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United Kingdom

Wed 21st May 2008

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Tundra commented on Review: LostWinds:

Oddly i've not really warmed to getting this game at all, but we're all different right? I might get it if I really feel starved for games, but i've bought two wii ware games already, not forgetting wii games to play, AND yet more coming out. I hear there will be a sequel, so hopefully that can fix on this versions inherent problems.



Tundra commented on Review: Toki Tori:

I got this with Dr. Mario and find that together they really give more bang for the buck, simply because this game isn't easy, and will take a while. You can unlock harder levels once you've done the normal ones too.
I'm currently playing it casually, as it's just a nice game to play in between other things. As far as gameplay is concerned it was well refined years ago, due to it being a remake. It's a great way of introducing a not so well-known game to the masses.



Tundra commented on Review: Dr. Mario Online RX:

It's a fun game. Online is great and often challenging with the settings getting harder as your rank progresses. I lost practically all my first games, but then I was totally new to it all, but I have to say it won me over! It's certainly addictive and a nice game to enjoy in quick bursts or prolonged sessions.

And to clarify, there IS a leaderboard! Ranking is similar to other Nintendo games, starting out at 5000, and gaining or losing when you win or lose along the lines of Mario Kart etc