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Tue 29th Nov 2005

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The_Stig commented on Review: X-OOM Media Centre for Wii XE:

Hmm, Wii users have been able to do this for a good few years now, for free using another program (of which I've not forgotten)

Don't think I'd like to stream a film over a wireless network, will be laggy as hell, especially if its an HD movie



The_Stig commented on Wii HD in 2011?:

Ant, the 360 will still require you to put the original disk in, so you can put the game onto the HDD, then put the original in to play it.

I think it's just to stop piracy, which will be the problem with putting games on HDD, you can get it off and easily give it to other people.



The_Stig commented on Ubisoft Stomping UK Summer Festivals:

I'm off driving to Belgium next festival for the start of my summer festivals, then all the way to Derby in August, but I won't be having a chance to win a 360 or Wii tho



The_Stig commented on More Wii Colours On The Way?:

I was hoping it would be between White & Black, I would have gone with black.

White is the new "colour" but most TV's etc are black, so it would blend in nicely.

It's okay white as my 360 is white.

But the only thing that's annoyed me the most with the Wii is, I wish the blue LED would stay on all the time like the promos!



The_Stig commented on Ozone's Christmas Wii Swindle:

Yer I saw that last night as I was watching it.

I don't understand why they say "it's not clear if its a scam" it blatantly is, the 'company' hasn't opened the doors of it's business in ages and there no where to be seen.

So I believe they've done a runner and won't be seen again, but more fool for the people to actually believe there's some Wii's days before Christmas.

This is why if I was to do an order on a website I always make sure I use a credit card and not a debit.



The_Stig commented on Oh Noes! Wavebird Discontinued:

I never liked the Wavebird, it looks too clunky and it doesn't have vibration does it?

Although it's a good alternative, because the normal Gamecube controller wire was way too short, that's what I loved about the original Xbox controller, about 1mile of cable



The_Stig commented on Nintendo Snubbed By Greenpeace:

I bet there suits alone have more PVC than in 1000 wii's

I wonder when Greenpace actually learn that probably 99% of everyone doesn't really care at all.

The world has lasted millions of years already and will continue to do so.



The_Stig commented on Manhunting Manhunt 2:

Eastenders and Corronation Street is more violent then this GAME because the soaps is real life (albeit acting) where as this is just a game.



The_Stig commented on A Year Of Wii:

It's a shame that theres a massive shortage of Wii's in UK (again) , I read that because of the shortage PS3 has gained a few more, don't know the legitimacy of this claim though.

I'm pretty much sure, the end of the first year for the Gamecube was abit sour, and it's good to see that the Wii is still the most talked about console, and the best!



The_Stig commented on Ant, Damo, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games:

Cool, I would have thought they'd at least have it on bigger TV's and running HD. Looks a cool day out though, invite me aswell next time

Was the game you played like "beta"? Is this game worth getting or should I buy the new Mario Party?



The_Stig commented on Wii Get Worms:

I can't see if they'd use the Wii to it's full potential using the Wiimote, only pointing and clicking surely.

I still want Lemmings to come out of Wii, would be the same pointing and clicking as Worms, but I prefer Lemmings to Worms (there more crunchy)



The_Stig commented on Wii Schedule 2007:

Bust a Move Wii (505Games) Sounds like some game you see on QVC, preformed badly by some idiot.



The_Stig commented on Nintendo NOT Recalling Wrist Straps:

I bet you though, once Super Smash Bros comes out on the Wii, your wrist band may snap. It's hectic as hell on the game cube. I always get the good ol' sweaty hand syndrome when playing it.



The_Stig commented on Your Wii Check List:

Well, am off to Tesco in just over an hour and waiting for a while. I hope some luck is on my side, and good luck to anyone else who is going on a mission tonight



The_Stig commented on Wii Sports WILL Be Boxed:

Tbh, I think i'm the odd one out and would prefer all games to be in them cases, or atleast those very slimline dvd cases, then on the Wii channels have a place for all manuals on there and just read them on the net if you ever read them, small is good..



The_Stig commented on Weekend Of Wii:

Well, the one and only Zelda game that I've played was on the NES and you had t collect bread or something stupid, never really interested me.

Twas the game where the case is gold, i'm sure things have moved on since then though



The_Stig commented on Weekend Of Wii:

Hmm, I've never been a fan of Zelda. Is the new Zelda, playable by anyone who's not played a Zelda game before, or does it have a story line linked to the previous games?



The_Stig commented on My First Day Of Wii:

Damn you lucky bastard!!

What size are the CD's I know the Wii takes both but from the games you got, do they use the smaller CD or the normal size?



The_Stig commented on Nintendo Wiimote:

I can't imagine them not holding onto it correctly, cos that would be stupid and feel weird. I can only imagine they have the legendary sweaty hands and it slipped out and somehow snapped



The_Stig commented on Nintendo Wii Upgrade?:

I've still yet to find a DVD that have multiple angles. The Wii should have a DVD player, which is multi region, then your Wii can be your multimedia hub. But I think the Xbox 360 deals with this good enough ATM and will be hard to beat.



The_Stig commented on The Wii Controller:

I can't wait to play the Wii with this control system, but I wonder how long it takes to master the controlling of the Wiimote. I can't see it being something you can pick up and learn how to do it in a few minutes.

Co-ordination is going to be the main key for the Wiimote



The_Stig commented on Importing Wii Guide:

Hmm, lots of information. But tbh, I love my warranties, things always break on me.

However, I'm hoping someone makes a freeloader disk and I would happily import games, just not the whole console it self. Is there any news on a freeloader?



The_Stig commented on Wii Is AiLive:

Dear god, watching this video without sound is odd, I see him doing chicken impressions and not a clue why, hahah



The_Stig commented on Bully Them All You Want:

The game is now being banned in UK, Currys and PC World, isn't going to sell it, but like anyone buys from them anyway......



The_Stig commented on Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007:

I still think having a DVD player is more important than having a browser on a games console, I still wouldn't use either, but whats the point in having a browser on the console?

My only thought is playing retro games and want ot find cheats to unlock more secrets, without having to go on your pc :S



The_Stig commented on The Cost Of Wii Points:

Whats do points make? prizes!!!!!

P.s seriously, what can you do with these points, i never bothered with the ones I got from Gamecube cos it was too much effort just to get a tea coaster :/



The_Stig commented on Miyamoto Hints At GameCube Remakes For Wii:

I thought the Wii can play GC games anyway? so why bother with all the hard work of remastering, and just use the Wii classic controller, which even has a Z button, so I don't see the point tbh :/



The_Stig commented on Exclusive Interview: Opera Talk Wii:

It's cool that it's supporting a browser, but is it needed at all?

The only purpose I can think of, is when where playing the retro gams and we wants some cheats, you open the browser rather than moving a foot to your pc :/