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Character Outlines Will Be Customisable in 3DS Super Smash Bros.

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Wii Fit Trainer and the Villager show off their lines

Following Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai on Miiverse (SakuraiMasahiroA) not only provides a daily screenshot treat, but the occasional trickle of information on what will be in store.

Today’s post not only shows off the Wii Fit Trainer and Villager models on the 3DS for the first time, but Sakurai also notes there will be options for the dark borders that surround each character model:

I guess we haven't shown the Villager or the Wii Fit Trainer on the 3DS until now. By the way, their outlines can be made thinner or made to disappear completely.

The borders likely provide a helpful boost to visibility when tracking fighters on the 3DS screen, but it’s nice to know that you can choose to keep that slightly Okami-like thickness or reduce it entirely. Really though, should we have expected any less from a Super Smash Bros. game when it comes to customising? (No.)

Do you think the borders around characters in the 3DS Super Smash Bros. will bother you, or are you expecting to keep them on full throttle? Let us know in the comment section below.


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GuSolarFlare said:

I like the outlines but they seem like something that gets boring after a while and one customization lover so it's a double-plus for me!



Chris720 said:

I'm actually quite fond of the black Okami-styled border around the characters. But this is a nice surprise and one I will gladly play around with when I get my copy in 2015.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I'm gonna make my outlines so thick that I'll just be surrounded by nothing but black darkness on the screen!



Einherjar said:

@Morphtorok Absolutely It may sound strange, but i love it when cel shaded games use thick outlines for characters (Viewtiful joe, okami etc)



Henmii said:

This is great news! The outlines made it look a bit cheap! Maybe they listened to the criticism?



Lan said:

Am i the only one who caught the Pinky and the Brain reference?



Yosher said:

I'll have to see how difficult it'll be to see the characters without the outlines, then I'll decide whether or not I want to keep them on. If I had to choose now though, they'll probably be turned off.



Chaoslink1 said:

Nice! I think they will look better from far away with outlines but from close up I'd rather have no outlines. I also hope that you can turn on and off outlines when taking a picture :3



PKpunky said:

As soon as I read the caption, the theme song from Pinky and the Brain faded through my mind...



WingedSnagret said:

I'll wait till I'm playing the game and then decide if I want the black outlines or not. Really nice that they made it optional.

Love the Binky and the Brain reference in screenshot caption btw!



ricklongo said:

They do kinda bother me. But it won't matter, because this is a game I'll get for the Wii U instead anyway. Can't beat the chaotic madness of Smash Bros on a big flatscreen.



DePapier said:

No, I don't think that's what he meant on Miiverse, I think he meant that depending on your position on the stage, the outlines will appear or vanish more or less strongly in relation to the characters surroundings so that they become more distinguishable on the screen.



DePapier said:

Example: look at screenshot number 7. There is no outline on the right flank of Samus, but there is some on Link: it just depends on the positioning.



Emaan said:

Definitely will be getting rid of the the outlines if I end up with the 3DS version aside the Wii U one.



SilentHunter382 said:

Its nice that they allow you to remove those outlines. I like the art style but not those lines. Its not gonna bother me complete since I am getting the Wii U version first.



Tysamu said:

The outlines add to the art style since it looks like they were going for a cel-shading type, so I'll keep the outlines. Probably make them thicker.



Goginho said:

I like it with the outlines. Gives the characters a unique and really neat touch to them.



TheHunter said:

The outlines give it a distinct look and draw me to the 3DS version over the Wii U, I'll definitely be keeping them.



NintyMan said:

The black outlines never really bothered me and they give the game a unique look, but I'll likely leave them off. They're mainly there to make the characters easier to see on a smaller screen, but my good vision will make that unnecessary.

It's funny how people are complaining about the circle shadows underneath the Villager and Wii Fit Trainer on Miiverse.



FilmerNgameR said:

UGH! The outlines make the characters look weird good thing I can make them disappear completely!



twistedbee said:

I guess it'll depend on how it plays with/without them. Still pretty nice of them to make it an option.



Captain_Toad said:

I never expected for the outlines to be custom-size. Heh, good for the people who like that option.



Blue_Yoshi said:

I think the borders are pretty cool. It gives the game a cel-shaded look not unlike the first Sly Cooper game, also it give a unique, distinct style over it's big Wii U brother.



Handy_Man said:

The fact that not many people on here have heard of Pinky and the Brain disturbs me.



JaxonH said:

One is a genius, the other's insane

I pre ordered the Wii U and 3DS versions, and personally the lines don't bother me (I actually think it will help for the small screen) but I'm glad Sakurai's leaving it up to the player to decide. That's awesome. I'll probably turn the lines off and slowly thicken them until I can play the game and see the characters fine. That way it'll be the minimum thickness I need to see everything that's happening on screen.



Fillytase said:

I mean, having more options is always nice, but this isn't really something I'd call newsworthy... anyway, getting it on Wii U.



Polaris said:

Yes! I'm probably keeping mine if they give me an edge. Now I just hope they'll let us remove clothing! Yes Wario, we're looking at you!



