we're in it for the long haul this time. We'll be looking for new staff as and when new parts of the site become live.

Our primary goal is to get the site fully operational in time for the launch of the "Revolution" console. That's a number of months away, could almost be up to a year. We'll get things moving straight away though. Quite a lot of CMS work still to be done, but the shell of the site can come together pretty quickly I imagine.

Hopefully we'll have a bunch of stuff working by 2006, the year of the revolution. If you have any suggestions of things you want on the site, you know how to contact me, just do it.

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ReInstall said:

Wow, I've posted a comment. Watch out for these! They may contain great things.



Nanaki said:

What out for any typo's ant , edit is needed

Never know watch could happen



The_Stig said:

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Mabbit said:

oh the golden days...the days when i wasnt here...
is the stig still a moderator, i havent seen him anywhere



astarisborn94 said:

Looks like this is the first Nintendo Life article. Everything had to start somewhere. The Nintendo Revolution (Wii) is a great console and I thank Nintendo for what they have done.



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, the very first Nintendo Life article! It feels as if I'm stepping on hallowed ground! Great job on constructing such a marvelous site pHaT-aNt_! Nintendo Life has come a long way and it keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work!



Knux said:

Woah, NL's first article! Thanks for making this site, Ant! It's amazing to see how such an awesome site started from this article!



StarDust4Ever said:

#37 Prime number, w00t! I am bumping this thread, just for the record (not like it'll do anything though)

BTW, would you believe I started out with and didn't even realize Nintendo Life existed until a few weeks before the merger???



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

This is the very first news article on Nintendo Life way back in November 2005.

I actually came to this site as my first visit I think in December 2008. And when I was reading comments on Zelda: Majora's Mask, I decide that I wanted to create my account on June 1st, 2009. And to put random comments.

I also wanted my name to be changed to "Nintendogames1000". My other name was just plain stupid. But at least my newer name is better.



topnick12 said:

55 months later..... and i still don't have a Revolution!!

....all I have is this little gadget called the Wii....



BleachFan said:

It's not like many people can RESIST panning down to the lowest page when they look at the long list of them in the news section. Curiosity got the better of me. I had no idea the site was this old... O.o



Noire said:

where am i oh god there are scary people everywhere

somebody saaaaaaave meeeeee



LuWiiGi said:

Wow, the very beginning. This is before they knew it was the Wii. And now, NintendoLife is the best gaming site on the interweb.



Objection said:

Must add to the lunacy, almost 5 year wtf yes awesome amazing real sentences in comments be overrated yo



LuWiiGi said:

It's funny how half of the comments on this article were posted this year.
I wonder if any of the old users still visit the site.

EDIT: I just realised that three comments have been posted on this article on the same day! What are the chances?



RedYoshi999 said:

Woo, posting on the first article 5 years later... Am I doing it right?
EDIT: Make that 4 years and 364 days



Colors said:

Greetings peasents! I bring new from the future!
Nintendolife was once thought to be a mere stand-alone site. Never being able to become competition of those other gaming sites. But I bring joyous news! Joyous news indeed! Nintendolife will one day partner with, Europe's top gaming website. In a few years, the rest of the Bit. Trip series shall be released, and they will be put in compilations for the upcoming revolution and a certain portable! And the portable version shall bear a quote from Nintendolife. And last but not least, Nintendolife shall gain its own shelf in the eShop! What is this eShop you may ask? All in due time sir, all in due time. I am most pleased with this website. Now, back to he future I go!



benandarchie said:

Wow. this is literally like a gaming generation in the future now. This is a great site and always has been



zipmon said:

Wow! Happy 7th Birthday NintendoLife!!! I couldn't be happier to be a part of this wonderful team!



SomeBitTripFan said:

Wow! I'm looking at history right here! To think I hated the Wii when this site was created. Nintendo FLUX.



triforcepower73 said:

I'm going through some of the early articles and wow. Some of the most commented stories have like 12 comments. Y'all sure have gained a lot more followers since then! Now we have 600+ comments on some articles.....



NintendoROCKET said:

It's so weird to think I didn't even know what the words "video" & "game" even meant together back then... I was only a 6 year old in Kindergarten, now I'm 14 & in 8th grade!!



SageWaterDragon said:

Ah, Nintendo Life. After seeing how underwhelming this page is, however, I'm not sure if that 45 minutes of hitting the "Next" button was worth it.



Sherman said:

So, this is where all started
A lot of new faces... or old... I don't know! People I haven't seen before. I guess they went away.
A nice piece of history.
The road's been long, but the reward far more greater. I'm happy to be part of this community... this family.



Blueberry said:

I was so surprised to find that NL is so old. I started on VC-reviews and later fell in love with WiiWareWorld. I was sad that WiiWareWorld would merge but NL turned out to be a genius move. It carried over all the features from the previous sites and had a super intuitive section menu, so if I selected WiiWare I practically had WiiWareWorld with a pretty new skin.
This site is the prime example of web design for a blog/blog network and the extensive game database is great! To know that the there was an original NL site before makes that marvellous merger even more impressive! Thank you!



Drawdler said:

Best comments section. And look, I got the 99th post here! Congrats to whoever gets the 100th.



MrZanctom said:

Can't believe its been ten years...the name of the article is pretty great I might add! Let's hope for another ten years!

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