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Nintendo Download: 4th July (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Retro flying and racing, plenty of discounts and more

It's that time again, North America, when fresh downloads appear on your Nintendo systems vying for your hard-earned funds. This week brings a mixture of the old, the new and the discounted on Wii U and 3DS, along with one or two relative unknowns. Let's get right to the details.

Wii U Virtual Console

Pilotwings (Nintendo, $7.99) — This flying game was a trailblazer when first released, combining different vehicles and challenges with the goal of flying your way to a surprising and epic final mission. Not exactly a detailed flight sim, but under the right circumstances still laid back, this one certainly has a loyal group of fans that we suspect will eagerly pick it up on Wii U. We'll take a fresh look at the latest re-release, but until then you can check out our Wii Virtual Console Pilotwings review.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discount

Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition (WayForward,$6.67 until 11th July, normally $9.99)

3DS eShop

Deer Hunting King (Arc System Works, $4.99) — One genre that's surprisingly well represented on the 3DS eShop is gallery shooting, where you aim and gun down safari animals, cartoon chickens or, in this case, a variety of beasts native to North America. You'll shoot down deer, bears and raptors — OK, maybe not all native — using either the Circle Pad of motion controls, while those that want to hunt in the real world can apparently do so with AR cards. We'll find a silly hat and hunt down a review, soon.

Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey (Cypronia, $4.99) — This is a hidden object spin-off from the Fishdom PC game by Playrix. A common genre on DSiWare now gradually appearing more on 3DS, this entry promises three themed aquariums in stereoscopic 3D, over 1000 items to find and various accessories to collect. We'll get lost in this for our upcoming review.

3DS Virtual Console

Sonic Drift 2 (SEGA, $3.99) — While Mario is perhaps most commonly known for his karting exploits, Sonic was hitting the tracks on Game Gear, though this one arrived after Super Mario Kart had burst onto the scene. Said to be far better than the original Sonic Drift and the first to arrive outside of Japan back in the day, we'll get into the driving seat to bring you a review, soon.

Vampire: Master of Darkness (SEGA, $4.99) — This is a side-scrolling adventure title, with a bit of exploration thrown in, that some may loosely compare with the early Castlevania games. What we do know is that Dracula is trying to take over England, so we'd better hurry up and start our review.

G-LOC: Air Battle (SEGA, $3.99) — An action flying game, this one was also popular on the SEGA Mega Drive. The Game Gear version arrives on 3DS, with plenty of blasting on the agenda as you try to save the world from the skies. We'll dig out our gear and take-off for our review.

3DS eShop Temporary Discount

Mighty Switch Force! (WayForward, $3.99 until 11th July, normally $5.99)

Order Up!! (Ignition Entertainment, $4.99 from 8th July to 22nd July, normally $9.99)

Planet Crashers (UTV Ignition, $4.99 from 8th July to 22nd July, normally $9.99)

3DS eShop Demo

Crazy Construction (G-STYLE, free) — This title has actually been out for a while, but now there's a free sample for those unsure whether to take the plunge. We gave this rather wacky title a solid recommendation in our Crazy Construction review, and now you can check it out for yourself.

That's everything for this week, so let us know what you're planning to download in the poll and comments section below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (292 votes)

Pilotwings (Wii U Virtual Console)


Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Deer Hunting King (3DS eShop)


Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey (3DS eShop)


Sonic Drift 2 (3DS Virtual Console)


Vampire: Master of Darkness (3DS Virtual Console)


G-LOC: Air Battle (3DS Virtual Console)


Mighty Switch Force! (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Order Up!! (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Planet Crashers (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Just the Crazy Construction demo for me


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (80)



Undead_terror said:

Discounts on games I already have!
I might get some of the game gear games but I will get the crazy construction demo for sure.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Nothing for me, sadly. I was hoping "Attack of the Friday Monsters" would arrive this week, but patience is a virtue. I've got plenty to play anyhow, and already have Pilotwings.



gaby_gabito said:

Seriously. Why is it taking VC games so long to come to the Wii U? Is it taking a long time to translate VC games to the the Gamepad? Is it a licensing issue?



sinalefa said:

Nothing that tickles my fancy this week. Not even the discounts, as I already have MSF HD.



herzausstein said:

when was dungeons and dragons coming out. The promo video says June and well.... it's july and still not available on the wii U. Pretty sure it's been released for the PS3 now too....



