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Toki Tori Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Is this Toki Tori's grand comeback or is our feathered friend best left forgotten?

In 1994, the relatively unknown Dutch company, Fony, released a quirky little game called Eggbert for the MSX home computer. The system was never really all that popular outside Japan, but a few European countries (the Netherlands included) had quite a big fan base for the machine.

The game starred a little chicken called Eggbert, who had to travel through four different locations (forest, computer, sewer, and sea) and solve puzzles to get back his lost siblings (all still trapped inside their eggs). Sadly, this fine game was lost in the mists of time, and is even omitted from many MSX game lists dotted around the net.

Years later some ex-Fony employees started their own company: Two Tribes. And what better way to celebrate than to remake the only game their previous company released? The game, now renamed Toki Tori, was released that same year (2002 in Europe) on the Game Boy Color. It was mostly the same as Eggbert, but with completely new levels (although they were in the same general locations, aside from one - the "computer" world was replaced by a "castle" world). Thankfully, the new version enjoyed more success than its predecessor and gained positive reviews across the board. Japanese giant Capcom published it, which serves as a testament to its quality. Unfortunately the Game Boy Color was in the process of being superseded by the shiny new Game Boy Advance, so the timing was far from ideal.

But you can't keep a good chicken down, as the saying goes: Toki Tori is back again on WiiWare. The gameplay is unchanged - Toki Tori's mission is still to find all his missing siblings by solving puzzles. In this sense the game is a bit like a mix of the classics Lemmings and The Lost Vikings (Lode Runner is also comparable). Toki Tori can freely walk around each stage, but that won't be enough to get all eggs. To accomplish that, you have a number of tools at your disposal (the number of each is preset for every stage). Using these, you can do things like build a bridge, create a block, freeze an enemy, or even teleport. You can also pause the game and look around the whole stage in order to plan ahead; most levels have only one precise solution, which requires all items. If an enemy touches you, you fall into spikes/lava, or you become otherwise unable to reach the remaining eggs, you have to restart the level.

The game has the same four locations as in the GBC game (Forest Falls, Creepy Castle, Slimy Sewer and Bubble Barrage). This time, there are both new and old levels. The differences (aside from graphics) between each world aren't that big, though each world has its own "special" item, which you won't really use in any of the other worlds. Each world has 10 levels, after which you can do two things: move on to the next world, or stay and attempt the "hard" stages (7 in the first two worlds, 9 in the third, 6 in the last) . If you want to beat the game, you'll have to beat the hard stages eventually, but if you're not so confident you can do the rest of the normal stages first.

There are also a few "item" stages where, once you get a new item, you get to learn how to use it. Between each world, there is a "transition" stage, which features no puzzles, but consists only of Toki Tori moving from the previous world to the next. Altogether, there are over 70 stages. If a stage is too hard, you can use a "Wildcard" to skip it -- you only have one of these though, so if you encounter another stage you can't solve, you'll have to solve the previous one first to get your Wildcard back! If you're truly stuck, Two Tribes mentions that you can contact them to get a hint.

Graphics-wise the game is quite pleasing to the eye. All the characters are pre-rendered, which makes them look quite smooth, and all backgrounds appear to be hand-drawn. The main menu is a bit bare, but it does the job. After selecting a level you will briefly see a picture of Toki Tori hiding in that level's setting: for example, if you select a castle stage, you will see him peeking out on the castle walls. As you get further into the game, Toki Tori will send postcards to your Wii Message Board, containing some humorous artwork of him in one of the four worlds, along with a short story. Another nice touch is that in Bubble Barrage, the underwater world, Toki Tori wears a snorkel.

Two Tribes has opted to make use of the Wii remote's pointer in the control system which was a smart choice. The game only uses a few buttons. If you point at the screen and press A, Toki Tori moves to the location of the pointer. Pressing B makes him use an item, while left/right on the d-pad, or flicking the Wii remote left/right, cycles through items. You can also attach a nunchuk if you want to move around with an analogue stick instead, or you can use a Classic Controller. If you have a friend with you, he can grab a second Wii remote and draw hints, tips and tricks on the screen with the pointer.

