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This Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Box Art May Get Its Claws Into You

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

What a beast

It's possible that you've had your fill of 'serious' news and financial figures today, which is fair enough; this writer has a sore head from looking at figures in the millions and billions, while gazing at the intensely dull layout of financial reports. It all matters, but video games can be fun, let's not forget.

So here's some box art for you, uncomplicated and — in our view — pretty darn awesome. As you can see it's for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and it's the North American version; due to its release not being due until early next year there's, naturally, no age rating.

We actually like the fact that the 'visuals' are relatively low-res, in terms of reflecting its 3DS platform; while a super HD over-processed next-gen level piece of art would undoubtedly look snazzy, this does fit the game well. They're relatively simple, clean models, and the monster does look pretty deadly.

Let us know what you think of this, and how high this one is on your 3DS wishlist.

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XCWarrior said:

Looks impressive. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is #1 on my game wish list, has been since the day it was announced in Japan. I really wish we could get a date instead of Early 2015. I'm hoping for January, would be a good idea during the gaming dead period, it would have everyone's full attention.



6ch6ris6 said:

has the european boxart been released aswell? for some reason publishers do different version for different regions



Azikira said:

It'll be nice to play with my friends back home, instead of being stuck playing by myself in MH3U for 3DS, and they don't have/want a Wii U, so this will be good.



CaviarMeths said:

I think I would have preferred some original artwork instead of what looks like an in-game screenshot lol.



ShadJV said:

Stop taunting me! I'm already sad we've had to wait for this one to try 4...



Megumi said:

Like I said on Unity, a much better boxart compared to what we got for 3U.



bezerker99 said:

That doesn't look too great if you ask me. Thankfully we are beyond the days of buying games based on best box art covers.



Tsurii said:

@6ch6ris6 that IS the boxart Europe will get.

I like it, but I'd prefer the Japanese one or at least a different one with Steve (I can't remember his actual name, but I'm way too accustomed to that "nickname" anyway )
I simply like his design more than Gore Magala's



Hy8ogen said:

I really want this game, but don't want to double dib if a Wii U version comes me.



ValiantPixel said:

I think I'll wait for the Wii U version, because I have MH3U on the Wii U. Plus, it's just a better experience on the TV!



Gerbwmu said:

Will this come out on Wii U? I really hope so because I may jump in to Monster Hunter for it. I got a great deal on MH3 on Wii and enjoyed it but not enough to repurchase for the U. Hoping this makes it over too



FritzFrapp said:

Awful boxart. Amateur-hour stuff that could only be partially redeemed by being lenticular. It's by far the worst one in the series. They should have gone with the Japanese Monster Hunter 4 box.
Thankfully the game will be awesome, but if they're trying to nudge punters along the download route, then they're making the right moves with this assault on the eyes.
@Gerbwmu Capcom have stated there are no plans for a Wii U release this time.



MrKenta said:

Boy that looks awful. Looks like something I'd make in Photoshop, and I don't know anything about Photoshop.



ultraraichu said:

Looks nice, still getting it as a download though. Unless they sucker me with a retail store preorder bonus like they did with MH3U.



0utburst said:

Okay, that looks awesome. I will try to find MH3 on the Wii U but for no more than 20 euros. I never liked the demo but I've been reading a lot of comments that it is addictingly fun.

This game, W101, Trine2, Sonic The Lost World, Rayman demos and others have turned me off from buying those games. LOL. I will never download eShop demos from now on. They've turned me away instead of luring me:)



BigH88 said:

I'm pretty sure they won't release this for the Wii U and even if they did, I don't think I can wait another 1 1/2 years to play it.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Interesting to see Gore Magara remains the flagship monster for us, at least. I love its design!



MoonKnight7 said:

Honestly this box art doesn't thrill me, it just kind of looks, I dunno, generic. I mean, can't we get some trees or something in the background? Just my opinion though, as I'm sure the game will be amazing.



bezerker99 said:

The hunter with the stabbing motion on top of the monster looks soooooooooooooo photoshopped omg lollll



Link506 said:

Sorry, I tried the monster hunter 3 demo and stunk at it, so I won't be getting this gem.



Ralizah said:

The inclusion of online multiplayer makes this a likely Day 1 Buy for me. Cool boxart.



JaxonH said:


Everyone sucks at the demo. It's like throwing you in the middle of an epic RPG boss and saying "here, have at 'er".

