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Sat 15th Nov 2008

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megatron commented on New Play Control! Pikmin 2:

from what i have heard, the sequel is much better than the first one. but if i pick this up instead of the first one, am i going to be lost? or does the second game stand alone?



megatron commented on WiiWare Games Now Available On Amazon:

does this mean i don't have to pay tax on wiiware games(when i first purchase the points)? and like someone else said, does this mean there could be sales on wiiware games? i already see a benefit to not having to buy 2000 points when you want games that total fewer points than that.



megatron commented on Steel Penny Games Update - Part 2:

all this said, i bought the game and i still feel ripped off.
i suppose if they had sold the game to twice as many people for half as much they still wouldn't have improved their finances. they might have earned themselves some more repeat customers though.

also, i played an absolutely terrible spyro game on the ps2 (i think). the music cut off, there were random lines from the characters to the sky... that's the only spyro game i have ever played though.



megatron commented on Review: Lonpos (WiiWare):

i'd get this if it was cheaper. it looks like something i would enjoy. but it also looks like something i would regret spending so much money on.
i second the suggestion to make the game maybe 1000 points and include everything, or make the game and the packs cheaper.
i've been feeling a little ripped off with some of my wiiware purchases lately, so i have become extra cautious about what i buy and how much i spend.



megatron commented on Nintendo Download: DSiWare, Equilibrio & Uncha...:

i second the suggestion to break up DSi and VC/WiiWare.
sorry, but i just don't want to read about releases for a system i don't own.

when i click on the WiiWare tab, i just want WiiWare. otherwise, what's the point of having the tabs?



megatron commented on Pop:

i got pop a few days ago and have played it a couple times. i'm enjoying it... but i can't figure out how to trigger the next wave. sometime it takes a few minutes, sometimes the level only lasts a few seconds.



megatron commented on Lonpos:

hmm. i'm still sort of considering getting this.
i just looked at getting a physical version of lonpos, and it looks like the wiiware is cheaper (ignoring download content)... and doesn't take up any space in my house. and can't lose pieces.
but the lack of different visuals and music is off-putting. so is the price. and the expensive extra download content isn't a plus either.
maybe i'll pick it up if i can wii points for 40% off again.



megatron commented on Lonpos:

this actually looks like my kind of game, unfortunately it doesn't seem to have my kind of pricing scheme. i am NOT a fan of download content that has an additional cost.



megatron commented on Review: Tiki Towers (WiiWare):

well, the price is right... but i'm seriously short on blocks. i already deleted some stuff and moved all my VC games to SD cards. i don't want to have to move wiiware too.



megatron commented on Review: Bruiser & Scratch (WiiWare):

i was very disappointed with this download. i wish i had waited until i read this review.
i had wanted to get tiki towers, but when it wasn't released, i figured i would pick up another puzzler.

i can't stand the audio. it seems like an after-thought that was just tacked on.
i don't mind the look of the levels, but i really don't like the look and design of the menu screen.
the characters do nothing for me.
i don't like that i have to read the dialog. it just feels too much like something that would have been cool ten years ago.

i'm hoping the whole atmosphere will grow on me as i put more hours in, but so far i'm really just not getting into it.

the difficulty of the puzzles actually hasn't bothered me... even though i am stuck at (i think) level 10. if it gets so hard that i can't figure it out, i'll just look it up online. i don't think there is anything wrong with puzzles being that hard. but i might change my mind if i get later into the game.

mostly, i'm pissed that this was 1000 points. like others have said, a lower point amount would make the game much more attractive.
if i had only paid 500 points for it, i would probably not be bitching about the lack of quality audio.



megatron commented on Bruiser & Scratch:

eh, i wish i had held out on this until some reviews got posted.
i like the puzzles, but that's about it. i don't like the visuals, the controls, the menus, the music, the lack of voices...



megatron commented on Art Style: Cubello:

um, yes?
this will be the third art style game i get. to me, none of them are super-awesome-must-haves, but for the price, i totally think they are worth it. (got my wiipoints for 40% off so i get all three for less than $12.)
and seriously, only 47 blocks?

@kevenz - it does remind me of tetrisphere. and that's a very good thing.