Music-wise the game is really quite amazing. The GBC game had a few great tunes, but all of them have been replaced by new, even better ones. Pretty much all of them are very catchy, and will definitely linger in your head for a while after playing the game. Each plays for several minutes before looping, and while the same general "theme" plays in every stage in a world, there are three or four variations, meaning you won't often hear exactly the same theme.


We were a bit worried that Toki Tori on WiiWare was just to please the fans of the GBC game, but Two Tribes have really outdone themselves. If you've already played the original, then you will probably blaze through the game in no time, as it has a lot of the old levels. But hey, it's been a fair few years since the GBC original -- it might be nice to revisit the game and get some new levels as a bonus. If you haven't played the original, well, you're in for a treat! At full price the GBC game was already worth it, but this version only costs 900 Wii Points, which really is a steal.

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User Comments (103)



Bass_X0 said:

Unfortunately I don't have money right now to spend on games. This will be my first download as soon as I get some though. I'm disappointed that WiiWare games take up a huge amount of space but hopefully this will push Nintendo into giving us a proper storage device for the Wii.



Zelda_Guy said:

Ive been staking up on points recentily. I will get this, putting it at 900 points is a great idea!



Boringman54 said:

Not my kind of game but it still looks pretty good. And 70 levels is alot for a WiiWare game, but I'm not saying that's a bad thing.



Raptor78 said:

Im still in two minds about getting this. 70 levels is a lot for your money and I cant argue about the value of the game, but I feel that I would bore quickly of this game.

It does seem a really well developed game though and I have some friends that would definately like this game.



JZLAM said:

Hey Drake-
How long does it take to make it through the 70 levels? The screens look so simple that it looks like even 70 levels might not provide much play time.
P.S. Nice review



DJ_LINK said:

Just bought this before I saw this review! Glad to see that it holds up to my 20 minutes of initial impressions - It's Great!



Olimar_91 said:

Looks like most WW games are about 300 blocks give or take. I really cannot wait for this, and 900 points is insanely low for something this great, I was prepared to pay as much as it cost.



Drake said:

JZLAM: I'm about half done in 3 hours or so now, but I played the GBC game before, so I knew the solutions for all returning levels. If you're new to the game then I'm going to guess it will take you about 12 hours to beat everything.



ICEknight said:

Does the PAL version run at 60Hz? I think that kind of info should be present in every review...



Drake said:

All PAL WiiWare games run in 60Hz I'm pretty sure (As long as you have your Wii set to 60Hz).



ShoRyuKen said:

Being a huge fan of Lemmings & The Lost Vikings & never playing this game, I will be getting it!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I need a better... shall we say, incentive to convince me that this game is worth my time and points. Although I'm not getting it, it catches my interest, being the puzzle fan that I am.

Was 900 Points a bad decision on their part?



Corbs said:

Drake that was an outstanding review! I can't wait for this game to come to the US. I loved the GBC title and I look forward to this one as well.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Lol @ the fact that this game is surprisingly bigger than FFCC. xD
I never tried the GBC original.. in fact, I had no idea it existed till now.



Jupiter_Adept said:

Well, looks like I'll be keeping my points. Unless EarthBound comes out at the same time as or before this.

Uh oh.



jackaroo said:

I bought this today along with 3 other wii ware titles. This game is pretty awesome. I like the idea of lemmings mixed with platform style gameplay. And the puzzles are quite fun to play through. I recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games really.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I guess I need to get this game now as it looks too good to pass up. Curse you WiiWare! I'm buying too many video games as it is!



Nero said:

Good review. Second VC game I bought and not regretting it. Great fun game and I really dig the music.



thewiirocks said:

@KnucklesSonic8 sez... Was 900 Points a bad decision on their part?

Nope. In fact it was good business sense. If the game only had a handful of levels (e.g. 10 levels) then the price would probably turn off most gamers. If the graphics were overly simplistic, the price would turn off most gamers. If the concept screamed "repetition!", gamers would get turned off.

