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Site News: Check Out Nintendo Life's eShop Picks On Your Wii U And 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

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Those of you with especially good memories will recall that Nintendo Life has been featured on the eShop twice in the past few years — back in 2011, we were asked by Nintendo of Europe to contribute a list of our favourite eShop titles, and a year later we supplied our red-hot summer picks for the North American eShop.

We're honoured to have been asked to contribute again this year with a special video starring the one and only Rory Cocker, who delivers in his distinctive Northern twang our definitive list — compiled in April — of must-have 3DS and Wii U download exclusives. The video is only viewable on the eShop in the United Kingdom, but you can watch the footage below from anywhere in the world — because we're good to you like that.

The video highlights five titles for each system, but you can find the complete list — along with links to our handy game pages — below.

Wii U


Do you have all of the games on the list? Are there any that you'll be picking up on the basis of our glowing recommendation? Do you like Rory's cat? As ever, share a comment with us below.

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Handy_Man said:

It's neat how you guys got featured on the eShop again. I remember being undecided at the time if I should get Mighty Milky Way or not, and then after seeing that you guys featured it back then, I decided to take the plunge and enjoyed it. Thanks for that.



luke88 said:

Good picks, I'm glad Nightsky is on there. Would of liked Knytt underground on the wii u list.



rjejr said:

@erv - I'm trying to figure out the criteria of a list that has Little Inferno and not Child of Light. Indie, exclusive, DL only? Must be a reason.

@sinalefa - Didn't' Scram Kitty release last week in both the US and UK? Which I suppose means you live somewhere else. Took me a moment.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Wii U picks could've been better. It's mostly the first titles that released at launch. Trine 2, Little Inferno, Nano Assault, Chasing Aurora, Mighty Switch Force. There's lots more to choose from now.



RedYoshi999 said:

That's pretty cool, I was just on Youtube and saw Nintendo Life being featured in my subscription box, then came here afterwards!



sinalefa said:


That's my point, Scram Kitty should be on that list. You can argue that CoL is not an exclusive, but SK is, and one of the best ones at that. Unless this video was made before those two games made it to the eShop.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I have all of those Wii U games except Little Inferno. I wouldn't recommend Mighty Switch Force to anybody. NL's review led me to believe it was outstanding.

I liked Nano Assault but where's Shin'en's next game?



unrandomsam said:

I only like 3 of those 3DS ones. (Shinobi 3 / Steamworld Dig / Retro City Rampage DX).

Mutant Mudds is the worst thing I have bought for the 3DS. Not played Escape Vektor

Nano Assault Ex
Sayonara UmiharaKawase
(Along with the 3 Already listed are the best).
Liberation Maiden



ferrers405 said:

My picks for 3DS:

Mighty Switch Force
Harmo Knight
Pushmo (Fallblox)
Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword
Liberation Maiden.



AyeHaley said:

Why not NES Remix 2 instead of the first one? I haven't bought nr 2 yet but the game selection is much better, isn't it? Is it because they didn't add enough remixes for a sequel? Just curious



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "Unless this video was made before those two games made it to the eShop."

Yeah I considered that, but CoL has been out for 3 weeks. Scram Kitty was just last week so I could see timing being an issue w/ that one. Swords & Soldiers is one of my favorite games but that only comes out today. And its a 5 year old port w/o the $1.99 DLC that Steam got 2 years ago this Saturday. They could have made it $4.99 and included it, then I might have bought it again.



Damo said:

@rjejr It's called "Personal Taste".

The list was in fact drawn up before Scram Kitty and CoL were released, but the fact is that it's a solid selection of games — I'm sure we can agree on that.



Damo said:

@AyeHaley NES Remix 2 wasn't out when the original list was drawn up, we've been working with Nintendo UK on this for a while.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@Damo Personal taste it may be but where in the heck is Child of Life and Golden Sun? Is this a current list for 2014? It's a slow morning so I might have missed some things my bad.



rjejr said:

@Damo - "The list was in fact drawn up before Scram Kitty and CoL were released"

Some days I think you're just looking for a reason to ban me for life

And not that this will help, but "personal taste" shouldn't really be the focus when NL is posting a video on the eShop, but you're wasn't entirely lost on me.

