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Toki Tori is his name, and collecting eggs is his game. In this puzzle/platform game, players use a variety of items such as the Telewarp, InstantRock and Slug Sucker.

Clever use and combination of these items are needed to solve all the game’s levels, of which there are more than 70. Levels range from easy to brain-teasingly hard, resulting in dozens of hours of puzzle play time.

Toki Tori makes the most of what Wii has to offer. It uses the Wii Remote for a unique control scheme, which offers players a new and more relaxing play style. A second player can help you out by drawing hints while you are playing. The game even uses the Wii Message Board in a unique way.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Is this Toki Tori's grand comeback or is our feathered friend best left forgotten?

In 1994, the relatively unknown Dutch company, Fony, released a quirky little game called Eggbert for the MSX home computer. The system was never really all that popular outside Japan, but a few European countries (the Netherlands included) had quite a...

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User Comments (65)



TheLuigiDude said:

I'm excited not only for all these new underground titles coming through Wiiware, but also remakes (or even better, sequels) of great games that sadly didn't sell to well for various reasons (Beyond Good & Evil anybody?)! I remember really regretting never picking up this title since I felt it was too kiddy (same happened with Shantae), but I've grown out of this now.

Hmmm, though I'm puzzled as if this is a remake in 3-D or a sequel, reviewing partner says that the levels shown in the video are both the exact same levels from the first game...? I'm tempted to get do an interview for myself (I write a local teen paper as the video game dude)!

On a side note, extremely funny video though I laughed when the camera hit the vaccum!



azariaspice said:

I laughed throughout the video, especially when the camera hit the vacuum. It does look cute, so I'd probably buy it if it wasn't too expensive. But will it fit on my Wii w/all those other virtual console games I have? AHHH the suspense!



Serpent said:

So is this a remake or a sequel? Some of the levels look just like the old one.



Mario_maniac said:

This game looks promising... I'll definitely be downloading this when it's released. I hadn't even heard of the original game before, so it's a bonus for me if it's a remake.



Fireballmario said:

Cool Game, Buying even if it is 1000 Wii Points, gonna try to get the oringinal sometime, or if it is out on the VC.



TheLuigiDude said:

I'm hoping it's not solely a enhanced port with better graphics since a game store close to me has the original for about $9. If so, I think I'll just get the GBC version.



WaddleWave said:

Looks like a good puzzler... I hope it brings a stage editor, maybe is too much to ask for... but really a stage editor would be nice.



Bananiac said:

WhaaaaHHHH! That Trailer is a Smash!!!
Absolutely a great way to market that game.
Love it!



Bass_X0 said:

If its a decent cost, I think I will download this as soon as it gets put up.



Knux said:

Looks good as long it's 1000 points or below. A Puzzle and plaforming game is definetly something different.



Knux said:

I heard that it's a remake. but since I have never played the original,I might try it out.



Objection said:

Hmm...800 pts sounds good. 1000 being the maximum. I hope it uses sieways wiimote, as that way it could be a nice chill game.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yeah, I'd imagine it would be NES-Style for the control scheme. Unless maybe you'd flap your wings by shaking the Remote. But that could be mapped to a button press also, which I can easily see happening.



Aardvark_Soup said:

This game is awesome. I've played this on the GBC and the puzzles are very clever. It's also very addicting and pretty long. If you like good puzzle games this will be absolutely worth your WiiPoints.



Kenji510 said:

Alright guys... looks like i was looking through on IGN website and theres an actual date release for this game to come out for wiiware and here it is.... since europe got it today and were gonna get this next week as well and i hope this is the real and final release date too.

Developed by: Two Tribes

Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Release Date:
US: May 26, 2008
Europe: May 20, 2008

More info: http://wii.ign.com/objects/142/14246162.html



Thores said:

This looks great and is reasonably priced, but the 290 freakin blocks of space is kind of a turn off. Especially considering that's more space than FFCC:MLaaK takes up.



Serpent said:

Two Tribes needs to release a new Eggbert game on wiiware. It would be fun creating levels on the wii and battling online.



Kenji510 said:

This game looks pretty interesting too and i wanna try it out since i watched the video and looks cool.



Bass_X0 said:

I went to play the old GBC game on my laptop to see what differences there are. I like how there is no jump button on the WiiWare version - Toki Tori now automatically walks up the small blocks you used to have to jump on on the GBC version.



Twilight said:

it is a remake. i don't have the original so... also, it has enhanced graphics and it has a lot of added levels to it that weren't on the original. i hate puzzle games, but i am getting this one. and, i have heard that it has a lot of hours on gameplay. if you get stuck, message Two Tribes and they can help you... or so i have heard.



The_shoemaker said:

I'm thinking about getting this one, but I'm waiting for some developer to make a 3d adventure game...