Ralizah said:

Another decent VC week, but disappointed to see that Shantae still isn't making an appearance.

Oh well.

Definitely picking up that new demo.



Selene said:

I remember in the early days of 3ds VC I used to buy every single gameboy game that came out (even though I barely played some of them). Now I have to avoid doing the same with GG. It's kinda like collecting pokemon



HandheldGuru97 said:

Mighty Switch Force for me this week!! I have been waiting on a sale for that game forever! Shantae is still isn't here, which is a bit disappointing and I won't be able to get it if I buy anything...



Blue_Yoshi said:

Sonic Drift 2 is actually quite good and possibly the only okay ripoff of the original Super Mario Kart.



CrazyOtto said:

NA and EU are now caught up with Japan on GameGear games! Japan doesn't even have the Game Gear versions of Sonic 1 and Shining Force yet.



Samurairu said:

@waluigifan1 I didn't see that. Just checked and still don't.

I was hoping they would release Earthbound or something major before Pikmin 3, but fear they're giving us dribble to keep us focused on Pikmin 3.



workerbot said:

Glad to see a hidden object game being released. I'll definitely be picking up Fishdom H20.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Nintendo need to take a long look at their Wii U release policy. I can understand that they want to continue selling Wii VC games but this is a disgrace. How many more overpriced games will they release before we even get a single N64 game?

If they gave the ambassador programme to 3DS early adopters I am expecting something much better for being a Wii U early adopter. A 3DS XL with inbuilt 2nd circle pad would suffice.



ikki5 said:


it was never delayed a week, it was set to release on July 4th when it was posted. No one actually went to look at the release date when it first came up.



bizcuthammer said:

Wow. Another week of mediocre on the NA VC. Sometimes i wish i had a Japanese Wii U, or that my WiiU could just have access to the Japanese eshop.



Tasuki said:

Wow I was hoping for Shantae but nothing interests me this week. Guess that means I will have a bit more to spend on the XBL sale this week.



XCWarrior said:

Clearly Nintendo does not care its an American holiday and people are home and might be more willing to be at home playing a new game. Bad week. Might Force discount by far best thing. Pilotwings... ugh.



Giygas_95 said:

Nothing for me this week. I wish we'd get Blaster Master NES and Wario Land 3 on the 3DS eshop.

Happy Independence Day, everybody!



brucelebnd said:

wow another awful week. no D&D? because Nintendo messed up.... Nintendo likes to say games drive the hardware well if that's the case then the eShop and wii U vc are dead until further notice.

I want to give you my money Nintendo but i guess you don't want it.



AndyBurner said:

I want snes games on 3DS.. could you imagine chrono trigger 3D........even though i beat the DS version recently for the millionth time..



brucelebnd said:

June basically sucked besides a couple of megaman games.

Vegas Strikes??? why waste the time and money.

Mario Bros, Spelunker, Wrecking Crew and Yoshi. fine games but hardly "showcase".

they better do something because they are screwing over early supporters of the wii U.



Squiggle55 said:

I have to believe that Nintendo's delay in releasing VC games has a little bit to do with making it compatible. But I also have to believe that a lot of it has to do with a business strategy trying to get as many sales for the "crap" games as possible. If they released everything in giant hunks surrounded by obviously better games many games would get almost no sales at all.



turtle69 said:

Step it up with the wii u vc games atleast all of the previous titles released on the Wwii should already be there. To me its almost like your gonna have to have two seperate libraries of virtual games: wii (low resolution) which is not that pretty on an he Tv and of course wii u (high definition) . . . Just seems like even if I wanted to play the ones on the wii interface I wouldn't because of how they look. Maybe were supposed to switch your wii u to sd Tv everytime ya wanna play the wii games? Yeah:)(:



Meaty-cheeky said:

The Wii vertual console is better than the Wii U's. Also it's really annoying that the 3DS just keeps getting lame NES games, I want more GameBoy, GameBoy Color and eventually GameBoy Advance games on the 3DS vertual console!