Oh look, now even TW's getting involved, we're all in trouble now.



ThomasBW84 said:

"We're honoured to have been asked to contribute again this year with a special video starring the one and only Rory Cocker, who delivers in his distinctive Northern twang our definitive list — compiled in April — of must-have 3DS and Wii U download exclusives."

There, I added compiled in April, can we stop banging on about games released in May now? Arguing about all others is, of course, fair game!



Damo said:

@rjejr Personal taste shouldn't come into it? This is a list picked by the core staff of the games they personally believe are the best offerings for the 3DS and Wii U. Personal taste has everything to do with it. What other possible selection criteria could there be?



MadAdam81 said:

@Damo It would be silly to say "here are a bunch of games that we didn't totally love, but other people like."
Its called Nintendo Life recommends for a reason.
If it was a list of stuff I recommend, I would include Star Wars Pinball and D&D Mystara and possibly even Pokemon Rumble U. I'd also add Uncharted Waters 2, one of the greatest exploration/trade/adventure/pirate games of all time, up there with each version of Sid Meiers Pirates! as well as being my favourite JRPG due to. its highly polished gameplay and stories.



Lobster said:

Well, I really liked the video and didn't find anything wrong with it! It's cool to see you guys doing eShop picks again! Do you think you'll get to do one of these for NA soon, and would they be any different?

Btw you chose mostly good games.



Jake_homs said:

I enjoyed this video so much! Made me laugh and also had some great games I've never heard of! Definitely going to check them out, especially some of the 3DS ones. Thank you!



Tasuki said:

Nintendolife in the HAWSE lol.

I never understand the hype behind Mutant Mudds. I downloaded the demo and wasn't that impressed by it. But as is stated these are personal choices.



kevfrei said:

@erv I'm guessing a big point of the video was to advertise these awesome games-and Child of Light is doing so well right now that it did not need the mention.



Windy said:

That's a good list of games there guys. Congrats on getting back to Eshop. I was wondering if that might happen again.



ICHIkatakuri said:

I don't personally understand the chasing aurora recommendation and personally I would have said unepic. Otherwise a solid list of which I own every single game.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Expa0 List for UK eShop, Cave Story on 3DS eShop released in Europe on 1st May this year, list compiled in April...



Zorox88 said:

I only have one of those games from that list but can you try to squeeze in something on Golden Sun?



gojiguy said:

Wii U:
Scram Kitty

Attack of the Friday Monsters
Starship Damrey
3d Galaxy Force II

My additions to the lists. My favorites so far that weren't mentioned.



jariw said:

Interesting that the picks were made just before Child of Light, since it was just at that point the number of good Wii U releases on the eShop got a substantial boost. If a new list would be made a year from now, I'd guess that quite a few of the current picks are replaced.



AJWolfTill said:

Yeah, still need to get Earthbound and Nes Remix 2.

@Nintenjoe64 Finally! Someone else who isn't crazy about that game! I thought it was alright but it is quite overrated. It had already been purchased on my Wii U so I got it for free. If I had paid <£4 for it I would not have been impressed.



rjejr said:

@Damo - "What other possible selection criteria could there be?"

Quality? I'ld really rather somebody recommend a game to me saying - "this isn't my cup of tea but it's well made" than "most people probably wont like this odd niche game but I do so you should get it".

Do me that's the deciding factor between a "professional" review and somebody at IGN hating on a Wii game simply b/c it's on the Wii and not a FPS.



DreamOn said:

@rjejr But that's precisely why "picks lists" have always existed be it for games or movies or music, they (are allowed to) attempt something more "niche" than a "top/best sellers list" because it's all about discovering someone's personal taste not just what's "the best" out there.



