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Mon 19th Aug 2013

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Kazzyland commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to Be Ava...:

If you check the preorder page, if you were to buy this or any $39.99 games and above, you can purchase their gamers club unlocked for only $30! The normal price is $119.99 for two years. But since BB only offers two years.. $30 is a amazing low price. Joining Gamers Club unlocked gives you benefits like GS Powerup rewards does. 10% off preowned games and 10% extra trade-in credit. But the real benefit of joining is the 20% off new games. ANY NEW GAME. Even games that are on sale or that were just released benefit the extra 20%. I've been a member since they started the program and I've never bought any games at full price anymore. Ex. $59.99 per retail AAA game -20% equal $47.99 before taxes. Huge savings if you're a gamer who buys all the games each season! So I'm planning to pick this up and it'll be $63.99 for me instead of $79.99....Got that out of my system! :3