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Stealth and Adventure game lover.

24, United States

I've been a gamer since I was four years old, which will soon be twenty years ago. I have more of a soft spot for Sega as it was my first console, but I still love Nintendo. I like nearly every genre except the typical RPG.

Wed 4th Dec 2013

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Aluwolf commented on Book Review: Console Wars - Sega, Nintendo, an...:

@OnionOverlord Stopped taking you seriously after first sentences. I'm sorry but you seem to entirely miss my post and I won't bother reading someone elses if they can't read mine. 1.4GB being less than 4GB is a fact. Being as powerful as your competitions previous console makes you less powerful is a fact. I did not say any "views" I said if you can't see that being able to hold 1/3 the space is a weakness and you're willing to argue that then you're too far gone and not worth replying too. There are people who will argue that floppy disks are better than say a blu ray disk in every way for the sake of an argument, and that was what i was referring to.

These facts are what are making me weary of nintendos hardware. These facts make me feel like I'm putting up with stuff to play nintendo's games. That was my point, if you can't take me "seriously" because of that view based on facts, you need to seek help.

Nothing I said was offensive, or aggressive yet you act as though I insulted your mother. You're a staunch Nintendo fan who thinks they are like the second coming of Jesus. And it's really off putting.

Also I did not "derail the topic", someone above me implied that not making hardware is somehow bad these days. I responded by saying It's how this company should be going.

As for the rest of your post, it's to be frank silly. The limitations of nintendos hardware as numerous times caused problems and gotten in the way. No native HD support on the Wii forced people to buy 20 dollars cables just to get 480P instead of 480I on their 1080P tv. The sketchy wireless adapter also caused problems in online games. The controllers didn't get real motion controls that were reliable until a 40 dollar adapter came out, no game wanted to support it. Gamecube needed expensive cables to go past 480I, the technology to do so wasnt even in the gamecube it was in the cables. And the Wii U isn't getting third party support outside of ports from the ps3/360.

So yes sir weak hardware does get in the way. Stop being a corporate apologist. Please note I only skimmed your post because to be frank I hate when people try and argue facts, it really shows they've gone off the deep end.



Aluwolf commented on Round Table: Let's Discuss Our Hopes and Dream...:

@AlexSora89 Gen 2 is my least favorite, it was more grindy than any other game in the series. Fight every traner, never flee any battle and you'd still be 8 or so levels behind some of the gym leaders.I don't see why people like it, it's always felt like the weakest of all to me.



Aluwolf commented on Book Review: Console Wars - Sega, Nintendo, an...:

@ZeroZX_Dev Look I get it, I've been a nintendo fan for near 20 Years. There's a sense of pride that goes with console owning and a feeling of failure if they stop, but that's not true.

Look, all of nintendos consoles for the past decade+ have had huge problems, anyone saying otherwise is blind or very uneducated on how computers work. The gamecube had 1/3 the storage space of a traditional disk, just a measly 1.4GB. Huge problem. The Wii's specs were identical to the first xbox despite launching after the xbox360, and the online never worked even for killer titles like smash. Also they totally flopped the motion control and wii motion plus was what it should have been at launch, now you need an add on no game wants to support to have motion controls that are actually accurate.

Finally, even the wii U is underwhelming, the Gpu and Cpu would retail both for about 100 usd ( around 50 each), to put it simply it's technology from 2008,Yes they make games that look good but that is partly due to aesthetics.

For years I have felt I have been putting up with lackluster hardware to enjoy Nintendo games. It's got to stop, I can't deal with it anymore. No online account system, took them until 2012 to get online thatch even playable, another gimmick that's not even used. Seriously, mario kart does not support 1 screen on tablet, 1 on TV. What the actual ****? One of the A+ 10/10 system of the year concepts was to finally get rid of screen looking. Nope.

I'm sorry but I'm weary, and sick of this. Nintendo has shown it's out of touch and living in the past. Anyone who can't see that Nintendo doesn't know a damn thing about good hardware is living in the 90's It's time to either make something good or stop. For the love of god stop making us buy a bad console just to play your games Nintendo.



Aluwolf commented on Book Review: Console Wars - Sega, Nintendo, an...:

@Kirk cause of piracy, the dreamcast hardware sales are almost on par with gamecubes.

Also nintendo is dumb for making hardware.

Sony and microsoft have consoles because they need money from third party sales, only in recent years have they bought into studios and are pumping out games owned by them.

Nintendo is opposite, most first party games ever, yet console are sold at loses. and good online infrastructure costs a fortune.



Aluwolf commented on Mario Golf: World Tour’s DLC Isn't Locked Aw...:

Hey people. the game is 10 dollars less than a standard 3DS game. This is because with the DLC the price becomes the same as a full price game. This only benefits you, you get to buy it and see if you like it, if you get bored or find out golf isn't really your thing you save money.

There's literally no situation to be complaining unless you're talking about what ifs for the future, but those are just that.



Aluwolf commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

I think that I'm going to be picking up a Wii u within a few months. Platformers are dead on sony and microsoft and they are my second favorite genre. I can tell just by looking that donkey kong country tropical freeze is a game worth playing, I'm just afraid to get one now that a price drop or special bundle may be on the way.



