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Posted by Mark Reece

Wish you weren't here

Nintendo is a company that's world renowned for its varied cast of versatile characters and Wario is certainly no exception. Since his first playable appearance in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Wario has starred in a plethora of 2D platforming adventures spanning the Game Boy right through to the DS, each one seeing everyone's favourite anti-hero utilising a myriad of costumes, undergoing strange transformations and acquiring useful abilities in his never-ending quest for treasure. Unfortunately Wario World, as Wario's first starring role on a home console, forgoes such eccentricities and is not nearly as entertaining as its handheld brothers.

Naturally, the story in Wario World revolves around treasure. While Wario is snoozing inside his newly built castle filled with all the treasures he's accumulated in his past adventures, unbeknown to him the evil Black Jewel awakens and causes some serious havok. When Wario himself stirs, he isn't best pleased to discover that his treasure's been transformed into monsters and the basement of his castle is now split up into four separate worlds, so he sets off to get his precious loot back and deal wth the Black Jewel.

The escapade that follows sees Wario running around, jumping on platforms, solving simple puzzles and battering waves of enemies along the way, across twelve levels (including four main boss levels). That platforming staple, the butt stomp, returns and basic attacks are carried out by hammering the B button, but are only any use against the standard enemies. Larger foes need to be knocked out and picked up before they can be defeated. You're able to simply throw them, or you can dispatch large groups of enemies by grabbing a foe and either spinning them around, piledriving them into the ground or performing a super-throw. These moves are also used to solve rudimentory puzzles within the environments — although they're less puzzle-like than they are glaring obvious — and gain access to trapdoors. These contain red gems that are required to finish each level and are obtained through the game's most challenging platforming sequences, which are a lot of fun.

However, those trapdoors hide Wario World's few highlights, as on the whole the game is a basic and by-the-numbers affair in which repetition sets in all too soon. Entering each new level provides a modicum of enjoyment as they're all vibrant, bursting with colour and no two levels are aesthetically alike, but every stage boils down to the same old routine: hammer B, jump around, find enough red gems to progress, rinse and repeat. Likewise, the enemies you face — even if they appear unique to each level — follow the same templates and fall into the same categories throughout the adventure. However, the boss fights are admittedly enjoyable, as they're impressive in scale, brilliantly designed and all require different tactics to defeat.

But entertaining boss fights aside, Wario World remains hugely disappointing. Wario is often Nintendo's ticket to doing something a little bit wacky and more "out there" than the core Mario games. When you take into account that even Super Mario Land 3, which was released way back in 1994, bestowed Wario with unique and interesting abilities in order for him to overcome obstacles, it's depressing that Wario World aspires to so little and appears perfectly content to degrade into a button-masher, and an easy one at that. Wario World can easily be polished off within six hours with little effort involved and also presents a minimal challenge. It's simple enough to extend your life meter through collecting gold statues and should you die you're able to respawn at the exact same spot. Doing so requires coins, but seeing as every enemy drops copious amounts of coinage the cost to respawn is miniscule in comparison to what you'll have collected.


There's nothing particularly inventive within Wario World and its appealing visuals and fun boss encounters can only go so far to offset its short length, lack of challenge and how incredibly tedious and repetitive it all is. Taking Nintendo's other Gamecube platformers into account — along with Wario's own rich heritage of handheld games — it's tough to give Wario World a recommendation. Even if you're not looking for a game that's particularly challenging or long, unless you're able to find any appeal in the idea of wearing out your Gamecube pad's B button while your eyes glaze over, you should really stick to Wario's Game Boy and DS adventures.

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Hokori said:

what? this game was great I know it wasnt as good as Wario Land but I still give it a 7.5 0r an 8



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

I remember playing this back in the day on my friends Gamecube. Needless to say we were pretty annoyed that we rented it. Good review.



BJQ1972 said:

I thought this was a great game. It was short, yes, but Treasure's trademark inventiveness shone through.



pikku said:

Haha this revew is sotrue I got the game for $15 and I pretty much regret it. As short as the game is, I still haven't brought myself to actually beat it yet. It's just way too sloppy lol.



Luffymcduck said:

This one never was a Players Choice, right? My friend waited a long time to get this for cheap (this never got into PC list though, but he found it cheap somewhere). This was fun at first but got boring quickly. But I still got 100%.



