Nintendo Announces a Charming New Princess Peach Wii Remote Plus

Proud to be pink

Many of us parted with good money last year when Nintendo released Mario and Luigi Wii Remote Plus controllers, with a simple colour scheme enough to get us a tad excited. The big N is aiming to tap into that instinct again with a new Princess Peach-themed Remote, with Nintendo of America confirming that it'll arrive in the region's stores from late April with a recommended price of $39.99.

This Peach Remote "includes a crown design over the speaker, blue buttons that echo Peach’s royal jewelry and a golden-yellow plus pad that evokes her regal crown". You can see for yourself below, in which that age old love-triangle — well, not really — between Mario, Luigi and the princess is re-imagined in Remote form.

Nintendo of Europe is yet to confirm release details for the Remote in its region, though it's likely just a matter of time. Are you interested in picking this up for your Wii or Wii U?