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Fri 24th September, 2010

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DrVollKornBrot commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's August DLC Ramps U...:

Too bad there are no surprises. All this content is already in the game since Day 1, Capcom is just gating it out to give "free DLC" over time. Good that it's possible to bypass that nonsense and get the DLC from the japanese servers (where all the DLC is out already) and get access to everything immediatly =)

BTW: I want a Pokemon crossover DLC "Hunt a Charizard"



DrVollKornBrot commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC, Including ...:

@ReaperX30 They speciffically said that you have to choose if you want Mario or Luigi with the hammer. But don't worry, the hammer is pretty weak and gets replaced in early high rank - just like the Mario/Luigi armor :/

@Cross296 The weapon can be upgraded to Rare10, with Awaken it's the best fire SnS. Has 3 slots, but a little weak on sharpness though.
The armor is only Rare7 High Rank, too bad it has bad skills.



DrVollKornBrot commented on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Launches Exclusively O...:

This looks terrible. The ~120dpi(?)screen is just not enough for this. This is 2015 Nintendo! And the New3DS has this screen too? Same Problem with MH3U/4U and to a small degree with the Zelda remakes.

Xenoblade is an awesome game on Wii though.



DrVollKornBrot commented on Review: Weapon Shop De Omasse (3DS eShop):

The idea of this game is really good, but the crafting is too random (It's better to ignore the rhythm for better weapons) and the quests too easy, you don't really need perfect weapons to finish this game.



DrVollKornBrot commented on NES Remix 2 Will Bring Even More 8-Bit Favouri...:

Awesome collection, i had all of them (except of Mario Golf, Hockey, and jap. Mario2 ofc) on NES when i was little and loved them, also had lots of fun with most of the games featured in Remix vol.1, so i'll pick this up.
Still sad that this was the most exciting announcement on Nintendo Direct for me.



DrVollKornBrot commented on Super Mario Bros Crossover Hitting Version 3.0...:

I think it's awesome that he still improves Crossover, it's one of my favorite flash games since it came out.

@ Five-seveN
I doubt the style will chnage all the time. Check the recent version of the game, you can set your preferred style before you start the game and while playing in the options menu.