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Fri 24th Sep 2010

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DrVollKornBrot commented on Review: Pokémon Picross (3DS eShop):

I love picross since Mario Picross on the Game Boy, but i feel they don't make any challanging games anymore. What are the biggest puzzles in this one, 15x15? Where are the 20x25 from Picross DS, i really liked those.



DrVollKornBrot commented on The Companion Shell v1.5:

My first puzzle level! Have been building it from Day 1, polishing, fixing and revamping parts of it again and again. More than 30 hours went into this already!

If you know how to jump on shells and pick them up, dropping or kicking them, this level is perfect for you at a medium difficulty.
If you are new to Mario games this level might be too hard for you, but the first 3 test chambers have been made easier to learn shell handling and the basics of this level. Just be patient, there are no trolly jumps or cheap deaths - all you need is good observation as well as some timing and precision.

As you can see the inspiration came from Portal and the idea of it's Companion Cube test chamber to bring an object with you to get through. Try to make it trough to the end, but don't forget your faithful Companion Shell!

After finishing all test chambers return and try to find the easter egg path leading to a hidden exit referencing some parts of Portal! Ratman might have a hideout in an abandoned maintanance tract of the Koopa Science Enrichment Center...

*** CHANGE LOG ***

The Companion Shell version 1.7 [current]

  • Completely revamped chamber 6, no more hidden blocks! It's a completetly new puzzle, but still easier than chamber 4 and 5.
  • Chamber 4 Shell Sanctuary got one more save block added.
  • Chamber 5 Shell Sanctuary has been made easier.
  • Chamber 6 Shell Sanctary has been made more interesting.
  • Chamber 5 final jump again has been made easier since perfecly timed jumps are not part ot this test.
  • 4 more mushrooms have been added to the test chambers to give test subjects more chances to fail.
  • Chamber 1 got one brick removed to make replaying less repetitive.
  • The starting room has been made larger to make room for player comments.
  • Some visual updates.
  • Added comments to teach players how to stop/drag/kick and drop the shell.

Known issues in v1.7:

  • There is a second way to access the secret exit, but i won't change it since very few people seem to find it.
  • Very rarely the shell despawns in chambers 3 and 4.
  • Be careful when entering chamber 4, the shell sometimes accellerates too much and needs some time to reach the shell sanctuary.
  • You can clear chamber 5 by not breaking the bricks or by putting two trampolines on top of each other.

The Companion Shell version 1.6

  • A lift in the easter egg level wouldn't spawn sometimes, making it impossible to proceed. This should now work, Ratman's hideout is accessible again.

The Companion Shell version 1.5

  • Chamber 5 has been revamped! Due to chamber size trampolines might have been despawning after falling down from the second conveyor belt. Removed trampoline question blocks and added trampoline pipes to get new trampolines if they despawn.
  • Adjusted chamber 5 difficulty - final jump and catching the shell is now slightly easier. Catching the shell in the shell sanctuary is now slightly harder.
  • Improved shell pathing in chamber 4 by adding a block.

The Companion Shell version 1.4

  • removed a shortcut to the easter egg level - you can now only access it the intended way
  • revamped the transition from chamber 5 to 6 due to the shell being to fast and despawning
  • added a hidden Power Mushroom to chamber 6

The Companion Shell version 1.3

  • The first chambers are now sligthly easier by giving the test subject more room to get used to handle the shell
  • made chamber 1 sligthly bigger
  • chamber 2's shell sanctuary is now 1 block higher
  • removed some burners from chamber 3, but made the sawblade rail shorter
  • added one more save block to chamber 4's shell sanctuary
  • removed invisible power mushroom blocks, added some visible power mushroom question blocks.
  • revamped the easteregg level, it also leads now out of bounds and to the end of the level
  • replaced to last two muchers in chamber 4 with spikes due to consistency
  • removed the first piranha plant from the ending of chamber 6 to prevent the shell from despawning

