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Fri 15th Jun 2012

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NateNate commented on BIT.TRIP SAGA Will be Just $5 in the North Ame...:

$15 is an incredible deal to begin with, but only $5? After having personally spent $55 on SAGA ($40 at retail, $15 for eShop) with zero regrets, I CANNOT recommend highly enough that you pick this up for only $5.



NateNate commented on Hugo Smits Could Bring Super Beefjerks To 3DS ...:

I REALLY like the logo. The game itself is just sort lackluster, in terms of both art direction and actual gameplay. However, seeing as what's available to play right now is just the first prototype, I would assume these things are both subject to change to some extent. With some tweaking I could see this becoming a highscore chaser that I would sink a lot of time into, especially if I go play it whenever on the 3DS.



NateNate commented on Feature: Ten Smartphone and Tablet Games We'd ...:

Ridiculous Fishing, Superbrothers, Super Hexagon, and EDGE are all games that I wanted to see on Wii U since the first time I saw them. Ridiculous Fishing especially would be absolutely amazing to have on the gamepad.