GamerZack87 said:

I might keep them thin so the characters look like they're in a high-polished anime.

By the way, what is with all this discussion about the Villager being insane?!



sinalefa said:

So is she the Wii Fit Brainer now? Train your brain in minutes a day?

And I don't mind the outlines.



Smitherenez said:

I kinda guessed that would be the case, since Smash always had a lot of customizable options.



Murduskull said:

I think this is geared towards if u have a standard 3DS where the screen is ITTY-BITTY or if u have a 3DS XL(LL) Where its probably alot more comfortable to see the characters fighting. Either way i like how they are catering to both and not just one. As an owner of the 3DS XL I'll experiment with the options



WaveGhoul said:

This game is going to be a total pain to play on the 3DS's tiny screens, not exactly a match made in heaven.
it's going to look like a stereoscopic 3D center for ants!



One-Winged-Pit said:

Hey it gives the option and that is fine by me. I will wait and see how I prefer the outlines to be when it comes out.



Murduskull said:

@WaveBoy The 3DS XL(LL) Has pretty big screens so it wont be too much of an issue for us. But the Vanilla 3DS idk, I could see that being annoying.



Meaty-cheeky said:

The Outlines on the characters are nice to have, especially on the original 3DS screen. I also like the outlines because it gives the 3DS version a different look from the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.



FriedSquid said:

I wasn't sure what I thought of those lines, if they would make it easier to see or if they would be distracting. Really good to know I don't have to have them!



OptometristLime said:

Bahaha! It's a strange choice for the series; you've got to admit it's a pretty clever move to boost sales on two consoles. Provided they don't spend double the efforts for one product. o.o

I have le original 3DS which suits me fine, but feels inadequate for a grander experience.



JohniePizzapies said:

The inclusion of the Wii Fit Trainer is making me consider not buying the game. I don't think there could have been a worse character selection.



flummerfelt said:

I'm just glad they gave us the option. I can't imagine playing this on a regular 3ds though. Once you go XL, you never go back.



Prof_Clayton said:

Good to have the option, well done Sakurai. I thought they made it look a little cheaply made myself, just a little too thick for my tastes.



Gioku said:

@Lan and @Luigifan141 I, too, know what Pinky and the Brain is! They're from Animaniacs, and they're probably my favorite part!

As for the topic, I'll probably have to play around with the outlines, to see what I like best.



idork99 said:

I feel that the outlines were made with the regular 3DS model in mind. The 3DS screen is fairly small for a game that zooms out far distances.

With the 3DS XL screen, I don't think it's much of a problem and probably looks better without the outlines. I won't know for sure until I see the game in motion on a 3DS screen. But good call with the option.



The_Ninja said:

If you have the normal 3DS I think you should keep the outlines. The screen is way too small, but I have a XL, so I'll make em thick like Okami or remove em completely!



Skeet102 said:

I like the option. I don't know whether or not I will like them or not. I sorta like the style it makes and it will help to see the fighters, but I don't see any negatives about them sooooo. I still don't know, I'll have to see it for real before I make a decision.



WaveGhoul said:


Yeah, the XL will get the job done but i sold my months back because overall i was a bit dissapointed with it vs the originals Crisper PQ, brighter and more colorful picture(using the Adapter to unlock the 6th brightness which the XL doesnt have) and the 3D i found was more pronounced and striking, not to mention the design smokes the uninspired DSi-look of the XL. As is, i feel that the original 3DS's tiny screens aren't a great match for these long epic 3D/polygon videogames. 2D Works best on the handheld, as it did on the DS Lite. XL's larger screens however, makes something like 3D land more enjoyable to play.



AlexSora89 said:

And so, the rumored character customization starts showing its cards... by giving players the option to remove one of the least liked aspects of the 3DS version of the game. In other words: YES.



Jumpman said:

I really enjoy the look of those borders. I bet it feels like playing a comic book game.



Gameday said:

It didnt really bother me , but nice to know they are removable. Id think you needed all the visual you can get on a smaller screen and all but seeing these comments alot of you are truly glad.



Murduskull said:

@WaveBoy I own both an original and an XL and i cant see why anyone would ever even bother with the original. The XL is way bigger and the 3D sweet spot is much more comfortable. I have Mario Kart 7 and Street Fighter IV (and many others too) and they all play better on the XL so I'm not sure what you are referring to. The XL's display is much better for everything as far as I'm concerned. The original is way too small and uncomfortable to see whats going on or even hold. In every game i have a huge problem pressing the triggers on the original where the problem doesn't even phase me on the XL and therefore i consider it Superior for sure in almost every way. Idk why u would hinder yourself with it unless you have really small hands.



WaveGhoul said:

I've done several comparisons between the two, the original 3DS has a crisper/sharper/clearer picture, the screens were originally that small for a reason. And again, by using the 3DS's charger cable you unlock the next brightness level...Side that with an XL and the XL looks dim and has duller colors in comparison. But i realise that a lot of people can't be bothered using the charger, so without it you're basically getting the same level of brightness and color richness, but i swear the XL was a teeny bit weaker in this regard.

