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Mon 19th May 2008

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Reuf commented on Preview: Swords & Soldiers HD:

@brandonbwii this version features local multiplayer, not online. The original version also didn't have online play. We obviously thought about online play as well, but the current development already took 4 months and adding online play could easily take another 6 months. Yes it is THAT difficult! And at the incredibly low price we are selling it for, we couldn't justify the additional dev time. But I personally love the game the way it is now, even without the online play. Hope you guys will too!



Reuf commented on Two Tribes Development Studio Shuts Down and N...:

@Raylax we didn't built everything from the ground up. Our engine has been in constant development since 2005 and we used this engine as a foundation for TT2.

However what we tried to accomplish with TT2 was something so new for us, that we had to create a new game from the ground up. We couldn't just use Toki Tori and use that codebase for a sequel. The game was completely different. Even if we had used a 3rd party engine like Unity (which wasn't even possible since Unity didn't run on the Wii U properly at the time), we still had an enormous task in front of us to create that game in it.

In the end it has been a combination of factors that led to the downfall. TT2 took way longer than anticipated for numerous reasons, definitely not just the tech. The Wii U under performed. The audience changed: a lot of people don't "get" tough games like TT2 anymore, they simply want a quick bite that is easily consumable. Not something that requires a lot of effort of their grey mass and patience. And finally, devaluation of games. Thanks to the App Store, Steam sales and Humble Indie Bundles, games are becoming cheaper and cheaper. A lot of people buy them during sales and have a back log of dozens of games. Resulting is a smaller attention span: if it doesn't hook you immediately, you're off to the next game. And this is something we didn't really realize. If people don't play your game long enough to fully appreciate it, the creation of a buzz is nigh to impossible. Before people really start to enjoy TT2, they have spent an hour or two on it. In the "old days" people did that. Nowadays they don't. And we failed to see that.

As you can see there are tons of reasons as to why this went wrong (and I haven't even covered them all). There is no single reason for our "death", there were more and we'll provide more details on that, once we get things running again.



Reuf commented on Two Tribes Development Studio Shuts Down and N...:

@gatorboi352 Actually it underperformed across the board. Steam too hasn't been the same the past years as it used to be. On that platform people only seem to buy games when they're heavily discounted (70+ %) and at that point as a developer you hardly make a dime.



Reuf commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

We see the exact same thing with Toki Tori 2... If people get stuck, they tend to post it on Miiverse instead of letting their grey matter take care of the problem.

I think the attention span is just a lot shorter these days. I remember being stuck on Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island or similar games for days. And when I finally found the solution, I could dance for days



Reuf commented on Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush Official Trailer:

@10 Let me answer those for you

1. we got 3 difficulty levels, easy medium and hard... And I can assure you, there are some really tricky puzzles in there
2. We added a special score mode to the rubik's cube as well, which can be seen as a different game. Basically you need to match the patterns on the frontmost side. Apart from the normal cubes, the score mode also has leaderboards.
3. Yes I am, Collin is not
4. Most definitely, we added a nine step tutorial to the game
5. We're still debating about it
6. Too much work



Reuf commented on Review: Toki Tori:

Thanks guys for all the positive feedback on the game, that's really appreciated!



Reuf commented on Two Tribes Interview - Toki Tori:

Thanks for all the positive "I buy this right away" comments

@Kokstra: Excellent observation, I blatantly copy/pasted it It was a perfect description of the game, so no need for me to write a new/different story. It indeed saved me some time.