The Companion Shell version 1.2

  • This version is still available: 5698-0000-004B-4681
  • Added an easter egg referencing some parts of Portal - try to find Ratman's Hideout!
  • revamped chamber 6 and the ending
  • replaced all munchers with spike traps due to despawning munchers glitch * fixed some glitches the prevent despawning shell in chamber 4 and 5
  • fixed some unintended shortcuts in chamber 4 and 5 by adding sawblades
  • added emergency exit in chamber 3's shell area if you accidentally jump in
  • lowered difficulty of some precision jumps and shell handling
  • added more mushroom decoration
  • gave all shell sanctuaries a unique and consistent look

The Companion Shell version 1.1

  • There is a small glitch due to technical limitations: If you move more than 29 blocks away from your Companion Shell it may despawn. Test chambers should now be smaller than that and should not have this problem, but don't run too far away after sending your Companion Shell to the next test chamber.
  • made Chamber 4 and 5 sligthly smaller due to despawning shell.
  • made all background graphics in shell areas consistent
  • chamber 4's shell lift now takes a small detour to prevent Mario sacrificing the Mushroom taking the lift
  • added invisible blocks with power mushrooms in chambers 4 and 5
  • added some sawblades into shell areas to prevent shortcuts
  • added "shell sanctuaries" to all chambers


DrVollKornBrot commented on The Companion Shell:

My first and only level. As you can see the inspiration came from P0rtal and it's Companion Cube test chamber. Try to make it trough to the end, but don't forget your Companion Shell!

  • There is a small glitch due to technical limitations: If you move more than 29 blocks away from your Companion Shell it may despawn. Test chambers are smaller than that and should not have this problem, but don't run too far away after sending your Companion Shell to the next test chamber.
  • Added an easter egg referencing some parts of Portal - try to find it!


DrVollKornBrot commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's August DLC Ramps U...:

Too bad there are no surprises. All this content is already in the game since Day 1, Capcom is just gating it out to give "free DLC" over time. Good that it's possible to bypass that nonsense and get the DLC from the japanese servers (where all the DLC is out already) and get access to everything immediatly =)

BTW: I want a Pokemon crossover DLC "Hunt a Charizard"



DrVollKornBrot commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC, Including ...:

@ReaperX30 They speciffically said that you have to choose if you want Mario or Luigi with the hammer. But don't worry, the hammer is pretty weak and gets replaced in early high rank - just like the Mario/Luigi armor :/

@Cross296 The weapon can be upgraded to Rare10, with Awaken it's the best fire SnS. Has 3 slots, but a little weak on sharpness though.
The armor is only Rare7 High Rank, too bad it has bad skills.



DrVollKornBrot commented on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Launches Exclusively O...:

This looks terrible. The ~120dpi(?)screen is just not enough for this. This is 2015 Nintendo! And the New3DS has this screen too? Same Problem with MH3U/4U and to a small degree with the Zelda remakes.

Xenoblade is an awesome game on Wii though.



DrVollKornBrot commented on Review: Weapon Shop De Omasse (3DS eShop):

The idea of this game is really good, but the crafting is too random (It's better to ignore the rhythm for better weapons) and the quests too easy, you don't really need perfect weapons to finish this game.



DrVollKornBrot commented on NES Remix 2 Will Bring Even More 8-Bit Favouri...:

Awesome collection, i had all of them (except of Mario Golf, Hockey, and jap. Mario2 ofc) on NES when i was little and loved them, also had lots of fun with most of the games featured in Remix vol.1, so i'll pick this up.
Still sad that this was the most exciting announcement on Nintendo Direct for me.



DrVollKornBrot commented on Super Mario Bros Crossover Hitting Version 3.0...:

I think it's awesome that he still improves Crossover, it's one of my favorite flash games since it came out.

@ Five-seveN
I doubt the style will chnage all the time. Check the recent version of the game, you can set your preferred style before you start the game and while playing in the options menu.