But Two Tribes has managed to deliver a game that looks good, has interesting mechanics, and contains a metric bucket-load of levels! With those aspects in mind, Toki Tori is perfectly priced. Had it been any cheaper, gamers would have wondered what was wrong with it! Had it been any more expensive, then it would be in direct competition with titles like Lost Winds. (Hey, a dollar/euro/0.75pounds is still a dollar/euro/0.75pounds. )

I didn't think twice when I saw the 900 point price tag. Which tells me that Two Tribes understands their business extremely well.



andy836 said:

good thing i have 5000 wii points not to mention the ones i already spent on lost winds and FFCCMLAAK lol i'm going wiiware crazy and giving all the developers a chance.



Chipmunk777 said:

What do you do once you've beaten the game though..? It seems like something you could complete in maybe 6-7 hrs of play (if you got really into it), then never touch again.. Are the puzzles on each stage really that different? It seems like after 10 or so stages you'd get the hang of it and the stages would become dull.



calculon said:

@Chipmunk777 - I'd take Drake's word for it that this game has plenty of challenging gameplay that should take anyone who's never played the GBC game a good 8-10 hours to complete (put it this way, it took me about one and a half hours to complete the first ten levels of stage 1) For under 1000 points what more could you ask for?



Kevin said:

Well, I'll be getting this with Dr. Mario on monday now. It sounds great.



Tundra said:

I got this with Dr. Mario and find that together they really give more bang for the buck, simply because this game isn't easy, and will take a while. You can unlock harder levels once you've done the normal ones too.
I'm currently playing it casually, as it's just a nice game to play in between other things. As far as gameplay is concerned it was well refined years ago, due to it being a remake. It's a great way of introducing a not so well-known game to the masses.



DEMON212 said:

Sorry, don't have time to read all the comments, very busy with VCR/WWW Pod Cast duties, just want to know...

So do Two Tribes hold the rights to Eggbert? If so... The VC's getting MSK titles



Drake said:

I'm pretty sure they do. In the credits under "we would like to greet the following people" (Or something like that) it lists Eggbert (And Guybrush Threepwood, LeChuck, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and others, haha).



DEMON212 said:

Cool 8)

Well, I'm done (Actually I've still got the news to write up, but there's not much). Totally agree with the review, IMO it's one of your best Drake and IMO this is the best WW game out. Although FFCCMLAAK is VERY addictive, lol.

My review looks crap after reading this, but I'm always worried that if I say the music's great that someone will leap at me, so I try to cater to both by saying "It's basic but it's still very good". And the same goes for graphics, because I can't stand getting barraged from graphic Fanboys.

However when it comes to the pointer and the post card, I left it out because the 2p feels like filler to me and the post card thing is a great surprise

Still though, mint review and an even better game



Bass_X0 said:

The graphics do look good... for a Game Boy Color game remade for the Wii. Obviously they don't look as good as LostWinds but I personally like seeing old games given modern graphics. I don't have any nostalgia for the GBC game but Toki Tori is the kind of game that appeals to me. I'd like to see more old games remade on WiiWare like TokiTori has been.



Steve1 said:

Is it anything like Mario vs DK? I have that on GBA and I thought of it as soon as I saw a screenshot of this. Or maybe Lemmings?
I'm quite tempted to go for it...



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah. kinda. except you don't have to save a number of mini-marios/lemmings like you do in those games. i guess its closest to Donkey Kong '94 in it being a puzzle/platformer (I'd love for DK94 to be modernised for WiiWare like this).



Airola said:

When I read that this game could be played by two players I immediately thought it would be fun to play it with my girlfriend (I'm playing and she's giving clues, and vice versa). I downloaded the game and told her that she could help me with the second Wii Remote. She just thought that she wouldn't do it as she didn't see it important or anything like that. I asked her to at least try it. She tried and didn't think it would be of any use and found it pretty awkward to try to give hints like that.