You really need to play the game to understand what you're doing. And testing out different weapons to see what fits your play style is critical. By the time you hunt your first real monster, you've got a pretty good handle on the mechanics. The game does a good job easing you into things. The demo, well, if you've never played a MH game before, you're just gonna be running around mashing buttons, wondering what's going on.

It's a bad first impression. Take it from me, someone who was also initially turned off until my friend bought a Wii U and wouldn't shut up about playing Monster Hunter. Said he bought a Wii U JUST so he could play MH3U. I said ok, what's the fuss about. Hunted online with him ONE time, and I was hooked. That's all it takes, is playing the game once and actually knowing what you're doing. Usually hunting online is a good option, because they can walk you through the basics of strategy and what you want to bring on quests, etc.



JaxonH said:

I'd love a Wii U version, but, there's no way I could pass this up. Every day I'd come home from work and think "You could be playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate right now. But you're NOT." No, that's not gonna happen- I can say that with certainty. Day one, and if it comes to Wii U a year or two down the line (which it probably won't) I'll buy it again.



hcfwesker said:

@JaxonH ditto on this! I played the demo and hated the game based on it. Then took a chance with the capcom sale and i have clocked in almost 800 hours since february this year, into the game. Best purchase on WiiU by far!

As far as MH4U goes, Im not gonna be thrilled with the transition to 3DS, from WiiU, but getting it anyways because I know I'll easily sink in another several hundred hours into it. Just hoping a WiiU version does come later down the road and we can transfer save files again



Iggly said:

This box art looks beautiful, I really can't wait for MH4U to finally release. Even though it might release around the time where there's plenty of assignments, I'll be playing this every time I got nothing to do.



JaxonH said:


In my personal opinion, if you get MH3U then you should most DEFINITELY get it on Wii U. The 3DS version doesn't have online (unless you buy an adapter and even then it must route through a Wii U). Not only that but playing Monster Hunter on a big screen in high definition with thriving online can't be rivaled. Sure, it's not built ground up and yes, it's basically just new textures and resolution, but it looks good. I mean, it easily could pass for your average PS3 game visually. The textures are VERY nice though. And it's got like 75% new content over Tri, so it's literally like a brand new Monster Hunter game, compiled on top of an already robust Monster Hunter game. It's huge, and you can easily sink 500-1,000 hours into it if you start binging (and it's so addictive, you most likely WILL binge day and night).

MH4 looks absolutely amazing, it's just that it's on 3DS, and to me, that's a huge con when compared to playing on Wii U. Now, I wouldn't let that stop me from buying the game. Not by any means. It's just that, I might rather play MH3U on Wii U over MH4U on 3DS simply because of the excellent gamepad integration and controls, the high definition and large screen size.

The ONE problem MH3U had is it opened up pretty slow. Didn't do much to catch the player's interest in the beginning, which is why so many people give up on Monster Hunter and say it's "boring". It's not, it's the OPPOSITE of boring. In fact, I think it's the funnest video game ever conceived. It's just that people get a bad first impression from the first hour or two of gameplay. It's a VERY deep game with a lot of mechanics to learn, and it takes time to learn everything, so it eases you into it over the course of the 1 and 2 star quests. After that, momentum picks up as you start hunting some real monsters and get a taste of crafting armor and weapons from your kills. That's when it gets its meat hooks in you.

If you DO get MH3U on Wii U first, I'd recommend playing for an hour to two and get acquainted with some of the basics, then try to find someone to hunt online with who's a veteran hunter and can bring you up to speed on how to properly hunt, what items to bring, what to look for, how to trap, etc. It really speeds up the process and if you do that, you'll be hunting solo in no time, cutting tails, breaking horns, crafting fabulous armor and incredible weapons. Just bear with the 1 and 2 star quests. They focus on teaching you how to gather, get you killing small casual monsters to try out the different weapon types, stuff like that. But it's the foundation you'll need to build the next 600 hours on, so it's important if not all that interesting.

If you get MH4U first, well, I haven't played it so Idk what to say. But I do have MH3U on 3DS and I can say DEFINITELY play on an XL with a Circle Pad Pro. And I would still recommend playing for an hour or two, do the low star quests and learn as much basics as you can. Then find someone to hunt online with who can show you the ropes.

