Fire Emblem Fates Becomes Fastest Selling Release in Franchise History in the US

More than 300,000 copies in its launch weekend

Fire Emblem Fates is out now in North America, with two editions - Birthright and Conquest - released alongside a special edition that includes both versions; Revelation is a 3rd storyline that'll arrive as DLC on 10th March, priced at $19.99.

The dual release launch strategy was an intriguing one, seeing the Intelligent Systems series follow the examples of the likes of Pokémon and Yo-kai Watch. It seems to have worked, too, with Fates setting the record - by quite some distance - as the fastest selling Fire Emblem release in the US.

Nintendo of America has confirmed that over 300,000 copies were sold over the game's launch weekend (just three days); that's over five times the equivalent Fire Emblem: Awakening figure, which held the previous record. That's a hugely impressive result by any stretch of the imagination, showing not only that the dual-release strategy has worked well, but also that the IP is gaining popularity at a mainstream level in the West. With a whole lot of DLC on the way in addition to the Revelation storyline, it's looking like a lucrative release on 3DS.

We heaped praise on Fire Emblem Fates in our review, and it's pleasing to see it perform so well. Hopefully that success will trigger a hurry-up on the European and Australian releases, though we'll likely have to remain patient.

Were you one of many US gamers playing Fire Emblem Fates over the launch weekend? Let us know.