I'll agree with you though that the XL is a lot more comfy and the bigger screens aside from the experience feeling more grand does make for a more comfortable gaming experience. As for the design, i'm just not a fan. It looks like it belongs in the DSi XL family....doesn't have the next gen quality or look of the Aqua blue original.



Murduskull said:

@WaveBoy I completely disagree I got the original in 2011 and was so disappointed at how last gen it felt. It felt way too small right from the get go, and the 3D barely worked on it since u have to hold it in a specific way for it to actually be comfortable to see. When i got the XL this May I was blown away by how "next-gen" it felt and looked. The original felt more like my dsi than anything else. The stylus in the left hand is so hard to reach for and so awkward to grab and then extend. That's why Ninty switched the position on the redesign (XL). Also maybe your XL might have been defective cuz i can tell for a fact the XL has a way better resolution and therefore a much crisper/sharper/comfortable picture. The original is by far the weaker of the two, ask anyone who currently has both, I guarantee you they'll tell u the same thing. You already admitted to getting rid of ur XL so u cant really compare side by side as im actually holding both and can definitely tell which is more relevant to most gamers. Not to mention the battery life on the original is pure CRAP. I guess if you like the original one better its just ur opinion but don't try to say the XL is weaker than it because its not true.



J-Manix98 said:

I don't think the thick lines will bother me much, but it's nice to know they can be
taken away!



WaveGhoul said:

I dont understand how you can say the XL looks like a next gen hand held when it clearly borrowed it's look from the Dsi XL where as the caked layered sparkly glossy sleak Aqua blue 3DS LOOKS like an entire different beast all together.
And how is it possible that games 'look' better on the XL? The res is the exact same, the image is being blown up to fit the larger screens and it's quite obviouse, extra jaggies, slightly softer image and i even find the 3D effect to be slightly less impressive. I can't deal with the brightness drop and duller colors either when compared to the original 3ds using the adapter which gives you a boost in brightness which has a nice big impact on color saturation as well.
different strokes! But it's a fact that you're getting a crisper/clearer picture with the original, and a brighter/more colorful one at that when using the Adapter cable, these reasons alone are why i've chosen it over the XL, and because when i played on the XL it just didn't feel like i was actually gaming on a next gen Nintendo handheld, anybody could easily mistake it for something in the DS family. it

The XL though is definitly more comfy, practical, functional and straight to the point. The stylus placement is a nice bonus and playing VC games in 1:1 is a real treat. but eh, i prefer the crisper, brighter and more colorful picture of the original 3DS. tee hee.



Murduskull said:

thats cool, if thats ur opinion but i dont find those tiny screens practical at all. The "caked layered sparkly glossy" look of the original was one of the worst aspects about it. A quick google search and most gaming websites agree. I for one, was so glad when they announced it wasn't gonna look like one of those cheap wanna be handhelds cansoles with "educational games" for children which that glossy look reminded me of. That 3 hr battery life was atrocious, and the screens was so small and uncomfy for 3D since the sweet spot is so specific it's almost impossible to fully play in 3D cuz the slightest movement of ur finger would move it and u have to adjust immediately. The resolution is the same on both but XL is much more comfortable on the eyes since its huge.
It's like playing a wii on an itty bitty tv and saying the graphics are better cuz u can barely see the jagged edges... The jagged edges are still there but it's still much more comfortable in a bigger screen since u can actually see what's happening. The only real advantage I will confirm for sure is the speakers are a little softer on the XL at full volume than they were in the original but I wear headphones most of the time I play so that doesn't really bother me.
And complaining about it "borrowing looks from the dsi" makes no sense, since it IS the successor to the dsi. Only makes total since for it to borrow looks from its older brothers which I never had an issue with to begin with. Just like it borrows the dual screen and touch screen functionalities, button lay outs etc. of its predecessor. I LOVED my dsi and I love how much the XL reminds me of it.



Ryankf said:

I can't wait to get this on 3ds because i don't own a wii u. And i'm interested to see what nintendo has in store for their first handheld super smash bros.



Bali said:

I'll keep the outlines so i can see the characters better, but i'll try it without them to see if its better.



Darkwinger12 said:

I want to see mii characters in the new one. u know give them a costume of a unlocked character and they will be given their move set and smash attack or don't give them one and use weapons of their own?



Darkwinger12 said:

Also can you please not drop any characters. lots of people where upset when u dropped mew two. Oh can u add sora and roxas too?



Darkwinger12 said:

Also no dlc. if it had that I'd hate it cuz i can't use dlc. bad internet connection. if u added miis, roxas, sora, axel, mewtwo llyod, and all the characters u dropped u will get a lot more money. also maybe Rogue from mega man starforce, and geo from mega man star force. Lots of people would like that. i go on various sites and lots of people are talking about this these characters are what they hope is in the game. me too.



Darkwinger12 said:

Lots of people where angered when by the fact u didn't have dark pit in brawl and th at u can only make pit look like dark pit



Darkwinger12 said:

wait i thought this was a Nintendo site. and that u where a nintendo person. where can i tell the actual nintendo company about my thoughts?

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