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Capcom Claims Its New Panta Rhei Game Engine Can Be Adapted To Any System

Posted by Damien McFerran

And that means Wii U and 3DS

Capcom's MT Framework game engine was pretty adaptable — it powered Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D on the 3DS as well as providing the horsepower for the company's home console titles — and the Japanese studio has gone on record to confirm that its successor will be just as versatile.

Panta Rhei is Capcom's latest engine, and is responsible for the amazing visuals we'll be seeing in PS4 exclusive Deep Down. However, Senior Manager of Technology Management Masauru Ijuin has said that the engine is scalable, and won't be restricted to Sony's console:

Panta Rhei can be adapted to anything. It is designed to be a general-purpose engine, and facilitate the creation of all types of games. Capcom creates games for a variety of genres, so this engine needs to be capable of handling whatever kind of game we want to make. Panta Rhei can meet the exact needs of each development team, no matter what type of game it is they’re making. This engine is pretty much “engineered specifically for Capcom games”

Panta Rhei will keep pace with technological innovation, including improved hardware performance. As this technology advances, the important question we must ask is how efficient can we be in developing games. Efficiency is not only about cost. It’s about how effectively we can invest in developing entertaining games.

At least with such a flexible game engine, it means that Capcom can't cite "development difficulties" when it comes to bringing its software to Nintendo's platforms. Hopefully we'll see Panta Rhei games on both the 3DS and Wii U in the near future.

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User Comments (78)



64supermario said:

Great, I'd love to see another game like Resident Evil Revelations or Mercenaries, they were great. I'd honestly like to see a Power Stone game with this in use and put on the Wii U.



RedRocBoy said:

@64supermario Be dope if thy made an exclusive Wii U sequel to the Mercenies that had a campaign and extra modes. Really hope they support the Wii U they definitely have the fans.



DreamOn said:

I like some of capcoms games but not RE or similar titles. Hopefully it allows them a diverse output with creativity for a few more different styles of gameplay.



MAB said:

Clearly the winner would be Monster Hunter 5 for Wii U using this



SpookyMeths said:

Hopefully they decide to use this engine to produce video games that people want to play.



seronja said:

that's good news, now i do hope they can port all their games to the Wii U



AugustusOxy said:

It kinda is the developers job to do awesome things with their tools.

All things considered, no one figured a game like Golden Eye could be made for the 64 and yet... it was.



MadAdam81 said:

I assume Dead Rising 3 was the old engine, and it didn't really take much advantage from the Xbox One.architecture.



Volmun said:

Deep Down is the main game i want a PS4 for lol - this is intresting and good im nit sure if there useing this on the new MH game or not (Monster Hubter Online on PC)



mookysam said:

Just because the engine can run on multiple platforms doean't mean that games built using it will.



MrGawain said:

To me by Capcom announcing this means they are actually open to producing for the Wii U. It's a given that they'll be making games for the PS4 and XB1, but this adds hope for Nintendo fans. Strange how Japanese publishers are still behind Nintendo whereas a majority of US publishers have thrown in the towel.

Still a little confused why we can't have New SSF4+.5 Hyper Mega Clean Underpants Edition though?



the_beaver said:

I hope this means they will finish bringing a version of Monster Hunter 4 (or rather MH5) to the WiiU ^^
And what about a remake of Resident Evil 2??? That'd be simply... awesome.



GunstarHero234 said:

Ummm as I'm reading this chart I see Wii U and the rest on MT Framework engine section, the mobile games on the MT Framework engine Mobile section and the Next Gen Consoles on Panta Rhei engine how the Wii U is compatible even though the system is considered a next gen console not trying to be a negative nancy though so don't bash me i'm just curious.



Thearnaud44 said:

We need more engines like this so we can get more multiplats! Nintendo... you should fund some of these for other comapnies like Ubisoft and Activision since they have been pretty nice to you.



kenzo said:

Resident Evil Mercenaries is a really great First Person Shooter that I still play every day. Vastly underated. It always makes me laugh when I discover something new in it. Capcom did a great job with the depth and variation of play, as it is very challenging.

