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Wed 29th Jan 2014

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Igmx commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate June DLC Brings Anim...:

@RainbowGazelle Yes. The demo does a poor job at introducing the mechanics, as it puts you into action without the more organic learning process the actual game puts you through. That said, the game itself is not easy and it will require you to sharpen your senses, train and get skilled, as you'll realize the battles are much more strategy than just simple hack-and-slash. Once you get past the initial learning curve, the experience with this game is pure joy. It gets you hundreds of hours of entertainment — I just clocked 300 hours in earlier this week and I'm not nearly done with the game.



Igmx commented on Konami Not Turning Its Back On Consoles After ...:

> "We would also like to take this opportunity to state that the Metal Gear and Silent Hill series, both beloved by countless fans around the globe, are also extremely important to Konami."

The lack of Castlevania in that sentence is just sad. :/



Igmx commented on Review: Azure Striker Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

@Giygas_95 Or, right, I've never played that one, I stick to the main series. Pretty weird to me that he put bactracking and Mega Man in the same sentence as the main games are pretty much a straight line from beginning to end!



Igmx commented on Preview: Fantasy Life is Waiting to Become Par...:

@Hy8ogen We can, as far as I know. They didn't talk too much about the multiplayer in the video I watched (it was a preview on IGN, I think), but it was implied that once the players get into someone's world, they would be able to gather, explore and battle monsters together. I remember for example that once you mine a certain amount of ore, you get a bouncy bag following you — if a monster hit that bag, you'd lose the ore, and the same thing would happen if a friend hit it — which means gathering and battling like you do on singleplayer is a thing online as well. Not sure if the whole world is available for multiplayer, though.



Igmx commented on Nintendo Download: 1st May (Europe):

@unrandomsam I agree with the Steam one being the definitive version, but the one on 3DS is still really good as well. I disagree with your point about the other games, since I don't think VVVVV or Mutant Mudds are all that good - Mutant Mudds, especially, was just an average game at best.



Igmx commented on Nintendo Download: 1st May (Europe):

I strongly recommend Cave Story for those who never played it. Awesome game (one of my favorite indie games ever) and this one on 3DS is a great version of it.



Igmx commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Reduced to $19.99 on...:

Monster Hunter newcomer here.
I got the 3DS game and I'm loving it so far. The battles are strategic and fun, the collecting aspect is surprisingly addictive, the visual designs are great and the amount of content is just nuts (not to mention all the free DLC). No wonder I've seen people bragging about the hundreds of hours they put into this game...

I thought I would have trouble to control the camera with the lack of a Circle Pad Pro acc, but turns out the built-in controls work totally fine for me. You even get a customizable d-pad layout (size, position) on the bottom screen. It helps a lot, but most of the time the L trigger locking does the job anyway.

I'm only 12 hours in but I already see what the hype is all about. For those wondering, the demo doesn't do the game justice, simply because you're thrown into battles without any of the learning curve experience. That said, I do recommend the game, especially for half the price.