Some Club Nintendo items, regardless of region, do sell out rather quickly. Examples can be stylish game card cases, invaluable as they can hold plenty of games in one handy set while making you look rather snazzy at that next StreetPass meet-up. There was one released in North America in December 2012, for example, and it sold out within days.

You may want to be quick, then, as two updated designs have arrived on Club Nintendo, once again, in North America; like before they hold 18 DS or 3DS game cards and have multiple reversible covers. There are a couple of changes, however, as these new iterations are 400 coins (the previous version was 250) and have new designs on those three reversible covers. You can choose from two distinct options, "The Legend of Zelda" and "Animal Crossing", each of which includes covers for their respective franchises, Mario and Club Nintendo.

Images are above and below. These are in stock at the time of writing, but if you want to pick one up then check out the official product page and use the drop down menu to alternate between the two sets.

The Legend of Zelda

Animal Crossing

Thanks to Phantom Kirby and others that sent this in.