@stardust - rotohex uses a rainbow of colors and i have trouble telling light green and yellow apart. even if you just do red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, you can still have problems.
i'm trying to see if i can improve things by changing some of the settings on my end.



megatron commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

i like the sounds of this game. i really don't care if it seems to be a rip off of world of goo. i really liked world of goo and would be willing to play another version of it.
but as much as i don't care about shiny graphics, this does sort of look like crap. i'm holding off further judgment until i see more and until i read a full review.
i'm willing to make some compromises if it is only 1000 for a few hours of gameplay, but there's plenty of other puzzle games out there if this turns out to be not so hot.



megatron commented on Magnetica Twist:

i really like magnetica/zuma/whatever and i'm not that into graphics, but this seems really ugly to me, (zuma is much nicer to look at,)
no way i will spend 1000 points on this, waiting for tumblebugs i guess.



megatron commented on Tumblebugs:

ooh, looks like a less ugly version of the wiiware magnetica!



megatron commented on Tiki Towers:

puzzles + monkeys = yes
hopefully it will be less than 1500 points,,, and hopefully it won't frustrate me as much as the last monkey puzzle game i played (zack & wiki)



megatron commented on My Aquarium:

the controls for this are annoying me to no end... it shouldn't be that hard to place a piece of driftwood where i want it. i keep getting objects jumping around the screen when i just want to move them over a bit or move them into the foreground. i was hoping to be relaxed, but i ended up frustrated.
i'm hoping when i go back tomorrow i will have shiny new fish and maybe the controls will work better for me.

edit: it isn't terrible, but i'm glad i got my wii points cards for 40% off.
there just isn't much to do, which i guess shouldn't be a surprise to me.
sometimes the fish swim through objects they shouldn't be able to swim through.
but eh, what do you want for a few dollars?
and i actually like the selection of music.

i have endless ocean and played the hell out of it for the first couple of weeks i had it. then it was just too much work to try to unlock everything... and i just didn't care for the music.

oh, and i don't know where people got the idea that endless ocean is $50. list is $30 and i'm pretty sure it has been since it came out. you can get it on amazon for $20.



megatron commented on World of Goo:

it's not quite as awesome as some of the reviews have made it out to be, but it is still pretty damn awesome. it is one of the best games i have played recently.
it sort of reminds me of the incredible machine. and that's a good thing. and it does remind me of tim burton stuff, which is also a good thing.
oh, and thanks to the world of goo people for adding the OCD goals. it really adds something extra for people like me who want to find the most elegant solution in addition to progressing through the story.



megatron commented on Tetris Party:

tetris for the NES is probably my favorite game ever, so i guess i should have expected to be disappointed by any new version of tetris.
i got my hopes up for this though and i got let down.
it seems to have all the new stuff i don't like and none of the new stuff i do like. i don't know what i was hoping for though... i guess i really just want NES tetris on the VC.

i hope tetris party grows on me so i don't feel like i tossed 1200 points out that i could have spent on some other puzzler(s)



megatron commented on MadStone:

what's there doesn't seem worth 800 points to me. it feels like a flash game i could find online for free.
it's pretty, but there just isn't that much to it.
i like the puzzles a lot, but i wish there was a separate puzzle mode.
not a terrible game, but definitely not a great game.
oh, and it gets tiring shaking the remote (but maybe i am just shaking too hard)



megatron commented on LostWinds:

disappointingly short. and i really would have liked a map. i spent too much time wandering around looking for where i was supposed to go. it didn't help that none of the locations had any titles that i could find.
otherwise, a game worth downloading for couple-few hours of play time... but i would have been pissed if i hadn't got my wii points for 40% off. i don't think three hours of play should be $10.



megatron commented on Review: Art Style: Rotohex (WiiWare):

i have to disagree with the colors being easy to differentiate. i have a hard time telling the difference between light green and yellow,
i also think the pointer controls suck.
that aside, i agree with pretty much everything else from the review. although i don't think it's quite awesome enough to warrant an 8/10, i think the game is more than worth getting because of the price.



megatron commented on Art Style: Rotohex:

it's no tetris, but i think i have gotten my 600 points worth of use out of it. i wish i could get past purple though...