This game also looks great up close to the face when playing the 3DS in 3D wearing cheap 4 Dioptre reading glasses.



Faustek said:

Uhm I don't get says right there in the scheme that WiiU is still on the "Mt Framework" it isn't "Next Gen" according to Capcom? Even PC is on "Mt Frameworks"...

Yeah I don't get it. :S



Tsurii said:

@Faustek I think that they're using MT Frameworks for their exclusives and last-gen multiplats (PS3/360 and I guess they'll bring those to PC and Wii U as well) and everything for next/current-gen multiplats (PS4/Wii U/XB1 and the PC ports) runs on that new engine.



Laxeybobby said:

This is a pointless article that is purposefully misleading by the author, whether intended that way or not. Not once in the official Capcom quote does it mention, refer or imply that this will be used for the WiiU. Infact the chart provided with the quote would indicate otherwise.

It is the authors opinion, perception or hope that is stating this engine will or may be used on the WiiU nothing more, and with no evidence it will now or in the future.



Damo said:

@Laxeybobby The chart is a before-and-after comparison between Panta Rhei and MT Framework. The bottom chart (MT) is how things are right now, and the point is that the new engine can run on anything.

The Capcom staffer even says it can be adapted to any system - so how is this misleading exactly?



Peach64 said:

I'm sure it probably does mean any system, but the quote looks to be talking about adapting to engine to any genre of game, rather than adapting to any console.



Aluwolf said:

While it can be adapted there's a problem.

Console developers usually start on the weakest system and then port upwards. This is because all kinds of nightmares like a system not being able to handle certain character amounts on screen and big problems of similar nature that can pop up if you start on the strongest.

The technological differences between the PS4/Xbone are small so this works fine, develop on the Xbone port to the PS4 with tweaks to take advantage of the better hardware.

However the Wii U is literally half or worse in aspects like ram, they cannot make a good next gen game that will appease ps4/xbone owners by developing for the wii u first, they have to essentially spend extra time developing a special version, with things removed and taken out and lower quality models to make it work on the Wii U.

This is exactly why you don't see games on the Wii U, they can either spend little money porting between two consoles where they know millions will buy it, or they can spend a good amount of money and include the wii u where they won't know if it will do well at all. It's a sad truth we have to deal with, Wii U owners just won't get good third party support because its a costly nightmare to make sure a game runs properly on it.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Peach64 I agree that's what I was curious about but on PushSquare the same topic was on there too but they was talking about the Deep Down title and how the Panta Rhei engine was so advanced that Capcom couldn't use the tech for the current gen systems so I don't exactly how this engine is going to work for the Wii U favor or 3DS but they find a loophole probably.



Tra_Venous said:

@GunstarHero234 it's simple: the Panta Rhei engine is currently coded for the custom x86 architecture in both Xbone and PS4; what programmers need to do is recode the engine for Wii U's custom PowerPC architecture (good news is that this would end up being smaller code due to the overall nature of PowerPC, and would leave a much smaller memory footprint; I hear a lot of people complaining about Wii U's lack of RAM, but the fact of the matter is, Wii U does not require as much RAM as its x86 cohorts, due to the diffence in coding size)

It all comes down to optimization, and we have yet to really see any of that on Wii U; all these third party games that are currently available on the console consist of either Xbox360 or PS3-optimized coding - they're just not putting enough time into adapting the code properly, and of course, they're using code for older consoles - you can only do so much with that before you get diminishing returns.



Kyloctopus said:

Congrats to Capcom. It was amazing already what they can do on the 3DS, I would love to see what can be done with this new engine.



vattodev said:

Against whatever people want to think, Capcom has been a great Wii U supporter. They released MH3U as an exclusive, MHFG in japan, Resident Evil Revelations, Dungeons and Dragons and Ducktales Remastered. How many publishers released 5 games for the Wii U in 2013?
Ok, we didn't get some titles that would probably sell terribly anyway such as Strider or SF4, but they have my respect for MH3U alone.