Teh-Ray said:

Holy crap, back then, I heard nothing but good things about this game. o-o

What a surprise.



ueI said:

I would say that Wario World is at least a bit above average.



Haywired said:

I really liked Wario World. Reading this (while I don't totally agree) brings back good memories. Always thought it was underated. It's a good little platformer.



Link79 said:

I had this game but after one playthrough that was enough for me.
I traded it in the very next day. It was more frustrating then fun. Very dissapointing game.



NintyMan said:

Sorry, but I have to disagree. This game was short, but I think it was very sweet and here are my reasons why.

Beating up all the enemies and pummeling the bosses is a satisfying experience, and those sub-levels that take place in the sky have great platforming much life the sub-levels in Super Mario Sunshine. Not only that, but the instruction manual that came with the game was by far the best I've ever read, because Wario himself explained everything about the game and it was actually entertaining to read.

This was the first game that made me like Wario, so I definitely wouldn't have jumped into his games as much if this game wasn't around.



Megumi said:

I just enjoyed because of the bosses. xD
I mean I hate spiders and clowns and muscular things wearing red tighties...which made the bosses even more enjoyable because i got kick the sh-...stuffing out of them.
(Spideraticus's music is awesome)



WhiteTrashGuy said:

WarioLand: Shake It! for Wii was pretty good. This was one of the few games in my 60 game GCN collection I eventually ended up selling.



komicturtle said:

I loved this game and still do. Though, I remember getting nautious because everytime he entered a level, a white background is shown with some blur- mostly because I came from surgery from getting my tonsels taken out and was not feeling good at all.

Would love for Nintendo to make another full 3D Wario game but based on Wario Land mechanics. Then again, I love the beating I got to do on enemies. Real satisfying to take down hordes of enemies.



SqueakyTheBone said:

While this game wasn't up to snuff with what you'd expect from a Wario platformer, I did get a decent amount of enjoyment out of it. Its about a 7 outta 10 for me.



47drift said:

So I think this makes this the second review I've disagreed with you guys on. It's short, but very very enjoyable and I still play it from time to time. Definitely one I'll never forget.



TKOWL said:

Ouch, glad I skipped out on this one. Considering this came out nearly at the same time as Warioware: Mega Microgame$, this game becomes pretty underwhelming.

At least this game had a great commercial.



Megumi said:

....Who care about the manuals? xD
(yeah ok I skim through them sometimes when I just bought the game....still)



benjamines said:

I definitely disagree. I thought the game was great fun. Plus, Wario's laughs were great.



ueI said:

The manual wasn't too special. Wario narrates most of his own manuals.



warioswoods said:

A 5/10? I'm a gonna butt stomp the hell out of you.

But seriously, while it doesn't compare favorably to the exquisite Game Boy games, this is a very fun and original take on platforming. It certainly ain't Mario-style platforming, nor is it quite like the style of the -Land series, but it's still great fun to romp around in these stages and bang things up for cash.

I'm all in favor of alternate ways of handling 3D platforming, and this was a gem in that sense. It's not perfect, but it's well worth adding to your GC collection, say I.



TheBaconator said:

One of the only things I remember from the time I rented the game back when it first came out is how terrible the final boss fight was.



ocarinaoftime said:

This place is hard on classics... 7 out of 10 super smash bros ... 5 out 10 wario world...what the world...i hate to see what this place would give kung fu nes ...



Capt_N said:

Didn't interest me back years ago, & still doesn't. Good read, though.



Linkuini said:

A week-long rental was all it took for me to see every inch of this game. Still, though, it was an awesome week. About 8 or so levels and about 13 or so great boss fights. Pretty much the least you can hope for when Treasure's involved.



Marioman64 said:

i loved this game, mostly because there was so many collectables and I could actually 100% it. the little mini-platforming rooms were clever and there were lots of collectables hidden in tricky places, it gave me lots of playtime



zeeroid said:

Really? I rather liked it back then. But, hey, haven't played the game in 8 years, so who knows!



retro_player_22 said:

Sad, Wario World is not as good as Mario World. Should had kept this as Wario Land since it's better than Mario Land.




Thanks for the revw, but a 5? Really? It didn't have a lot wrong with it ither than the length for me. 7 for me.



antdickens said:

I really liked this game too, I feel like having an inquest into the score It deserves a (at-the-time) 7 or 8 in my opinion.



