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United Kingdom

Fri 13th January, 2012

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Nautical-Rudie commented on Nintendo Reveals New Range, Details and Compat...:

Only Lucina for me.

Think its pretty rubbish that you have to wipe amiibo data to use them again - imagine a situation where you have five or six games with amiibo functions and have to wipe your amiibo every time you switch games.

On another note - where's the Waluigi amiibo?!



Nautical-Rudie commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is Half Price in Eur...:

@Marshi Its about 14284 blocks

I'm tempted but I didn't like the demo much, will retry it later just in case. I think if I can convince my flatmate to buy it I may do too, though it would require me to buy a bigger SD card as even if I clear my current one totally I still won't have room for the game on it!



Nautical-Rudie commented on BIT.TRIP SAGA Will be Just $5 in the North Ame...:

everyone should buy this, Bit Trip is just wonderful. I kinda regret buying it on launch instead of Kid Icarus though, as tis price has declined heavily but Kid Icarus has stayed up near the £30 mark :/ Still, $5 for 6 fantastic games is not even a steal, its a bank heist.



Nautical-Rudie commented on eShop Leaks Possible Date For Mario and Donkey...:

On tour that day but might have to hunt down a starbucks and leach their wifi! Really like the MvDK series, but I disagree that they've got stale. I think the Minis-based games are much better than the originals, more puzzling less platforming