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Fri 13th Jan 2012

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Nautical-Rudie commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

@Captain_Gonru yeah I get that, what I was trying to work out is if smash bros figures can be used if they aren't in the game eg link or Ike or capt falcon. Cos I think the Amiibo work effectively as content unlocks or player pieces, and you can write data to them, but it isn't essential as all players on Amiibo party mode can play thru one amiibo



Nautical-Rudie commented on Nintendo Reveals New Range, Details and Compat...:

Only Lucina for me.

Think its pretty rubbish that you have to wipe amiibo data to use them again - imagine a situation where you have five or six games with amiibo functions and have to wipe your amiibo every time you switch games.

On another note - where's the Waluigi amiibo?!



Nautical-Rudie commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is Half Price in Eur...:

@Marshi Its about 14284 blocks

I'm tempted but I didn't like the demo much, will retry it later just in case. I think if I can convince my flatmate to buy it I may do too, though it would require me to buy a bigger SD card as even if I clear my current one totally I still won't have room for the game on it!



Nautical-Rudie commented on BIT.TRIP SAGA Will be Just $5 in the North Ame...:

everyone should buy this, Bit Trip is just wonderful. I kinda regret buying it on launch instead of Kid Icarus though, as tis price has declined heavily but Kid Icarus has stayed up near the £30 mark :/ Still, $5 for 6 fantastic games is not even a steal, its a bank heist.



Nautical-Rudie commented on eShop Leaks Possible Date For Mario and Donkey...:

On tour that day but might have to hunt down a starbucks and leach their wifi! Really like the MvDK series, but I disagree that they've got stale. I think the Minis-based games are much better than the originals, more puzzling less platforming