Objection said:

I plan to get this soon...but there are too many games I want! And too many VC I want (except they arent actually on VC yet, lol)



AlexSays said:

my brother gifted it to me the other day,
and its definitely worth 1000 points.
great game.



Big_Sexy said:

Just got it and started playing it today. This game is quite awesome, way better than I expected. The hard stages are indeed hard, and I've yet to come across one that had more than one solution.



mr_niceguy said:

Darn it, this looks so fun, but I don't know which one to get, Toki Tori or F-Zero X...arghhh!!!! It's so perplexing!!! What do you people think, this or my all time favorite racer?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

This game is AWESOME. Enough said.

I'm on Bubble Barrage, 5 atm (which is the same stage they show off in the Trailer on this page! It reveals to me how to get an egg that has alluded me on my first run-through from this morning!). I've completed quite a few Hard stages as well. But the game is so much fun, and very challenging. Hard to put down and I ALWAYS come back to it. The OST is good, too!



strade32 said:

i am on level 4-5 too. although i haven't played recently, but i might pick it up and beat it later.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I know how to beat it but I need to work harder on SSR first (Tuorney ends tonight!), then tomorrow, I'll beat 4-5. I already figured it out in my head. And then I'll a new postcard and then be on 4-6.



Dazza said:

Yes you can use the classic controller to move toki tori manually, its not as fluent as clicking where you want him to go with the wiimote thou. At first I was skeptical about that control scheme but it works really well in this game.



Airola said:

I'd say use the remote and the nunchuck. With the nunchuck you move Toki Tori and with the remote you control what items to use. It's better that way as the cord between the two is long enough to make the controlling relaxed. I tend to play sitting on the armchair and letting my right arm (which uses the Remote) rest on the armrest while my left arm (which uses the Nunchuck) is on the left armrest by it's elbow with the fist pressed against my cheek. That way it's very relaxing to move Toki Tori around while trying to figure out how to solve the puzzles.

The remote+nunchuck combination is better than the Classic Controller as it doesn't force you to keep your hands near each other for the whole game and it's better than using only the Remote because it's easier to keep Toki Tori moving around while wondering what to do next (I like to move him around for the most of the time even if I didn't know what to do next and to me it's easier to do quick moving decisions with the nunchuck than by aiming the remote).



Outrunner said:

It's a disgrace that this game is the least downloaded in the UK. It's the best thing on Wiiware atm.



CanisWolfred said:

Wasn't it #1 at one point? It couldn't have stayed at the top for very long. Sad to hear about Actionloop though.



WiiMan192 said:

Poor Toki Tori... an under-appreciated gem. It's continually (though abruptly) rising to #20 on the AUS Wii Shop, but gets replaced by Actionloop frequently. Obviously we are very mistaken, misinformed and judgmental people



earthworm said:

I've had to remove several games from my base memory to make room for new things, but this is one that I always keep around. It's a nice long-term game--I turn it on every so often and complete a level or two (or try and fail to complete one of the harder ones).



jeffo said:

For all of the talk and (deserved) hype going on for World Of Goo right now, it makes me remember this game...which I'm still very much stuck on at the moment and will have to revisit it soon. Ugghh another refigerator cleaning is due. Anyways, Toki Tori is simply genius. Hopefully we get more of these level design-focused puzzlers, like Toki and World of Goo..



RoyOfTheRovers said:

My first ever WiiWare purchase and for that reason (as well as the fact that I haven't beaten it yet!) it will remain on my Wii until the end of time!

A stonking-good game, worth every single point.



RGVEDA said:

I finished the Game today! Wow, reaallly good but sometimes really hard. And that with the normal levels. I know, i am not so good in Puzzles and thinking smile

So i hope, i will not give up with World of Goo, what i will definetely download



Jazzem said:

I finally beat this today Fantastic game overall, it's still easily one of the best WiiWare games. The ending is a bit dark though!



TwilightKing said:

I was very surprised by this. Best WiiWare title I've downloaded so far. Very addictive! I love it how it makes you believe that levels are actually impossible, and then when you finally figure out how to do it it's such a relief!



CharlieisEverywhere said:

Here's my commercial for Toki Tori

Do you like being frustrated? Do you enjoy games with lots of replay ability? Have you burned money just to see a bum snicker at you? Well then you'll love this new Toki Tori cause you'll play these levels over and over in frustration wondering what happened to all that cash while a bum snickers at you from across the way on a park bench. Enjoy starting levels over and over? Well hell, we have a reset button built right in and you'll use it till you run out of digits cause this game does not make any sense.

haha. I hate this game.



Divo86 said:

It does look goofy, but I was shocked by how good this is. I still haven't completed it. It gets pretty hard, but you gotta love a challenge. Great game!



Pawtrick said:

Wow the final world is kicking my ass, extremly difficult... first game in a long time I've had this much trouble beating... it hurts my BRAIN!

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