Fire Emblem Fates, across two retail editions and a third campaign as DLC, is set to offer a lot of content - for a combined $80 or so for the full story, admittedly. Beyond that it's following the lead of Fire Emblem: Awakening in offering plenty of DLC maps; these will provide fan service and useful rewards such as gold, buffs and items.

Nintendo of America has now updated its website with full details of Map Pack 1, which will include 11 maps and another bonus at a cost of $17.99; the maps can also be bought individually. The official website breaks them down fully with some pretty screenshots, and we've summarised the high-level information below.

  • Before Awakening - Beyond the gate to another world lies the Halidom of Ylisse. (19th February, free)
  • Boo Camp - It is said that there is another world where one can get plenty of experience… (25th February, $2.49 / CA$3.19)
  • Beach Brawl - And the winner of the royal families' battle over a ticket to paradise is… (25th February, $2.49 / CA$3.19)
  • Ghostly Gold - It is said that there is another world where one can get plenty of gold… (3rd March, $2.49 / CA$3.19)
  • Museum Melee - It is said that there is a world where one can get many new weapons… (3rd March, $2.49 / CA$3.19)
  • Battle Royale - A battle to determine the strongest royal. And the last one standing is— (17th March, $2.49 / CA$3.19)
  • Hidden Truths (1 & 2) - The secret prologue to the world of Fates. 2 map set. (24th March, $4.49 / CA$5.69)
  • Vanguard Dawn - A trial ground using the stage Elincia's Gambit from Radiant Dawn. (31st March, $1.99 / CA$2.49)
  • Anna on the Run - Anna is cornered by thieves! What will her fate be…? (7th April, $1.99 / CA$2.49)
  • Ballistician Blitz - A trial ground using the stage The Wooden Cavalry from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. (14th April, $1.99 / CA$2.49)
  • A Gift From Anna - If you select "A Gift from Anna" from the "Play DLC" section of the Dragon's Gate after downloading, you may select and receive either the Sighting Lens OR the Witch's Mark. Only playable once. (14th April, free)
  • Witches' Trial - A trial ground using the stage Fear Mountain from Fire Emblem Gaiden.(21st April, $1.99 / CA$2.49)

Buying each map separately will come to $24.90 in the US, so the pack (at $17.99) certainly makes sense for those keen to play all of the extra content.

It'll be interesting to see whether Fates will be as well received as its predecessor, and whether the extensive add-on campaigns and DLC sell in high numbers. It's not long until we find out, though European gamers are still waiting for a release date.

Will you be going all in with Fates DLC, or do you plan to be picky?

[source fireemblemfates.nintendo.com]