Aluwolf commented on The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary E...:

@Panamae You guys got Super Mario Land for free a few months ago, why complain about europe not getting this one? I'm sick of europeans complain they don't get anything from nintendo, when they got a 40 dollar game for free if a 3DS was purchased recently. The greed levels are too much.



Aluwolf commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

@Giggity55 the 3ds is a very different circumstance to the wii u.

The wii u is running a modified chip that the xbox 360 uses, it's last gen technology and supports less than a 1/4th of the ram of current systemes like the ps4.

In fact you could take 3 wii u's and the power they output isn't enough to match the other systems.

Now use your brain and just consider how expensive and frustrating it is to make a game designed for another system to work on something lacking so much power. They have to make brand new textures in lower quality, redesign the game so framerate is still decent and remove characters on screen and possible land scapes.

In the past even the difference between the original xbox and the ps2 was enough for them to remove levels completely because they couldnt make them work, and the level of power between the consoles them was minuscule, today we are talking multiple wii u's not being enough to run a game designed for ps4 or xbone.

Anyone that cannot understand this has no idea of how computing and programming works and should not be giving input.



Aluwolf commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

@Yorumi Yorumi you don't seem to know much about computers do you? The difference between all the consoles in that generation was minimal and it's frustrating that you even compare the two. You can literally stack multiple wii u's and use their combined power and you can't achieve what the ps4 or xbone do.

It's not like years ago where people were like, well the gamecube gets about 5% more performance than the ps2...

Today it's like wow the wii u is performating at 25% of what the Ps4 is capable of.

The developers of today have to struggly greatly to get a game designed for the other consoles to work properly for the wii u,




Aluwolf commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

@Daz-brum yes lets blame other companies because we consumers thought the wii u was garbage and didn't buy it and now the sales are okay at best for this era of gaming.

I don't think you realize how difficult and expensive it is to port to a weaker console. Every single game they essentially have to spend more money than it would take to port from XBONE/PS4 or vice versa, and make a game with new low res textures that can handle 2GB of ram over 8, and reduce the character counts on screen along with the other stuff, entire missions also have to be changed because the amount on screen might be crucial to the level.

Then in the end of the day they've spent more money on the wii u port than any other port but no one buys it, and no one buys the console because of a lack of "games"

This is why 3RD party is doomed and it will stay this way, there is no "fixing" it, it was something that anyone with a computer related background saw coming when nintendo showed it's specs. It's a cycle of this is expensive to port, and the sales are bad for the console anyway, but the sales are bad because there are no games.



Aluwolf commented on Capcom Claims Its New Panta Rhei Game Engine C...:

While it can be adapted there's a problem.

Console developers usually start on the weakest system and then port upwards. This is because all kinds of nightmares like a system not being able to handle certain character amounts on screen and big problems of similar nature that can pop up if you start on the strongest.

The technological differences between the PS4/Xbone are small so this works fine, develop on the Xbone port to the PS4 with tweaks to take advantage of the better hardware.

However the Wii U is literally half or worse in aspects like ram, they cannot make a good next gen game that will appease ps4/xbone owners by developing for the wii u first, they have to essentially spend extra time developing a special version, with things removed and taken out and lower quality models to make it work on the Wii U.

This is exactly why you don't see games on the Wii U, they can either spend little money porting between two consoles where they know millions will buy it, or they can spend a good amount of money and include the wii u where they won't know if it will do well at all. It's a sad truth we have to deal with, Wii U owners just won't get good third party support because its a costly nightmare to make sure a game runs properly on it.



Aluwolf commented on Review: One Piece Romance Dawn (3DS):

@GuSilverFlame You are missing out on a lot by not reading the manga. Every chapter cover tells part of a story and has shown what has happened to important characters like Enel and Vivi. The anime actually changes a lot more than you'd think too.



Aluwolf commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

I can sum up the problems of the Wii u nice and quickly.

1. The system is at a level graphically where it's too far below the PC, PS4 and Xbone to recieve ports for most games. If anyone has trouble believing this I can go in depth about the various parts.

2. The previous console the wii was aggressively marketed to people who don't typically game. Because of this there is a lot of confusion about the Wii U not being just another addon like the balance board.

3. Nintendo has stated it is much more difficult than they assumed to develop HD titles.

When you combine all of these they are struggling. Third part support is non existent and it's missing key favorites of mine like Metal Gear. They can't do it all on their own anymore as HD developing is hard but no one wants to port games because it doesn't shine at all on the Wii U and because of it's lackluster sales.

It's not similar at all to the situation the 3DS was in and anyone who says so doesn't understand the industry. The Vita suffered huge problems like shoving proprietary down it's consumers throats and the majority of it's games feeling like they would be better on the ps3/ps4 (as we can see because they are porting games like mad from psvita to ps3/ps4)

There's basically no viable competition to the 3DS.

Combine that with the fact that most 3DS games feel like they are meant for it and would actually control worse on a typical console and you have success even though it took longer to gain.

Meanwhile the Wii u is competing with 5 other formats including the PC. It's currently the only platform not getting multiplatform support and until recently it had almost no A rated Nintendo Games.

This is just merely the opinion of someone who has been gaming for close to 20 years and loves gaming, I love Sony, I love Nintendo and I love Sega, I am just trying to state the truth.