RevolverLink said:

I rented this for a weekend back when it first came out. I had some fun with it, but I've never felt any particular desire to play it since.



pocket_arsenal said:

I enjoyed this game far more than any of the Wario Land games.
I hope they do make another one some day, but add a little more to the game than what it was. It did get a little repetitive after a while, what with most of the enemies just being reskins and all.



Terave said:

It doesn't deserve an insuffient, it's worth at least a 6. It's not that good as I expected, but it's a nice game to play.



Knux said:

Personally, I would give Wario World a 7 or 8. Sure, it might be somewhat repetitive and short, but I thought it was pretty dang fun. I wouldn't mind a sequel where it was longer and much less repetitive.



Edgy said:

I consider this game to be mildly entertaining but certainly not worth more than an average score. As 5 out of 10 is half-way through the scoring system, I have to say I'm inclined to agree with this review.



Mr_Reece said:

You only need to look at the diversity, imagination and inventiveness of the Wario Land games to see that Wario World is as by-the-numbers and tediously average as a game can get.

A 3D version of Wario Land - transformations, proper puzzles, etc - would have been far better than the mindless button masher that Wario World turned out to be.



Henmii said:

Only a 5?! Okay, the game has no transformations. But I still think it's a pretty fun and crazy game. I would have given it at least a 7!



Supervada said:

I enjoy this game! Smashing those freaks telling you that Wario know how to kick butt and the Wario Ware Inc. mini games is a nice bonus for the Gameboy Advance players who didn't play the game card version. I would get an 8 also in my option. Whahaha.



Kid_A said:

Yeah this is a weird one. It just feels...off. Like there's nothing bad about it, per se...but...nothing exactly good, either. Fair score, I'd say.



killer6370 said:

far to offset its short length, lack of challenge
thats totally wrong, its very difficult if you try to complete the whole game



Mr_Reece said:

It's not. You just need to collect more pointless stuff. The hardest part of Wario World was willing myself to bother with it.



47drift said:

I was going to suggest a "Second Opinion" section edit into the review, but it seems like the comments have it covered. Most everyone here loved it, and I couldn't be happier to be in this tasteful community, haha.



Omega said:

This is a very good game. It has good graphics, good controls, fluid gameplay, many collectibles, high replay value, GBA connection and the humor of the protagonist and many more. It was one of the best GC games when I bought it eight years ago and still is one of the best.



NintyMan said:

I played Wario World today and still believe in it much like Omega in comment 60 expressed. It brought back some memories of 2003 when I was younger and experienced Wario's crude humor for the first time. I like the treasure challenges that take place in the sky and the satisfying feeling of pummeling those silly enemies and bosses to bits. Even the shortness of the game doesn't detract much from the overall experience at least to me. I'd give this game an 8.



BlueBandanaJake said:

The game was kinda mediocre, but it did provide some fun, I can agree with the score, Wario has had much better games.

That being said though, I owe this game for introducing me to WarioWare XD



kingothekoopas said:

the fun of this game was the exploration and the battling with the enemies, but i do have to agree, there wasn't enough of it to offset the shortness of the game. i managed a 100% run in 2 days. that bad thing about that is, it was a 4 day rental. i probably could have done it in one day had i stayed at it. it was fun though. just not fun enough to keep.



TikiTong said:

I dont agree with the review too much, but respect the reviwer's opinion. This game was a big part of my gaming childhood....brings back so many memories. Pounding enemies, collecting money , OH, and the bosses, nightmarish ( I was 5! ) and massive bosses, man I love this game!!



DarkEdi said:

It deserves a 5. It is a good game but without replay value. You get all treasures in each level easily and then there aren´t more game options later. It is a good game but when you get all then is useless.



PigmaskColonel said:

@Jetset Yes! This is quite possibly the most underrated game I've ever played. Also, this title has one of my favorite soundtracks ever, so I totally agree.

This should have gotten an 8 or 9. Seriously, how the heck did this get a 5?!



RegalSin said:

Could have been longer, I never finished it at all. The game kept on getting more and more challenging and I want an perfect score. Seriously I wished this game had human enemies like the GBA and GBC games.



MussakkuLaden said:

Surely the weakest game I know from Treasure. But then again, it isn't really their genre. And what is more: It's still quite good. A 6.5. from me or so.

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