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Wed 29th January, 2014

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Igmx commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Reduced to $19.99 on...:

Monster Hunter newcomer here.
I got the 3DS game and I'm loving it so far. The battles are strategic and fun, the collecting aspect is surprisingly addictive, the visual designs are great and the amount of content is just nuts (not to mention all the free DLC). No wonder I've seen people bragging about the hundreds of hours they put into this game...

I thought I would have trouble to control the camera with the lack of a Circle Pad Pro acc, but turns out the built-in controls work totally fine for me. You even get a customizable d-pad layout (size, position) on the bottom screen. It helps a lot, but most of the time the L trigger locking does the job anyway.

I'm only 12 hours in but I already see what the hype is all about. For those wondering, the demo doesn't do the game justice, simply because you're thrown into battles without any of the learning curve experience. That said, I do recommend the game, especially for half the price.