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BIT.TRIP SAGA Will be Just $5 in the North American eShop From 1st September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A special price for two weeks

It seems to be promotional silly-season right now, and Aksys Games is leaping into the fray with a series of download offers coming to the 3DS eShop and, for the most part, the PlayStation Network. The offer coming to the 3DS eShop, however, is an absolute beauty.

From 1st - 15th September BIT.TRIP SAGA will be reduced to $4.99 from $14.99. This collection of all six classic WiiWare titles — with 3D thrown in, of course — will ultimately offer each game for less than a dollar, from one perspective, and will surely be good value in anyone's book.

We're big fans of the BIT.TRIP games here are Nintendo Life, and had plenty of positives to share in our BIT.TRIP SAGA review. This offer is North America-only, however, as Rising Star Games published the title in Europe, as opposed to Aksys Games.

So for those in North America, are you tempted to pick this up for five bucks on 1st September?


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Nautical-Rudie said:

everyone should buy this, Bit Trip is just wonderful. I kinda regret buying it on launch instead of Kid Icarus though, as tis price has declined heavily but Kid Icarus has stayed up near the £30 mark :/ Still, $5 for 6 fantastic games is not even a steal, its a bank heist.



FiveDigitLP said:

Dude, I own Bit Trip Complete for the Wii and I'm tempted to get this just so that I can have Bit Trip on the go!



Lan said:

Good to see the Eshop doing these sales, Steam's sales are a reason why it's so big, hopefully they continue down this road and we get more discounts.



WiiLovePeace said:

Radical! What a great deal (not that the deal applies to me) but doesn't it have debilitating frame rate issues or something, in some of the games? In any case I already have all of them on WiiWare AND Bit.Trip Complete on Wii so I don't really need it on 3DS, though I guess if it was $5 in my region I'd probably buy it quick smart anyway despite any issues haha



MeWario said:

Not in America. If this deal came to Europe, yes, I'd buy it in a heart beat!



siavm said:

I wished I waited for this deal. But if you have not played any or just a few of these games get this, you will not be disappointed.



Banker-Style said:

Already got Complete for Wii,but for that price everybody and their mother should get it.Hopefully the E-shop will have sales like these regularly.



dumedum said:

Have all 6 Wiiware titles, Bit Trip Complete (Amazon cheap) and got this already for $15... all good!



creepingdeth21 said:

hell yeah! that right there is a major bargain! any huge game for that price is worth it, even if you don't like those types of games hahaha



Captain_Toad said:

Bit trip complete for $5? Great.... Now I gonna have to decide whether to use my wallet.... (again..)



sinalefa said:

I can use my deluxe digital promotion code to get this for free. I only have runner 1, the others only as demos



Aqueous said:

Okay. Now you got my interest. I really only liked two of the demos on Wiiware and this is less then even one of them. I guess I'm going to have to jump on this sale later.



Draken18 said:

Sweet deal was gonna pick it up before on the last sale and never got a chance. This is a steal of a deal for 6 great games.



Radbot42 said:

I already have the cartridge, but I am tempted to get this permanently on my 3DS. I have put so much money into this series. I have all the originals on my Wii, COMPLETE, and SAGA. If this version wasn't so glitchy I'd get this for sure.



TruenoGT said:

Damn, like a lot of folks I own the physical copies of complete for Wii and 3DS, but only $5? I might bite anyway!

Other than Runner being kind of choppy, I think the 3DS edition is the definitive version of most of the games, particularly Beat which is heaven with stylus control and 3D. Core is also incredible on 3DS.



ultraraichu said:

Ok, I'll bite down on the hook. It seems the universe really want me to have this game. This would be my first in the series.



bezerker99 said:

I've already got the cartridge but I might as well download it onto my 3DS. Time to finally utilize that Save Data Transfer Tool.



uximal said:

Love it on Wii, It's a must get for me and the price is just soo attractive.



DerpSandwich said:

I hear it's not the best port in the world, but holy heck, you can't go wrong for five bucks. I paid that much just for Bit Trip Beat when it first released on the Wii, and it was totally worth it.



LindsayPez said:

I will absolutely get this. I have no experience with this series and have always contemplated trying it. Can't go wrong for $5.



Shambo said:

If Rising Star follows this price cut, I'll get it on 3ds too. I have Complete on Wii and Runner 2 on Wii U, but I love me some 3d and handheld gaming.



bofis said:

Doodoopoopiecacadoo, that's tempting...I've beaten Runner 1 on Wii, and LOVE Runner 2 on the WiiU, but never played any other Bit Trip games, but for $5, I'd replay Runner 1 in 3D



theblackdragon said:

It's not any kind of deal if it still hasn't been patched. i love Gaijin to death and I've been a big fan of the Bit.Trip series since the beginning, but I absolutely recommend that people not buy this game, not even for $5. Life is too short to spend it fighting with a broken version of these amazing games. Get Complete instead (it has no issues and includes all the extra goodies) or buy the WiiWare versions.



Chariblaze said:

Well, looks like I'm never buying an on-sale third party eShop game again, at least until that discount hits 50%. Oh well.



Morpheel said:

I have been waiting to play these games... Seems like the time is getting near!



Jeremyx7 said:

Man, this is a great deal but, I really preferred the Wii version mainly because of the game design being built around the motion controls for a number of it's games. However this is a fantastic deal for the 3ds so I cannot really complain. Will be getting for the 3ds.....and probably for the wii eventually still. ^_^



pariah164 said:

@JaxonH I'm aware of this. I was responding to the comment that theblackdragon said about buying Bit Trip Complete instead of Saga.



cheapogamer4life said:

Interesting deal. Considering i havent bought anything from the E-Shop in a long time this deal seems to good to pass up.



Odnetnin said:

Another option for those who don't want to settle for a glitchy version but lack a Wii/Wii U is Steam. All but one games are currently on there with the last one probably coming eventually.

That said, I'm gonna buy this.



NateNate said:

$15 is an incredible deal to begin with, but only $5? After having personally spent $55 on SAGA ($40 at retail, $15 for eShop) with zero regrets, I CANNOT recommend highly enough that you pick this up for only $5.

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