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Fri 13th Jun 2008

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Blueberry commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

NintendoLife has been consistently great for these 10 years! Well, I guess 6 since I only started reading after the consolidation of WWW and VCR. Was more into "Wii's World" that reported on every little news in the bubbling beginning of the Wii.
This website is great from a functionality perspective; especially how easy it is to list games according to parameters and how beautifully segmented and sorted articles are. So the conservative in me says "don't change too much" but as long as you don't remove or obscure functionality or content, I'll be fine



Blueberry commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

I really liked NST. They developed the "up-ressing" N64 emulator for Wii's launch while it took Nintendo 2 years to game to develop the Wii U emulator that didn't "up-res" to HD, support true widescreen or surround sound. Maybe a strong NST would have been up to that challenge.



Blueberry commented on PolyKid's Indie 3D Platformer Poi Is Coming To...:

As people have said above. They jump arc and accompanying animation look very uncomfortable. They have to fix that before they launch their Kickstarter.
I get that they are going for a kind of "Journey" vibe, but the world felt sleepy. Just go all out infusing this world with character now. It needs a stronger identity.
The intro shot of the trailer was absolutely beautiful!



Blueberry commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

Honestly I don't want any of the options in the poll. Primarily I'd want them to improve the quality of the conversions. If Wii U "up-ressed" it's Mario Kart DS release it would look lovely and actually be a system seller for me, but just stretching 192p resolution to my 1080p screen looks very blocky. Also, not up-ressing N64 games more on Wii U than Wii did is disappointing. DK64 supported wide screen and Dolby Surround on N64, so Wii U ideally ought to support those features. It feels like a shame it doesn't.

Wii had excellent, quality conversions for the system. Other than quality, the number of available games and the guarantee that I'll own these games going forward (cross-console account system) is most important to me.



Blueberry commented on Our Nintendo Life Begins...:

I was so surprised to find that NL is so old. I started on VC-reviews and later fell in love with WiiWareWorld. I was sad that WiiWareWorld would merge but NL turned out to be a genius move. It carried over all the features from the previous sites and had a super intuitive section menu, so if I selected WiiWare I practically had WiiWareWorld with a pretty new skin.
This site is the prime example of web design for a blog/blog network and the extensive game database is great! To know that the there was an original NL site before makes that marvellous merger even more impressive! Thank you!



Blueberry commented on French Health and Safety Body Recommends Child...:

The only issue I could possibly see is that one does not focus on different points. The focus is fixed in the game and usually everything is in perfect focus. So that is different from real life but I think children learn how to focus on different points unless they don't spend more time playing 3DS than looking at things in real life.

There has to be some grounds for a dis-recommendation I think. Anything CAN be harmful, but let's not be like "Well, it's 3D. That's got to mess something up!". Stereoscopic 3D is not rocket science.



Blueberry commented on Video: Mario Kart 8 Isn't The Only New Mario K...:

I think this looks even better than MK8! It has brighter colours and looks less "realistic". If they'd bring this to the Wii U I'd consider buying it. But nobody can expect that. The game runs on a custom Windows 8 platform, not Nintendo hardware like the the earlier Mario Kart Arcade games. So it's not trivial to convert it like F-Zero AX > GX. Still, Nintendo seems to be more crowd pleasing recently.



Blueberry commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

It's quite sad to me that NintendoLife is filled with all these aggressively defensive people that don't read the article first. Personally I think it's good that DF are doing objective assesments of the graphics and especially if it is someting Nintendo can patch away.
Looking at it this way, Nintendo only needs to make the game run 2% faster and the game won't have this mini stutter every second. It does seem like that optimization would be worth it, especially for players who have sensitive eyes. As DF says, Nintendo usually doesn't skimp on the graphics front and I hope they will continue with that high pedigree in the future.



Blueberry commented on Little Inferno Has Sold A Million But Gamers D...:

@Ryno @BossBattles I'm not going head in to a debate about this on a NintendoLife article, but you have to realize that critical thinking doesn't mean having to disagree with something. If you are going into the money-influence issue there is a lot more money in the oil/gas industry than in the "climate control camp".
Most informed critical thinkers are actually convinced the progressively increased CO2 levels will cause more and more natural disasters. The article you linked about "Global Warming U-turn" is from The Daily Mail, a tabloid publication that post things that will bring them readers, often picking up low-quality scientific articles.



Blueberry commented on Details of Forbidden Magna Emerge, a New 3DS T...:

@unrandomsam According to Siliconera:
"According to the [Famitsu] magazine report, Rune Factory producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto will be producing the game, alongside Rune Factory series director Masahide Miyata and Ototsugu Konoe as the character designer. Konoe designed characters for Fate/Prototype."

Maybe Marvellous AQL hired part of the sacked Neverland team. After Neverland closed, Marvellous AQL said Rune Factory 5 would still be made so I don't think everyone lost their jobs completely.



Blueberry commented on Nicalis: We'd Like To Support Europe, But Nint...:

@unrandomsam Like I said, I don't know what requirement NOE has. But I guess corporations like Capcom can renegotiate NOE requirements anyway.
And yes, I think Nicalis (or maybe Mr. Rodriguez?) is a very risk-averse company. They don't want to spend too much money on anything. Hardly any of their games are developed in-house from the ground-up. And they probably consider publishing-related costs unwarranted, perhaps rightly so.
Dropping La-Mulana was probably also a strategic decision since it was ready so late in the Wii-cycle when sales of WiiWare games had experienced a general slump in sales. Still not okay towards the devs though. And with PAL releases being so uncertain it's not exactly like they are treating their fan-base like fan-bases should be treated...



Blueberry commented on Nicalis: We'd Like To Support Europe, But Nint...:

As many people have pointed out, the rating system situation is probably not the only thing that bothers Nicalis about NOE. I seem to remember reading on NintendoLife that NOE requires all games to be translated by authorised (expensive!) translator companies into all the main languages in the PAL zone: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
Sony does not have this requirement, but maybe NOE does.

Also PEGI also has an fast online rating system like ESRB, but it seems to be only available for phone game apps; like Android, iOS and Playstation Mobile. NOE should be able to convince PEGI to allow eShop games to be express rated this way, since eShop games are distributed the same way as on fore-mentioned platforms.
Check it out here:

Basically it's the usual "Nintendo, get with the times!" cry. They could really make things easier for third-party developers. Their recent porting of game engines like Unity, MonoGame and HTML5 suggest that they at least have the will to go down this path.



Blueberry commented on DSiWare to Become Nintendo's App Store?:

The problem here is that anyone can get on with development for iPhone, whereas Nintendo has a difficult process of allowing developers to develop for the DS. You have to have an office building, and a development kit costs from 2 000$ up to 10 000$.

I think we won't see at all as many apps for the DSi because of this. The only good thing about it is that the overall quality will be higher. But personally I don't mind having "bad" stuff on DSi, I will just skip buying it.



Blueberry commented on Why You Should Be Excited About Cave Story:

@ Drake: Just wanted to notice that this is ported by the studio Nicalis Pixel's (Daisuke Amaya) role in the project is not clear yet.
Nifflas, famous maker of the free indie game Knytt Stories, works with Nicalis.



Blueberry commented on Shin'en Interview - Fun! Fun! Minigolf:

The actual game looks nice. The characters however look plainly awful, very stereotypically "casual game". They should have used miis.

I would like to get Nanostray 2, but I don't have a DS.



Blueberry commented on Beer Pong Goes Alcohol Free:

A crappy game will now seem less special, and therefore sell less. Which of course is good.
And we don't need more pro-alcohol messages, so this is good news I believe.