For Wii U I want N64, GameCube and, Wii games offered on the eShop.



KnightRider666 said:

All 3 Game Gear games for me this week! I guess that's it for the Game Gear games for now. I'm hoping the Game Gear Mega Man gets a release very soon.



Ambassador_Kong said:

Another week and still no Dungeons and Dragons. Nintendo wonders why third parties run from them. I imagine that their inability to launch a title on release date might have something to do with it.



Ambassador_Kong said:

@Squiggle55 check out the weekly bonanza known as the Japanese VC and it becomes apparent that Either Nintendo of Japan hates the west or Nintendo Of America is incompetent. Take your pick.



RQuinain said:

Dammit. I bought Mighty Switch Force at regular price just a few weeks ago. sigh



Shanksta said:

@waluigifan1 I did see that, they were talking about Mario Bros the arcade game port to NES not the Super Mario Bros game, which the picture was of. Confusing and stupid.

@Ambassador_Kong I'm still upset that there is still no word on Dungeons and Dragons, yet its listed as coming soon on the eshop. I need to quit looking since coming soon apparently means coming within the next few months.



ScorpionMG said:

@gaby_gabito i think it needs time to make it playable to change the settings for the gamepad, off tv screen and HD mode for tv and to run with no lagg.



B3ND3R said:

Well, I was really hoping D&D would come out today, as you know, it's the fourth of July. A day where I have nothing to do, yet so much to play. Oh well, Pilotwings is a great SNES game



Zach777 said:

And we STILL don't have the StreetPass Plaza updates... Isn't today a good time NOA?



Tony_342 said:

I just want to say: Happy One Month Until Pikmin 3 Comes Out in America Day, everyone!

Oh, and it's also Independence Day or whatever.



SmaMan said:

Seriously not liking the lack of D&D. It's Retro City Rampage all over again. Who wants to bet this won't be released until the very end of the Wii U eShop lifespan?



elejolteon said:

Just a little nitpick...

'Raptors' in the Deer Huntig game refers to birds of prey, not raptor dinosaurs. So yeah, those are native to NA in mass quantities.

I'm a wildlife biologist. I can't help it



WinterWarm said:


Impressive. I didn't know there was a bird by that name.

"Today we celebrate our Independence!" - Independence Day

I'll be picking up G-LOC.



MagicEmperor said:

Nothin'. I'm gonna celebrate my independence by being independent from this week's selection. Derp.



Freelance said:


No, you misunderstand. A 'raptor' is not the name of a specific bird. It is an informal name for birds of prey (hawks, eagles, falcons, etc).



Nictendo64 said:

Nintendo is forcing me to hate Thursdays solely because of the Wii U's eShop. I already did this with the Wii 5 years ago. Do they even care about the eShop? I've been waiting for that D&D game and it was suppose to release last month.



Freelance said:

Will we ever get an actual hunting game on the Eshop sometime? I guess I'll have to stick to the Carnivores series on the PSP/Vita for my hunting fix.



Marioman64 said:

I just picked up project X zone, which is literally the best thing I've played in a while, I need to play all of the games shown in it... if i can



Tryken said:

Thanks for posting the discounts. I've wanted Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive for a while now, and I finally bought it last night (had just enough money already in my account). I absolutely love the game so far. The music is some of the best I've heard, and it really gives me this fun puzzle feel with a mix of Mega Man X music/stage look. I wouldn't have hopped on the shop if it weren't for your post, Nintendolife. You do small developers and consumers a good service by posting sales. Thanks!



Undead_terror said:

The CC demo was lame so I won't be getting the game, might not buy anything but I really would like to get the game gear games but somethings holding me back.



Freelance said:


To be honest, I've never heard of that saying, but probably. The word comes from the latin word 'rapere,' which means to seize or take by force, an apt name for birds of prey.



sleepinglion said:

Woo-hoo, another week with ONE Wii U VC release. At this pace they'll be able to offer the majority of NES, SNES, N64 and GC classics in about 40-50 years.

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