Fast forward to the castle stages... She had been watching me play from the beginning and her interest on the game just grew and grew. I had a serious problem with one of the levels and just couldn't beat it. She had an idea on how to clear the puzzle and tried to explain it to me. It was hard for her so she almost stood up to go in front of the TV to show what she meant. At that point she just "naturally" grabbed the Remote and draw her thoughts on the screen. It was EXACTLY how the developers had thought it! I just had a huge feeling of JOY from the realization of it and the greatness of Toki Tori just kept on growing.

If I could meet the people behind Two Tribes I would shake their hands and say a huge "thank you" for giving us top notch entertainment!



Dbc said:

Luv the game, And for 900 W.P's /DAMN(Goed gedaan jongens)!!!



Shortay said:

Great review Drake, I think I'll get this as my next WiiWare games. How about you give Two Tribes a ring to see if they can gift it to me?



AlexSays said:

@ Shortay-01

can you get Two Tribes to gift it to me too?
and i'd appreciate it if Nintendo would gift me Dr. Mario.



TheBaconator said:

290 blocks that hurts. I have 395 blocks left but if I get this I can't get anything else and the only VC games I have left are my favorite classics! DAMN YOU NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it is a good game though,



Reuf said:

Thanks guys for all the positive feedback on the game, that's really appreciated!



DC3fanboyWii_NL said:

This game is a good game, I'm playing it right now. I like it, I never play this game before neither onGameboy Color. which really is a steal.



koresh1959 said:

I was stuck on 2-10 for quite a while, so I quit & started watching TV. About 30 minutes later, completely out of the blue, I had a "eureka" moment, quickly turned on my Wii and completed the level instantly. I think that says a lot about how engrossing the game is, because the back of my mind was working on the solution all that time.

I'd say it's a cross between Donkey Kong on the Game Boy (in regard to level design) and a simplified Zack & Wiki (what with the items). Everyone should buy this!



Jazzem said:

This is my first WiiWare game and I absolutely love it. Great graphics (Looks lovely via component on my HDTV), a surprisingly nice soundtrack and some solid, challenging puzzle gameplay. As a huge puzzler fan it's Heaven for me! Thoroughly recommended



StarDust4Ever said:

As a Game Boy Color fanatic back when I was a senior in high school, it always royally aggravated me that over half of the shelf space at Walmart was always filled up with Pokemon games. I finally bought a whole glut of games at ToysRus when I found out that the Game Boy color was being discontinued, however, like most everybody else around here, I missed out on this title. I will probably download this when it releases; however storage space on my Wii is really becoming an issue by now.



MattP said:

I love this game!
baught it two days ago and can't stop playing^^

PS: good review



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Screw what I said on the game page. I'm getting this game for sure!!!
Thank you for the well-written review. It certainly helped a strong puzzle fan like myself. Only gripe is the size but I don't care about that atm. I'll cross that bridge when I get there if need be.

Oh and Jazeem, hearing a fellow HUGE puzzle fan say that this game is truly challenging, that it's "heaven" and that you THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND it is truly heartwarming to see!



Jonny said:

Breezed through world one and two and am now completely stuck at world 3. This is gonna take a while



Chipmunk777 said:

Well I love puzzle games, so I'll definitely pick this up once I clean up my wii storage a bit.. I find I've been deleting quite a few games as of late. The only thing really keeping from this game now is the large block size.. And the fact that I've been spending too much money on wii points the past few weeks!! 8P



Kenji510 said:

This is gonna be a cool game to grab on monday and i wanna try it out too, haha.



Objection said:

Crap....if only it wasnt so big...after this and one more wiiware game, my Wii will be full...TIME TO DIE, NINTENDO CHANNEL!!!



Phantom5800 said:

damn it, between this and two other WiiWare games, I am already down to 83 blocks ... again after deleting a 2 N64 games, 2 Genesis games, 1 Turbografx game, 5 NES games, and 1 SNES game.