GearsOfWarU said:

I want an all New Ghost N Goblins / Super Ghouls N Ghosts for Wii U that would be Awesome !!!!!!!!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Certainly interesting. I wonder if they'll develop all their titles with Panta Rhei in the future... that'd be seriously awesome, since it's an undeniably strong engine, despite supporting all platforms.



Vincent294 said:

I wonder if this is why Monster Hunter 4 hasn't come to America yet. Perhaps a new version using the Panta Rhei engine?



AVahne said:

Even if it is scaleable, it's likely that Capcom intends to continue using the MT Framework engines on 3DS and Wii U as they wouldn't have to do additional optimization. It could be a similar situation to UE4;the older engine works great on those consoles already, so what point is there to optimize the new one for those two platforms if they won't take full advantage of it and if there's a high risk of low return for their work?
Then again, Cappy seems to like Ninty, so who knows what they'll do.



Prof_Clayton said:

If Nintendo made something like this open to close third party developers, and even some not close ones with great games, it would result in more games.



hcfwesker said:

Just because they can port games to WiiU with this engine, doesn't necessarily mean they would actually want to. There's still plenty of "3rd party excuses" they can pick from for not bringing games to WiiU. We shall see ....



bizcuthammer said:

Most of the series by Capcom that i actually care about, they dont make anymore. Like Mega Man, Mega Man X, Power Stone and more. They've run Resident Evil series into the ground, and Street Fighter hasnt evolved enough since the SNES era for me to spend $60 on its 3 different versions that get released per entry. Monster Hunter could benefit from this, its just that they havent even localised MH4 yet... Modern Capcom sucks compared to the late 80s/90s Capcom.



sinalefa said:

So if Wii U supports MT Framework, why can't we have Ultra SFIV? Did the SSFIV3D Edition really sell that bad?

So I don't think the engine is a valid excuse for them, so I don't see any benefit to this for Wii U owners.



KittenKoder said:

Finally, the merging of technologies is becoming a real trend. With engines like this, as well as other software options, devs can develop a game once, then port to multiple systems with little to no work, allowing you to enjoy their games and apps on everything you own.

Hopefully devs will embrace this more.



IronMan28 said:

They won't do anything for Wii U anymore, developers that aren't paid to develop for the system (or aren't Indies) will not do so, even if the install base quadruples in a year. I wish I was trolling, but it's true, Wii U has a really tough road ahead of it and this doesn't mean anything for the system.



JuanitoShet said:

Though I've never followed Capcom's titles too closely in my life, I've got to say that this sounds amazing. Talk about technological innovation! Good for them!



JustinH said:

Awesome, although what Capcom games I'd even want to play right now I don't know. Monster Hunter 4, I guess, if and when that ever comes to Wii U in North America.

@64supermario Oooh, I take it back. Give us Power Stone ASAP.



SCAR said:

All I got to say, is that Wii U owners aren't going to take 3rd party companies seriously, if they intend to keep giving Wii U owners the 7th generation version of said content.

Wii U is 8th gen, so they need to treat it like 8th gen. They might as well support Xbox 360 and PS3 throughout the entirety of 8th gen, if they're going to keep making 7th gen games like they currently are.



SCAR said:

Once 8th gen software comes out on Wii U, I can basically guarantee that the Wii U's $300 price and inclusion of the GamePad will make buying a Wii U and software will be all the more tempting for people who haven't already bought one.

I know that people didn't pay $500 for a game console that's playing games they could have had on last gen(BF4, CoD Ghosts, etc.). Even Killer Intinct or Killzone SF could have beeen developed for 7th gen systems. At some point, the cosmetic and processing value of software is part of what sets generations apart. This is where Wii U comes in.

There will be a point where a said game can't run on Xbox 360 and PS3, but it will on 8th generation consoles. Wii U included.



