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Sun 27th Jan 2013

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XXIV commented on Suica NFC Cards To Finally Be Used, From 22nd ...:

Does anyone know if the Wii U's NFC could work with the tap (which, if it isn't a thing in the majority of the world, is just tapping a certain part of your card against a machine that takes that function, paying near instantly)?



XXIV commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

I feel like everyone is jumping to the conclusion that the Aegislash was hacked or bred from a hacked Pokemon. Doing a bit of research, Snorunt falls into the same egg group as Honedge, as well as appearing in the Dream World. Therefore, it is plausible that, legitimately, he could have bred it to get into that special Pokeball.



XXIV commented on Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Actually...:

I love the backhanded nature of his comment. "Nintendo helps raise and teaches the fun of games to people just starting out." He's basically saying that Nintendo games are for kids and beginners.
Or, I'm just looking at it in a different way. Sticking with the former, however.



XXIV commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV Coming To North American...:

When I first saw this, I thought it was an April Fool's joke. Then I took a look at the date, how many sites are covering it, and when it was going to be released. All my want exploded through the roof, then came back in the form of a literal spit take. A dry one, considering I didn't have anything to drink at the time, but a spit take none the less.



XXIV commented on AeternoBlade Hitting Indiegogo To Secure Q3 Re...:

The fact that it uses time makes me want to support it. If I get my new credit card before it ends, I may contribute a bit.

Oh, wait, no solid NA date. Damn, well, might still consider it. Europe needs some love anyway, and added funds may help them find an NA partner.



XXIV commented on PAX Australia is Sold Out:

@nastobi123 Not really. Australia is in the Southern hemisphere and, from what little grade 3 geography I can remember, the north pole is tilted toward the sun, meaning we get all the hot and they get all the cold.



XXIV commented on Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl Revealed In Fa...:

Too bad not everyone has access to either the original or reprint version. Besides, they would probably add new features, like Casual mode, to bring in those who want to play the game in its entirety without the super hard difficulty.

I would personally love to get this. IV is a great game, and it would give me a chance to play yet another one of these epic games.



XXIV commented on News on Etrian Odyssey, Devil Survivor 2 Expec...:

Could be for the Wii U; the GamePad adds new possibilities for games like EO that work best with a second screen. Not to say I don't want another for my 3DS; IV is amazing, and I really need to finish my second playthrough. So much fun, especially with the open storyline. You can create your own little add ins, making every playthrough unique depending on the characters you create.