Beau_Skunk said:

Kinda odd they aren't recommending any 3DS Virtual Console games... (I honestly think Nintendo's been ignoring VC a bit lately...) At least recommend something cool, yet obscure like "Mole Mania." It's the best game you can get for 3 bucks.



Agent721 said:

Castlestorm was great. I just finished the two main campaigns. Did anyone try the DLC? Is it worth it?



DreamOn said:

@unrandomsam No, but you surely understand the eclecticism that is afforded -and also sought after in- a picks list which is thus entirely allowing for niche selection should it be within the "picker's" taste.

The point is that picking things that are not your personal pick because of outside consensus and what not, completely undermines what many know a picks list to be. There are other kinds of lists for consensus, popularity and more objective criteria.



Aqueous said:

Come back Rory's Cat!!!
Awesome that you guys got to do so again. I'll look through the lists and likely grab one on there.



SPUD said:

I just couldn't get into Crimson Shroud, Phoniex Wright, and I'm even struggling with the last zelda 3ds game. Maybe I'm just getting too old? Oh well,horses for courses. X



unrandomsam said:

@WiiULoveGBA I dunno I think Racket Boy has good taste but that is about it. The goal for me is to try to not end up with stuff I don't like far too many on the 3DS list I have bought but ended up thinking were absolute garbage.

(A 9/10 should be reserved for the stuff that everybody regardless of anything else should like).

I think most people want to find out whether they personally will like something.



JaxonH said:


Scram Kitty and Child of Light. And tbh, a bunch of other games too. Half the list is stuff I wouldn't even rank in the top 20



Prof_Clayton said:

Its pretty funny how oblivious some of the people commenting are. I might as well join in.
HEY, DOOD. Why didn't you include SMASH BROS over FALLBLOX? I mean, srsly, u be like stupid or everything. blerg a blagh, I mean, you agree rite because it be like the best game since wii u bowling and all that and STUPID decision bro. Bad choice. When was this list made, IN APRIL or something, I mean come on there's like not even 5 games out on wii u yet. U________U



brandonbwii said:

I agree that that's a great list and the crazy thing is I feel there are better games for 3DS than many of those.

You sound like the entirety of Miiverse. I guess some of the complaints stem from the fact that they ARE his personal opinion and doesn't represent the entirety of NLife.



gregrout said:

I don't know how Chasing Aurora and Little Inferno made the Wii-U list. I found those two game pretty boring. I would swap them out for Child Of Light and Unepic. The 3DS list isn't too bad. I'd add Rune Factory 4 (get it while you can as the developer has folded).



Morph said:

Who cares whats on the list, the people who run the site were asked to compile a list, not the visitors. Its nice for the site to get recognition which is probably the bigger news here.



RichRadEx said:

I remember seeing yesterday, and I'm really surprised!! I didn't know you guys were this popular!!



ashlyquin said:

I only have a 3DS; I agree with Crimson Shroud, Retro City Rampage DX, and Crashmo (Fallblox).

However, I've always wondered about NIghtsky....... Looks really good!!



Giygas_95 said:

Lots of good games! I played through Earthbound for the fourth time recently. What a fantastic game!

@CasuallyDressed Northern twang huh? So that must be what a British Yankee sounds like!

And yes, I loved your cat.



rjejr said:

@WiiULoveGBA - Fair enough. The video is labeled "Favourites" which could mean anything to anyone.

In my defense, these are the very first words I posted - after 2 other people mentioned the lack of Scram Kitty and CoL - which are meant to be questioning, not accusatory -

"I'm trying to figure out the criteria of a list that has Little Inferno and not Child of Light. Indie, exclusive, DL only? Must be a reason."

Turns out the reason was timing, so really all these comments are besides the point.



Graeme said:

Good video! Its hard to pick eshop games sometimes so lists like these are essential



parutena said:

I went off NL's list previously and it was all pretty good. if you don't think Mighty Switch Force is one of the best wiiu indie games you're flat out wrong

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