Me, I absolutely adore MH3U. I would really recommend buying that on Wii U asap, it's just that I know it opens up slow and don't want that to turn you off of the series. If you trust me enough to stick out the first hour or two until you start hunting real monsters, even if it's slow at first, you'll thank me later for it. You can take that to the bank...

EDIT: Also, you'll find that Monster Hunter is exponentially more enjoyable when playing online. It's terrific solo, and you don't "need" to play online. But the hunts do go quicker when hunting in a pack, and you'll speed along your progress quite a bit that way. Plus, playing online with friends is just awesome fun. I started playing just me and my friend online, some nights we'd hunt just the two of us, other nights I'd hunt solo when he was busy. But after we got mid-way through high rank quests I broke away and started hunting solo. Until, that is, until I hit G-rank. Then I started finding open lobbies and joining in hunts with people around the world. The community is so awesome. People will carry your weight if you're learning, you can open low rank hunting lobbies and high rank hunters will come help you hunt just to get you started, like, it's really great. Even if you're not an online kind of gamer, you will be by the time you get done with Monster Hunter... IF you ever get done with Monster Hunter



Remisio said:

Also I am tempted to go out and print out the Japanese box covers so that I can use them instead of the western one... It looks weird to me, feels kind of lazy.

And the Japanese versions are better in my opinion.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I hate to burst peoples' bubbles, but its not very likely there will be a console version of this one, so you'll probably be waiting a while. Consoles aren't as popular in Japan to begin with, and the only advantage would be online-multiplayer, which MH4U has.

I think the main reason the 3rd generation games had console versions was the 'base game', MH3, was already made for one. They didn't need to make MHP3rd HD or MH3U from scratch like MH4U, and the former two share assets as well.



LasermasterA said:


Truly said. You can never get done with monster hunter

I played MH3U on 3DS so no online but even then it was still amazing and gripping. And the satisfaction when you beat down a really tough G-rank monster or multiple G-rank monsters solo! Bliss!

This box art doesn't look as good as the Japanese one, would have definitely preferred that. I will still play a large portion of the game singleplayer to further refine my skills but this time I will be able to have fun online as well

And I also have to convince my friends to buy this so we can all play together, local play! The game can't launch fast enough!



Tsuchinoko said:

I was going to refrain from commenting, so as not to seem biased, but after looking I can say that yes, the Japanese cover art is much better. There's a huge difference in quality of art, blocking of the hunters and monster, and graphics. That's two games in a row where the flagship monster didn't appear on the western version.



Excep7ional said:

Not really liking this. It just looks kind of boring, no flare at all. The hype around this game is pretty amazing though, it makes me want to give this game another try. Tried Freedom Unite on the Vita and didn't get pass the first couple of missions because I was bored to death.



audiobrainiac said:

This box art is quite refreshing! It actually depicts what the game is really all about: Hunting with your friends. Which in turn reminds me of my best moments with Monster Hunter. Perfect.



Zombie_Barioth said:

The 1* quests are basically the tutorial, things don't get truely interesting until 2*, thats when the game starts throwing real challenges at you.

As you probably noticed the older games are pretty old-school when it comes to teaching you to play. The newer games, while still a tad slow by most games' standards, are more modern and streamlined in that department.

MH4U has most of the monsters from unite so you won't miss much if you'd rather just skip it for the latest edition to the series.



Excep7ional said:

@Zombie_Barioth Yeah I guess I brushed it off too quickly, so I'll get back in to it, thanks. Though I might as well just download Freedom Unite again since I wouldn't want to spend money on MH4U and end up not not liking it.



ModestFan93 said:

Sooo you guys lie and say that this boxart is even remotely good? Especially when you compare it to Japan's amazing boxart cover. What kind of stupid article is this? Where's you're unbiased journalistic opinion? My word.



Link506 said:

@JaxonH Thanks for the advice! It sounds like this game is one of thoses that you have to try for yourself. I'll definitely be looking into the game now. Thanks for everything!



MoonKnight7 said:


@JaxonH is absolutely right about everything. I had the game on the Wii and I burnt out on it quickly cause it just seemed boring, plus it did suffer from the Wii's standard visuals. I took the plunge with the Wii U version and said, "why not try it again." It's fantastic. I'm only about 40 hours in, but once it gets going, it becomes very addictive. I'm actually thinking about getting the 3DS version too, just because you can move your save data back and forth. It would be handy when I'm traveling. He's right though, to get started, I'd try the Wii U version first to get your feet wet. Plus I see sales for the Wii U one all the time.

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