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Sat 17th May 2008

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DC3fanboyWii_NL commented on Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe:

We got Big Brain Academy and DR. Kawashima's BRAIN TRAINING for DS-downloadservice. Why Nintendo do not send all the demos to everyonce. Nintendo must put de demos on their server and let everybody download them, why those separtion. Sorry for my bad english. Hope you guys understand.



DC3fanboyWii_NL commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

OMG THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE, I can't stop playing it. I keep going going and going. I'm at day 83 right now. Mennn I hate when my adventure miss/failed or return the battle I have now paid them more gile now in the Guild Hall it now on Level 4. My Armor and Weapon shop verry hight in levels right now.



DC3fanboyWii_NL commented on Review: Toki Tori:

This game is a good game, I'm playing it right now. I like it, I never play this game before neither onGameboy Color. which really is a steal.