TRON said:

1000 Wii points and the 300 some blocks is a bargain for this game. It's highly polished, has a great learning curve that never leaves you bored or wondering WTH is going on, and has more hours of gameplay than many $50 games. The music and graphics are pretty good too. It actually kinda reminds me of Zack and Wiki, with a dash of Lemmings or Lost Vikings.



Pink_Rabbit said:

I send Two Tribes an e-mail to congratulate them with such a fantastic, I got a personal mail back about how they like getting positve feedback and that if the game sells well there will be a sequal
So get it everyone! It's a great game!



Jockolantern said:

Buy. This. Game. Now.

Especially if you love puzzler platformers. All kinds of fun to be had here! I'm immensely pleased with how this game turned out.



Objection said:

I got this yesterday. Love it, but HOLY CRAP, the Hard levels are evil! I could only get 3 of the first 7! Now, skipping to world 2



Final_Starman said:

I wonder if I should get this. This sounds interesting. It seems like a good game with loads of variety, and Drake's review made the game sound awesome, but will the game be too hard for me?

Also, I loved Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the GBA, so will I like this game? Decisions, decisions...



Objection said:

Too hard? It wil require some thought, but you should be able to beat at least the first half of the game with no problem (not including the evil hard levels). I say the first half, because I can confirm that, having gone that far.



AchubaNanoia said:

Just downloaded this game today, and I will confirm the review, the game really is great! I haven't tried multiplayer yet since everybody I know is busy this week, but if nothing else, the singleplayer is great. I really like how the puzzles, even if some really difficult to solve makes sense. Nothing of the "Find the torch underwater then flame the palm tree so the rubber duck can fall on the crocodile and make him fetch you the key" sort of thing, which is great! -- 5 stars, no doubt.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Final_Starman: I love MVDK. It was a great puzzle game.
Toki Tori is such an awesome game, I'm so glad I gave it a try!! I've been playing it a lot lately and I've gotten to Bubble Barrage (5). Everytime I'm stuck, I don't rely on help. I figure it out myself, in the end. Trust me. A lot of the stages WILL get you stuck, no doubt.

The Slime World is where the difficulty amps up. Even in Creepy Castle, there's evidence of this, as the difficulty starts to increase but it increases much more notably in the 3rd World.

This game ROCKS! It's truly heartwarming to see such a great game being the avid puzzler fan that I am!! I am honestly REALLY REALLY hoping they make a sequel. I'd buy it in an instant!!! Thank you, Two Tribes. Thank you for making the heart of a HUGE puzzler fan truly happy!!!

And yes, the Hard stages WILL have you on edge. I KNOW how to beat a very difficult Forest Falls Hard stage (figured it out on my own) but it's all in the timing. I've beaten about.. ohh... 80% of the game, I'd say and I still have a lot to do, including Hard stages I can't seem to figure out. The game is just so deceptively challenging and it does my heart good!!!

As you can tell.. I'm very VERY pleased with Toki Tori. Probably my favourite/the best released WiiWare Title yet!! (And I've played quite a few.)



Objection said:

@knuckles dont space your comment out please But it seems you are a lil past me (I am on puzzle 3-4) BTW have you reg'd me in DM? Cause I have.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Lol. xD

Dr. Mario = Dunno. Wii Message me.

So you're stuck on Slimy Sewer, hm? If I can sneak the digital camera, I'll be taking videos of solutions to puzzles in Toki Tori that I've discovered on my own. I'm on bubble Barrage 5 right now and while at work, I've been thinking of the solution and I know how to get past it (after my first run-through with it). I wonder how far everyone else is...

Oh and again sorry about the above comment. I REALLY love Toki Tori. It's an awesome game and was SO worth 1000 Points.



Julian said:

I downloaded this game yesterday, and it's really amazing! The two player drawing feature reminded me of Zack & Wiki, but it doesnt really work for us...talking is usually easier. That doesnt really matter though, this is definitely the best Wiiware game. The puzzles can get pretty hard, but you can work it out. Plus, the game only costs 10 bucks, and it is better than some $50 games!



