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Mon 28th Nov 2005

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ReInstall commented on Review: Picross 3D (DS):

Harsh review!
I've played the Japanese version to death. Its awesome! Time flies when playing this game. 30 minutes feels like 5.
The biggest problem with it though, it the time limit for each puzzle get too short at the end of the game.
Neverless, still a 9/10 from me..



ReInstall commented on Review: Essential Sudoku (DS):

Woah, went out and bought this after this review, but cant agree!
The interface is very clunky, to solve the simplist puzzle is more difficult that it needs to be because of the annoying controls. The only good things are the inclusion of colour picross puzzles, which is a first for games I believe, and the huge amount of puzzles. Shame it doesn't use the picross DS control scheme!



ReInstall commented on SEGA To Publish The Conduit?:

From the videos i've seen of it, The Conduit looks like it's a Metroid Prime and Medal of Honour beater in terms of Wii controls.



ReInstall commented on Wii're On Top, Again.:

Wii Fit will beat this record and everything else - It's what people bought the Wii for their parents for! That's if Nintendo can put enough on shelves of course..



ReInstall commented on Wii Chess Anyone?:

Nothing wrong with chess at all. Especially not for the older Wii owners out there.
Shame the graphics look so primitive!

I would have liked a '42 all-time classics' style game on the Wii - more likely for everyone to find something they like.



ReInstall commented on Virtual Console Coming To The DS?:

I wonder where the games will be stored? The DS doesn't have support for a memory card or anything!
Will the games need to be started from the Wii each time, or perhaps it will require a special GBA or DS cart to save the games...
Time will tell!



ReInstall commented on The Year of Wii:

I'd be shocked if that happened Sammy. The PS3 is a weaker console than the xbox 360, which has a larger community already. That said, there aren't many exclusives on the xbox, other than Halo and Gears of War..

Either way, I'll have all 3 so don't mind in the slightest



ReInstall commented on Review: Picross DS:

Yes, if you don't like picross puzzles then this game is not for you
You can try them out on sites like wiipicross to see if it's up your street.



ReInstall commented on Wii Menu Updated:

Just found out that some USB keyboards are now supported for messaging. I don't have one lying around to test this though, anyone else got this working after the update?



ReInstall commented on Wii Could Outsell PS2:

Back in stock just in time for the inevitable christmas rush, where they'll all sell out again.

Software releases are always slow in summer, especially for a new console. I don't think that's anything to worry about just yet.



ReInstall commented on Manhunt 2 Rejected By BBFC:

How can the BBFC say that as an adult, I'm still not mature enough to play a game or watch a film.
How did they manage to play it themselves without going insane or starting a brutal serial killing rampage?
Stop this madness, censoring for children is important, no argument, but adults, no way!



ReInstall commented on SSX Blur Cover Art:

I'm expecting BIG things from EA in this game! Can't wait for it

Not so sure about including skiing though! Skiers suck!



ReInstall commented on Review of Wii Play:

I think Wii play is good fun! The one player game will only last about 20 minutes. However, with 2 players, it becomes incredibly competitive! It successfully teaches beginners about the new method of control possible. That said, Wii Play is really short, I'd be a little more generous at 7/10.