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The Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap Will Be Sizing Up The Wii U eShop Soon

Posted by Damien McFerran

If you want to get ahead, get a hat

Nintendo has confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap is coming to the western Wii U Virtual Console service in the near future.

A page has appeared on the official Nintendo of America site which details the game, but the release date remains "TBC".

Minish Cap was first released on the Game Boy Advance back in 2004 in Japan and Europe, with a North American launch coming in early 2005. Back in 2011, it was one of the titles that was issued as part of the 3DS Ambassador Program. Developed primarily by Capcom, the focus of the game is shrinking Link in size so that he can explore tiny environments.

Minish Cap is already available on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console — it launched in that region on April 30th.

Will you be picking this handheld classic up? Let us know with a comment.

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PuppyToucher said:

I know I am probably alone on this, but this is my second favorite Zelda game. Behind A link to the Past of course.



smikey said:

probably my favourite portable zelda game (I don't count 3ds remakes) Link to the past is & forever will be my favourite zelda game.
surprised they didn't throw in mario kart advanced before 8 launched but still plently of fantastic GBA games to come (if only we got N64 already)



0utburst said:

How about EU Wii U VC???

If they put Mario Kart Advance to go along with Super Mario Kart in promotion to MK8 discount, I'm going digital on MK8.



DreamOn said:

My favorite 2D Zelda! Can't wait to be fusing kinstones again but on my TV this time!



Mahe said:

Have this on my 3DS, but the lack of sleep mode and 3DS features (Streetpass etc.) is a problem in a game this long. Hmm...



andrea987 said:

Already have it on 3DS AND the original GBA cart, already beaten it twice, so no need for me.
But I agree, it is awesome.



Uberchu said:

Have it on 3DS, so no need for Wii U. If I did get it for Wii U I'd rate it 1/5 stars coz its on Wii U and NOT 3DS VC.

In NL review score terms 1/10... I mean Mario Golf terms... 0/10 NINTENDOLIFES 2nd ever 0/10 THIS GAME SUCKS!@!!



EarthboundBenjy said:

The European version of Minish Cap had a glitch where one of the bomb bag upgrades would never appear in the shop, and also a few other minor differences. The USA version is generally considered superior because it fixed the glitches. Which version will the VC be, I wonder? Will it stay true to the regions' original releases, or will it use the most up-to-date version of the game?



justlink said:

anyone else notice the release dates say 3ds eshop? Doesn't it mean Gameboy Advance?



Geonjaha said:

Great. I won't be buying it as I have it on my 3DS, but at least more people have access to the best Zelda game now.



unrandomsam said:

Has it a better story than Oracle of Ages and better Combat than Oracle of Seasons ? (If it is it is probably something I should get).



maceng said:

I'm thinking of buying a 3DS with the Ambassadors games on it, from eBay or Amazon, just for the games.



maceng said:

I'm building up 3 3DS XL: one Mario and Luigi 3DS XL with only Mario games, one Zelda 3DS XL with only downloaded and digital Zelda games and a plain vanilla pink one with Kirby games. I already have a blue one with only non-Nintendo downloaded games.



allav866 said:

After downloading MK8 and my free Wii Party U that comes with it, I'll get $10 eShop credit from the Digital Deluxe Promotion, And now I know just what to spend it on!



ricklongo said:

Amazing news! It's been quite a while since I've played this one, and I've been wanting to experience it again. Will definitely get it al launch.



baba_944 said:

Is this year, "Year Of The Legend Of Zelda"? I mean look, this game, "Hyrule Warriors", new info of "Legend OF Zelda U", and possibly more.



sinalefa said:

Ah, the usual "Nintendo should support its flagging Wii U, but why didn't you release this on 3DS?" contradiction.



JannieW said:

@Spoony_Tech My all time favourite is Twilight Princess, the most beautiful game. But Minish Cap is the second best. I'm glad the game comes out for the Wii U



aaronsullivan said:

Never played this and can't wait.
In fact, I don't think I've finished any portable Zelda games for various reasons. This may be the first.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "contradiction"

I think the real contradiction is on purpose from Nintendo. Wii U gets handheld Gameboy games and 3DS gets Luigi's Mansion 2 and SSB before Wii U. (And Kid Icarus should have been a Wii U launch title, but that's just me.) I am glad for the Wii U support though and may just play this.

I still don't understand why the company that gave us the Gamecube Game Boy Player can't give us something similar for Wii U for 3DS games. The only real reason they had was no 3D on tvs but the 2DS did away w/ that argument. Or just transmit the video signal from 3DS over wi-fi to the Wii U on the tv. Something.



Mahe said:

@allav866 You should get Wii Party U as a retail release. It comes with a Wiimote (and a Gamepad table stand).



Detective_TeeJay said:

Rrrrgh, I need this on my 3DS! I don't have a Wii U! Doesn't Nintendo want my money?! Seriously this is easily my favorite sprite based Zelda game!