Kafei2006 said:

Lemmings meets Lost Vikings meets Donkey Kong '94 for the Game Boy. Nice visuals, solid gameplay, awesome music and good play time, all for 900 wii points. My first and only wiiware game till now (i skipped lostwinds because of its low play time) and i'm not disappointed at all. I suggest any puzzle game fan who's into 2D old school games to dive into this one.



SRPirate said:

yeah im going to get this game with my 1500 points instead of gyrostarr and star soldier R



Ricardo91 said:

I downloaded this game by accident. It took, like 3 hours (I'm exaggerating, but it sure felt like that.) for it to load to my wii, but man am I glad I got it! A great, smartly-designed puzzler imo. I can't believe I overlooked this game so nonchalantly when it first came out! I haven't played since I beat the main levels, but I'll get to those hard levels eventually! I give it a solid 9/10 too!

btw At the end, Toki Tori fries a bunch of eggs in a giant pan, in front of a bunch of happy little baby chicks. How disturbing!

Oh, and, uh, to the people at the top of the page, this game costs 1000 points, not 900.



Clayfrd said:

I bought this game a couple of days ago, and I'm glad. The game is enjoyable, and completing levels is rewarding. That said, it is also hard. I, uhh, attempts to swallow pride am on the last level in the sewers, and I am stu... chokes on pride, cannot complete sentence

Good game. Buy it. Very good. I plan on Sporifying Toki Tori. Insanely good...



I hope to get this eventually, I loved the GBC game. I suppose I would be frowned upon if I asked somebody to gift it to me? Oh, well.

A 9, huh? That's tied with FFCC and LostWinds, both of which I'm probably never going to play.



WiiBoy said:

TokiTori and LostWinds are the best games for WiiWare so far! Buy it!



Twilight_Crow said:

Toki Tori rules, I have 7 more hard levels to go, but they are crazy, so I'm resting my brain for a while and I'll comeback later, great game, really huge, everybody buy buy buy!!!



earthworm said:

I would have downloaded this sooner than I did had I known what type of game it is. It strikes me as kind of a cross between Lode Runner and Lemmings. Interesting historical details in the review.



Kaluba said:

I downloaded this in June. It was my first WiiWare title, and it still is. This game is perfect. It is addictingly fun! I am in the last world, and I will say that I don't play it every second, but I do play it when I can. It combines fun and using your brain. A perfect mix. What really shocked me was that it didn't make it to far up in the popular titles list. Now it is off the list. I don't see why people wouldn't download this. I highly recommend giving this a download if you have enough room on your Wii, and if you don't, well, make room!



Mipsymoodle said:

this was my first wiiware game too...now i have 2...this and my aquarium...this game is great but my aquarium is eh...Toki Tori (4/5) My Aquarium (2/5)



grumblebuzzz said:

You know, I guess I'm gonna be the odd man out now and say that I wasn't really all that impressed with this game. I found the music kind of annoyingly sunny (kept it on mute most of the time), the level designs repetitive (it's basically the same backdrop for each stage of each level with different traps and puzzles) and the game itself was just kinda "meh" for me. It wasn't HORRIBLE, but far from a 9/10, IMO. I'd rate this a 7 at best.



megatron said:

boo. i have 900 wii points. i was going to pick this up, but then realized it's only 900 points for the EU.



wiiwareaddict said:

Great Puzzle game!Must admit though I've been using some walk throughs on some of these final levels. 8/10



ReddLionz said:

Right now I'm on the last world of this game. I haven't had to use any walkthroughs so far, but each level takes me about 20-30 minutes to figure out. This and World of Goo are my favorite WiiWare games. I think it definitely deserves 9/10.



shinesprite said:

@98 PAL has to do with the European version.

Great game! This review convinced me to get it, and Ive never regretted getting it. 8.5/10 in my opinion (with respect to the slightly higher NA price point).



Zandaxar said:

I just want add my voice that yes this is an outstanding game for those who like to solve puzzles that challenge your brain. Kudos all round:-)

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