Manaphy2007 said:

well at least crapcom is supporting wii u, unlike e.a. who bullpoopydoodoocacapoopledoople'd about their latest engine not being able to run on wii u but it runs perfect on last gen consoles (except wii). while i do not like capcom;s business practice like (U)MvC3 i will give them thumbs up for supporting wii u, nintendo in general.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Noboty said:

The first thing I thought of when I saw the name was "Panty Rheid." I'll be calling it that from now on.



Godstrike said:

all i can say is that it looks pretty but the gameplay of this demo seems a bit I don't know ... meh



thanos316 said:

good to hear that this engine could be adapted to any system. but does that mean that capcom has a game in development for the wii u. this is wii u 2nd year on the market. lets hope it picks up some steam in usa. this news doesn't make me exited. i want to hear definite titles thats in development now or coming out soon for the wii u. the 3ds is doing fine so thats all good.



thanos316 said:

im now watching the demo. i think this game is running on some high end pc. them graphics and details are top notch. good luck getting that on the wii u to look the same. or on any other system.



siavm said:

I read another article and it sounds like the new engine while adaptable is only for ps4, x1, and pc. They will just continue using mt on wii u going forward since that is about as strong as the previous gen consoles.



Vincent294 said:

@SCAR392 You do realize that while the Wii U is 8th gen, its processors, namely the CPU, may not be able to handle the kinds of games a PS4 can. If the game isn't pushing the PS4 to its limits, then the game can be ported to the Wii U easily. But if it does push the PS4 to its limits, even the best of game engines cannot help the Wii U run it. That's that. It's why 3DS has Resident Evil: Revelations but not GTA V or Skyrim.



Vincent294 said:

Hopefully Capcom can make a new game on the 3DS to showcase Panta Rhei's improvements. While it can't necessarily run any PS4 game using it (few will be able to run, I'm sure), I'm certain it will be able to use the 3DS more efficiently.



SCAR said:

None of the multiplatform games are being built around the PS4(besides Sony's exclusive titles, which aren't multiplatform), so we don't have to worry about whether PS4 is fully utilized or not.

If games run on Xbox One, they run on Wii U. That's basically all there is to it. This looks like 6th gen all over again. except the PS console is the most powerful, instead of the other way around.

EDIT: I'm not talking about 3DS in comparison to Xbox 360 or PS3. Rockstar and Bethesda aren't even focused on Nintendo systems, right now, much less a port of something else from older hardware. GTA V is suited for Wii U, but only if it's a hypothetical 8th build that PS4 and Xbox One would get, as well. Skyrim is probably too old to port onto newer systems, though, unless they don't have plans for a new game.



erv said:

@MAB monster hunter 5 was the first thing I wanted on my wii U reading this Scratch that, monster hunter on my wii U with lots of online is what I want anyway.



brandonbwii said:

This is actually a serious and not cynical question. Just thought I'd get that out of the way. Has ANY Capcom games, not counting older defunct internal studios, developed by western developers ever received commercial and critical acclaim?



MamaLuigi said:

Capcom, even in this day and age, can never let go of their Nintendo fanboyism. That's likely why Non-Nintendo titles like RE5 and 6 suck donkey, with their fighting games being the only exception.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



KnightOfNothing said:

@Baum897 I would like that to happen but apparently, MH4 was made specifically for the 3DS so there wouldnt be any easy way to port it. Thats what Capcom says anyways.



Relias said:

Breath of Fire U for Wii U and a New Monster Hunter, oh and throw in some Mega love for Mega Man-iacs . Please.



kensredemption said:

I'm hoping for a new Dragon's Dogma-esque RPG for the Wii U, maybe a Resident Evil reboot that takes the series back to its roots. Hell, Revelations was better than RE6 and even ZombiU was better than Revelations. I want a sense of hopeless and fear when I'm playing a survival horror game, not a glorified, overly gratuitous shooter.



Gressil said:

Alright Capcom time to wake up, engineer games with VOIP on 3DS, and really bare down on generating more games close to MH3U and RE: Revelations (Each 3DS) quality. The greatest downfall of Revelations was no VOIP.

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