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Tue 29th Nov 2005

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Visor commented on UK Retailers Break Release Date for Pokémon X...:

I think you're blowing this all out of proportion - a couple days before release is no biggie. I've not seen any news from the games so I'll be just as surprised. Unfortunately release dates will always be broken.



Visor commented on Mario Kart 7 Mobile App Makes Kart Combos Clearer:

God people need to stop moaning about price. £1.50 is nothing. This looks like a pretty handy app. I'm sure you can get similar information fore free elsewhere so if that's your thing fair enough just stop moaning about the price.



Visor commented on Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Ga...:

bowlerchris. Of course the image would be better if it was 1080p. No upscaler is that good.

No one is saying graphics trump gameplay. What people are wanting is something very reasonable.

As for your projector upscaling, that does it post rendering which isn't the best way of doing it. The way an emulator would do it is by physically rendering the game at a higher resolution, which will look 100x better than post upscaling.

Don't get me wrong, the games play great regardless but some games would really benefit from having higher res graphics. Surprisingly games back from the SNES era scale very well. It's when we started hitting 3D that games start to look very aged. Boot up your N64 and it will run like a bag of by todays standards, to the point of being uplayable. Of course the Wii is a different story, but having Wii games in HD is not a silly request.



Visor commented on Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Ga...:

I think you're all missing the point here. HD Wii games would be a MASSIVE selling point for the Wii U. And it's far from a figment of peoples imagination. If any of you take the time to look at the dolphin emulator then you will understand, the quality is AMAZING.

Have a look at these screenshots of Zelda:

You're saying that it'll be too buggy? This is Nintendo we're talking about, they know their hardware better than these guys so Nintendo could emulate the Wii perfectly.



Visor commented on "The Most Powerful Engine Available For Wii":

Guys this game is an absolute waste of time. I dont understand why it has been so badly overhyped when we've seen nothing but a few concept shots of the game with no real indication of what the engine looks like or how the game plays.



Visor commented on Zack & Wiki Sinks Without Trace At Retail:

The problem with this is that it just looks like another kids game. Look at the box art and the screenshots. I think I'll pass it up. I may give it a go when it drops to an acceptable price for a wii game.



Visor commented on Stars Points For Wii Points Debacle:

I think the problem with this is Nintendo actually has to pay the publishers for the games.

Im guessing it isnt in the contract that Nintendo are allowed to give away their games for free.



Visor commented on Umbrella Chronicles Details:

When I first heard about this game I was never quite sure what to think about it.

But then when it hit me this is basically an arcade shooter I got more excited. House of the dead... but RE. Sounds bad ass to me.

Only drawback is the Wii remote, we need a gun sorted for this!



Visor commented on Iwata To Satisfy Hardcore Gamers:

Very excited about these three games. Although I reckon we wont see Mario in EU until next year. Prime's always a likely suspect over here because it's not as popular in Japan.

As for Smash Brothers, that can't be hard to translate for every region for a worldwide release.



Visor commented on Wii And DS Connectivity Inevitable:

This rumour was discredited by joystiq. That found the updating had something to do with collecting cards during gameplay. Whilst DS connectivity is innevitable, it isn't included in paper mario



Visor commented on Sadness Canned?:

I really don't understand the big deal about htis. NOTHING has been shown and NOTHING is known about it. We were simply shown a black and white trailer of a woman holding a Wii remote, playing a game.

It's no indication the game was intended to be played in black and white. Nor does it show what to expect from the game.



Visor commented on Nintendo Wiimote:

lol, idiots probably dont realise they have to hold on to the controller



Visor commented on Review of Metroid Prime: Hunters:

I really didn't think this game deserved a 9. I would have given it a 7.

The game was fun, and looked fantastic on the DS. The controls worked great, but after a while they did hurt.

The annoyance I found with the game is that it's not like other metroids where you explore a whole world. Instead you're given four level-like planets.

The main idea behind this game is that there are other "hunters" after what you're looking for. So your'e at competition. These are basically just random encounters, and can get REALLY irritating after a while. In my opinion they shouldn't spawn. Sometimes you can get stuck fighting four hunters in one level.



Visor commented on Bomberman Is Back!:

Yea, I love Bomberman. Fingers crossed it doesn't turn out crap like the last DS Bomberman.



Visor commented on Call Of Duty 3 to Take Advantage Of Wii:

Yea its' a very intuitive way of playing FPS games, looks a bit naff in Metroid tho. To turn around you gotta point at the corners of the screen which looks irritating. I heard they said it was too accurate to use it like a mouse where the screen moves with the pointer, but I think that's just nonsense.

Curious how they'll implement the aiming in this.



Visor commented on Nintendo Monopoly:

Yea I agree with Ryan, the idea sounded interesting as the title. But when I read into it, buying characters? That's just so stupid. I would've bought it otherwise



Visor commented on Duck Hunt Wii?:

Maybes it's just the NES version on the virtual console taking advantage of the rev remote?