Shambo said:

@PuppyToucher it's one of my favourites as well! The classic and new tunes sounded fantastic, the visual style worked wonders, and everything was fun!

In no particular order, my favourites are Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Link to the Past, and Link's Awakening. Well, also loved most of the others, so even my favourites change everytime I name them. There's not one I really didn't like, since I loved all the (Nintendo) Zelda games. It's the only series I collect completely, spin-offs, obvious parodies, and guest-appearances included.



Lobster said:

I have the GBA cart and the Ambassador version, but it's really good it's coming to Wii U!



edcomics said:

Why WiiU? I just don't get it. I mean, I wouldn't care if it was available for the 3DS eShop, but it's not. It just seems so strange to me.



ToonLink795 said:

The Legend of Zelda Minish Cap. I already owned the original at one point. I still have this from the Ambassador program. So even though I own this game it is one of the few games I defiantly plan on re-getting again for my Wii U.



biglittlejake said:

Finally Nintendo you plan to release more classic games and it is Minish Cap!!! Minish Cap is tied for my favorite Zelda game, it is tied with Majoras Mask, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Minish Cap. I really wanted to play Minish Cap. I kind of had a feeling it would come to America since it has had an IGN page for a couple months.



Yoshi said:

I can hold out for a non-ambassador 3DS release. I'm a very patient person.



biglittlejake said:

@edcomics Wouldn't the GBA games take up a lot of space on the 2/3DS? Since there are many great GBA games people would probably use up their memory card just on those. I may be wrong but maybe Nintendo did for one to make the Wii U sell better and there's more space on a Wii U.



SphericalCrusher said:

Awesome, but I've had it on my 3DS for a long time. Won't be buying it again on WiIU, unless it becomes very cheap.



Hortencio said:

Sooooo glad this is coming to the U and not the 3DS! Man, Nintendo really got this one right...yes, yes, YESSS!! Can't wait to play this on the big screen, like it was intended; missed this classic when it came out years ago, but I won't miss it this time...especially because it's on the best current system, the WII U!



Thulfram said:

I am super thrilled! This game is so cool and my favorite Zelda of any kind! I'm playing it right now on my GameBoy Micro and I'm almost through the Palace of Winds. If you've never played this one, you're in for a treat. The story is unique and so are the puzzles. You have to shrink down and use all kinds of weapons, sometimes switching them in rapid order.

And this game is TOUGH! Precise timing of flying jumps with crows trying to knock you down, gathering all kinds of kinstones to unlock things, and a really bizarre talking hat that gives you hints when not complaining about how dark or cold it is!

If I ever get into cosplay, I'd wear the hat!

@maceng - I've been thinking about seeing if I could buy a 3DS with Ambassador games on it.



maceng said:

Nintendo is just playing the stubborn one. "We will release these special Ambassador games for the 3DS and never again!!", Iwata said. You know, big N, is your loss!! I'd bought every single GBA game available for the WiiU, but for my 3DS, because I just like gaming on the go. So far, we only have bought Wario's microgames because my son enjoys too much.



maceng said:

It is the same with some rewards on the N club. Jeez, the ran out of craddles for the 3DS XL in less than 2 hours, and are not planning on making more!! Why not sell them at their web shop? No, because it was a one time and one time only kind of a deal!!



burninmylight said:


A GBA game takes up far less space than any retail 3DS game available for download, so that's no excuse. Besides, you can have multiple SD cards. Space should not be a factor as to why GBA games aren't available in the 3DS eShop.



ReigningSemtex said:

Got this from the ambassador program good game but links awakening is easily my favourite portable zelda title



KevTastic84 said:

I don't think some of us 3DS Ambassador's realise how lucky we were in getting a lot of AAA GBA titles for nothing. Seeing as it looks like none of them are coming to the 3DS virtual console anytime in a hurry



ProudasaPeacock said:

I've never played this game but it looks really good and as you can probably tell by my profile picture I'm a huge Zelda fan so this'll be great!
Hopefully I'll have a Wii U by the time it's out.



Ste said:

I'll get it, never played it, never had a portable gaming device, so does anyone think there is chance other portable zeldas will be released?



JaxonH said:

I'm LOVING this whole "GBA on Wii U" thing. It's beginning to prosper rather nicely indeed.

Next stop, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. I'm calling it now.



odd69 said:

@PuppyToucher Nope not alone This is my second to favorite zelda game ever made.
@JaxonH Me too
I still own my copy, Box and all but I'm so going to double dip. I had great memories playing this, the game stuck with me way after i played it just like A link to the past did. So for me this is a treat to play on big screen and in my opinion any zelda fan should buy this.



allav866 said:

@Mahe I'm getting Wii Party U for free because of the Mario Kart 8 promotion, not because I want it, but because it's the only game on offer that I don't already have.



Giygas_95 said:

Not one of my favorite Zelda games, and since I already have it on 3DS, I doubt I'll be getting this.

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